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Stake dans une phrase (en anglais)

Stake has to be £10.
Too much is at stake.
Too much was at stake.
I have a stake in this.
He has lost that stake.
There was a lot at stake.
So much was at stake here.

Now, my life was at stake.
When honour's at the stake.
That stake will never win.
My honour is at stake here.
There was too much at stake.
Their lives are at stake.
He was off to stake his claim.
He’d stake his career on it.
She was burned at the stake.
Of course, his stake MIGHT win.
The Fairies pride was at stake.
The colonel's life is at stake.
Things at stake are not trifle.
There’s way too much at stake.
Profit is the same as the Stake.
Buried with a stake in my heart.
There’s a lot at stake here.
They both knew what was at stake.
I'll stake my reputation on that.
Own a large stake in the business.
But his self-respect was at stake.
We’ll use the tree as a stake.
She saw Gabriel on a wooden stake.
Payout by the Stake, and adding one.
Profit by the Stake, and adding one.
A metal stake rips through the bed.
At stake, the mythical Ark of the.
It is their lives that are at stake.
Look, we all have a stake in this.
I stake my life on it, Drudge said.
There are no emotions at stake here.
This is where Jeremiah would stake.
What? We have lost? Then stake again.
I’d be staking my life on it.
Now Stacey was staking his life on it.
I began by staking ten gulden upon passe.
It was staking everything on the one main chance.
It was you who persuaded me to cease staking upon it.
But I did not listen, I was staking at random, not on zero this time.
They’ve been staking out this street for the better part of a week.
When the search for gold began, there was no law for staking a claim.
Keep on staking upon zero, and also stake a thousand gulden upon rouge.
He has to pay for staking me, and I look forward to returning the favor.
They were only staking out this place as a precaution, but there she is—.
The new staking plan meant that our risk was increasing every day in drawdown.
We were reminded this month of that fear as our staking increased dramatically.
Try to keep staking plans simple; when you win, you can change the stakes level.
Life had continued as normal, the ramifications of staking Alistair non-existent.
Staking is another factor that you should be good at if you want to win at poker.
And now he was staking out the quiet little girls in the class and hurting them.
After a moment's thought I selected zero—beginning by staking five gulden at a time.
This changed quite a bit over the time as we experimented with different staking plans.
The moon sat at its center position, shining brightly and staking its claim over the night.
My life had broken in two, and yesterday had infected me with a habit of staking my all upon a card.
His money gone, Louie had to tap a friend for a $1,000 loan, staking his Chevy convertible as collateral.
If nothing else, he could tip off Samantha’s idol about the oddballs in coveralls who were staking him out.
To the point that had we remained on our original staking plan, new account highs would have been made on day 14.
This month the staking plan meant that our stake increased substantially and to be honest we didn't have time to get used to it.
Certainly, if the rules of the game had permitted even of my staking fifty thousand florins at a time, I should have staked them.
This is NuLuv: paying back a neighbor with a token gift of interest to thank them for believing in you and staking themselves with and in you.
And when he was gone the slave took and staked the vineyard; and when he had finished the staking of the vines he saw that the vineyard was full of weeds.
He does not tell it simply, but in the form of riddles which he orders himself to guess, staking his head (one does not know why) that he will guess right.
I could try to find Dorian’s house, but I wasn’t sure of the address, and if my attacker had any friends, surely they’d be staking it out, waiting for me to reappear.
The details were a bit sketchy but they had been watching for anyone using his modus operandi in Fortitude Valley and had been staking out the red light area for several days.
Yet, on the final day with Patty and Doug staking out the logging company, as he drove to Edward’s office to make good on his threats, he inexplicably became a complete bundle of nerves.
A thin and pallid officer with a bald head, and a huge nose and mouth, was walking about the room, holding a large package of bank-notes in his hand, staking ready money on the bank, and winning.
As a matter of fact, De Grier's one object was to distract the old lady from staking large sums; wherefore, he now suggested to her that she should stake upon certain numbers, singly and in groups.
Business enterprises - from multinational conglomerates to solo entrepreneurs - are staking their presence on the Internet, all poised to become pioneers in what promises to be the frontier of electronic commerce.
