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Sting dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The sting of the cut.
  2. To prick and sting her.
  3. V, wincing at the sting.
  4. Its sting can grow to 0.
  5. How the years do sting!.

  6. A brief sting of jealousy.
  7. The sting is in the tail.
  8. A sharp sting on his chest.
  9. This may be the big sting.
  10. It’s only a sting, Urse.
  11. Sting glittered blue in his.
  12. That could sting if you sold.
  13. Cindy felt the sting of truth.
  14. He drew Sting from its sheath.
  15. Actually, the sting had passed.

  16. Then I felt a sting in my thigh.
  17. She felt a sting of fear in her.
  18. My eyes were beginning to sting.
  19. Will felt a sting of electricity.
  20. This in turn dissolves the sting.
  21. Though they stink yet they sting.
  22. Kara, this will sting a little.
  23. My knuckles sting from the impact.
  24. He felt a sharp sting on his face.
  25. I felt the icy wind sting my face.

  26. ACK! Holy crap does it sting.
  27. I am no votary of sting journalism.
  28. Yet her words sting, like shrapnel.
  29. She felt a little sting in her heart.
  30. And he felt the sting of the tsetse.
  31. Furthermore, it will put a sting on.
  32. First of al , afraid of the sting of.
  33. I hope we can set up a sting operation.
  34. He will never leave his sting behavior.
  35. I sense the sting of what she whispers.
  36. O why sting me for a swift moment only?
  37. A sting of fear flashed through his aura.
  38. At that moment something seemed to sting.
  39. And it’ll sting like a hundred hornets.
  40. And trust me to know of his painful sting.
  41. They can also sting and harm smaller fish.
  42. It’s a sting of heat embracing my spine.
  43. I could still feel the sting of her stick.
  44. They are less likely to sting than creams.
  45. He drew Sting and ran towards the open gate.
  46. He looked at Sting, and the blade was dull.
  47. She twisted her back to work out the sting.
  48. To ease my heart and plant a sting in thine.
  49. The vodka went down with a medicinal sting.
  50. Sting, this may turn out better than I hoped.
  51. He patted his cheek to get rid of the sting.
  52. He looked sad and she felt a sting of shame.
  53. They sting on sight and the pain is extreme.
  54. He felt the telltale sting of a deep scrape.
  55. The serpent that did sting thy father's life.
  56. That word ‘wisely ’ had a sarcastic sting.
  57. Rhone felt the warm sting swelling in his eyes.
  58. They do not sting, but crawl away from danger.
  59. If there is no death, then death has no sting.
  60. And that they smart and sting and hurt him well.
  61. Both my shoulders sting from the tattoo needle.
  62. I felt the responding sting behind my own eyes.
  63. Some, especially in the tropics, sting severely.
  64. Norah felt the sting of his frustrated dejection.
  65. Rose felt tears sting her eyes, and blinked them.
  66. The Kenites sting like scorpions with their lies.
  67. But the sting in the bellies of the lion and the.
  68. Joey felt the splinters from a tree sting his face.
  69. The boredom in his drawl brought a sting of angry.
  70. She knew that the sting I felt wasn't from losing.
  71. She felt the sting on her wrist as Maleth pressed.
  72. Why would that happen? He’s lost his sting.
  73. She made his eyes sting and he turned away briefly.
  74. It was her turn to flinch at the sting of his words.
  75. Jhordel closed her eyes and felt the sting of tears.
  76. Again, I felt a sharp sting at the back of my neck.
  77. He rubbed his nose remembering the sharp sting her.
  78. With a cry Sam leapt across the floor, Sting in hand.
  79. But the sting of not humbling him remained with her.
  80. Instead of a tingle, it’s a prickle, then a sting.
  81. His laughter got inside Charlie like a hornet sting.
  82. You catch it, its weight sting your hand on contact.
  83. It didn’t sting, it just felt slimy, slightly warm.
  84. The fountain took the sting out of the afternoon heat.
  85. Use seaweed, cloth, etc, to wipe the sting with sand.
  86. And my pole bent in half and I reeled in a sting ray.
  87. Lydia hated herself for feeling the sting of his words.
  88. Bees die after they sting you, did you know that?
  89. I could feel the sting traveling from his body to mine.
  90. I placed my hand on where it had started to sting and.
  91. Land animals (small): Our scorpions have a nasty sting.
  92. I am wounded with knife, sting, and tooth, and a long.
  93. Sam’s eyes widened as the sting shot through his body.
  94. Joseph felt tears sting his eyes and looked at the floor.
  95. To lessen the itching of a bee sting, a combination of.
  96. Dorothea was aware of the sting, but it did not hurt her.
  97. She flexed her fingers to get out the last of the sting.
  98. Ken yelps and feels the sting of cold metal in his neck.
  99. I would be feeling the sting in my hand at least until.
  100. The sting of a needle going into my hip snapped me awake.
  1. It was stinging like mad.
  2. She rubs at her stinging eyes.
  3. I blinked back stinging tears.
  4. With the welts on my back stinging.
  5. The paintball hits my arm, stinging.
  6. Tears are stinging the back of my eyes.
  7. And Stinging Nettle, grows on its banks.
  8. I remember a jellyfish stinging my belly.
  9. My sweater was new, stinging red and ugly.
  10. Claire swallowed, tears stinging her eyes.
  11. They ran down my cheeks, hot and stinging.
  12. Sharp, stinging pain tore through his head.
  13. He could feel it stinging against his skin.
