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Stem dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Two things stem from this.
  2. There was a hole in the stem.
  3. Each stem turn should be done.
  4. Stem and head bent to the ground.
  5. Emotional imbalances stem from fear.

  6. Insure that the stem is tightly in.
  7. She gripped the stem of her wineglass.
  8. And stem the tide of tears I’ve cried.
  9. The third leaf and stem is an upright P.
  10. You are the rod out of the stem of Jesse.
  11. Denis found a dead stem in the same bush.
  12. Everyone has stem cells, they’re what.
  13. He says it is a rose stem with thorns and.
  14. Hours after the Discovery of the First Stem.
  15. Then coming up, close to the stem, Frodo saw.

  16. Dawes showed his teeth as he bit his pipe stem.
  17. But are these measures enough to stem the rapid.
  18. He tried to catch it with his hand and stem the.
  19. Chimpanzees used a grass stem, stuck it into the.
  20. What whirls of evil, bliss and sorrow, stem thee!.
  21. Sterling clenched his sleeve to stem the bleeding.
  22. Cut white cabbage in rough pieces, except the stem.
  23. The roots and stem are deprived of vital nutrients.
  24. She wrapped both hands around the stem of her glass.
  25. The stem 10 is hinged to another double-arm bar 12.

  26. There are some astronomical opportunities that stem.
  27. Even our macro views stem largely from bottom-up work.
  28. Lower a stem to the potting compost, press in about 2.
  29. He says, ‘a stem cell is a stem cell is a stem cell.
  30. Still, it should be enough for the stem cell cultures.
  31. It may stem the poison that spills out onto the page.
  32. He injured his neck and a clot formed on his brain stem.
  33. He looked at me intentlv with a stem and inquiring gaze.
  34. He entered the stem of the lotus from which he was born.
  35. Next to her was now a whole pile of small pieces of stem.
  36. Madeline took her sunglasses off and chewed on the stem.
  37. I hoped the pudding would stem the stream of her eloquence.
  38. Slowly Samantha could feel the blade penetrating the stem.
  39. Problems with usability could be said to stem from just two.
  40. It means she probably hasn't suffered any brain stem injury.
  41. As I said above, try to go around the bumps with your stem.
  42. After the stem turns become much more relaxed, you can con-.
  43. Stem cells can make exact self-replicas when they regenerate.
  44. It was about 5 inches high and had a thin stem holding it up.
  45. He was a stem man, the head of the community of the monastery.
  46. Remember, these stem turns can be tailored to the situation at.
  47. In the spirit of the title of this book, do one stem turn at a.
  48. And that’s testing it on Missy’s cultured stem cells?
  49. Silicone impact is now replaced by stem cells to enlarge breasts.
  50. She pressed her hands down on the wound, trying to stem the flow.
  51. I check for thorns, then slide the stem of his rose behind my ear.
  52. There was a stem of green eucalyptus leaves carved on a taupe vase.
  53. So instead he pushed the ‘memory button’ on the handlebar stem.
  54. Ruby, unwrap the flower and detach its head carefully from the stem.
  55. Lacks a ring on the stem, but when young confusable with an Agaricus.
  56. The IV solution containing the harvested stem cells was almost empty.
  57. For a spindle use a stem of hollow softer wood with a soft pith core.
  58. On top of a stem, I noticed a lone leaf wavering in the summer breeze.
  59. Disbudding means removal of all but one or two selected buds on a stem.
  60. Dip each cherry in by its stem, and place on waxed paper lined sheets.
  61. I picked a grass stem, stuck it in my mouth and looked closely at her.
  62. To keep on growing upwards: even though the core of its stem had died.
  63. In one mega goat bite, our Hacky Sack disappeared-core, stem, and all.
  64. It had a squarish stem with pointed leaves growing in clusters of four.
  65. Let no man break the stem which Connects you to life in its real sense.
  66. The allegations stem from a matter already investigated by the Auditor.
  67. Remove the stem from each apple and press a craft stick into the top.
  68. This is possible by unscrewing the nut and bolt at the neck of the stem.
  69. Kosmo says you don’t have to harvest stem cells from an embryo either.
  70. With the skilful hands of a mother she did her best to stem the bleeding.
