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Stagger dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I could stagger on now.
  2. I stagger off through the crowd.
  3. He is beginning to stagger a bit.
  4. So violently it began to stagger.
  5. He will stagger about in the room.

  6. I stagger and stumble all over the place.
  7. Bloody and bruised, they stagger to cover.
  8. One of the Neanderthals started to stagger.
  9. I stagger through layers of shifting white.
  10. That is how we have to stagger over the rocks.
  11. Jannie was in lane two, well back in the stagger.
  12. Zombies, attracted like sharks, stagger to the feast.
  13. Gavroche was seen to stagger, then he sank to the earth.
  14. Without warning he pushed her forward making her stagger.
  15. Sun Zhongyu face turned green and he started to stagger!.

  16. Katie slapped Andrew on the cheek, causing him to stagger.
  17. They stagger around, seeking, always seeking, never finding.
  18. For the first time in its history, America will stagger and.
  19. He could hear the Capataz stagger against the table and gasp.
  20. Gibbons was at his table, and rose when he saw me stagger in.
  21. I stagger to the door and, at the third try, manage to open it.
  22. And a mouse is miracle enough to stagger sextillions of infidels.
  23. Twice he nearly lost his footing, only to recover and stagger on.
  24. And he started to stagger backward and finally collapse onto the.
  25. Liessa hurried across the grass and helped Hrun stagger to his feet.

  26. You will blindly stagger through the Swampy Maze of Visionless Wandering.
  27. Sharp and intense pain in her belly made her stagger and drop her pistol.
  28. He rested on the bench for a while then got back up and continued stagger.
  29. We have to do something, Mark said, watching her stagger through the.
  30. He found his feet easy enough and managed to stagger over to the replicator.
  31. What had made it so onerous that I would stagger ‘neath its weight; would.
  32. One final thrust and I begin to stagger, a different path that I must tread.
  33. Robertson,) may dust the eye, but cannot stagger the understanding of any one.
  34. My shipmates came to mind and I turned and started to stagger along the coast.
  35. Despite his unaccountable frailty, he begins to run, or rather stagger, onward.
  36. It was quite ten minutes before he could stagger with his burden to the office.
  37. Blasting him with both barrels of the truth didn't seem to stagger him that much.
  38. Fauchelevent felt himself stagger and on the point of falling headlong into the.
  39. Fain am I to stagger to this emprise under the weightiest words of the dictionary.
  40. At once, I stagger, supported only by air, and grasp the table again before I fall.
  41. A rush of red skinned women, children, and men stagger out of the now boiling soup.
  42. When he’d stagger home, I often heard him cry your name just like a lovesick boy.
  43. His screams confused the cat for a moment, giving him time to stagger to his feet again.
  44. Somebody fetched a tree trunk, and the door began to stagger under the thunderous assault.
  45. The shells flashed all round him, and he was seen to advance a few paces, stagger, and go down.
  46. Voices that he heard but did not hear made him stagger toward an intersection, where he froze.
  47. He stood up and began to stagger quickly forward in the direction he had been heading all along.
  48. He walked in a stagger and when Bridget came near him she could smell the alcohol from his breath.
  49. I was hit so hard that for a moment I don't even know where I am, but I stagger up on to my knees.
  50. You stagger and find, as your head goes light, that it is not entirely different from being drunk.
  51. Simon seemed to stagger under a great weight, and I realized that they must be fighting in his mind.
  52. Crying and laughing at the same time, I stagger to my feet; the salt water stings my bleeding flesh.
  53. We talk about timescales and come to the conclusion that we are going to have to stagger all the moving.
  54. He watched the Russian stagger back to the computer and peck awkwardly at the keyboard with dead hands.
  55. Several shoulder aching minutes later they managed a weak-kneed stagger to the pool for a refreshing dip.
  56. Dizzy from his wounds, he realised how weak he was, but found the strength from somewhere to stagger on.
  57. By now his eyes were burning and he could hardly see, but he managed to stagger over to the rain shower.
  58. Charles nodded as if he had just completed an important mission and turned to stagger back down the hall.
  59. So did her speed, which was evident almost immediately as she began to make up the stagger and run the curve.
  60. I flex my muscles as I climb out of the driver’s seat and lock the car, then stagger painfully up the stairs.
  61. He imagined that the war with Russia came about by his will, and the horrors that occurred did not stagger his soul.
  62. And when the souls of men stagger under these heavy burdens, you will not so much as lift with one of your fingers.
  63. After several attempts he succeeded in taking one or two steps, when he again began to stagger and gasp for breath.
  64. So that not the fierce-fanged tiger in his heraldic coat can so stagger courage as the white-shrouded bear or shark.
  65. Half throwing me away from himself, so that I stagger as he takes his hands off me, he turns and paces back to the door.
