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Spooky dans une phrase (en anglais)

It sure is spooky out here.
I told you, spooky or what.
Talk about spooky at night.
It was sort of dark and spooky.
It's a bit spooky here, I said.
The van had had a spooky look and a.
Stewart's office was just too spooky.

No wonder that area was really spooky.
It’s just plain spooky if you ask me.
It was so unnatural that it was spooky.
He's been on station since Spooky left.
Most of the time they just looked spooky.
Obviously, something spooky tipped it over.
You can be downright spooky, ya know?
It is a spooky place and no one goes in there.
Now to me, that is spooky! she commented.
The jungle was silent and black without Spooky.
But yeah, this creepy guy was acting all spooky.
And yeah, the Dai Uy here will request a Spooky.
The place was secluded, alienish, spooky and eerie.
Unless, of course, somebody was shooting at Spooky.
Shortly after that transmission, Spooky checked in.
The place was secluded, alienish©, spooky and eerie.
Whitton had forgotten how cold and spooky the mortuary was.
That was a bit spooky because dad had been locked up there.
Finally Spooky called down and said he had to RTB for ammo.
Wow, that's a little spooky, said John, who is this.
Twice I have had spooky dreams about things that were about to.
These dreams or visions of hers can be pretty spooky and spot on.
She relayed his spooky voice into the phone, her own firm and grim.
China Boy, China Boy, this is Spooky Eight One with flares and minis.
There was one very spooky guy in the back of the canoe, with a mask on.
The high floor was a little spooky, especially under the circumstances.
For this gang of five, the spooky cemetery was a make-shift playground.
At that point Spooky, you hose down everything on the north side of the river.
Hearing Spooky firing full out, Wolf Lochert guessed the men were swimming the river.
It was even a little spooky heading down the badly rutted dirt road onto the property.
When you are merely 10 years old that sort of thing is pretty spooky, especially at night.
The light from the small flame created spooky shadows that pranced about the walls, even.
Before he could expend, a Spooky pilot had to have clearance from 7th Air Force, the regional U.

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