  71. He had not realized though, the stem cell procedure was experimental work.
  72. You slice through at an angle, leaving the cut stem attached to the plant.
  73. The third figure in the tree was hidden by the dense shadows near the stem.
  74. Currently the most convenient source of stem cells is umbilical cord blood.
  75. George tried to stem the bleeding with his hands as the rest of the hyenas.
  76. Olenin was struck by the dignified and stem expression of the brave's face.
  77. Desires are a wonderful thing, especially if they stem out of the depths of.
  78. This is provided by means of a screw coaxial to the stem – the piston rod.
  79. Anatomical observations on the internal cambium of the stem in Marsdenia t.
  80. It is hard to decipher the age of the recipient and many complaints may stem.
  81. They were doing their best to try and stem the flow, but he was in desperate.
  82. The Call of South Africa and Die Stem van Suid Afrika, is today sung as fol-.
  83. New Testament restrictions upon women stem from the creation and the fall (1.
  84. When the first vibrant green living fern developed a dead core inside its stem.
  85. The inside of the stem was wet with a gel-like substance that smelled like acid.
  86. Donna narrowed her eyes and picked up the IV solution with the stem cells in it.
  87. A radical-changing verb is one whose stem vowel changes under certainconditions.
  88. Grasping the main stem of the dead plant in his right hand he lifted it up as.
  89. Poppy is a flower plant with one flower per stem and belongs to the poppy family.
  90. The doctor has given me a transfusion, and the last of the harvested stem cells.
  91. All humans stem from this father, and the law and the word has been recorded by.
  92. Douglas moved his right hand stealthily to the ticking, pulled out the watch stem.
  93. It was perfectly formed, still in its bud form, with a note tied around the stem.
  94. Cut off the stem end, cut open the peppers and scrape out the seeds and membrane.
  95. The stem supporting the leaf turned to stone and the other leaves gradually turned.
  96. When you put mulch around plants, leave a little gap around the stem of the plants.
  97. Yes, the brain stem and the frontal lobe control motor function, memory, and speech.
  98. When young shoots develop from the tip of the stem, use a sharp knife, scissors or.
  99. We need to increase the number of harvested stem cells in our patient’s treatment.
  100. That’s why he said for you to do the profile and culture the stem cells yourself.
  1. In fact he had trouble stemming it.
  2. Probably stemming from the dullness of.
  3. This wheel is set in motion by actions stemming.
  4. The arms were long, stemming from heavy padded shoulders.
  5. There was a matter of precedence stemming from the succession.
  6. Up to now, any stemming has been with the uphill ski to start a.
  7. We have a lifespan stemming hundreds of years, said Lezura.
  8. Despite all the man's power none of it was wasted on stemming Alec's pain.
  9. None of them required mental attention stemming from their compulsive actions.
  10. His anxiety stemming from where he thought the rest of the money was, so he hoped.
  11. Lezura had just finished scanning the water with a wire stemming from her data scroll.
  12. Despite the warm tone, there is tension between Reagan and Bush, stemming from the campaign.
  13. The pelvis was almost rounded with two distinctly large silver wires stemming to the thighs.
  14. Her sister had said something about his interest in women's rights stemming from his father's treatment of his mother.
  15. Melanie, stemming the tide of fear again and again, through endless hours, was telling herself: He can’t be dead.
  16. A few seconds of quiet and Philip could feel a thread of hostility stemming from both ends of the phone and meeting somewhere in the middle.
  17. Around eleven thirty, they were ready and drove to the lab, less than fifteen minutes by car through a winding road stemming from the coastal Miguel Alemán.
  18. He said that Sylvia would have to be the one to go because of a passport problem of his, stemming from a real estate deal the government didn’t consider legal.
  19. Around them their escort kept silent, only guiding them to a large hanger with multiple wires stemming from a cone in the top and into the roves of other warehouses.