  66. It was the Chair Maker, but a flash of crimson from his mouth made the rebellious Gathandrian cry out and stagger away.
  67. I stagger toward the rear exit, into the humid night air, where I finish the long hard cry that I started in the elevator.
  68. It would collide into him with devastating reality, and after a few paralytic moments, he would stagger back to his room.
  69. He did not want any parishioner to find him passed out in the Church, so he decided to stagger his way back to the rectory.
  70. Lucky stomped her foot on the man that was holding her, making him stagger back in pain, I took that chance and shot him too.
  71. Clint reappeared in time to see Vinnie, still groggy, stagger to his knees and brace himself against the closest stack of boxes.
  72. In a greenhouse, apart from starting seed growth, you can stagger plantings and continue growing vegetable crops the full year round.
  73. The mound was slippery with blood and it was becoming increasingly harder to navigate with any grace of movement other than a stagger.
  74. He released the Innkeeper just as quickly and turned to watch the big man stagger backwards from him, leaning heavily against the wall.
  75. Still, he managed to stand and stagger into the next room to give the desk—as well as the area around it—one final exploratory sweep.
  76. A black shadow on the shuddering machine tried to stagger up, but it was late, late, later still, very late, latest of all, oh, very late.
  77. This time Conklin ducked, then landed an uppercut to Valdeen’s chin that made the big guy stagger backward into the Doggie Diner stand.
  78. Dismissing us the Captain went off to report on the machine guns and we were left to stagger to our own trench weighted down with fatigue.
  79. In front of him he saw, in the gaslight, a tallish man, walking with a slight stagger, and carrying a white goose slung over his shoulder.
  80. The dragon recoiled once more from the attack and it gave Penelope the time she needed to stagger and stumble into the safety of the cave.
  81. The pain was blinding for Oak and must have been for Detroit too because he felt him stagger and then they were both falling onto the ramp.
  82. In turn, jerkingly raised and lowered by the rolling billows, the towing resistance of the log caused the old reelman to stagger strangely.
  83. When we were able to stagger to our feet we saw far off in the deep blue sky one dark spot where the lump of basalt was speeding upon its way.
  84. Finding nothing to cover him for warmth, she had no option but to rise, or rather stagger upright, and continue her search for life in those around her.
  85. He left the flame thrower on the ground, put his father over his shoulder and began to stagger down the trail toward the campsite where he parked the car.
  86. The trouble with walking brought on a heavy-duty case of the sillies that made them stagger around holding each other, eyes streaming with tears of laughter.
  87. Waiting for him in a karate stance, Nancy easily deflected his swing and retaliated with a single lightning punch to his right eye, making the man stagger back.
  88. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric.
  89. Groggily he had gathered up his weapons, removed a bag from Lewem’s decimated corpse and began to stagger back up through the eerie silence of the deserted shrine.
  90. As the man continued to stagger back, the tricorder that made up Brittany’s senses alerted her to the fact that he had just armed a bomb which was strapped to his suit.
  91. Smiling cheefully, being careful not to stagger a little, she walked arm-in-arm with Tony out to his nifty little MG, its purple-and-black color tones gleaming in the lights.
  92. Its one of the boys’ sets, so no need to lay off the sweet cakes yet milady,’ Corvus smiled warmly, after giving her a mock bow he held his position observing her stagger away.
  93. He span around again, then again, chasing his tail until he could spin no longer, and when he finally stopped, his senses continued to reel, causing him to stagger from side to side.
  94. The corpulent friend falls back with a stagger, looks stupidly with his drunken eyes at the secretary, and suddenly, with all his might, sends his fist into the secretary's thin face.
  95. The woman continued to stagger and was about falling with full force only for the ushers to hold her, cleared the crowd as to allow her some air, and made her lay helpless on the ground.
  96. So, he turned his back on his victim who was lying there seriously injured and began to stagger back towards the city, for the effort expended in downing his opponent had temporarily weakened him.
