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Stand dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I could not stand it.
  2. If we stand on the.
  3. You stand in my way.
  4. I stand next to Will.
  5. Help me to stand up.

  6. I stand for a second.
  7. I helped him stand up.
  8. I had to make a stand.
  9. As they stand by them.
  10. Bones used a stand in.
  11. We would stand on the.
  12. They stand by the door.
  13. They stand off to the.
  14. We stand and survey it.
  15. He came to stand next.

  16. I won’t stand for it.
  17. Stand out in the crowd.
  18. However, I stand by it.
  19. He was able to stand up.
  20. You must stand on the.
  21. And stand in awe of him.
  22. I want you to stand up.
  23. God that cannot stand me.
  24. But if we stand strong.
  25. Jesus helped me to stand.

  26. I could barely stand up.
  27. It is too hot to stand.
  28. I stand and approach him.
  29. Tonight we make a stand.
  30. Rising up to stand above.
  31. No, no, I'd rather stand.
  32. I hope he can stand this.
  33. I can't stand this house.
  34. Thus we now stand united.
  35. Let stand for 15 minutes.
  36. I find out where I stand.
  37. I can't stand it anymore.
  38. I stand by that, actually.
  39. I stand by what I said.
  40. I can’t stand it when.
  41. Stand Out From The Crowd.
  42. With your dog in a stand.
  43. To unite and stand as One.
  45. Stockton chose to stand up.
  46. Unless I stand in his way.
  47. We wil not stand for this.
  48. Time seemed to stand still.
  49. He decided to stand still.
  50. The flag that I stand for.
  51. He did not want to stand.
  52. Then I do stand corrected.
  53. So this is where we stand.
  54. Nothing can stand up to me.
  55. Even the angels stand in.
  56. They stand and do nothing.
  57. Stand Out from the Crowd.
  58. Things that stand out do.
  59. Monks, stand hand in hand.
  60. When we are able to stand.
  61. Stand pandar to their bed;.
  62. Suddenly, he tried to stand.
  63. All he could do was stand.
  64. They stand a better chance.
  65. Pete Green started to stand.
  66. They will stand for truth.
  67. He can only stand and wait.
  68. Why do you stand here all.
  69. All I can do is stand here.
  70. By the roadside they stand.
  71. For those who take a stand.
  72. Yet with You I could stand.
  73. Your men can stand around.
  74. She helped William stand up.
  75. I stand amazed as I watch.
  76. Where you stand is holy land.
  77. That I can stand it anymore.
  78. We all need to stand strong.
  79. He could not speak or stand.
  80. Those who stand out in one.
  81. Children, stand here on my.
  82. Joey forced himself to stand.
  83. The wands won’t stand out.
  84. I was too restless to stand.
  85. He moved to stand before her.
  86. Stand up and look into the.
  87. Marcus slowly tries to stand.
  88. The Mother would not stand.
  89. If you’re going to stand.
  90. You have to stand up to him.
  91. Come and stand beside me.
  92. I could not stand studying.
  93. No one could ever stand me.
  94. Then, I was able to stand up.
  95. They are able to stand back.
  96. She came to stand beside him.
  97. I can’t stand most of the.
  98. So here we stand another day.
  99. How much more can you stand?
  100. God will always stand by you.
  1. We were standing on a.
  2. I was standing on the.
  4. He was standing on the.
  5. She was standing in the.
  6. She was standing on the.
  7. Was I standing there? Yes.
  8. Standing in front of Tania.
  9. And he was left standing.
  10. Nic was standing behind me.
  11. There is no standing still.
  12. He was standing next to me.
  13. Nate was standing behind me.
  14. Not one child was standing.
  15. They were standing on the.
  16. But quickly I was standing.
  17. Peter is standing behind me.
  18. I was standing close to it.
  19. Rosie was standing over me.
  20. Jack was standing at my side.
  21. Now, she was standing next.
  22. He was stiff from standing.
  23. He left me standing at the.
  24. They are now standing trial.
  25. I stayed standing and silent.
  26. I’ll be standing at this.
  27. Standing Out From the Crowd.
  28. She was standing behind me.
  29. It is like standing between.
  30. Roman was still standing in.
  31. Standing on the stump was a.
  32. Then they were standing again.
  33. Junya was still standing in.
  34. My lilies are standing proud.
  35. I struggled to keep standing.
  36. You're WORTH standing up for.
  37. Junya was standing in the room.
  38. She was standing on my chest.
  39. Standing up wasn’t a problem.
  40. Have you been standing here.
  41. Jesus Is Standing At The Door.
