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Splatter dans une phrase (en anglais)

From here, I’d splatter on impact.
You were going to splatter my brains.
A splatter of red sprayed against the tile.
A splatter of blood was on the wall behind.
Charlie he was scared when the piggy made a splatter.
I saw the ooze splatter from his eye when Father gouged it out.
It stretched up and down like a green and brown splatter of mud.

He felt blood splatter his face and then, Like a flash, there he was.
A forensics investigator, you know one of those blood splatter guys.
I do hope that rapist didn’t have AIDS or Hepatitis as a little splatter.
She even misses the sky with many of her eyeballs and they splatter all over the ground.
No gorgon was left alive on Earth and every soldier was fully covered by blood splatter.
A moment later, there is the distinct sound of a fan, followed by the splatter of water.
Then, at the last minute, Zack ran to freedom, and then had the snot splatter all over the ball thrower.
He wished he didn’t have to splatter her brains across the front seat, but she’d left him no options.
Her eyeballs, the 1’s that did not splatter, saw that in some of the directions of up, the sun is shining.
They did not splatter as they hit the stool’s seat but floated gently through the air and burst against my lips.
Thank heavens I was just out of splatter range as the Undead kept coming at us in what felt like increasing numbers.
When this character is hit by a gun or cut attack his blood wil splatter on everyone in range roll 2 dice to see how.
A gratifying crunch of bone through shell resulted in the splatter of thick, alien blood, with some landing on his face.
It would feel good to point the gun and pull the trigger and watch the beasts that had killed her dad splatter into a red mist.
It was as if the artist had become frustrated with his work and in a fit of agitation ruined it with a spectacular splatter of paint.
Here, fields of volcanic ash electrified by lightening; its splatter slayed all in its inferno, leaving only our corroded, rusted remains.
As she had said, nothing could be seen—and as for listening, nothing could be heard beyond the splatter of rain on rocks and tent walls.
I heard a stirring at the other end of the alleyway and I took off running, as bullets began to splatter into the brick wall I had just been leaning against.
We rush headlong into adulthood, like a young soldier in a screaming, heroic charge, and run into a hail of bullets that splatter us into a million little pieces.
This awakening to the GlobalMind within is that sense of being overwhelmed, gray matter splatter rent by an eternalizing idea bursting you into a godzillion voices unified.
As Tim stood up quickly, ears ringing, the strobe painted a picture of Carl, his gun pointed at the floor, the smoke surrounding his feet almost obscuring the blood splatter.
Rain dropped from the broken ceiling to splatter on the hard stones of the floor sending little droplets of water scattered across the dusty plain of someone’s forgotten home.
If it’s alright to Piss Christ or spread dung over the Virgin Mary, why not throw a little over Mona Lisa or splatter the Sistine Chapel? How about some explicit graffiti scratched into the marble of the Winged Victory at the head of the grand staircase in the Louvre? A new post-post modern Art of Defacement might come to be recognized.
Another, turning, had a splattering red.
Arterial spray splattering the front desks.
There came the splattering blast of motorcycles starting.
Jill flung the spatula down, grease splattering over the counter.
Brander coughed, the stew in his mouth splattering onto his beard.
The sun rose majestically, splattering the rocks and boulders with light.
Blood gushed from his mouth with a cough, splattering onto Ailia’s face.
His skull caved at some point, splattering brains and blood onto the floor.
I ducked down as a round hit the cement nearby, splattering chips everywhere.
I ducked down as a round hit the cement nearby, splattering chips everywhere.
The guard leaped backwards, shaking his head wildly, splattering Brokin with his blood.
A half moon peeked through the tree overhead splattering the table with prisms of light.
It was hard to keep an ear out for the beast with the splattering of droplets on the ground.
Despite the strangeness, it worked, and Eric managed to pass the ball on without splattering.
The shot went clean through the man’s brain, splattering gore and blood against a nearby wall.
He screamed, blood splattering onto her face as he managed to pull away; his tongue was in shreds.
