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Star dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I am as a star.
  2. You could be a star.
  3. Make a star of you.
  4. The Star of the Sea.
  5. He had seen the star.
  6. I can reach any star.
  7. This has been a star.
  8. The Star War is real.
  10. He saw a star moving.
  11. I’m not a Star Kin.
  13. Star One is very calm.
  14. I make the 12th star.
  15. Or will it be the star.
  16. She is the Star Maiden.
  17. Is the Star Trek movie.
  18. Son of The Morning Star.
  19. You are my bright star.
  20. And a star to guide him.
  21. Star of the show again.
  22. The theme is Star Wars.
  23. Hudson was a real star.
  24. The star marking my way.
  25. But that star blows up.
  26. You are the morning star.
  27. They say that the star.
  28. Search, The, for the Star.
  29. Earth than any other star.
  30. When I touched the star.
  31. It was a three star hotel.
  32. Or a Hollywood movie star.
  33. A star Fleet Officer was.
  34. Was it the glow of a star.
  35. Star One has been amazing.
  36. The Acheronian Star is a.
  37. Really! It was like Star.
  38. He noticed the star again.
  39. The brightest star in the.
  40. I'm thankful to every star.
  41. Not a star pricked the sky.
  42. It is the piercing star.
  43. The sun is a star, and it.
  44. She is still my star pupil.
  45. As thro' the cloud the star.
  46. Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn.