  42. I received a standing ovation.
  43. Forgive me for not standing.
  44. She saw him standing by a tree.
  45. But I want us to be standing.
  46. There is also standing water.
  47. I am standing on the city’s.
  48. From where i was standing she.
  49. I see standing water in places.
  50. He is standing at the tree now.
  51. Avoid standing for long periods.
  52. She was standing in front of me.
  53. I was standing there next to a.
  54. I was standing on the roof of.
  55. She is standing in the shadows.
  56. Saeed standing in front of her.
  57. Corey Fritz was standing there.
  58. Darius was standing at the big.
  59. Standing in a circle around him.
  61. We’ve been standing here for.
  62. Candace is standing beside Nuke.
  63. It was Bradlee, standing there.
  64. He is still standing next to us.
  65. He was just above me, standing up.
  66. He tried standing on the surface.
  67. Zitteraal is standing by his bed.
  68. Standing in the penetrating heat.
  69. Not one person was still standing.
  70. I turn to see Tori standing there.
  71. Pick let out a moan standing in.
  72. We are still standing there, as.
  73. Not so the man standing there now.
  74. No! she shouted standing up.
  75. Standing in the doorway was James.
  76. The mother was standing near the.
  77. He did and was left standing there.
  78. There were six of us left standing.
  79. Standing in Carter’s place was.
  80. ERICK remains standing for a while.
  81. Amanda was standing near the altar.
  82. He saw the others standing around.
  83. Only four figures remained standing.
  84. Thank goodness I wasn’t standing.
  85. Once again he was standing in the.
  86. He turned, standing there patiently.
  87. Johnson was the only agent standing.
  88. Anne Boleyn standing beside himself.
  89. Although there were guys standing.
  90. Why is she standing there? Nervous.
  91. Jessica was standing staring at Mr.
  92. He’ll be standing beside the bus.
  93. Soon Jean was standing before his.
  94. Nate was standing outside watching.
  95. She was standing by the vacant bar.
  96. I was now standing between his legs.
  97. Saeed was standing on the far right.
  98. Upon standing within a foot of the.
  99. As soon as we were standing on the.
  100. An adult standing behind the child.
  1. I stood up to leave.
  2. I stood and faced her.
  3. He stood up and said.
  4. I stood to her side.
  5. I stood at the urinal.
  6. He stood up and paced.
  7. I stood staring at him.
  8. A man stood beside it.
  9. He stood up and held.
  10. He simply stood by me.
  11. He stood up and came.
  12. She smiled and stood up.
  13. As Danny stood by the.
  14. He stood, notes in hand.
  15. One of them stood and.
  16. She nodded and stood up.
  17. All day, she stood by.
  18. This is where Al stood.
  19. The woman stood with a.
  20. Glen stood and faced her.
  21. She stood alone on the.
  22. We stood out for an hour.
  23. She stood up, and with.
  24. He stood rigid above me.
  25. Armion stood by the door.
  26. He stood in the corner.
  27. He stood still as a post.
  28. Conal nodded and stood up.
  29. Both of them stood there.
  30. Rex stood alone off stage.
  31. He stood at the base of.
  32. In here, time stood still.
  33. He stood looking at the.
  34. He stood up quickly and.
  35. Travis stood where he was.
  36. A detail stood out to me.
  37. But then he had stood up.
  38. Stood, and turned to go.
  39. As he stood outside, his.
  40. I stood up too, facing her.
  41. And around him stood the.
  42. I stood up Carmen wait.
  43. Onk stood there in silence.
  44. Then he stood open mouthed.
  45. I shook my head as I stood.
  46. He stood as we approached.
  47. She stood and flicked on.
  48. He stood and pissed on it.
  49. She stood up shaking and.
  50. Two pots stood by the fire.
  51. He stood, lopsided and weak.
  52. Before his eyes stood Susan.
  53. She stood and faced the Elf.
  54. Jim stood over her, silent.
  55. Mama stood up to leave at 9.
  56. She stood out against the.
  57. Ijyu and the girls stood up.
  58. I stood laughing as I saw.
  59. I felt nauseous as I stood.
  60. As here you had never stood.
  61. Tears stood behind my eyes.
  62. He stood there in the rain.
  63. The guy next to him stood.
  64. Jason and Matthew stood up.
  65. He stood at least six and.
  66. Boras froze where he stood.
  67. Roman stood there in shock.
  68. He stood by the bed panting.
  69. Scotty had twenty and stood.
  70. He stood on the highest peak.
  71. The Day The Earth Stood Stil.
  72. She stood, her face flushed.
  73. Kenichi stood there in shock.
  74. I stood before him shivering.