The sound of splattering liquid came from nearby, accompanied by a series of raspy, choking coughs.
Glen jumped back and yelled as Sebastian’s body fell to the floor, blood splattering on the wall.
The pistol whipped across my nose, breaking the skin and splattering us both in gobbets of my blood.
Blood flew across the room, splattering the pictures on the mantle that Lisa had put up months before.
Falling and splattering on the ground, or sprinting and splattering on a rock wall - makes no difference.
The Companion moved towards the carnage of coin splattering in every direction and casually picked two up.
He pulled a twisted shard of aluminium from his bleeding thigh splattering pieces of his flesh as he did so.
However, when he had to catch, it just shifted around his hand before slipping away and splattering on the ground.
There were times when he believed his head would burst, spewing brain and blood over the walls, splattering himself.
Periodically, the monster would shake its head to clear it of the swarming enemies, splattering acid throughout the cave.
Joey pressed the trigger, boring holes in his attacker’s chest and splattering blood on his face until the creature fell.
It must have cut her deep, because she saw blood splattering into the trough, but she couldn’t feel the new wound’s sting.
He could handle one on his own but having one splattering him with that ghastly poison as he fought would be decidedly less than ideal.
Scrambling his way out of the water he shook his coat, splattering spots of phosphorescent light against the wall of the cavern as he did so.
The drops turn into a stream of water, and soon water gushes out of the tank, splattering all over the slab, soaking the bottom of Reggie’s pants.
The wounds that were inflicted on Kennedy from the front as well as the splattering of the brain of the president lead to nothing more than at least two shooters.
He’d taken a shovel, finally, and smashed them into the ground, bits of flesh splattering his arms, getting angrier, each big loose wield of the shovel infuriating him more.
A small hole appears in the center of it's forehead, followed by a massive splattering as the back of it's head explodes onto the face of another Revenant standing behind him.
As soon as the ashigaru had picked up the decapitated bodies of the two dead ninjas, the servants sponged up the blood splattering the floor and walls and washed them thoroughly.
The spilled apples swelled in the scarlet blaze to twice their size and blew apart with staggering force, splattering the walls of the room with burnt applesauce and black seeds.
At the thought of his own face and eyes taking on the appearance of that of the man, horror and revulsion rose within Jacques and he threw up, splattering it upon his father’s boots.
When I did, it was to a gout of bright blood that soaked my chest and went splattering across the inside of the hut leaving droplets of blood on shelves stocked with parts, equipment, water bottles and foil packages.
It tumbled through the air almost in slow motion before her and with a single word to dispel the magical strength of the container; it smashed directly into the hound’s skull splattering the sizzling liquid in all directions.
Tomorrow morning you will arise with the memory of this experiment, your attempts to remove the wood, the hissing and splattering water, the sound of the crumpling milk can, the sharp crack of the wood, your surprise (he wisely did not use the words fear, terror or panic) at that, and then the commotion of the terrified horse.
He splattered and she lived.
Some of it splattered on Ed.
His furs were splattered with.
More blood splattered his shirt.
There was blood splattered on it.
Blood splattered in all directions.
Shots splattered the ground around.
Gore splattered between his fingers.
I shivered as rain splattered on my face.
Orange-red blood splattered all over him.
Blood and bone chips splattered the walls.
The man’s blood was splattered all over.
They were inspecting two splattered mounds.
Blood and teeth splattered against the wall.
The brains splattered over Tim’s next victim.
Some of it had even splattered on to our table.
Devon stared at the splattered remnants in shock.
The Wolf held his splattered blouse in his hands.
Splattered all over the walls inside this thing.
Blood, skull and brain splattered on the ground.
The streets were pot holed and splattered with.
Blood splattered all over Priskin's chest and face.
I was splattered in the kitchen by one of Thea’s.
There’d be Jew-meat splattered all over the place.
Her party dress, once white, was splattered with red.
Her entire body was splattered with the blood of the.
It was splattered over the walls, pooled on the floor.