  47. But the Star of Elhehrim.
  48. Like an angel, a star is a.
  49. Which I took to be our star.
  50. A dying star, said Doc.
  51. What star sign are you?’.
  52. And the Silver Star seemed.
  53. By the star as it goes down.
  54. My dad is a Star Trek fan.
  55. A tree and shooting star.
  56. She would become a pop star.
  57. Star Trek was a Sci-Fi show.
  58. A red star = 1,000 to 4,999.
  59. The card of the star follows.
  60. Using the Morning Star at 8.
  61. A green star rose in the east.
  62. I have a star stone or two.
  63. Jesus, she was a porn star!.
  64. The resulting star is a poem.
  65. For His star it shineth clear.
  66. The star maps would guide him.
  67. You are: The Star out of Jacob.
  68. About The Star Kin Chronicles.
  69. It is the penetrative star.
  70. With the crew of Old Star Trek.
  71. She is a very powerful star.
  72. She told me to follow my star.
  73. A star was born that day and.
  74. But Horndog was no movie star.
  75. You two are such star fuckers.
  76. There is but the morning star.
  77. The star has made it possible.
  78. When they saw the star, they.
  79. You’ll have to ask Star One.
  80. All star systems and planets.
  81. Tell me about yourself Star.
  82. She points to a star near Sol.
  83. But his star will always show.
  84. The Day Star is the first of.
  85. The sun is but a morning star.
  86. Then the little star was afraid.
  87. Riding a star to Heaven's gate.
  88. And such a one thy kindly star.
  89. Thorne, The Death of a Star.
  90. One star could just be a fluke.
  91. Star One’s heart had stopped.
  92. It’s the closest star to us.
  93. Thus, a star with an absolute.
  94. We have to look after our star.
  95. To him, Stevenson was his star.
  96. They even contacted Star Fleet.
  97. The Star Betlegeux and the Sun.
  98. It’s the nearest Star Base.
  100. You should be a Hollywood star.
  1. Starring over the green places.
  2. His eyes starring into hers a.
  3. I'm starring in a play, Eve thought.
  4. Recent movie starring Russell Crowe.
  5. But guess who ended up starring in it? Frank.
  6. Moten became tense at once while starring at her.
  7. He spent countless nights starring out his bed-.
  8. Miniver, starring Walter Pidgeon and Greer Garson.
  9. Except that he was starring in this creepy-crawler.
  10. MOVIE SUGGESTION: The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey (1998).
  11. Assembly put on a Christmas pageant starring the younger children.
  12. Teya moved back removing his gloves and starring at her in disbelief.
  13. George looked in the merrior, seeing perfection starring back at him.
  14. Torren sat beside him, with his piercing green eyes starring at her.
  15. MOVIE SUGGESTION: The Thirteenth Floor, starring Craig Bierko (1999).
  16. The film, Withnail and I, starring Richard E Grant covers a similar scenario.
  17. Torren starring at her with his piercing green eyes while he pulled on his long.
  18. George canceled his bid for another starring movie role and with new house guest.
  19. Alexei and Duncan could not help starring at the stunning woman’s beautiful face.
  20. Padilla was starring at his beer and looked up at me when I sat down across from him.
  21. Starring William Hurt as Alan Osborne, it is the story of Pete Carlton, a ten-year 78.
  22. Anyone who has seen the movie Tin Cup, starring Kevin Costner, will understand the.
  23. He was going to beam his re-edited version, starring himself, out to the people of the world.
  24. The title above is that of a 1995 movie starring Michael Douglas, Annette Bening and Martin Sheen.
  25. The book was widely popularized as the basis of a 2002 film of the same name starring Richard Gere.
  26. The one starring Kathleen Heffernan from Dublin he said showing her the poster he had written.
  27. The first was Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Sally Field, who each gave outstanding performances.
  28. Larc couldn’t resist starring into the face turned towards him, as it rested back against his shoulder.
  29. Scorsese movie, After Hours starring Griffin Dunne and Rosanna Arquette, and a host of other big name stars.
  30. In the movie, ‘Hang ‘em High,’ starring Clint Eastwood; there is a scene where Clint goes to the judge.
  31. This chapter title refers to a 1989 movie of infidelity starring Ted Danson, Isabella Rossellini and Sean Young.
  32. Among his recent productions is the screenplay of Moby Dick, directed by John Huston and starring Gregory Peck.
  33. It will soon be made into a major motion picture starring one of the country’s biggest box-office attractions.
  34. I could tell already: They were one of those couples who always seemed to be starring in their own morning talk show.
  35. Then there was Love Nest, a post–World War II sex comedy without the sex, starring June Haver and William Lundigan.
  36. A starring role! But, what also has to go, along with human washouts, is the entire range of animals-who-kill-animals.
  37. Turner and McCain returned their salutes but ended starring hard at two of the women, who definitely had Asian traits.
  38. As they sat close together, her legs lazily upon his lap as she lay on the couch, starring at a gigantic plasma screen.
  39. How did he tell you all that; I didn’t see any communication devices? The doctor was starring intently at Daniel.
  40. It was an older one of Patricia’s on DVD, starring Keenau Reeves, about a young lawyer who ends up working for the Devil.
  41. Now everyone knows about her family's messed up history, and news also dropped about her starring in Rupert Mann's new show.
  42. Sam was now sat up and had stopped his keening now he looked out of blank eyes starring into space but I wasn’t that worried.
  43. His eyes shined with a fiery intensity of yearning, as he licked his lips, while starring at the open doorway beyond the throne.
  44. Matthew pointed out that it was in the district of Cong that the film The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara was made.
  45. Leading the players in the starring role was Ollie North, accompanied by Robert McFarlane, the president – whose Teflon finish 156.
  46. It wasn’t twenty four hours later that they discovered a show called Star Fleet Singers, starring none other than Tammas Garcia.
  47. How could she forget that Claire Lyons was actually Brielle Sova? Or that she was now starring in a new and highly anticipated TV show?
  48. Yamamoto was still starring with dread at the rising fireball when a distant but powerful rumble came from the direction of the airfield.
  49. This one was a boxing film from MGM starring the studio’s popular, peach-cheeked girl next door June Allyson and her husband Dick Powell.
  50. I looked at the TV Guide to see if there were any good movies on and found that there was a movie starring Walter Matthau called ‘Hopscotch.
  51. Filming for the eighth series of the revamped format, once again starring Matt Smith (UK) as the Eleventh Doctor, is scheduled for September 2013.
  52. Further, that on or about July 6, 1956, she will proceed to England where she tentatively plans to make a motion picture starring Laurence Olivier.
  53. Though a bit gruesome, the 1997 gem, The Bone Collector, starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie is suspenseful, mysterious and investigative.
  54. Superman became the first comic superhero with his own TV series when The Adventures of Superman, starring George Reeves (USA), syndicated in 1952.