  75. They stood together in the.
  76. The corporal stood beside me.
  77. Joss shrugged as he stood up.
  78. Cruzel stood facing the men.
  79. I wiped my face and stood up.
  80. Alex stood up, thinking hard.
  81. He stood still, and turned.
  82. Black stood there in silence.
  83. He stood there in his boxers.
  84. Both girls stood gawking down.
  85. Still she stood as petrified.
  86. Sally stood next to the Pinto.
  87. She stood and addressed them.
  88. He smiled and stood abruptly.
  89. He stood ready to coach his.
  90. She stood up and followed him.
  91. Roman stood up from his chair.
  92. The tower stood out against.
  93. They stood back and watched.
  94. The girls stood back to back.
  95. He stood and approached the.
  96. And there stood no man with.
  97. Nadir stood clear of the heap.
  98. Piers stood up and faced him.
  99. It stood there like a statue.
  100. I stood alone with the rioters.
  1. It stands as a lie.
  2. He stands high on a.
  3. One man stands up to.
  4. She stands by your bed.
  5. To show where he stands.
  6. Tobias stands next to me.
  7. He stands in front of me.
  8. Stands a drink now and.
  9. It stands as a cover-up.
  10. Even from the stands it.
  11. He stands and backs away.
  12. It landed in the stands.
  13. And he only stands there.
  14. A tech stands near the car.
  15. She stands and pulls the.
  16. So there the matter stands.
  17. The building stands in Mr.
  18. He stands not as one who.
  19. Who stands in front of me.
  20. The stands were nearly full.
  21. There the great city stands.
  22. The human stands no chance.
  23. He stands and searches the.
  24. Maybe Lazr stands for laser.
  25. He stands and adds his hand.
  26. He stands frozen facing away.
  27. He stands patient - waiting.
  28. I saw guys doing keg stands.
  30. World Series from the stands.
  31. God stands by the worshipper.
  32. It’s as though it stands.
  33. Xzavier stands from his seat.
  34. And the same question stands.
  35. One stands out in particular.
  36. His friend stands and waves.
  37. She stands there staring at.
  38. Next to him stands Christina.
  39. She stands up and charges him.
  40. So he stands there and waits.
  41. Teresa stops and stands there.
  42. Chris stands and adds his hand.
  43. He stands, addresses the guard.
  44. When som one stands out to me.
  45. Yah! And look how he stands.
  46. A large man stands in the foyer.
  47. Time stands still when I write.
  48. The ‘C’ stands for Canada.
  49. Peters stands behind the Major.
  50. She releases my hand and stands.
  51. This stands for cost per action.
  52. He stands in front of the door.
  53. Diane D stops and stands still.
  54. A hero stands above all things.
  55. May I ask how the case stands?
  56. Only one that stands out anyway.
  57. God ever stands by such a seeker.
  58. But he stands very high with Mr.
  59. If he stands where he is, yes.
  60. Keller still stands on the 234.
  61. As Cass stands, the boy returns.
  62. Tor stands for The Onion Router.
  63. Another muscle stands out there.
  64. He stands there then walks away.
  65. History stands on the same path.
  66. Now, the boy stands on my place.
  67. You've got to make those stands.
  68. He stands out above and beyond.
  69. It stands to reason that Zane.
  70. We walked around the stands and.
  71. He stands, pulling me up with him.
  72. The fully erect robot stands idle.
  73. Matthew just stands at the stall.
  74. The medicine stands on the shelf.
  75. Zachary stands and sits back down.
  76. I think that stands for something.
  77. She stands up, gathers her things.
  78. But he who stands firm to the end.
  79. Bullhead stands behind the camera.
  80. Ahmed stands in the SUV watching.
  81. They’re why your spouse stands.
  82. Khalid stands back out of the way.
  83. The plow stands there in the field.
  84. A woman who stands out in a crowd.
  85. The Boiler MACT (MACT stands for.
  86. Then Tease magazine hit the stands.
  87. The crowd stands, claps and cheers.
  88. The woman stands in her bath-robe.
  89. It stands for Truth Made Manifest.
  90. Anthony stands up and starts pacing.
  91. He breaks the contact and stands up.
  92. Edward stands and puts his hand out.
  93. This church stands where once the.
  94. Where stands the light of the Lord.
  95. Perhaps the invitation still stands.
  96. I believe in what it stands for.
  97. He stands still and closes his eyes.
  98. LPR stands for License Plate Reader.
  99. He stands a handsome head over Ava.
  100. Jupiter the giant stands at 5.

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