  20. Like loss of society, this may be a hard figure to quantify because there’s no formula for setting a dollar value on one’s pain stemming from the loss of a child.
  21. LT always had a new surprise preparation in mind, stemming directly from his large leather-bound recipe book inherited from a barman working at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco.
  22. It was accepted by everyone across the board that this alone went a long way to stemming the street violence and bringing to an end the looting and arson that had shamed the country.
  23. Given Higgins’s instructions from city hall to keep this very discreet, it was apparent that someone in a high place was worried about the potential publicity stemming from the accident.
  24. The way to avoid problems stemming from this type of version conflict is to assemble a group of applications that supplies the users’ needs and then test the applications thoroughly together.
  25. He had bandaged her foot carefully after cleaning it, gently stemming the blood flow and then almost with tenderness placing the absorbent padding on the raw flesh and wrapping it in a soft bandage.
  26. My over-generalized concept of action as stemming from current physical and chemical conditions versus my concept of reaction as stemming from illusions, beliefs, and stories holds up for many of the word senses.
  27. But, I suspect that humans cannot ever know the exact mix of free will and determinism, as a corollary of God's desire to be minimally intrusive, the latter stemming ultimately from our own human need for self-worth.
  28. Another possible problem stemming from Level 4 awareness is that the same kind of callus and ruthless behavior that may be directed at other individuals may also be directed towards other cultures resulting in racism.
  29. If we approach change in the order of belief first, followed by our feelings, thoughts and actions, then the achievement of our desired goals becomes easy and cohesive rather than a struggle stemming from internal conflict.
  30. Your Grace, while I agree with you entirely about the no doubt unfortunate consequences stemming from the example of Earl Thirsk’s intransigence on this question, there is one other point which must, perhaps, be considered.
  31. There have been residual issues stemming from your wife’s death, you’ve had the unenviable task of raising a daughter on your own, not to mention dealing with the occasional crisis in the church, all while performing your pastoral duties.
  32. She knew she had significant emotional problems stemming from her youth, from not being wanted, not feeling loved—and she felt it necessary to explore those areas and see what she could learn from them, or at the very least find a better way to confront her demons.
  33. This attitude of intra-personal forgiveness and acceptance for Self will help facilitate the stemming of bitterness towards Self, and in turn, towards others, whilst encouraging spiritual and psychological healing within, that will also enhance Self’s ability to heal and grieve at the loss of personal justice and dignity.
  34. The three sharply worded questions reflect the dilemma of the Indian Muslim—is ‘secular blackmail’ stemming from the fear of a Modi-led government enough reason to vote for a party which itself has failed to offer protection or development to minorities? The Congress cannot rely on handouts and platitudes any longer; it needs to be ready to start a mass mobilization programme by taking up issues of urgent public concern.
