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Steep dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Steep as a stair, it.
2. Steep the mixture 10 min.
3. Allow to steep for 1 hour.
4. Our price is steep, Human.
5. A steep and curved mesa is.
6. That steep themselves in the.
7. The farmhouse roof was steep.

8. Boil and then steep this tea.
9. The steep descend to oblivion.
10. On a pretty great, steep and.
11. He was climbing the steep bank.
12. Up the heavens cold and steep;.
13. The second path is not so steep.
14. Cover and steep for 10 minutes.
15. The ground was steep, and the.
16. Oh, steep, it is a gentle thing.
17. Where the steep is such a sight.
18. I wish it were not quite so steep.
19. And steep in gold the misty dale.
20. Yet the steep never fails to lure.
21. He went down the steep path inside.
22. Cover pot with lid and let steep.
23. Cliff: The steep face of a mountain.
24. A steep tunnel led up into the air.
25. The big house sat on a steep lot.
26. Anyway, the rock face was too steep.
27. The landscape was dramatic and steep.
28. Before long the steep outline of an.
29. In sensual sweets his soul doth steep.
30. I have to ski the steep, that is true;.
31. The road to recovery is just too steep.
32. On the further side was a steep brown.
33. Steep inclines on the sides of the road.
34. Lighten up into moves that are too steep.
35. Scaling the steep walls of the universe.
36. The narrow, steep staircase was very dark.
37. The slope is much more steep here as well.
38. The steep incline seemed to end in the sky.
39. The learning curve could be steep sometimes.
40. On the other side the bank was steep, and.
41. Being the latest buy the price tag is steep.
42. If it's too steep, have them go across the.
43. I stepped onto the pawnbroker’s steep roof.
44. Moshe led the way up the first steep incline.
45. The steep path, the burly man added.
46. Further, the handle pulled back a steep -26.
47. Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven;.