  97. Darkburst had no idea how long he'd lain unmoving and half-conscious on the dank surface, but when he finally found the strength to stagger out of the tunnel, he saw that the sun was high in the sky.
  98. We had gone scarcely a mile when I noticed that my thoat was commencing to stumble and stagger in a most pitiful manner, although we had not attempted to force them out of a walk since about noon of the preceding day.
  99. And yet his first action when the door had closed behind him was to stagger against the table, whence he slipped down upon the floor, and there was that majestic figure prostrate and insensible upon our bearskin hearthrug.
  100. And yet his first action, when the door had closed behind him, was to stagger against the table, whence he slipped down upon the floor, and there was that majestic figure prostrate and insensible upon our bearskin hearth-rug.
  1. A staggering amount of gold.
  2. That staggering number of 2.
  3. It was a staggering discovery.
  4. Again, the results were staggering.
  5. I’ve seen you staggering on the.
  6. His utter heartbreak was staggering.
  7. They had a staggering total of nine.
  8. Roland got up on his legs, staggering.
  9. Whoop, whoop, whoop, she's staggering.
  10. She drew in another staggering breath.
  11. The desire for her blood was staggering.
  12. Q: Could you please explain staggering?
  13. Kifter’s knife staggering the creature.
  14. Staggering in the door, he dropped his.
  15. Joe and Ken reveal a staggering statistic.
  16. A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.
  17. The narcissism alone was kind of staggering.
  18. We stand in view of great staggering rocks.
  19. The speed of progress was truly staggering.
  20. The results of the research were staggering.
  21. The statistics are staggering and growing!.
  22. He suddenly went in again, pale, staggering.
  23. Emily, I conclude, staggering to the intercom.
  24. The end result would be a staggering waste of.
  25. She walked quickly, though staggering as before.
  26. He came over the ridge; he was staggering lest.
  27. That last, staggering crescendo heralded the rain.
  28. Staggering amid the crush, Pierre looked about him.
  29. They came in a staggering eight lengths behind them.
  30. Others were moaning, groaning, and staggering around.
  31. Then, staggering up to the Duc's statue, his vagrant.
  32. That plane must have been staggering all over the sky.
  33. The dog was staggering around the yard with a hangover.
  34. The annual remittance from India to Nepal is staggering.
  35. Even in these years of staggering market growth, only.
  36. The enormity of what his mother had done was staggering.
  37. He was completely focused on the now staggering archer.
  38. Some buzzed 20-somethings were staggering in the street.
  39. Gordon, staggering, again prepared to leap into the fray.
  40. He kicked the Captain and sent him staggering backwards.
  41. The wave of American hatred against Japan was staggering.
  42. This was all staggering news, hard to wrap my head around.
  43. I’d carried her so long, staggering beneath her weight.
  44. Marseilles by the Porte Saint-Victor, staggering as he went.
  45. The information we are giving with each breath is staggering.
  46. The first whack out of the fish sent Joey staggering forward.
  47. The sight was so staggering, she crumpled to her feet, nearly.
  48. And the old drunkard staggering home from the outhouse of the.
  49. Joey rolled over three times before staggering back to his feet.
  50. When that failed he awkwardly moved backward, almost staggering.
  51. This gives some idea of the staggering needs of an entire fleet.
  52. I could see the outlaw a few yards ahead, staggering to his feet.
  53. That, however, was not the most staggering event of the afternoon.
  54. By this time the figure was staggering as if under a great weight.
  55. If he’s telling the truth, then the implications are staggering.
  56. For a person wilfully to miss out on the staggering advantages of.
  57. Both were staggering amounts of money for someone like Joe in 1934.
  58. Several of the others stood and began staggering towards the camps.
  59. I’m going to show you a staggering number that should wake you up.
  60. This edifice was staggering, some twenty times, or so, My height!.
  61. The list of drugs she was taking by the end of 1961 was staggering.
  62. By the time the elections were over in May, Modi had a staggering 1.
  63. Reread the above paragraph, because the implications are staggering.
  64. PRIVATE CARR: (Staggering as he is pulled away) God fuck old Bennett.
  65. He walked the first few steps boldly, but suddenly began staggering.
  66. He didn’t know why he was staggering towards the large open window.
  67. The amount of overtime paid out in recent months was staggering, and.
  68. Staggering part way down the Stairs where he could clearly see the Duc.
