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Stack dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Amy handed a stack to her.
  2. She would blow her stack.
  3. I looked at the stack of.
  4. They both had a stack of.
  5. Rests supine on a stack of.

  6. Rhones stack of chips grew.
  7. He looked at the stack of.
  8. Barker fairly blew his stack.
  9. I can tell her by the stack.
  10. He peeked out from the stack.
  11. A stack of quarters was lunch.
  12. The crumbs stack on the plate.
  13. He carried the usual stack of.
  14. A stack of books was handed to.
  15. A stack of letter heads awaited.

  16. Melanie put down a stack of papers.
  17. I noticed a stack of empty crates.
  18. He sifted through the large stack.
  19. Neil handing out his stack of papers.
  20. At the top of the stack was a picture.
  21. Luis leafed through the stack of papers.
  22. Barnes put the photos back on the stack.
  23. Penn placed a stack of chips in the pot.
  24. Each stack was about three inches high.
  25. Thomas reached in and pulled out a stack.

  26. Jess started on the stack in front of him.
  27. He pulls an old newspaper out of a stack.
  28. Not in the stack of numbers by the phone.
  29. There’s a stack of shellac and vinyl.
  30. Wouldn't believe you on a stack of Bibles.
  31. Morgan picked up her small stack of books.
  32. Just stack it behind the shuttle for now.
  33. There was a stack or reusable plastic cups.
  34. Now see this thick stack of twenty dollar.
  35. Not in the stack of things to do, page 36.
  36. So much had seemed to stack up against him.
  37. He came around the corner with a stack of.
  38. The first stack was labeled: ALEXANDRIA ONE.
  39. Then it was time to stack them on the rover.
  40. Dillon Dawley burst through a stack of boxes.
  41. Franklin walked into the room with a stack.
  42. Pushing the stack of papers and packages to.
  43. She placed a stack of newspapers on his desk.
  44. He sighed and lay the stack of records aside.
  45. Thinksandthings looked at a growing stack of.
  46. So I had to read the next letter in the stack.
  47. He shrugged and helped me stack up the plates.
  48. There was a stack of unopened mail to the 80.
  49. That is a crooked stack of girls’ photos.
  50. A stack of paperwork waited for his signature.
  51. Class that implements stack of data and integer.
  52. They came level with the stack where Silas hid.
  53. Tallest stack of chairs balanced on.
  54. In one corner was a stack of black canvas bags.
  55. Remove crape from the pan and stack on a plate.
  56. A tall slim boy called Eddie Stack won the race.
  57. A dozen feet beyond the stack was another stack.
  58. She flew backwards into a stack of cereal boxes.
  59. By this time I had produced a huge stack of.
  60. He kept his gaze on the stack of paper work on.
  61. Shepard gave the stack of apology notes to Haven.
  62. In the basement he saw a stack of cardboard boxes.
  63. He sees a crooked stack of little girls’ photos.
  64. No dividers or tabs separated the stack of papers.
  65. The Fixer looks at the towering stack of plates on.
  66. Punk returned, a large stack of items in his grasp.
  67. Check the stack of phone messages only twice a day.
  68. From somewhere behind the stack, music was playing.
  69. Patsy left him on the porch with the stack of files.
  70. The stack is traditionally split into seven layers.
  71. There was a small stack of tissue paper in the tray.
  72. Sue sat a stack of napkins on the counter and gave.
  73. Colling opened it to find it contained a stack of U.
  74. A stack of money was right there in the garage walls.
  75. The judge came back with a stack of computer printed.
  76. I saw that there was a thick stack of papers on the.
  77. Dogey looked at the high stack of hundreds and nodded.
  78. But finally it beeped and the driver stack went green.
  79. It would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
  80. A thick stack of photo prints sat neatly on a counter.
  81. Two men were helping to stack the stones into a fence.
  82. I looked at the small stack of books on the bed table.
  83. There’s a whole stack of stuff waiting to be signed.
  84. Forrest thumbed through the stack of papers on the bed.