  55. Island in the Sun is a 1957 motion picture of racism, infidelity and murder starring Harry Belafonte, Dorothy Dandridge, Joan Fontaine and James Mason.
  56. As far as the title of this chapter goes, if you haven’t seen the movie, Local Hero, starring Burt Lancaster and Peter Riegert, I recommend it highly.
  57. Noted especially for his „Gullivers Travels, starring Gulliver and the Lilliputians, and some interesting horses whose names began with the letter H.
  58. Mike had some difficulty not starring at the very beautiful Susanna Berghof, who was lying naked on her back on top of a beach towel and getting suntanned.
  59. Arriving there, they were incarcerated, within the hidden store-room within the Stadium, to await their starring “roles” in the big “Conflagration”….
  60. I thought that when they came to see The Liberty Troupe, they would want to see Liberty in the starring role, on stage for about nine tenths of the performance.
  61. Just starring with only short eye blinks every now and again; I got the impression he was waiting for me to turn into a witch and fly around the room on a broom.
  62. Even adjusting for inflation, Skyfall (UK/USA, 2012), starring Daniel Craig as James Bond, is a bigger blockbuster than any previous entry in the Bond series.
  63. The highest-grossing superheroine movie is Catwoman (USA, 2004), starring Halle Berry (USA), which earned $82,102,379 (£31,975,600) at the global box office.
  64. He spent countless nights starring out his bedroom window, especially on a rainy night where you could easily see your reflection in the transparent sheet of glass.
  65. Stunned, the Russian agent was still starring at the spot where Nancy had been when he and the man besides him stiffened as grips of steel grabbed them by the neck.
  66. Mr Davis will have more reason than might be supposed to be proud on the night of the performance; his daughter Annie Davis will be taking a starring role of Belinda.
  67. And that actress Claire Lyons, who is rumored to be starring in Rupert Mann's new television show, Very, went to school with her long lost sister, even befriending her.
  68. I was watching a movie recently on Turner Classic Movies entitled ―The Sign of the Cross‖ (1932) featuring Fredric March and Claudette Colbert in the starring roles.
  69. Dave fell in love with Thailand many years ago when he auditioned for a singing part in the famous musical ‘The King and I starring Yul Brynner and Deborough Kerr.
  70. In January, Marilyn filmed another awful movie that Johnny Hyde had secured for her, another bit part, this one in a roller-derby film, The Fireball, starring Mickey Rooney.
  71. Ellen Abbott Live was a cable show specializing in missing, murdered women, starring the permanently furious Ellen Abbott, a former prosecutor and victims’ rights advocate.
  72. He nodded, put his earbuds in, and started watching some kind of adventure movie starring a swashbuckling, fedora-wearing hero who would never have left his lady abandoned at an altar.
  73. If she had looked beyond the title, she would have discovered that it was a movie based on a recently closed Broadway musical of the same name starring French singer/dancer Zizi Jeanmaire.
  74. Based on the heart-warming Paramount Pictures film and starring Aled Jones and Tom Chambers, White Christmas is guaranteeed to get you and your family into the festive spirit this Christmas.
  75. Their apparent popularity has invariably led you to believe that a “starring” venture would be stupendously successful—that their legions of friends would gather round them, and “whoop” them toward fortune.
  76. The sun had sunk half below the horizon and an evening frost was starring the puddles near the ferry, but Pierre and Andrew, to the astonishment of the footmen, coachmen, and ferrymen, still stood on the raft and talked.
  77. My favorite film noir flick was Double Indemnity, Billy Wilder’s film cowritten with Chandler, and starring Fred MacMurray, an unlikely actor for the role of a murderous conspirator, with a temptress played by Barbara Stanwyck.
  78. Increasingly unwilling to cede creative control to anyone, in 1931 she founded her own production company and set about—very precociously for a woman in the 1930s—writing, producing, directing, editing, and starring in a film of her own.
  79. But it is hell worrying every moment that I may die for a worthless cause! I had this feeling, kinda phobia since my childhood and it got strengthened since the day I watched this movie The boy in striped pajamas, starring, Asa Butterfield.