  69. The human dimension in this is staggering, that someone would be lost.
  70. He was caught a blow to the temple which sent him staggering backwards.
  71. As you can see the benefits of exercise are staggering – and I didn't.
  72. At a 50 percent recovery rate, that number could zoom to a staggering 2.
  73. The energy, in a climate so hot as to be staggering, is also staggering.
  74. Staggering inside, Sound hunched over and crumpled onto the bed, coughing.
  75. Only a tall, staggering old man in irons was permitted to ride on a wagon.
  76. He made a noise like the sneeze of a cow and fell staggering on the steps.
  77. Staggering forward he made his way over to a pile of broken wood and bones.
  78. None of their attackers escaped the staggering blow of his counter-attack.
  79. Louie could do nothing but stand there, staggering, as the Bird struck him.
  80. Wars and killing machines have all evolved at a staggering pace since then.
  81. Crying out in frustration, he head-butted the clown, sending it staggering.
  82. James! I screamed, still staggering, reaching out, trying to find him.
  83. Not to mention that you can create some really cool effects by staggering.
  84. Venn tried to see ahead through the staggering crowd of iron-bristling men.
  85. The staggering decisions made by the original founding fathers must have.
  86. While I could see that our casualties were mounting, theirs were staggering.
  87. Finally, when I lost my sight entirely, it was a staggering thing to bear.
  88. He moved forward staggering and tried to awake her wife the first lady but.
  89. Cherry was close on Takina’s heels, with Halfshaft staggering along behind.
  90. In 1967, Onassis realized staggering new profits: the Suez Canal closed again.
  91. Oxford had been devastated, according to Thomas; the death toll was staggering.
  92. In the distance a mob of sick and dying people would be staggering towards him.
  93. My mouth went dry and a wave of dizziness sent me staggering against the house.
  94. Considering the value of any one of their lives, the time-table was staggering.
  95. Jonathan is staggering, loudly humming and whistling, What a Wonderful World.
  96. Mitya cried out, and ran staggering across the passage into the forester's room.
  97. The girl was walking unsteadily, too, stumbling and staggering from side to side.
  98. It got up with a good deal of difficulty, staggering on its strong blood-red legs.
  99. I mean, when you really stop and think about it, the implications are staggering.
  100. Staggering the time and method of escape was more critical than getting out fast.
  1. He staggered to his feet.
  2. He staggered back in shock.
  3. He staggered like a drunk.
  4. I think we were all staggered.
  5. I staggered back and prayed.
  6. Lindsey staggered to the stand.
  7. Out staggered Joey and Lezura.
  8. Rhone staggered to the front.
  9. He staggered down the hallway.
  10. And it has staggered everybody.
  11. For a moment she was staggered.
  12. This staggered Huck for a moment.
  13. He staggered towards the window.
  14. He staggered like a drunken man.
  15. Sicarius staggered forward a step.
  16. Sachie staggered through the door.
  17. He staggered away from the rubble.
  18. Jody was staggered by this thought.
  19. He staggered away toward the rocket.
  20. Stunned, the Padawan staggered back.
  21. He staggered, but remained on his.
  22. Bino staggered THE IDENTITY CHECK.
  23. He staggered into Tamarlan on foot.
  24. I staggered, and my lips began to.
  25. The exterior patrols are staggered.
  26. Sam staggered, and before he could.
  27. Turned to go back in, but staggered.
  28. He staggered under the loose weight.
  29. Jorma staggered back under that blow.
  30. From there he staggered to the door.
  31. Sam nodded and staggered to her feet.
  32. She staggered and fell to her knees.
  33. I have been told I staggered around.
  34. She heard him groan as he staggered.
  35. She opened the door and staggered in.
  36. The Captain staggered back, screaming.
  37. We staggered off the plane in Bangkok.
  38. Screaming people staggered past below.
  39. I never was more staggered in my life.
  40. He stood up and staggered momentarily.
  41. He staggered as if struck in the chest.
  42. I got up, I staggered into the hallway.
  43. Two drunks staggered across the street.
  44. Janet staggered over to the only other.
  45. She staggered, and Caris caught her arm.
  46. It cracked and staggered back, and the.
  47. I staggered to my feet, holding my nose.
  48. Joey staggered forward, but did not fall.
  49. The intruder staggered back and exploded.
  50. He staggered as if kicked in the stomach.
  51. She rose and staggered away from the nest.
  52. He released her and they both staggered.
  53. The sight that met his eyes staggered him.
  54. He staggered over and let go of the wound.