  85. Grouped around it was a stack of clean, porcelain cups.
  86. Vandevere stood up and walked to a stack of file folders.
  87. Trox looked up from a stack of books when they walked in.
  88. The biggest stack was correspondence from the ‘music.
  89. A large stack of wood lay on the floor beside the stove.
  90. The usual stack of Irish Echo newspapers was by the door.
  91. If you have a medium оr small stack, you need to bе a.
  92. Sam pointed to the small stack of files, and Jeff nodded.
  93. Link brandished a stack of twenty dollar bills and then.
  94. The purpose of life is not to stack up money in the bank.
  95. Taisei was sorting through his latest stack of pictures.
  96. Inside, there was a stack of volumes – twenty or more.
  97. She is sitting up, her leg propped on a stack of pillows.
  98. I hauled out a stack of books and glanced at their spines.
  99. Dana reached forward and moved the stack of books to the.
  100. Jacob dodges a stack of barrels and a pile of coiled rope.
  1. The mistakes are stacking up.
  2. Stacking them on top of one another in the empty.
  3. We had been stacking these crates most of the day.
  5. Come now you villagers, start stacking that chair.
  6. Stacking the waters from the mysterious gap on top of.
  7. They stopped coming, but were stacking up on the fence.
  8. Jimmy was as cool as ever, stacking his money on top of.
  9. Kevin replied, stacking the instruments tightly together.
  10. It can happen, but it is just stacking the odds against yourself.
  11. Stacking them neatly, he opened the top one and squared the pages within.
  12. Arnie was in the hold and was stacking and restacking heavy metal ingots.
  13. An anchor that is reinforced time after time is called stacking an anchor.
  14. Stacking things, putting things in a line, obsessive play with small things.
  15. Zoe was stacking flour and she asked me to come in and store it on the top shelf.
  16. Don't do anything foolish! Moshe warned as he turned from stacking the armful.
  17. Setting out his stacking stones, Kifter added some bunchy powder to the neat pile of.
  18. He looked up from the hamburger he was patting thin and stacking between waxed papers.
  19. This so far is stacking up to a category four, close to the five that Jack predicted.
  20. DETOX! Ready yourself and plan, stacking the odds in your favor to succeed and stick.
  21. The pile of demon bodies was stacking up, and demons were crawling on top of the stacks.
  22. Loken began stacking the rocks that had fallen, fitting them together with a practiced hand.
  23. He set it down on the far edge of the table where he was stacking books, nearest to Murphy.
  24. Like the large ladies you end up with, Kifter teased, packing away his stacking stones.
  25. Ah, no, the enchanter replied, looking away and stacking books that were already stacked.
  26. Talia had been taking split firewood from a woodbox next to the fireplace and stacking it in the hearth.
  27. I’m working on a draft of my next book, he said, stacking the papers together in a neater pile.
  28. When he finally arrived at the fort, he found Johnny there stacking his stuff on the ground under the fort.
  29. Mandy sat on a plastic stacking chair in a badly lit room in the annex to Kent Police Headquarters in Maidstone.
  30. Art must find ways to be multi-purposed, stacking the functions of expression, entertainment, and Earth empathy.
  31. It wasn’t that bad, even if she had been stacking used cups into a pyramid rather than taking them back downstairs.
  32. Sue and Carlos start stacking the avionics in the second side-opening container then assist the others wherever you can.
  33. Margarita is sitting on a large office chair behind a large desk in the organization office fixing and stacking some papers.
  34. He placed his compact tool-case on Chris’ desk, and sat down heavily in the plastic stacking chair that faced across the desk.
  35. Della, arriving back in the room, began to load the tray, stacking the cups so ostentatiously that it could only have been a signal.
  36. It was only fifteen minutes to nine o’ clock when Cierra started stacking the dishes and plates that she had used to prepare dinner.
