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Spot dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Sav found a spot of.
2. She died on the spot.
3. She was put on a spot.
4. I had hit a sore spot.
5. Again she was spot on.
6. Thou diest on the spot.
7. Frozen to the spot I.

8. He was in a tight spot.
9. The drink hit the spot.
10. Hot Spot where it peaks.
11. This is a great spot.
12. A spot of retail therapy.
13. Elmwood died on the spot.
14. Rolling over on the spot.
15. The coat was a dark spot.
16. Show me that spot Jack.
17. They hired me on the spot.
18. The top spot was far away.
19. Used as a spot treatment.
20. He had me in a funny spot.
21. Said pointing to the spot.
22. I’m rooted to the spot.
23. A near perfect spot for.
24. So Caesar marked the spot.
25. He hired Mark on the spot.
26. We’re in the right spot.
27. It is also a power spot.
28. In the one spot for about.
29. Maybe, he would spot her.
30. It was a dispiriting spot.
31. She was rooted to the spot.
32. Because you stole my spot.
33. Everyone eyes the top spot.
34. We both found such a spot.
35. He looked for a shady spot.
36. He helped me out of a spot.
37. Jack was frozen to the spot.
38. Hey you put me on the spot.
39. I did nawt steal your spot.
40. How did you spot that?’.
1. It was spotting with rain.
2. Good move spotting that vehicle.
3. This isn’t spotting, I told myself.
4. Lov searched around, spotting the camp.
5. No hope of spotting landmarks or roads.
6. He looked inland spotting the rocky terrain.
7. Spotting him in the crowds would not be easy.
8. One problem with spotting scams is that con.
9. They ran past the bodyguard without spotting him.
10. Spotting that puke is a legitimate way to trade.
11. Now, spotting the mist was our primary objective.
12. I walked for another two hours before spotting what.
13. Twice he surveyed the room without spotting me, at.
14. I scanned the area spotting several very attractive.
15. His dad had taken him deer spotting when he was younger.
16. Artillery spotting was not my highest priority, though.
17. I cannot risk him coming to Shimla and spotting Tarana.
18. After spotting a worker Sharon inquired about where the.
19. Spotting talent in other people is a sign of a good leader.
20. She pulled the door open, spotting Mikayla… with Cayden.
21. Normally, the bleeding and spotting will end in six months.
22. Randy is watching all the game through the spotting scope.
23. After my test shots, Pat calls me over to the spotting scope.
24. Technicians are especially interested in spotting reversals.
25. That proved to be a little bit impossible, often spotting a.
26. Upon spotting the first warehouse we placed ourselves on red.
27. Spotting a pile of the crystal rocks built high up the wall.
28. Spotting an elevator, I press the up arrow, but nothing happens.
29. Spotting the only packet in the shop, I snatched it jubilantly.
30. Eric silently congratulated himself for spotting the difference.
31. Upon spotting no one she jumped from rails towards his open arms.
32. Where's my spotting scope! We all watch it through our x40 optics.
33. Spotting a pattern and the breakout are only part of trading well.
34. Spotting them in the distance, she finally took a long deep breath.
35. Despite this, spotting psychopaths is hard, though it may be about.
36. You should stop taking high dose of Vitamin C if the spotting stops.
37. Spotting Tifa on the level below, he waited for her to join him, her.
38. Quickly spotting Donald and Jeff, Ron sprinted towards them screaming.
39. Tears welled and fell onto my white dress, spotting it with grey grief.
40. I waited patiently for roughly ten minutes before spotting a good target.
1. And then I spotted it.
2. He spotted a tall oak.
3. I spotted you the rest.
4. Ben spotted the bat first.
5. He had spotted the place.
6. The enemy had spotted us.
7. And then Pink spotted me.
8. Tears spotted in her eyes.
9. That’s how he spotted us.
10. I spotted her at the window.
11. I spotted what appeared to.
12. Raw wounds spotted his chest.
13. I scanned the area, spotted.
14. Finally Jartis spotted a bar.
15. We spotted the retreat of St.
16. Jake turned and spotted Ichor.
17. I spotted you from next door.
18. Tom spotted Ifor, who was on.
19. B-52Hs had been spotted over.
20. He smiled when he spotted her.
21. I was often spotted by other U.
22. We spotted the whirling tunnel.
23. Marie had spotted it as they.
24. He spotted the gun on the floor.
25. He was spotted on this deck.
26. Herman and his wife spotted Mr.
27. They spotted Steve on the walk.
28. I spotted a large crystal and.
29. Then she spotted the coke again.
30. We spotted the shadder to a dot.
31. The DTS spotted him, and Moose.
32. He spotted a loud crowd on the.
33. But he hadn’t spotted him yet.
34. I wouldnt have spotted a thing.
35. This momentum is easily spotted.
36. I was lucky to have spotted the.
37. I also spotted the For sALe sign.
38. I should have spotted it earlier.
39. But Ted had spotted him and said.
40. Robyn spotted a flash to the west.
1. All in if he spots me.
2. I was a few spots back.
3. Then she spots the boy.
4. The worst spots are on.
5. This one has hot spots.
6. One of my "spots" in the.
7. Otherwise, if it spots a.
8. Spray mold spots with Tilex.
9. Deny them the favorite spots.
11. It had a few wet spots on it.
12. Emotions are in supreme spots.
13. Ten spots were made available.
14. Two hot spots! More motors.
15. She moves to corral the spots.
16. Black spots sizzled in my sight.
17. Leopards and spots came to mind.
18. That all the best building spots.
19. Spots, pimples and zits covered.
20. Spots open and close at his feet.
21. After that I had some blurry spots.
22. Spots that get the most page views.
23. Her face folded in the wrong spots.
24. In their gold coats spots you see;.
25. The liver spots made Lov fear aging.
26. We had to cut bad purple spots off.
27. These are the spots where, if left.
28. The upper floors were iffy in spots.
29. Plus, I try and avoid the local spots.
30. What to do with spots on the pictures.
31. It shares so many lonely spots with me.
32. The gun was slimed with spots of blood.
33. My look now spots the television screens.
34. She knew his weak spots and he knew hers.
35. These dots or small spots come with age.
36. There are queer spots on those great men.
37. See that there are no holes or low spots.
38. Her green eyes sparkle when she spots me.
39. At G, H, I more lines and spots have been.
40. She spots me first and motions for Apollo.

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