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Spook dans une phrase (en anglais)

Don’t spook it.
But, you’re a spook.
I prefer a spook to a.
Spook night on steroids.
He tried not to spook her.
Small dogs tend to spook horses.
It could spook them, understand?

Don’t tell me he’s a spook too.
Don’t tell me you’re a spook?
What’d he tell you to spook you so?
It was as if trying to photograph a spook.
Samara did not want to spook the man with.
She is interested in becoming our new spook.
We need a spook we can trust, Saul said.
For a spook, he isn’t real subtle, Greg said.
The last thing he wanted was to spook the animal and.
I didn’t mean to spook you with my typical bullshit.
Pasty Man, Molloy’s international spook friend, stood by the door.
A spook, of which the McLuhan was one, seldom carried more than thirty.
Trying not to spook him, Bohdan asked him, Where are the guns?
Except for the conversation I was fleeing there was a spook in the air.
Here Arthur said to me, Saw you do what? What happened to spook you?
You truly are a hunter, moving lighter than anything to not spook your prey.
It would be easy for the three of them to spook the man as much as the agents.
How is the old spook doing these days? Matt asked as he removed his empty.
The pressure on my mind ceased, and Molloy checked with his spook over his shoulder.
What I can hear, he said, is some spook getting the living shit beat out of her.
I stayed still, so as not to spook them as they drank away, trying to quench their thirst.
Sudden movement might indeed spook the animal, but she couldn’t just sit here and do nothing.
Michael turned to Jim with a grim face Damn it Jim, did you have to spook him so badly? I thought he.
Anyway, he has joined a long list of dubious personalities who have made up a good UFO spook story (think Philip Corso).
The large player would probably be compelled to immediately resume their buying plan, working very hard to not spook the market.
Usually from the back of a horse, because it was still the best way—vehicles with motors of any kind spook the animals and cause stampede.
Options sometimes change in value by much larger percentages than stocks, sometimes 100% or more in a single trading day, so do not let the percentage gains and losses spook you.
Six of my guys plus nine state police are walking the midway, looking for something suspicious, all in plainclothes so they won’t spook these crazy bastards into pushing the button early.
I wondered if everyone stomped and pounded the floor hard enough whether it would start Spook Hall sliding down the hill the same way so many of the town’s other buildings had done over the years.
I didn’t understand exactly what was happening, but one thing had become clear: Simon had not brought me here to watch his ceremony or learn about the Clan, but to sell me out to the Red Giant and Andre the Spook.
What news out of Europe can spook our markets? What news out of Europe will be received positively? So anyone wants to give us a rundown of some of the speed bumps with Europe? Again, we are not fundamental analysts.
And at this juncture, Matt broke in to continue the account while I listened intently: Well, after that little spook we had an itching for something more, and we all decided that we wanted to see the attic, which didn't take us long to find.
He knew there would be no avoiding this unpleasant duty of questioning these suspects, most of whom had acted rather suspiciously during the previous inquiry, and he was already formulating his approach to this delicate subject so as not to spook the real murderer before the pending departure and evasion of justice.
It was the posse spooking the suits.
Damn it man, you’re spooking me out.
Sir? The boy asked, spooking the horses.
Turney spooking them, ringing their bell at night or when he thought one of them was alone.
All of the sudden, a gust of wind blew the guide’s hat off his head, spooking my mule into a bucking fit.
I went downstairs, spooking more of the crabs, went to the television room, and looked out the front windows, which offered a low-angle view of the street.
In this manner, an occasional (market) quirk or (uncertain) political event would seem to ―justify‖ bailing out; in turn spooking unsophisticated investors into selling off their own shares in order to cut their losses before their portfolios hit rock bottom thereby setting the table for savvier investors to acquire them on the cheap.
An owl spooked them by.
You must have spooked him.
The horse was spooked just the same.
It was the epilogue that spooked him.
The alarm episode had spooked us both.
He spooked the cows and I went to see.
He must’ve been spooked by something.
That’s probably what spooked the mare.
Carla’s sense of dread had spooked them.
The nightmare had spooked him and he was.
I guess I kinda’ spooked him or something.
It seems that the thing that spooked our.
I don’t like the way that animal was spooked.
If he hadn't started running away and spooked.
Ryan’s got me spooked somehow, he told himself.
That means she wasn’t spooked the night of the.
Joseph was already a little spooked by all of the.
Ashi didn’t know but something had spooked them.
She was spooked by the utter darkness of the night.
They are spooked by us I think, us in the afterlife.
The other divers joined us, evidently spooked by the.
I think what spooked them was Cynthia's dire prediction.
She says you and Ben have been a little spooked lately.
Louie grew more and more angry and more and more spooked.
Moseley had been spooked by a shouting neighbour who told.
What is it? Sam said, spooked by Ralph’s intense stare.
The plague had spooked them all, undermining their rationality.
That snake must have been what spooked him, Therese said.
It occurred to Tom that the approach of the dragons had spooked.
The others were now spooked and wanted to know what had happened.
I thought I was alone in the apartment, and the buzzing spooked me.
When a crowd becomes either spooked or elated, prices begin to jump.
Mercenary aircraft overhead spooked her more than once as they flew by.
Caitlin looked spooked in the days following the article in The Herald-Sun.
Yuella easily jumped over the fence, leaving the cat spooked by her pressence.
Trent looked around at me, What spooked them off? He asked with bloodshot eyes.
Easy there Miss, sorry if I spooked you, he said as he let her go and stepped back.
It seems that the thing that spooked our guards had the same effect on the ones here.
He then noticed that Len and Phil were also very pale, looking bewildered, spooked even.
Suddenly spooked, the horses leaped to a near instant dead run, leaving the just-mounting.
This place gives me the spooks.
The spooks were no threat at all.
Ever since the visit from those spooks.
Speaking of spooks, any ideas on Daughtrey?
He ignorantly believed in spirits, spooks and the afterlife.
Captain de Villiers said ‘Found any more spooks yet, Jacques’.
Having been homieless can help you in the constant cops and spooks.
We had the spooks sniffing around, but everyone that held to the template.
The spooks might be wondering why Malenkov was here and assume he was in hiding.
He’ll go forever, doesn’t eat or tire and isn’t subject to spooks or spells.
Gregor smoothed things over and said they were probably government spooks fishing for information.
Senior Army officers, RAF, spooks from Military Intelligence, you name them and they sent a representative.
Short also figured the spooks were not interested in Anna; he was certain of that and anyway, they would never harm her.
I was usually too busy trying to keep the media at arm’s length and trying to spot what Rogerdonia called the spooks.
This place gives me the willies, can I sit next to you at supper time, as I reckon we could be in for spooks or whatever tonight.
It occurred to Carla the spooks would probably share intelligence and pool resources, knowing that they had no jurisdiction on the atoll.
The conflagration of noise and fire spooks the wolf, and the beast swings towards the wood, his tail sparking flame where the fire-oil has brushed against it.
Ghost tales they had heard a-plenty--Mary Vance had told some far more blood-curdling than this; but those tales were all of places and people and spooks far away and unknown.

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