  37. As we are stacking the dishes on the draining board, there’s a knock at the back door – Sally, glancing at the clock, runs to open it.
  38. Yep, I s’pose so, you imitate in a charming southern drawl while stacking the last box in the walk-in freezer and rotating the stock.
  39. In this way, people would have no real reason to be a friend or an enemy, because I would not be stacking my opinions or accomplishments against theirs.
  40. The majority of the MSD workforce were housed in this vast library, human ants stacking and restacking, collating and sorting vast quantities of numbers.
  41. As a very young child, we might experiment with stacking drinking glasses one on another to see if we can make a tower out of them as we can out of blocks.
  42. We were stacking ice chests and soft drinks at the far end of the table when the last of the four new slaves was knelt in place and secured to the iron ring.
  43. In this way, still according to the numbers, people would have no real reason to be a friend or an enemy, because I would not be stacking my opinions or accomplishments against theirs.
  44. I chopped a few more pieces, gaining proficiency until my hands began to hurt and blister, and then proceeded to stack the wood in with the rest, throwing the ball in between stacking to keep Nero busy.
  45. Accidents were rare and often due to the driver overruling the navigation system; usually involving a collision with another vehicle, since in urban areas there were just streams intersecting, stacking.
  46. During the day when the Welsh had gone there was lots to do around the trenches stacking ammunition and flares, rations and the there was sentry duty and observation duty as well as dozens of other things.
  47. Nurse pointed to the mound of packaged meat and gestured to Cap’n and Greg to begin stacking it tightly around the body, and soon the corpse was completely obscured by the screen of steaks and rump roasts.
  48. So my cash was stacking up but because of the money that was stolen from me I decided to move, well first I bought some security cameras but I was so busy I would always forget to hit record so they were useless.
  49. We moved my boxes out of the spare room, stacking them in my bedroom, and made the room hers, or at least less of a storage area, putting up the blind I had never quite got round to fixing, and moving in a lamp and my spare bedside table.
  50. All being sent to a salt mine somewhere deep beneath the Austrian village of Altaussee, where a mile-long tunnel drops into a glittering arcade filled with shelving three stories high, upon which the high command is stacking Europe’s finest art.
  51. He chose the hardest, most physically challenging work he could find: first wrestling steel beams and heavy equipment around a shipyard on the waterfront in Seattle and then stacking lumber and manhandling massive fir and cedar logs with a peavey in a nearby sawmill.
  52. For boys who had been brought up milking cows and swinging axes and stacking lumber, who knew the first names of half the people in the towns they came from, whose parents could tell them about the first time they had seen an automobile or a house with electricity, this was heady stuff.
  53. When the ice-men were at work here in '46-7, the cakes sent to the shore were one day rejected by those who were stacking them up there, not being thick enough to lie side by side with the rest; and the cutters thus discovered that the ice over a small space was two or three inches thinner than elsewhere, which made them think that there was an inlet there.
  54. Accordingly, the boats now made for her, and were soon swayed up to their cranes—the two parts of the wrecked boat having been previously secured by her—and then hoisting everything to her side, and stacking her canvas high up, and sideways outstretching it with stun-sails, like the double-jointed wings of an albatross; the Pequod bore down in the leeward wake of Moby-Dick.