  55. Andrew staggered back at the sight of them.
  56. He staggered and nearly toppled over the.
  57. The woman then staggered over to the only.
  58. The man dropped the gun and staggered away.
  59. He staggered, unknowing how to react next.
  60. Suddenly, the Ultra staggered out of the.
  61. I shakily stood and staggered to the door.
  62. Paul staggered past Angela, glaring at her.
  63. I let him go and staggered towards the door.
  64. I staggered to get up but was immediately.
  65. What? Elizabeth was solidly staggered.
  66. The guard staggered back, but didn’t fall.
  67. He staggered, but he was still coming for me.
  68. Morrison, perfectly staggered by this speech.
  69. I tried to walk but only staggered and tumbled.
  70. Thomas was staggered as the young woman threw.
  71. She staggered away, embarrassed and humiliated.
  72. She was staggered for a moment, and then she.
  73. They staggered after Luke, but it was too late.
  74. The man staggered, staring at his bloody stump.
  75. He staggered to it and popped open the chamber.
  76. Sam staggered, and the iron fell to the ground.
  77. They staggered off, only to return empty handed.
  78. My hand flies to my mouth as I stare, staggered.
  79. Morg staggered, temporarily blinded by the blow.
  80. Syd staggered to his feet, prepared to run back.
  81. Jamie got to his feet and staggered over to him.
  82. Tragus staggered to his feet, cursing drunkenly.
  83. Deal, he said and staggered out of the bar.
  84. Syd staggered to his feet and dutifully followed.
  85. Pippin soon began to feel sleepy, and staggered.
  86. Staggered by the tone, Hallen sensed more to this.
  87. Thinking he could not be staggered any more, up.
  88. They would al leave at staggered intervals, not.
  89. McLean staggered to the altar at the front of the.
  90. He staggered to his feet and moved toward the door.
  91. The breath was knocked out of me, and I staggered.
  92. Brock staggered backwards, his eyes rolling wildly.
  93. Tomo staggered through the remains of Kamaishi City.
  94. It staggered about with a stream of blood pouring.
  95. He staggered and braced himself against the doorway.
  96. It made a guttural sound and staggered to the left.
  97. These staggered and the horsemen rode through them.
  98. He staggered several steps down the darkened tunnel.
  99. He paid them no mind as he staggered himself back.
  100. Tammas staggered to his knees again, breathing hard.
  1. Ken staggers back.
  2. I confess this staggers me.
  3. John staggers forward a step or two.
  4. As she staggers to the Ladies’.
  5. It breaks off its attack, staggers away.
  6. The president of the United States staggers.
  7. Q staggers into the room that both BCG and Detective.
  8. Spittle dangles form his mouth as he staggers off balance.
  9. He staggers back towards the cylinder, still firing randomly.
  10. What are you raving about? Like a sheep with the staggers!.
  11. The old man gives a low gasping moan and staggers to his feet.
  12. She staggers out of the darkness, into the dimly lit passageway.
  13. She staggers around and vomits once—there’s no escaping the gas.
  14. She staggers back and doesn’t look up as we walk to the elevators.
  15. John staggers a few more feet, falls on his knees in the parking lot.
  16. She staggers and uses the opposite wall to brace herself from falling.
  17. Chan staggers backwards, his hands touching the ground before he rises.
  18. He staggers a bit, takes a pillow from a chair, goes over, sits on the floor.
  19. He staggers to his feet and dusts himself off before offering her a helping hand.
  20. He staggers and Madeline, who stares at me with mouth open, hurries to catch him.
  21. He picks up his bottle, drinks the remaining liquid, and staggers toward the house.
  22. He staggers and slumps to the floor, and for a moment I think he’s going to pass out.
  23. Shivering and caked with blood, he staggers and crawls his way to the edge of the marshes.
  24. Mama staggers out and without being told what to do, bites Frank vigorously on the shoulder.
  25. Well, after a bit of hanky-panky with the high-class bird, Quick staggers off into the State Rooms and.
  26. Both moons are high in the sky now as Dave staggers along the beach staring at them with his mouth agape.
  27. In its rampage over the east, Japan had brought atrocity and death on a scale that staggers the imagination.
  28. He staggers below deck thinking about these words as his conscience wonders where this goodness comes from.
  29. He staggers up to the stage, appearing to be drunk or ½-zoned-out of his mind on some new illegal drug or other.
  30. BCG says as he staggers to his feet but falls back to one knee, I’m fine Doc, but they got him on that copter.
  31. Amber bottle still in hand, he pushes the recliner’s footrest back into its mortal tomb and staggers into the kitchen.
