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Startup dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. As in any startup, you.
  2. Tcl via Ousterhout's startup company, Scriptics.
  3. The startup has only produced a prototype, which several.
  4. This will save you a few seconds during computer startup.
  5. When you power up your computer, a startup screen appears.

  6. Fish-Only tanks can be considered on the low end for startup.
  7. There are many things to do in the startup phase of your business.
  8. Click on the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section.
  9. Putting a startup into an IPO in these conditions is not difficult.
  10. It was nothing major – the startup file was either missing or corrupt.
  11. A push on a large red button then started the computerized startup sequence.
  12. Your startup configuration is still there, but it will be ignored on reload.
  13. However, reducing your startup costs would probably make this idea worthwhile.
  14. Earn by tel ing your friends, taking surveys and more during the startup phase.
  15. You may spend a larger amount for startup costs but thereafter minimum needs to.

  16. The average startup or businessperson has no way to create enough income quickly.
  17. Which of your startup expenses are optional? ______________________________________.
  18. Configuring boot order is something that can significantly speed up computer startup.
  19. Well, as a small startup negotiating with the big corporations and big private company.
  20. Asia engaged the startup function and the screens instantly flickered to life before her.
  21. Had there been no startup in the United States, the Soviets would have had nothing to pilfer.
  23. Is there any way the Pink Dawn could have generated that startup signature? Kelvin asked.
  24. This is important, nothing kills a startup faster than not meeting cash flow projections but still.
  25. They must have rerouted the beams from their fusion startup laser batteries to outside optical directors.

  26. This is in contrast to other mechanisms that load programs automatically, such as the Startup program group.
  27. But then he poured his savings into a videogame startup that went bankrupt—and brought Schilling down with it.
  28. There may be a high initial startup cost to install the solar power capabilities for large scale projects or even residential setups.
  29. I got involved in R in 2007 when I created my startup in business analytics consulting, since I could not afford my existing tool called Base SAS.
  30. Locate the Indexing Service (Windows XP) or Windows Search (Windows 7), change the service startup type to Disabled and then click on the Stop button.
  31. If the startup screen flashes too quickly or doesn’t appear at all, try pressing the above-mentioned keys – you will eventually catch the right one.
  32. I’m sure it would have been just a matter of time before I was completely frustrated, out of money and ready to call it quits on a failed business startup.
  33. The activity chain had two separate threads: there was the extraction of his startup funds, and then there was the whole woolly area of what he did with them.
  34. Then they’ll have to run through the startup checklists and perform cold rod drops, check for leaks, replace top shield plug, perform hot rod drop tests, and a startup to three megawatts.
  35. Creating user profiles is a method of storing the shortcuts and desktop configuration settings for individual users in a directory, where a computer can access them during the system startup sequence.
  36. An engine startup unit then rolled to besides the prototype and technicians proceeded in starting one by one the two huge turbofan engines, coordinating their actions with the two crewmembers inside the tandem cockpit.
  37. Another article described a case Ben brought, and lost in the state supreme court, representing a single mom who worked at a high tech startup who was fired when she said she had to leave work to spend time with her son on the weekends.
  38. A user with appropriate rights can start, stop, and pause services using the Services console or the NET command and also specify whether a particular service should load when the system starts, not load at all, or require a manual startup.
  39. On top of that, each Koorivar put in cold sleep on the VEON SHOURIA was given before departure a pouch containing the equivalent of one and a half of your kilos in small gold sticks, to be used as his personal startup fund for his eventual new life.
  40. In fact, more gold and jewels retrieved from the sea were already set aside to further fatten the startup funds to be used by Jeanne d’Orléans once in Paris to create her future d’Orléans Social Foundation, the ultimate goal of Nancy’s mission.
  41. He counted a total of sixteen of the boat-like armored vehicles, plus eighteen tanks, six huge towed field artillery guns and eight tracked self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, followed by nearly 200 various types of vehicles from big tanker trucks to airport aircraft tractors towing auxiliary power units and jet engine startup units.
  42. Stock market indices (made up of listed stocks) do not participate in all growth, and indeed may miss the dynamic growth of yet unlisted startup ventures, other small businesses, and sole proprietorships—all of which count toward total business profits:• The aggregate earnings growth of the corporate sector (listed and unlisted firms) should better keep pace with aggregate GDP growth.

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