  1. I stacked another few coins.
  2. Stacked neatly in his hotel.
  3. The bills are stacked up high;.
  4. The items were stacked inside.
  5. Dishes were stacked in the sink.
  6. A wild card in this stacked deck.
  7. The odds are stacked against you.
  8. The rooms were stacked with cages.
  9. Crates are stacked and strapped in.
  10. A few of them had one stacked on.
  11. The terms of the duel are stacked.
  12. Two books, one stacked atop the other.
  13. A pile of sticks was stacked beside it.
  14. I shut down my laptop and stacked all.
  15. The sacks were stacked in a small room.
  16. He walked over to a barbell and stacked.
  17. Stacked and banded, her carefully copied.
  18. He eyed her warily over the stacked texts.
  19. Look at the raw materials stacked outside.
  20. The canvases are there, stacked next door.
  21. Stacked benches held between the teeth.
  22. The walls were comprised of stacked bricks.
  23. Richard is fierce, but the deck is stacked.
  24. Books stacked here and there among buzzing.
  25. The beach beds were all stacked up, lonely.
  26. Huge container loads were stacked everywhere.
  27. I also stacked stones in such a manner as to.
  28. Serena stacked the dried plate with the others.
  29. Banks and Ellis, the deck is stacked against us.
  30. Equipment was stacked haphazardly, like it was.
  31. And hospital lockers were stacked in one corner.
  32. He stacked the statements on his desk and smiled.
  33. Hundreds of them were stacked neatly on shelves.
  34. Hides stacked flat so transport wasn't a prob-.
  35. Greg stacked his plate on top of the reverend’s.
  36. Gold coins were produced, counted out and stacked.
  37. The videotapes were stacked on top of the console.
  38. What is it with these stacked chicks refusing to.
  39. Four new piles of research were stacked around the.
  40. The odds were stacked against the man from Sarkhej.
  41. He’d had everything stacked against him, he said.
  42. Its agglomerated and stacked buildings resemble an.
  43. Each car has a wall of corpses stacked in the front.
  44. In some places damp sand was stacked as steeply as.
  45. She stacked the knives and forks on top of the plates.
  46. My papers, I stacked in the center of my desk where.
  47. The regiment passed through the village and stacked.
  48. The way the pots and dishes were stacked in the sink.
  49. A few boxes were stacked on the shelves, but it 121.
  50. In the back hall she found cases of wine stacked up.
  51. One was empty, the other was stacked full of tin cans.
  52. Some stacked fern and brushwood round the tree-trunks.
  53. Eric climbed in and stacked the water next to the sink.
  54. Canvases were stacked all around the walls of the room.
  55. These were stacked or strewn about and covered in dust.
  56. Stacked floor to ceiling, and they all looked beautiful.
  57. Every unused cart and crate in town was stacked across.
  58. The containers are neatly stacked in the men’s bath-.
  59. She smirks, then glances at the books stacked on my desk.
  60. With each word, I stacked another gold coin on the counter.
  61. Piles of discarded books lay stacked on the floor of the.
  62. Bravo, Delta, and Epsilon, congregate with plates stacked.
  63. Jen sat against a pile of pillows stacked by the headboard.
  64. In other words, the odds are stacked heavily in your favor.
  65. Man was stacked and pissed off like a professional gambler.
  66. Names flashed by with film titles on stacked reel canisters.
  67. Boulders lined the bank, stacked like a giant game of Jenga.
  68. Their cargo had been stacked and anchored to the planetoid.
  69. Captain Hawes knew that Waddell had the cards stacked in his.
  70. The pile of mail on the counter, neatly stacked, caught my eye.
  71. The stacked, fallen, and broken glasses serve as a consequence.
  72. Amaranthe stacked a few of the scattered cans into a neat pile.
  73. In his left hand he held the lighter scale, which was stacked.
  74. There must be two dozen legal pads stacked in his corduroy lap.
  75. I did not touch it of course, someone must have stacked it.
  76. He stacked them next to the speakers at the back of the car.
  77. The rest of the basement was filled with neatly stacked crates.
  78. Everything I ordered appeared neatly folded and stacked in the.
  79. I found more wood stacked and dry, some tools, and oddly a ball.
  80. Sit, she said as she rummaged through her stacked clothes.