  1. He had stemmed the tide.
  2. The Elders said these exploits stemmed from.
  3. In her right hand she held a long stemmed glass.
  4. And my interest stemmed purely from a place of love.
  5. He had not foreseen it had all stemmed from this man.
  6. She was bleeding out at a rate that could not be stemmed.
  7. The tips of leaves sway delicately on spindle stemmed shoots.
  8. There was the broken long stemmed wine bottle covered in blood.
  9. Only so that the flow of souls away from our home is stemmed.
  10. My tears had stemmed by the time she handed me a large purple mug.
  11. The ecological destruction of Russia stemmed from these two sources.
  12. His irritation stemmed out of the fact that he realized he had traveled.
  13. Chevalier sighed, he could guess at the problem that stemmed from low self-worth.
  14. Part of the inconsistency of the CAPM has stemmed from its use by fund managers.
  15. He started to speak, a stricken look on his face, but she stemmed his words with a.
  16. At that point all her concern had been stemmed on seeing Hadaen well and better again.
  17. The first, passed in 1879, stemmed from anti-Chinese agitation on the west coast of the US.
  18. Hitler's over-confidence stemmed from the crushing defeats that his army had previously administered.
  19. He was not a nice person when plugged into the Kelvan computer, which mostly stemmed from a lack of.
  20. She plucked several leaves off a red stemmed plant, crushed them and placed them on the boy’s chest.
  21. She was holding a simple and delicate arrangement of three long stemmed roses decorated with white ribbon.
  22. Her criticism stemmed from the embarrassment she felt at seeing her husband almost naked before the people.
  23. It had no design of a nose, and its mouth was interlaced teeth and a lower jaw that stemmed to a long chin.
  24. The wariness stemmed from the hostile media reaction Modi had encountered in the aftermath of the Gujarat riots.
  25. It was set with white linen, stemmed wine and water glasses, reasonable china, and shiny stainless steel flatware.
  26. Kneeling on the canyon floor, one hand stemmed the flow of blood from his nose, the other grabbed a handful of sand.
  27. I thought his reluctance to leave his wife stemmed from concern for me, worry about my reputation in such a small place.
  28. Roland bent his head even deeper towards his chest and stemmed both hands against his temples as if he was in great pain.
  29. The cups they came in were pretty nice, stemmed glass with pictures in them, the stem made of a ceramic and the base was heavy.
  30. Frank had not learned the lessons about addictive behavior, that it stemmed from a habit of gaining pleasure from extrinsic sources.
  31. What they have in common is that their ideas stemmed originally from those put forward by the nineteenth-century German philosopher Karl Marx.
  32. He had all a man could ever wish for but he was full of pain and anguish deep inside his emotions that stemmed back to his traumatic childhood.
  33. He merely held me tight, kissing me and repeatedly telling me he loved me until long after the tears stemmed, and calmness descended once more.
  34. We have since learned that the drug charges stemmed from a Florida warrant for this man, Roy Higgins, a resident of Porterville, California.
  35. She noticed he had opened another bottle of wine, and it was in a vinecooler on the kitchen worktop next to two clean long stemmed wine glasses.
  36. Uncertainty as to the fee stemmed from one of Bob’s personal checks bouncing, and my having to make a second run, this time with a cashier’s check.
  37. Too many of those who might have stemmed the panic, like Colonel Olyvyr, were dead, and the survivors fled the holocaust … only to run into its very heart.
  38. Boldo has been used in South America for a variety of digestive conditions, although this may have stemmed from its impact on intestinal infections or liver function.
  39. Andore had experienced all three, but as he spoke, he realized that the void inside him stemmed more from the memories of pain than it did the memories themselves.
  40. The Queen had spent the best years of her life perfecting this garden, every plant that stemmed in the garden was a reminder of the gracious Queen who had planted every seed herself.
  41. The usual train-station scene of policemen, young thugs and their families, hardened crooks, lawyers and judges, had been stemmed by an order restricting the floor to the single case.
  42. Bleeding from veins and capillaries can be stemmed by simple pressure over the bleeding point, with or without a dressing, and minor arterial bleeding may also be controlled with local pressure.
  43. Apart from their green skin and yellow stripes, the long-snouted, gold eyed creatures called gufders sported bright blue bristles on their backs that stemmed from the back of the head to their rump.
  44. Painted figureheads and hublandish dragonprows reminded the citizens of Krull that their good fortune stemmed from the sea; barquentines and carracks lent a distinctive shape to the larger buildings.
  45. The city's four main streets stemmed from the palace, and from those streets the rest of the city's thoroughfares and avenues were born, forming a spider web of roadways with Rafe poised at their center.
  46. The source of her venom was threefold: first, she was jittery as all get out, dreading her coming-out party; a second factor was her rough upbringing and hard life; and part stemmed from Smitty’s absence.
  47. That generosity, paid in ongoing stipends, may have stemmed partially from true appreciation, but Vedara suspected it was mostly intended as an incentive to keep the Confederation’s own horrific blunder under wraps.
  48. Other plants could include Passionfruit, often found near the shore in the tropical Americas, and the fleshy stemmed Seaside Purslanes (Sesuvium) which grows near beaches and salt water, of which the whole plant can be eaten.