  80. And this touch was starring by Batam, who at the very moment to set his foot on the white sand, collapsed, falling on his knees with a vanquished resigned attitude; but in a very theatrical and dramatic way that emerged the smile on the faces of everyone.
  81. You claim to be using our money, now it was my turn to gesture around as I pointed to the members of the congregation, to maintain the house of the Lord, but I’m starring at the temple of the Lord right now and all I see you doing is destroying it.
  82. When Jen and I first met I was meeting with all my wives and the instant I caught her starring at us I knew that she had to be a part of our family, she had the saddest eyes I’d ever seen and more than anything else in the world I wanted to bring a smile back to these eyes.
  83. Moreover, since when did acting teachers like Lee Strasberg have a say in who directed a movie starring one of their students? Marilyn may have thought she was in charge when she started Marilyn Monroe Productions, but she continued to fall under the sway of domineering colleagues.
  84. I’d read a lot of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett crime fiction in the preceding years, and about the only thing I liked on television were any late-night screenings of their film noir adaptations; not just the famous Bogart films, but even the ones starring Robert Montgomery or Dick Powell.
  85. Other times, I’ve chosen shows because my children have been studying them at school – such as Les Miserables and The Tempest or if there is a tv celebrity starring in the show that I know my children particularly like as with tv presenters Dick ‘n’ Dom appearing in Monty Python’s Spamalot over Christmas 2013.
  1. He also starred as Dr.
  2. She had starred in the.
  3. Torren starred at the crystal.
  4. Soon after, Taylor starred –in.
  5. He starred on Broadway in 1956 in Mr.
  6. They’re starred and actually rated.
  7. Alas, she has an ill starred in her luck.
  8. Massie starred at her in shock for a few seconds.
  9. The series also starred Cuban-born Desiderio Arnaz.
  10. Her blue eyes starred coldly at the money in her.
  11. Iratus starred into his former lovers eyes as he.
  12. Claire starred at the ring, not knowing what to say.
  13. In 1948 she starred in the films A Date with Judy.
  14. Monika's name starred at me through my address book.
  15. He’s starred San Francisco, Palo Alto, Monterey.
  16. Slowly taking her gaze from him she starred at the map.
  17. Claire starred at him in confusion, Um, I don't think so.
  18. Asia rubbed at her eyes and starred at the screens again.
  19. Claire starred at the figure Kristen was still looking at.
  20. Ellanara starred in shock at the ring pulsing on my finger.
  21. Five points had been starred on the map with a marking pen.
  22. Amy starred into the ground, And we’re here to break it.
  23. Why should I? His eyes starred at me with forced intention.
  24. Am I right so far? He asked as he starred at each one of them.
  25. The ferryman, a big man with yellow hair and beard starred down at me.
  26. Roric had starred at her not knowing what was to come next at the time.
  27. Something wet touched her face as she opened her eyes and starred into.
  28. In 1946, Taylor starred in The Courage of Lassie, and in 1947 it was the.
  29. I checked and saw it was open to a starred recipe for chocolate-pecan cake.
  30. Shalina’s tears slowly fell down her cheek as she starred back at Cherish.
  31. Throwing the cover back we starred blank faced into the space that was revealed.
  32. Brigadier Moten, who had just lost his bush hat, starred in awe at the mushroom clouds.
  33. We came to a green slope starred thick with autumn crocuses, and sat down to look at them.
  34. Lavishly produced, big-budget film of the hit Broadway musical that starred Carol Channing.
  35. He could see something rippling amongst the starred background, but nothing was resolving.
  36. The moon was out and the sky was starred, displaying the bright tail left by the Milky Way.
  37. He participated in the musical "The Wizard of Oz" in 1978, where he starred with Diana Ross.
  38. The doors had starred to close, when I heard automatic gunfire from both ends of the corridor.
  39. Their voices had died like echoes of the words of God spoken and vibrating in the starred deep.
  40. Krome starred into his blue eyes and the small radio shivered in the sea breeze, another voice.
  41. The play starred Tallulah Bankhead as Mae Doyle, a part assumed by Barbara Stanwyck in the film.
  42. I starred the hundred schools that were within twenty-five miles of the cities pictured on the postcards.
  43. The quiet roads leading away into woods and through orchards were starred on either side with white flowers.
  44. Hubbell, you’ve told us that you killed five women in locations you’ve starred on your map of San Francisco.
  45. They scanned the darkness around them, Far off, in the starred blackness, on the blue hills, they saw a dim movement.