48. They went on up the slippery, steep red path.
49. Seko and her neighbors climbed the steep hill.
50. The lanes up to it would be steep and tricky.
51. He came to a steep bluff at a 70-degree angle.
52. Barron masked his surprise at the steep price.
53. There’s a steep down move and capitulation.
54. The steep plunge of 2008 did not allow.
55. But he took step after step on the steep rocks.
56. It’s a steep learning curve, but a short one.
57. Steep spruce needles in hot water to make a tea.
58. The blood ran in rivers down the steep streets.
59. I continued down the steep hill toward the wreck.
60. Steep boulders, which probably would have been.
61. When it is steep, the cross carries more weight.
62. We started down over the wall on the steep ramp.
63. We were now on the steep shoulder of Ampi Urcu.
64. Dweeble Dworx came to the edge of a steep valley.
65. Allow it to steep for several minutes and strain.
66. Juvenal Urbino climbed the steep stairs of the R.
67. After a one mile down a steep incline in 4 inch.
68. Across the street was a steep, grass covered hill.
69. Rather than steep in her nerves, though, she just.
70. Its shores were steep and rocky, but I scrambled.
71. They are mostly spires and domes and steep ridges.
72. The simplest things will become steep acclivities.
73. The ladder’s a bit steep, Sir, he cautioned.
74. That machine had to go up a steep winding staircase.
75. If the momo stock is too steep to the upside, sell.
76. I could also see that where the steep terrain met.
77. HH2s have steep learning curves in the new business.
78. Later, as he commenced the steep climb out of Saint.
79. But, death is a steep price to pay to be a martyr.
80. The price is a little steep by Earth standards, $200.
81. The slope was long but not what one would call steep.
82. The steep banks of the creek offered him some cover.
83. Back on the steep path Emmy was insisting they go home.
84. Oxholm led his friends up the steep side of Mount Crow.
85. This is faintly inscribed on the face of a steep rock.
86. The stairs gradually became more sharply cut and steep.
87. It ceased at a steep flight of steps leading downward.
88. The steep stairs were like a chute filled with boulders.
89. Roman was walking down the steep hill toward his house.
90. It was a very long tunnel, with a steep downward grade.
91. Steep banks thick with heather rose from each side of.
92. It’s too steep, said the deputy principal again.
93. A rectangular block of white emerged from the steep side.
94. Though called to less steep and heroic paths, it is the.
95. After half an hour they came to the top of a steep slope.
96. Theo would take us all to a fairly steep slope with the.
97. I see no way down the steep sides of the hills on this.
98. Actually Roger had been chased frantically to this steep.
99. Seko and her neighbors reached the top of the steep hill.
100. Ash kicked and grabbed as she slid down the steep incline.
1. While it was steeping, he told us the news.
2. He sank to the floor before the steeping liquid.
3. The computer finished this data collection before the tea was done steeping.
4. Lemon balm, usually taken as tea, is prepared by steeping 2–3 teaspoons of leaves in hot water for 10.
5. Blanch the almonds by steeping them in boiling water for a few minutes: the skins may then be easily rem.
6. He was on the verge of peeling back the elf's hood when Solo Ki's frail fingers stirred and clutched the cup of tea steeping before him.
7. The only way we could do this effectively is by steeping the course and our ministry in prayer so we can be consistent with his thinking.
8. Oh! youth, youth! That's what comes of steeping one's soul in Shakespeare! You ask me, my dear friend Paul, where is the gain to you in all this.
1. Although steeped in shadow, it.
2. The crusades, however steeped in a.
3. A world steeped in technology that is undreamt of.
4. I have felt as though my mind were steeped in treacle.
5. Before we turned in, he gave Carlotta the steeped tea.
6. According to Mosher, Mao had steeped himself in Chinese.
7. Those who disbelieve are steeped in arrogance and defiance.
8. Societies still steeped in illiteracy, ignorance and fanaticism.
9. Tower of Cirith Ungol, but it was steeped in fear and evil still.
10. Don’t I know him, the falsity in which he’s utterly steeped?
11. It can’t be seen by Humankind steeped blisslessly in ignorance.
12. By the time the bacon was fried and the tea steeped, Sacobie was.
13. Your mind is steeped in the habits of evaluation and acquisition.
14. The food was great! Meatballs in red sauce, obviously steeped in wine.
15. Unless you are steeped in the scholarship, you simply have no idea if.
16. Our souls are not steeped in the blood which has been shed in this war.
17. As they steeped over the threshold, they felt the air being ripped from.
18. They're my favorite simply because the name is steeped in sexual innuendo.
19. It felt as if it were steeped in my failures, a bonus prize I had failed to earn.
20. From birth to burial, the individual was steeped in myth and its realization, culture.
21. As I am sure you will realise, this building and its interior is steeped in history.
22. A mind steeped in evil has barriers that it has erected to protect itself from destruction.
23. A wash of its leaves and blossoms steeped in boiling water and then cooled would ease this pain.
24. The boy's soul was steeped in melancholy; his feelings were in happy accord with his surroundings.
25. The fall of many corporations and governments steeped in greed, corruption, domination, cronyism e.
26. The earth symbolism includes the dimension of materialism and almost all religions are steeped, to.
27. This woman was clearly a relic from the Dark Ages, steeped in what Grammy would have called hoo-hah.
28. All that in the thirty days before the end of Winter Break? he asked, his voice steeped in irony.
29. Fyodor Pavlovitch had much to think of, but never had his heart been steeped in such voluptuous hopes.
30. This ability of abstract identification has steeped human awareness in the perception of identicality.
31. When Holly steeped out of the room she found herself in a narrow, dark hallway that led to another door.
32. Kosmo was clearly steeped in just about every conspiracy that swirled above the pot we call the news.
33. Hogged chips of soft and especially hard wood are necessary steeped in the water or solutions of mineral.
34. In the next hour they passed into a wooded area that was steeped in the music of a shallow roadside stream.
35. He studied the ancient writings of the masters and became steeped in the occult teachings of those masters.
36. They, like their hybrid characters, are an amalgamation of facts and fiction steeped in science and history.
37. Over the next hour they passed into a wooded area that was steeped in the music of a shallow roadside stream.
38. This young man was steeped in the Law and the Talmud, but interpreted both with more heart than the last Rabbi.
39. The world was all steeped in sunshine, and quite still, yet not asleep, but quivering with a kind of expectancy.
40. All of us have personal preferences steeped in our upbringing that are shaped by our respective communal ethos.
41. The country was steeped in negativism, Modi was offering a shift in mood—the ‘acche din’ idea was approved.
42. Conversations usually centered around the city and its history because Jewish men and women were steeped in the lore.
43. Rosemary sensed in her bones the solid stone walls, steeped in family history, surrounding her, almost enfolding her.
44. The ethos of the society dominated by the concept of ostentation offended her sensitivity steeped in a refined taste.