Mud splattered as if he’d done a powerful cannonball.
Suddenly, I took notice of splattered blood on the wall.
A piece of his left ventricle splattered onto his face.
In back of the cabinet, blood was splattered everywhere.
Shrapnel splattered the front of the building, and some.
The first drops of rain splattered against the window as.
Wait a minute… There’s a lot of blood splattered about.
The syrup was splattered beyond retrieve, for most of it had.
Her armor was splattered with green blood from her opponents.
More of my blood splattered as she carved an X on my head.
Mike scrambled up; his clothes were soaked and splattered in mud.
Blood gushed from his mouth and splattered onto his coat sleeve.
Her hair was a mess and there was blood splattered on her shirt.
Blood splatters everywhere.
The splatters on the clean floor made him wince.
Blood splatters in all directions, but floats upwards.
One of them breaks and splatters the stone with yellow.
Splatters of blood and chunks of flesh sprayed his body and.
I was picturing splatters of brain and blood all over the stones.
I looked down at my front where there were quite a few splatters of.
Also, look at the angles they were shot from and the blood splatters on me.
The mud splatters turned into little mud warriors that came after the children.
Blood splatters over the walls whoever was once in here I was too late to save.
Jesus Christ Matthew said, seeing blood on the floor and some splatters on the wall.
Blood runs down the side of Christina’s face and splatters on the ground next to her cheek.
In the cross-hairs blood splatters against the walls, there sprayed for the children to learn.
Yes, and I’m sure there’s plenty of blood as he splatters on the rocks… Now I’ll never.
They are as obvious as the elephant that jumps into the bathtub and splatters water all over the place.
His head was to the side; his serene face masked in splatters of blood and grime, his eyes shut tightly.
You fire down on those trying to make it to the underground, brain splatters on stonewalls of the staircase.
The soldiers abruptly jerked hard, as electric sparks shot out from their heads along with splatters of blood.
Maybe there’d been blood splatters, or maybe one of the shots had hit it and the police needed the bullet for ballistics testing….
It touched its face and took its outline off! The outline turned into a mask of multi colors that spun through the air and shot out splatters of mud.
Bloody handprints marked the surface of the desk, and as she shifted her eyes to Raven, she saw that the sofa too had splatters of blood upon its covers.
If Diondra’s jeans were faded, it was because that was the latest style, if they had bleach splatters, it was because she’d bought them with bleach splatters.
Gunshots were heard and the last piece of footage showed Abdul leant back in a chair, dead, with blood splatters on the camera and somebody’s hand grabbing the relic off the desk in front of him.
Pine pulled him down toward him, his fist ploughing into the side of his face, the force causing his cheek to sink like a filled sail; it wobbled depressed as air escaped along with splatters of blood and saliva.
Although the pub landlord had been unable to confirm what he had been wearing, forensic had discovered a few tiny splatters of Linda Wilks' blood on the bottom of his trousers, presumably picked up from the grass around the body which indicated that he had merely fallen over her body rather than killed her.
As Kathy reaches the top of the second flight, suddenly a big large knife plunges hard, right into her abdominal! Kathy lets out a bloodcurdling scream! The knife, which is being held by a hand wearing a black glove and an arm wearing a long thick black sleeve, then plunges right into Kathy's chest! Kathy screams out in pain again! She is being stabbed! Blood splatters everywhere! The glove covered hand repeatedly plunges the large knife hard and fast into Kathy's chest and abdominal areas several times! Blood is all over Kathy! She continues to let out a horrible scream! The knife then plunges hard and fast into Kathy's neck! It plunges hard and fast into Kathy's neck several times! Kathy falls down the stairs and lands on the bottom of the flight! The glove covered hand and sleeve covered arm suddenly pulls the hallway door on top of the second flight and angrily bangs it open! The glove covered hand and sleeve covered arm angrily goes into the hallway, away from the staircase doorway, still holding the bloody knife as the staircase door slams shut! A second hallway door on that same floor suddenly bangs open, then slams shut!.

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