  49. Afterwards, finding himself hungry for the first time in three days, (His hunger having stemmed from learning that the old bitch was getting shipped out) he fixed himself a plate of spaghetti and sat down, and for the first time in his life, he wished he’d owned a TV.
  50. This time, however, their problem stemmed from Josie’s newly found lesbianism and its possible effect on their impressionable children who were witnessing their mother changing her lofty ideals of marriage and family life into a preference for homosexual activity which their religion condemns as unnatural.
  51. Was it possible, I thought, that at last a country, this little country of Africa, would oppose itself to the Gadarene process of these last three decades (I would say three, not two: because all this began in the Thirties) Might one still hope that the rot would be stemmed, the destructive process held and turned back?
  52. According to him the Victorians were even more dissolute than the Romans and, to make matters worse, this depravity stemmed from royalty! He had an Irishman’s distrust of the English monarchy and with mordant relish informed me that Queen Victoria’s Prince Albert had been an enthusiastic participant in orgies, starting a fashion for nipple piercing and ball and cock rings! I decided not to inflame his ire by revealing that I’d recently been an unwitting disciple of Albert.
  1. All life stems from it.
  2. Try to avoid catnip stems.
  3. Two hands around three stems.
  4. However, his fear stems from.
  5. It has thin red flushed stems.
  6. All creativity stems from pure wonder.
  7. However, this fear stems from complete.
  8. The difficulty stems from the lack of a.
  9. He noted most knowledge about OBEs stems.
  10. O'er stems unknotted, waving to the wind:.
  11. Patch said she'd have B-cups, but great stems.
  12. This threat stems from the message of our enemy.
  13. Each category of risk stems from the previous.
  14. This branch stems from a domain called in-addr.
  15. This division largely stems from the 1260 days.
  16. As he cut them loose, he dropped the stems to me.
  17. Garnish with chive stems or fresh dill if desired.
  18. David knew exactly who these twelve Stems once were.
  19. Stems 100% from the interpretation of your own mind.
  20. The stems are not long, but they have many branches.
  21. Ytith are tiny pests that bore into soft plant stems.
  22. Nobody knows where the injury on its nose stems from.
  23. This stems from the fact that the shades are okay to.
  24. Remove the stems and cut the greens into 1-inch strips.
  25. He watered his plant, brushed its stems and tenderly.
  26. It is possible to chemically burn your leaves or stems.
  27. Remove the stems and gills from 2 cups of the mushrooms.
  28. Fear stems from what you tell yourself about a situation.
  29. The title of this book obviously stems from the title of.
  30. Guilt is closely related to shame and usually stems from a.
  31. The actual scenario stems back to the garden of Gethsemane.
  32. NOT ADD ANY LIQUID! Holding cherries by stems, dip one at a.
  33. I did so and Bev placed the stems of the bouquet in our hands.
  34. Use crushed stems and roots, which contain a highly toxic sap.
  35. Below the tiny white flowers the stems were thick with spines.
  36. When gorgeous the countless straight stems, the forests at the.
  37. His pants were sewn of leaf and threaded with stems, tailor fit.
  38. This show of irritability stems from a state of mental conflict.
  39. They seemed to beckon him, to arch their pliant stems toward him.
  40. Imitation stems out of the rhythm relationship of spirit to soul.
  41. The inability to give or receive love stems from countless factors.
  42. M: Your difficulty stems from the idea that reality is a state of.
  43. Older stems are stringy, but young leaves and shoots can be boiled.
  44. Toss, sparkles of day and dusk--toss on the black stems that decay.
  45. Choose the oldest available plants and those with the longest stems.
  46. As a result: their wasted energy: their stems: were the first to die.
  47. It mainly stems from the perception of where the business is currently.
  48. Leaves can be dried and stored; crushed stems provide fibres for rope.
  49. All illness stems from the historical causality of psychobiologic pain.
  50. There are probably more flowers to come based on the buds on the stems.
  51. RCMP and special prosecutor in the Basi-Virk case … it stems from an.
  52. Secondly, it stems from conditioning associated with the body's attempt.