45. Henri had so steeped himself in stories of the Left Bank in Paris that he lived there although he had never been there.
46. Ronan looked at Talaric concern written all over his face, We should not be here! This place is steeped in evil!.
47. Walter had been reading Longfellow's sea poems to the others and they were steeped in the beauty and mystery of the ships.
48. Who was in power in America? Political bosses steeped in corruption, tied to the families of the super-rich Robber Barons.
49. These I steeped in hot water, and so from the whole of these appliances extracted one cup of I don't know what for Estella.
50. I steeped the roots to make holy water and to that I added Betony, also known as Bishops Wart to drive away devilish spirits.
51. Born to a long line of wealthy merchants, a family tree steeped with riches, Brice had spent his childhood surrounded in luxury.
52. In his book, entitled "Hegemon," he says that Chairman Mao was steeped in the classics of a particular Chinese school of thought.
53. Well, but, for a novel to impact its readers, it must be the soulful tale of a people steeped in their native soil, isn’t it?
54. This is what Asians do, not the 85% steeped in poverty, but for the 5% at the top, they are extremely conversant with this system.
55. Those homely recipes are often the best: strawberries for the teeth: nettles and rainwater: oatmeal they say steeped in buttermilk.
56. The sunset struck so brilliantly into the travelling carriage when it gained the hill-top, that its occupant was steeped in crimson.
57. Kirk was still steeped in the misery of his own depression and fatigue, Nevertheless, he listened to each word the Primagnon uttered.
58. I burned with indignation, with rage, and with a peculiar feeling which steeped me in humiliation, as I contemplated these pictures.
59. She got steeped in the shower of yesterday evening, and there she has sat the night through, and I couldn't prevail on her to stir.
60. Yesterday your own energy field was steeped in a negative vibration; in turn this lowers one’s capacity to think in a balanced way.
61. He also seemed to have an almost pathological dislike for big business, which he was convinced was steeped in cronyism and corruption.
62. The hindering block to unity comprises people whose energy is steeped in greed and dominance as they wish the climate of disparity to remain.
63. In a corner stood a tub with stinking water, in which another pair of sandals were being steeped, and near by was a gun and a hunting-screen.
64. It is steeped in history yet is constantly evolving as its society becomes more and more multicultural which means there is something for everyone.
65. The usual treatment consisted in applying very often to the back of the man who had been whipped a shirt or a piece of linen steeped in cold water.
66. Why else would their master kill a perfectly innocent underling sent to convey a message to him? Medieval counting houses became steeped in mystery.
67. The constant battle between the ego and the Higher Self lends credence to the observation that life in this world is one that is steeped in polarities.
68. On the advice of Fourcroy, they lighted large cages filled with tow steeped in resin, from time to time, in spots which had been sufficiently disinfected.
69. She tried to squash it and look for other—less seditious—possibilities, but once acknowledged, the thought grew like a plant steeped in sun and fertilizer.
70. The chasm between us was too great, their lives too poverty-stricken, their education absent, their upbringing religious and fanatic, their milieu steeped in 98.
71. The Irish landscape is full of history and steeped in legend - and it has a truly magical and mysterious quality that you simply don't find elsewhere in the world.
72. Friends and favorites of Lord Rivers fill every office, the lords of the small council lick his hand, and this new Grand Maester is as steeped in sorcery as he is.
73. It proved a difficult drain on Quaker profitability in the years that followed, with seeming perpetual inventory problems once the tea-drinking public was steeped.
74. She seemed brisk and matter-of-fact, steeped in the atmosphere of camp and dressing-station, so accustomed to gross suffering as to lose the finer shades of pleasure.
75. She was building a castle in air—a wondrous mansion whose sunlit courts and stately halls were steeped in Araby's perfume, and where she reigned queen and chatelaine.
76. Unlike the Semitic religions that are steeped in the realms of belief, the Hindu swadharma is a ‘way of life’, that at once is habit forming as well as pride inducing.
77. And Ingram, steeped in the heaviness of the first real sleep he had had for nights and only half awake, murmured, with the happy, foolish reasonableness of that condition--.
78. Do you have a few, a lot, or is your life steeped in fear? Though when we say fear, this could be felt as insecurity, frustration, anxiety, depression, confusion, even tragedy.
79. Steeped in mystery, the spice trade used to be characterized by exotic tales and exorbitant prices; today, of course, every spice imaginable is readily available at your local supermarket.