  81. Brother Follett and Brother Thomas stacked boxes on a two-wheel.
  82. However, for the whole summer, not one stacked female seemed to.
  83. It was stacked with boxes, bags and folders right to the ceiling.
  84. Every available surface is stacked with bottles and pint glasses.
  85. One by one, they each made fists and stacked them on top of mine.
  86. She came back in and noticed the pile of books stacked neatly on.
  87. Note: This recipe will make two 9-inch cakes or one stacked layer.
  88. Neatly stacked in large metal containers Grailem counts the robots.
  90. William collected all of the penned sheets and stacked them in order.
  91. They’d arranged the stacked boxes into a U shape with the opening.
  92. Andrea gazed around at the old bales of hay stacked up in the corner.
  93. He then stacked some other papers on top, covering the company name.
  94. They are huge, stacked in rows of twenty and thirty along each block.
  95. I stacked the files, about to give in, when the top one caught my eye.
  96. Stagnant piles of loot stacked up in a warehouse are not riches, any.
  97. Boxes were stacked everywhere, and it was hard for us to move around.
  98. Pick stared across the table at three evenly stacked skyscrapers of.
  99. And little piles of Post Toasties, corn flakes, stacked up in designs.
  100. Large boulders covered the land, stacked upon each other precariously.
  1. My eye ran and reran the stacks.
  2. She glanced at the stacks of papers.
  3. Someone pushed the stacks, I think.
  4. I’ve got several stacks of fresh.
  5. I divided the money into four stacks.
  6. The first three stacks were fifteen.
  7. He pulled out large stacks of money.
  8. Herein are stacks of free weights and.
  9. He was fussing around with stacks of paper.
  10. The money came out in stacks, ready for use.
  11. There were ten neat, banded stacks of paper.
  12. The stacks were still in their bank wrappers.
  13. He laughs and guides her through the stacks.
  14. Most of all, there were stacks of gold nuggets.
  15. Saves you time on having to read stacks of old.
  16. He went to the hay fields and examined the stacks.
  17. Couldn't breathe in all those goddamn news stacks.
  18. Several stacks of hay sat in neat piles along the.
  19. I was crouched near several stacks of the books now.
  20. Pretty secretaries were scurrying about with stacks.
  21. Maybe have him move books around in the stacks?
  22. One by one the judge placed the stacks of bil s onto.
  23. Popped corks, splashes of beerfroth, stacks of empties.
  24. I looked at the stacks of personnel folders on his desk.
  25. Stacks of reports towered over, almost about to topple.
  26. I recall taking stacks of published accounts home from.
  27. To sit in the chair, Sam had to step over several stacks.
  28. I oiled that thing a million times, Stacks grumbled.
  29. The stacks are recorded here, she said handing him the.
  30. And that is what our WPS devices on some of the stacks said.
  31. Everywhere there were stacks of complicated looking hardware.
  32. The desk was completely covered with thick stacks of reports.
  33. Therein were stacks of twenty dollar bills, all in Canadian.
  34. Keep an eye out for the vendors who cart stacks of the fluffy.
  35. On my desk stood stacks of papers that I immediately began to.
  36. Lined up in the cabin are stacks of boxes of commercial booze.
  37. There was not much room between the stacks of ice and the wall.
  38. The cable machine consists of two weight stacks separated by 2.
  39. There were stacks and stacks of notebooks, journals and papers.
  40. The image of Azura and her stacks of 12-inch thick English-to-.
  41. He dealt three tapes off the stacks on either side of the stereo.
  42. The billowing smoke from its two huge stacks cloaked my arrival.
  43. The money lay in stacks, and Rochelle's head rested in her arms.
  44. Formless stacks of bodies and bodies by themselves, dabs of flesh.
  45. There were innumerable banded stacks of twenty-dollar bills inside.
  46. I still spend my days trawling the stacks, looking for new diaries.
  47. I think there are possibly some counterfeit papers in those stacks.
  48. Dark circled his thin ghost hand in the dark air between the stacks.
  49. The freezer had stacks of huge metal plates that would go up or down.
  50. It left its headlights on and steam billowed out the stacks behind.
  51. He stepped out from behind the ice stacks carrying a couple of boards.