  53. Wound healing in the stems of lianas after twisting and girdling injury.
  54. The anger stems from the fact that people he trusted turned against him.
  55. All energy and matter, all that is, stems from the Paradise home of God.
  56. You were never complete to begin with! Your confusion stems from Mochni.
  57. Can you not choose another? It branched into stems absent of fruit.
  58. Remove stems & slit brinjals crosswise without cutting all the way through.
  59. For example, plants with soft stems can easily be rooted through cuttings.
  60. The gambler’s fallacy stems from faulty intuition about random processes.
  61. Billy looked back at the other Stems and tugged at the collar of his jacket.
  62. Some of this behavior stems from the caged bears‘ inability to hibernate.
  63. I don’t have a dress for it, I said and cut the stems off the flowers.
  64. The increasing demand by women to have a voice in church affairs stems from two.
  65. Fear stems as an instinctive reaction to threat of preservation; so, it's quite.
  66. She had to go into the stems after them, a messy job with rinko as you all know.
  67. It stems from her mother, who had eschewed all alcohol as the crutch of the weak.
  68. Sort and trim the collard greens to remove any browned parts and tough stems; wash.
  69. Thrusting in my head between the stems, I found myself gazing at a fleshless skull.
  70. It had a human face, but its entire body was a plant, with stems, roots and leaves.
  71. He watered his plant, brushed its stems and tenderly pricked out a few older leaves.
  72. Take a look at grass stems and weeds near the shore line for clues of a recent hatch.
  73. Generally the need stems from the desire to correct a deficiency in the organization.
  74. The origination of this created illusion (Maya) stems from the origin of all creation.
  75. The blossoms bent toward her like sentient things, nodding serpent-like on pliant stems.
  76. Separate the leaves and cut across into small pieces, keeping stems and leaves separate.
  77. Prepare the Swiss chard: After trimming off al the stems, washing and chopping, wilt the.
  78. By this movement the stems are inclined to all sides, and are made to move round and round.
  79. Their long stems helped the blooms stand tall and proud of their beauty and stately ambiance.
  80. The problem with this type of aquarium filter stems from the fact that it can be difficult to.
  81. Then, suddenly, one of the giants picked up the bunch of grapes with Peter stuck on the stems.
  82. He probed with his claw around the whole wallow, there was nothing in it but the stems of lon.
  83. As in English, some verbs are irregular, which means that their stems will change in conjugation.
  84. Again, being looked down upon feeling stems from your strong male EGO energy projection, i.
  85. They resemble straggly, unshowy garden roses with thorned stems and simple white or pink flowers.
  86. He suffered a good deal and was reduced to tearing at the stems of the long grasses for moisture.
  87. The husks at the base of bamboo stems carry small stinging hairs which cause severe skin irritations.
  88. Within minutes we noted elk droppings and Cal pointed to areas of greenery that contained bare stems.
  89. All the growth of the house Church movement in China stems from a base of intensely fervent prayer.
  90. They have large, starch-rich edible tubers, stems which can be cooked, and bitter but nourishing seeds.
  91. Wearing rubber gloves, remove & discard the stems of the habaneros & other peppers and cut them in half.
  92. The leaves, with enthora you can eat the stems too but lon stems are too skinny, it's like eating twine.
  93. The split stems, laid alternately to interlock with one another, form efficient and waterproof pantiles.
  94. The seven-year tribulation scenario stems from failure to understand that year symbolizes a.
  95. Grass plants with thick stems and over six feet tall bordered the path and swept away in all directions.
  96. Nevertheless, we attempt to establish that Kimberly-Clark’s low risk stems from its proximity to the.
  97. There were huge vessels showing through the stems of the plants as it absorbed nutrients from the earth.
  98. The fruit is edible raw and settles an upset-stomach; young leaves, flowers and stems are edible boiled.
  99. I think it stems principally from the Moslem religion and the unthinking adherence of the faithful to it.
  100. The rationale is simple – every being’s life force stems from the loving energy of the common Source.

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