  46. On the west side the lake ends in a reedy marsh, very froggy that afternoon, and starred with the snowy cotton flower.
  47. We have STARRED the CB products that are the newest and hottest sellers so you don't have to guess about what to send out.
  48. He was in his first film in 1933, Rufus Jones for President, a musical comedy with satire, which also starred Ethel Waters.
  49. It was characteristic of Riefenstahl that even as she starred in a succession of similar films her ambitions continued to mount.
  50. Layne picked a piece of her hair where there had been a green highlight yesterday and starred at it for a second, I got it done.
  51. Your hair laid like silk across your shoulder, dipping to cover even your chest at times, as you starred down into the clear water.
  52. Most of them featured Charles Bronson blowing people’s heads off, unless they starred Clint Eastwood blowing people’s heads off.
  53. Is that nu or ancient? she rubbed her eyes and a galaxy of optic explosions starred the field where the photon waited to be seen.
  54. I was careful not to poke my head over the edge of the roof to far as I starred at the building where they had taken Larc and Talaric.
  55. On his part, the Japanese starred at her open-mouthed for a second, equally surprised, before he started to point his rifle at Elizabeth.
  56. The discovery of the Yale students, plus the ex-cop who starred prominently in the Noah Walker case—too much for the reporters to stay away.
  57. The negotiations were short, both Flower and Candy were conceded all conditions they had requested, and Byron starred in the movie of the year.
  58. Also at around this time, she made a movie called We’re Not Married, which starred Ginger Rogers, Mitzi Gaynor, Eve Arden, and Zsa Zsa Gabor.
  59. The play had starred Terence Brady, alongside Geraldine Moffat, who was often cast playing a saucy-looking woman, and the haughtier Jeremy Brett.
  60. Hoisting a big bag out of her coat she held it aloft to the tune of, ‘Please can I have some Yevy?’ from the little eager faces that starred up at her.
  61. Piyush Goyal, who had starred in the campaign, was given an integrated energy portfolio (coal and power) while Gadkari had to be content with surface transport.
  62. Despite the fact that they never use animal fat or dairy products, a kaiseki meal is just as filling as a gourmet meal served at a starred restaurant in Europe.
  63. The Harold Clurman–directed play opened at the Music Box on March 2, 1956, and starred the redoubtable Kim Stanley as Cherie, the haunting, vocally challenged saloon singer.
  64. Yes, they were marked and scratched; they had been "starred," in spite of their solidity; and this proved to me that the torture-chamber in which we now were HAD ALREADY SERVED A PURPOSE.
  65. Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in the 2008 movie, Doubt, which looks into the questionable relationship between a priest in a Bronx Catholic school and a troubled student.
  66. It received a first-class production and starred some of the Fox lot’s most popular actors, but there wasn’t much for Marilyn to do in this one and most people don’t even know she was in it.
  67. It was less than five minutes before he returned, and in that time he had delivered the white horse, with its starred forehead, to Johan, who was waiting, apparently at ease, at the end of the lane.
  68. During the third hour of the show, she starred in a mildly racy skit in which two lovers are faced with the three-minute warning of the nuclear apocalypse and confess their wildest sexual fantasies to each other.
  69. The neat wooden-paneled fence had been newly painted white and the front yard it inclosed was yellow starred with the last jonquils of the woman with her hands under her apron and her white teeth showing in a wide smile.
  70. The starred and stately nights seemed haughty dames in jewelled velvets, nursing at home in lonely pride, the memory of their absent conquering Earls, the golden helmeted suns! For sleeping man, 'twas hard to choose between such winsome days and such seducing nights.
  71. Miss Fischer has dominated feminine clubs, has associated herself with “movements,” and has posed as advocating a National Theater, even while she did a dance every night in a classic gem entitled “Piff, Paff, Pouf!” She has “starred” occasionally, but never with much success.