  32. The trooper staggers backward, feels of his chest, holds up his fingers to show no blood, looks at John with a mocking grin.
  33. Ted staggers backwards, ramming the base of his spine against the corner of the fridge, rocking the lamp, making Alex shimmer.
  34. Michael staggers back up to our row and shuffles through the legs again, then drops into his seat and stares ahead, face blank.
  35. It appears that a somnambulist is shuffling down Hoodwink Street, or does it? A feminine figure staggers in and out of streetlight auras.
  36. He strains again to see the world as it should be, but staggers backwards, hitting the brick wall of the barn with his head as he falls.
  37. There must be billions of them! He said, Since you are overwhelmed by this, and it staggers you, let me pull out one that you can relate to.
  38. Brookfield also staggers the maturity of its debt repayments so that they don’t all come due at the same time, thus decreasing refinancing risk.
  39. John pulls into a parking space in front of one of the three-story buildings, gets out of his car, then suddenly staggers backwards, holding onto his car to support himself.
  40. But rather than having all senators up for election at the same time, the Constitution staggers senators’ elections so that one third of Senate seats are open for election every two years.
  41. Boggs throws up both of his hands and says, "O Lord, don't shoot!" Bang! goes the first shot, and he staggers back, clawing at the air—bang! goes the second one, and he tumbles backwards on to the ground, heavy and solid, with his arms spread out.
  42. But the frightened master comes to him, and shrieks in his dead ear, 'What meanest thou, O, sleeper! arise!' Startled from his lethargy by that direful cry, Jonah staggers to his feet, and stumbling to the deck, grasps a shroud, to look out upon the sea.
  43. Look at the sailor, called the mincer, who now comes along, and assisted by two allies, heavily backs the grandissimus, as the mariners call it, and with bowed shoulders, staggers off with it as if he were a grenadier carrying a dead comrade from the field.
  44. Thought staggers before the catastrophe which appears at the end of the century as the limit of the progress of our era,—but we must get used to it: for twenty years all the forces of science have been exhausting themselves to invent engines of destruction, and soon a few cannon-shots will suffice to annihilate a whole army; they no longer arm, as formerly, a few thousands of poor devils, whose blood was paid for, but whole nations, who go out to cut each others' throats; they steal their time, in order later more surely to steal their lives; to prepare them for the massacre, their hatred is fanned, by pretending that they are hated.
  45. Mark still refuses! Suddenly, Dana violently kicks Mark real hard in the groin! She jumps up and throws her entire arm across the air, banging it with such great force against Mark's head, knocking his whole entire body down to the floor! Mark bawls out in pain! Dana turns around and starts to head for Mark's front door again! Suddenly, Mark leaps up behind Dana and grabs her by the neck! He pulls her back into a choke hold! Dana violently elbows Mark real hard in the stomach and stomps her heel real hard on his foot! Mark screams and bawls out in pain again! Dana quickly turns around towards Mark! She takes her iron fists and throws several straight blows to Mark's face, busting his eye and breaking his nose! Then she swings her entire left arm around in the air and violently bangs her fist hard underneath Mark's throat, breaking his jaw and causing his entire body to leap up, lifting both of his feet off the floor! Dana's body spins around as Mark falls down to the floor again, yelling out in pain! Mark's nose and eyes are bleeding! He staggers as he tries to get up! He starts to fight Dana! Dana fights him back! She fights Mark with all her might! She fights him very fast as Mark violently fights her back! They both grab a choke hold onto each other's neck! They are rolling all over the place, knocking everything down in their path, making a lot of noise! Neighbors from next door and downstairs start to hear the commotion and the heavy banging, wondering what the heck is happening or what the heck is going on!.
  46. One groans and staggers, wallows in self-pity,.
  47. THE NAVVY: (Gripping the two redcoats, staggers forward with them) Come on,.

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