80. If we truly believed the Scriptures and that the life to come matters much more than this life499 then we would be more diligent to be steeped in what God desires of us now and for eternity.
81. But Ingram, who was fastidious, could no more make love to her, violently begin, robustly stand no nonsense, so long as she was steeped in obliviousness, than he could to a child or a chair.
82. Notice that most of these phrases are harlot/ prostitute, fornication terms! These are the words, proclamations, songs and speech most of the people are steeped in, bombarded with every day.
83. For example, if you take a handful of earth that is steeped in oil and completely intermixed with it, then you throw it into fire, no doubt, it will soon catch fire due to the oil it contains.
84. It was a war of souls, of frightful brains steeped in lore forbidden to men for a million years, of mentalities which had plumbed the abysses and explored the dark stars where spawn the shadows.
85. The count told Baptistin to leave the plate within reach of his guest, who began by sipping the Alicante with an expression of great satisfaction, and then delicately steeped his biscuit in the wine.
86. He did not speak much, only answering such questions as were put to him, and gradually settled down into unbroken silence, listening to what went on, and steeped in perfect satisfaction and contentment.
87. It is decreed by a merciful Nature that the human brain cannot think of two things simultaneously, so that if it be steeped in curiosity as to science it has no room for merely personal considerations.
88. The tide of time flows so smoothly with them, through such level summer landscapes steeped in tropical repose, that the desire for excitement naturally arises, and excitement itself becomes a necessity.
89. Oh, yes, we may sit here and look at them, and they may show off to us there to their fill; but even while they pretend to be lost in their fairytale they're steeped in their vision of the dead restored.
90. The past world wars were steeped in the energy of greed and domination, whereas the present circumstances are caused by a growing intolerance towards dictatorship and an authoritative style of governance.
91. While it steeped, he lit a few of the candles and came over and sat next to me on the bed, where I lay belly-down and propped up on my elbows, paging through an illustrated book about Hindu gods and goddesses.
92. Well, it has been a pleasant interlude, and I who first saw Vicki steeped in despair, red-eyed, piteous, slighted, talked about, shall see her at last departing down the hill arrayed in glory as with a garment.
93. But where the conical explosive bullets of the twentieth century were of no avail, the poisoned arrows of the natives, dipped in the juice of strophanthus and steeped afterwards in decayed carrion, could succeed.
94. Runs Like Cheetah—a great hunter steeped in the ways of the Mother Goddesses—had been able by his mere presence to completely sweep away any suspicion of those ways from the minds of the hunters in the village.
95. He was the kindest of nurses, and at stated times took off the bandages, and steeped them in the cooling liquid that was kept ready, and put them on again, with a patient tenderness that I was deeply grateful for.
96. And she still seems to fancy Loki, maybe because Loki occasionally protected her with his magic when they were children, or maybe because she hasn’t been steeped in court gossip — Loki does have a bit of a reputation.
97. When I am steeped to the lips in diseases and doctors, I shall at least have something to talk about that interests my women friends, and need not sit as I do now wondering what I shall say next and wishing they would go.
98. Every knee bend, in every home and in every place, prostrate your selves in the presence of God’s power, as we pray to Him as a world that is in need of prayer and a world steeped in sin and misery as in the days of Noah.
99. Above and around these two delicate heads, all made of happiness and steeped in light, the gigantic fore-carriage, black with rust, almost terrible, all entangled in curves and wild angles, rose in a vault, like the entrance of a cavern.
100. Each new set of parents frozen in their respective cultures, steeped in ignorance and normality: given nothing but the example of their own upbringings on which to model the raising of their own children is not Love: it is a travesty of Love.
1. The Steeps of Jackson Hole.
2. On the steeps where we used to turnnn.
3. Make your tea and as it steeps, gaze at the cup as a full.
4. Well, this one about "The Steeps of Jackson Hole," another.
5. Mountain forests, rugged steeps, marshes and fens---all country that is hard to traverse: this is difficult ground.
6. Before us, on the verge of the horizon, lie the oaks of the forest of Argueil, with the steeps of the Saint-Jean hills scarred from top to bottom with red irregular lines; they are rain tracks, and these brick-tones standing out in narrow streaks against the grey colour of the mountain are due to the quantity of iron springs that flow beyond in the neighboring country.
7. Of the moon that descends the steeps of the soughing twilight,.

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