  72. Her love for this land with its softly rolling hills of bright-red soil, this beautiful red earth that was blood colored, garnet, brick dust, vermilion, which so miraculously grew green bushes starred with white puffs, was one part of Scarlett which did not change when all else was changing.
  73. All along the street, women tapped their heads with knowing forefingers and looked over her fence, like women peering over a cliff, ready to scream at how high up they were, but all they saw was the nine o'clock backyard, as dim as a cavern full of sprouting leaves, starred with flowers, the phonograph hissing and clearing its throat before launching itself down the grooves of "June Night" or "Poor Butterfly.
  74. And with the starred `tiare's' white,.
  75. Cherish starred at Teya’s profile as he lay sleeping he was so handsome,.
  76. Subscription Rate: * One star again: Now I one starred this because in all honesty,.
  1. I took in the stars.
  2. As The Stars Do *67.
  3. I think I saw stars.
  4. Take us to the stars.
  5. As stars turn to dust.
  6. As in red shift stars.
  7. As I fly to the stars.
  8. Damn it to the stars.
  9. Is held by the stars.
  10. So were all the stars.
  11. To the stars and Mars.
  12. And look at the stars.
  13. Of man, Sun and Stars.
  14. To move the stars above.
  15. I heard the stars talk.
  16. And stars I would reap.
  17. I am here in the stars.
  18. I need to look at stars.
  19. They shot out two stars.
  20. I see nothing but stars.
  21. To gaze up at the stars.
  22. It’s All in the Stars.
  23. Look! Look at the stars.
  24. Between the stars is a.
  25. He was seeing the stars.
  26. No more stars in the sky.
  27. Stars hang heavy in the.
  28. Stars began to blink out.
  29. We may thank our stars.
  30. I was seeing stars from.
  31. MY shining stars on earth.
  32. They used the stars and.
  33. Like stars in the daytime.
  34. When the stars are dimmed.
  35. The stars are ever moving.
  36. Getting two stars is good.
  37. The Stars are all but out.
  38. As I gazed upon the stars.
  39. To the dark burning stars.
  40. The stars have us to bed;.
  41. The stars sail by my will.
  42. The stars are not the same.
  43. Stars could be seen here.
  44. They were stars, that old.
  45. Stars dancing in the night.
  46. The stars played tag with.
  47. Stars shone brightly in a.
  48. Oh Stars, In the Night Sky.
  49. The stars were never still.
  50. Very few will become stars.
  51. And the moon and the stars.
  52. Alex was watching the stars.
  53. We’d be able to see stars.
  54. Keep your eyes on the stars.
  55. Series stars had been fading.
  56. The smallest stars are the.
  57. New stars are being created.
  58. Regular stars that are eyes.
  59. However, not all stars can.
  60. Since angels and stars are.
  61. Of undulating waves of stars.
  62. I can see the stars outside.
  63. Stars fell through the void.
  64. Gazing forever at the stars.
  65. Rising and setting of stars.
  66. The lamps fade; and the stars.
  67. When the morning stars sang.
  68. We have read it in the stars.
  69. Dreams and Stars for Cameron.
  70. Think of the stars as scuba.
  71. Stars appear to shine with a.
  72. The Stars have gifts, too.
  74. You will travel to the stars.
  75. A million stars blazed above.
  76. Look at the twinkling Stars!.
  77. The stars were shining here.
  78. Seven stars in the sky above.
  79. Her elders, by all the stars.
  80. We had neither moon nor stars.
  81. He is by all the stars a fool.
  82. The stars are always twinkling.
  83. If their home stars were any.
  84. The sun, moon, and stars are.
  85. One by one the stars the glow.
  86. Billions and billions of stars.
  87. And love will steer the stars.
  88. Doubt thou the stars are fire.
  89. You can’t even see the stars.
  90. Stars to the deepest of waters.
  91. The stars, unhindered by city.
  92. From her place among the stars.
  93. R stars, jetting across the sky.
  94. When the stars are obliterated.
  95. As new stars took their place.
  96. The moon, the stars and the sky.
  97. And midnight stars that glowed.
  98. A love In The stars,.
  99. A love in the stars,.
  100. Lay the stars beneath me,.

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