I don't blame him for thinking that because most are, but it does bug me that I was open and straight with the guy about how much we would be staking and everything was rosy until we actually start to reach that level.
Hitler firmly believed that by staking everything, on this massive blow, it would cause the inevitable collapse of the artificial wartime coalition between the ultra-Capitalists in the west and the ultra Marxists in the east.
He was favour’d to win, and indeed he had commenced his Victory by staking Cocklyn’s Foot, but each Time he came near the First Mate, the Latter so deftly cockt his Peg-Leg as to frighten Llewelyn with dire Damage to his Privities.
The high peak you can see is November 2006 - the second lower peak is January ran with lower staking and you can see what happens from there - direct evidence I suppose that trends exist in every part of trading including equity curves!.
For eight years, through college and for four years after college, I maintained a routine of staking myself with $10,000 in order to buy and sell low-priced stocks and options until I increased my portfolio to the $120,000 to $130,000 range.
I staked her and she….
We fought and he staked me.
So you staked out the place.
He had only staked on supermen.
I was a cat staked above a pyre.
Joe said, I staked kids before.
The media had there staked out as.
We staked out the farm in Maryland.
Beastie had staked out a spot on a.
Then my dad staked the first edition.
The total staked amounted to 160 gulden.
Carrie was glad she had staked out her.
Cal’s horse was staked out in the woods.
The character of the voters is not staked.
Accordingly I staked two ten-gulden pieces.
The Warriors have staked out the positions.
That’s what you felt when I was staked.
She staked out the funeral this morning early.
We have now recovered almost all that we staked.
Only to find himself staked, the vampire unspared.
We had staked our salvation on this one last gamble.
He had staked out this little shack for four days now.
Tim had staked off 40 acres of land in Big Lake cavern.
We can feel when one of the members is staked or harmed.
I had to hope the Wilcoxes wouldn’t have that staked out, too.
He had carefully staked the place out over the past three weeks.
We staked out the house all night with the firearm in close reach.
I have no idea how long I’ve been staked to the side of a cliff.
They found a car hidden in the forest yesterday and staked it out.
You told me that you staked the vampire queen once, she said.
They staked out the site and repeated the procedure a few yards away.
He’d staked it on a whim, and fighting the émigré might be fatal.
Avery led them through the crowd to where Dillon had a table staked out.
Her vampires had been watching them ever since Alistair had been staked.
The fight was going on and soon Divya overpowered Mohini and staked her.
She wasn’t staked in heart; she just needs blood, doesn’t she?
Ah well, I do not mean to rest until I have staked another four thousand.
Rostov staked five rubles on a card and lost, staked again, and again lost.
Rostóv staked five rubles on a card and lost, staked again, and again lost.
I staked a whole heap of hundred rouble notes on the first eighteen numbers.
The stakes are high and.
The stakes were very high.
The stakes were too high.
And Pharaoh of the Stakes.
That sound like high stakes.
Place the other stakes on top.
We can get some stakes here.
If stakes are so high that it.
The rouble stakes kept winning.
Impaled on stakes six to eight.
Raise the Stakes, what's at risk.
These are some pretty big stakes.
This is not … a high stakes game.
He looked at the stakes and frowned.
What are the stakes? Afu asked.
A ring of stakes? Elfric jeered.
I'll ride him for the Eclipse stakes.
The stakes are simple: me or the world.
Do you have any wooden stakes?
The stakes are high because if indeed.
Remember wooden stakes and werewolves.
The Third Gambler stakes upon the sota.
The wood is unfit, and all the stakes.
They came up with about ten good stakes.
Haakon will have our heads on stakes if.
Us at a disadvantage in the stakes of love.
They must be playing for very high stakes.
Will you face me and raise the stakes?
The stakes are high, and the playing field.
Some of the stakes sagged in the mushy soil.
I'm pretty sure that these stakes won't help.
This time, she thinks, the stakes are higher.
Each big male stakes out a part of the woods.
We are pulling up our stakes, as Bossuet says.
The stakes in this great game just got raised.
The stakes were just too high for anything else.
Inevitable Battle for the highest possible stakes.
And the races would be for the highest of stakes.
This is a high stakes game, not just to piss-off.
And with Pharaoh, the owner of the stakes?

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