  52. Carroll’s heart nearly stalled as he gazed at the mountainous stacks.
  53. Del pointed at the stacks of money and the water treatment plant plans.
  54. Stacks of leather bound books shared the shelves with cooking utensils.
  55. Inside, wrapped in black velvet, were stacks and stacks of vellum paper.
  56. It tumbled into the crates, stacks of canned food falling on top of him.
  57. She remembered the grates and the stacks of ice stored beneath the floor.
  58. On the shelf, among stacks of books was an 8x10 photo in a silver frame.
  59. Walking into his study, Sam stepped over several stacks of books and sat.
  60. A couple of large stacks of books lay on the floor stacked as high as I.
  61. I had noticed there were stacks of them by the entrance when we’d come in.
  62. They had one hundred stacks of ten coins, worth a hundred and fifty pounds.
  63. She quickly located a Chinese encoding for their audio stacks and loaded it.
  64. In front, against the wall facing the street, were stacks of wicker furniture.
  65. I took out seven banded stacks of a thousand dollars each and handed them over.
  66. She crossed the room to the stereo and knelt to flip through the stacks of LPs.
  67. Maybe my friends, who've hid in the stacks all these years, will come out, too.
  68. We spent the whole night through washing and drying the endless stacks of dishes.
  69. A student had asked her about a book and she was leading him through the stacks.
  70. But it was only his laughter walking back through the deep stacks on panther feet.
  71. There must be stacks of gloves and ties constantly growing higher about your path.
  72. Books stood in huge stacks on the desk, in the bookshelves, and all over the floor.
  73. With stacks of counterfeit bills ready, it was time to see if her bluff would work.
  74. He hides in the stacks and when the clock strikes three, will prowl forth to drink.
  75. The back of the truck is open, and a few other Amity sit among the stacks of crates.
  76. We often went to the library, checked out stacks of books and read through the night.
  77. She peered into the building, but saw only bins and stacks of ingots in the dim light.
  78. Loki and Anganboða are sitting at a table, two stacks of books in front of Anganboða.
  79. But there are still stacks of supplies in my office area, and inventory to do—.
  80. She finished gathering up the stacks of chips and held them tightly in her gloved hand.
  81. Wickland leaned forward and removed several stacks of papers and envelopes from the box.
  82. Hal’s mom started putting the photos into the shoebox, shuffling them into tidy stacks.
  83. Those that are left will get stacks of overtime but they’ll be knackered all the time.
  84. They were standing on a floor that was empty of anything, except the two stacks of bags.
  85. One of the most used demonstrations of autism is of a small child who stacks drink cans.
  86. The pile of demon bodies was stacking up, and demons were crawling on top of the stacks.
  87. There were crates of technical equipment, metal office furniture, and stacks of brochures.
  88. Bodies everywhere, in horrific stacks along the hills and lying in trenches… It was hell.
  89. The remainder of the lathes were leaning against the walls or piled in stacks on the table.
  90. Empty canisters, a spool of surgical thread, and stacks of papers rested on shelves inside.
  91. There was a knock at the door and five waiters with trolleys came in with stacks of food on.
  92. The trunk was large enough that four stacks of Maps could fit, and all four reached the top.
  93. Stacks of paper notes and scenario flowcharts lay on the table, reviving unwanted job stress.
  94. Stacks of bloodline, breeding, and sales records rose like proud towers around his small bunk.
  95. She piled stacks of paper, small boxes, yesterday’s lunch, and what-have-you here and there.
  96. Bleeding Skull silently circled around, keeping stacks of crates between him and the movement.
  97. It contained three stacks of small metal containers, two stacks of seven, and one stack of six.
  98. Myles shook his head, a tiny smile creasing his face as he weighed the seven stacks in his two.
  99. I handed over the seventeen stacks of cash and he carefully arranged them in the case, which had.
  100. The walls were lined with wooden shelves filled with dusty tomes and stacks of legal periodicals.

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