  14. They ran full into a cloud of stinging death.
  15. Wiping dust from his stinging eyes and face.
  16. It was like a needle stinging into his heart.
  17. She stared off into the water, eyes stinging.
  18. My body convulses at the sweet, stinging bite.
  19. He stepped out into the garage, its stinging.
  20. His throat was stinging and his head was light.
  21. With tears stinging in the corners of her eyes.
  22. It was stinging up my arm like white phosphorous.
  23. Eyes stinging, what was going to happen to him?
  24. Some time later, Andrew woke up, his head stinging.
  25. The stinging of mankind could relate to CHEMICAL.
  26. Sweat slipped down his forehead, stinging his eyes.
  27. Travis hugged his stinging hands to relieve the pain.
  28. He let the hot stinging water pound down on his face.
  29. Battered and bruised I wrote this rather stinging post.
  30. Attracted by blood, a swarm of stinging flies gathered.
  31. He felt some pressure in his bowels, a little stinging.
  32. They swarmed around us in clouds of stinging annoyance.
  33. I’d turned to receive the two stinging hits on my back.
  34. The stinging action seemed to drain the flying creatures.
  35. The stinging brought tears to his eyes but he persevered.
  36. The wind drove the snow into his body, stinging his face.
  37. Then the stinging eased as the soothing, ice-cold waters.
  38. Her flesh was stinging as she reeled from what he'd done.
  39. The ball on the tip waited to inflict sharp stinging pain.
  40. Therefore the stinging slap across the face surprised him.
  41. The wind had dropped to a stinging 40 kilometres per hour.
  42. The procedure will cause stinging, redness and irritation.
  43. The hot stinging bite of a hand slashing across her cheek.
  44. The Glade, the Grievers, the stinging needle, the Changing.
  45. My windpipe was still stinging from the inhalation of booze.
  46. You wouldn’t kill a scorpion if it was stinging your ass.
  47. Hornet—a stinging, carniverous Safeholdian insect analogue.
  48. Then he hit her four stinging blows upon the face with the.
  49. Byron smiled back, his eyes stinging with threatening tears.
  50. Im fine, she said, ignoring the stinging in her chest.
  51. Cristian’s shoulders slumped, pained by her stinging words.
  52. Some prickling and stinging, but it wasn't too bad going in.
  53. The wind shrieks, blows stinging sheets of snow into my eyes.
  54. Tiny splinters of wood peppered his cheek like stinging bees.
  55. Yeah, the first guard agreed, rubbing his stinging neck.
  56. First he was merely angry because of the stinging in his jaw.
  57. Moisture fell into her eyes, salt stinging her into more tears.
  58. Sophia entered the car and continued wiping her stinging tears.
  59. Now sobered by the stinging cold, the men dismounted nervously.
  60. Then I could feel pins and needles stinging my ankles and feet.
  61. She had left my parents a hundred dollars and a stinging slap.
  62. About 100 metres from the foot of the hill, eyes stinging from.
  63. On the bike, with the rain stinging his body, and limited road.
  64. No matter his predicament, the chant was still stinging to hear.
  65. It was then that Elliot felt the first stinging bite on his calf.
  66. The steel doors opened with a blast of cold air and stinging snow.
  67. I could taste my own blood in my mouth, and one eye was stinging.
  68. Julie, hiding her head from the stinging rain, ran to the back of.
  69. The tears in her eyes are like chlorine now, smarting and stinging.
  70. He felt tears stinging his eyes and desperation gripping his heart.
  71. The hubb'd sting of myself, stinging me as much as it ever can any.
  72. Alex felt tears stinging his eyes and the old familiar anger rising.
  73. Villanazul, holding his nose, tears stinging his eyes, wandered off.
  74. The stinging retort hurt Brock but he kept silent as Grey continued.
  75. Nem rubbed his still stinging cheek and turned to one of the guards.
  76. He felt a stinging sensation around his mouth and wiped his lip to.
  77. Oh! in a childish whisper and sat down, tears stinging her eyes.
  78. Her sword smashed into the ground, her hand stinging from the impact.
  79. Venom allergies – these are reactions to stinging insects and snakes.
  80. As he walked, Op14 felt the stinging heat of their smothering presence.
  81. He wrapped his hands around the mug and felt the stinging warmth of it.
  82. He went to move but suddenly felt a stinging pain across his shoulder.
  83. Donna swallowed hard as stinging tears collected behind her closed lids.
  84. I suspected as much but it still didn’t stop her words from stinging.
  85. Wynne then tended to the guard, whose stinging eyes were streaming with.
  86. I stared back at him, my eyes stinging from his haze of alcoholic breath.
  87. She plunged her face below the water, forcing her stinging eyes to focus.
  88. I can’t see properly—tears are stinging my eyes, everything is a blur.
  89. He presently encountered her and delivered a stinging remark as he passed.
  90. Minutes later they stood together with the wind-driven snow stinging their.
  91. The water was still stinging his eyes and he could not seem to dry his face.
  92. One night, after a most stinging attack, Octavia lay in bed, unable to sleep.
  93. Study shows that stinging nettle also helps to smoothen the urination in men.
  94. Anne gasped, tears stinging her eyes as she covered her mouth with a pale hand.
  95. He took a step and stumbled, his eyes stinging in the acrid smoke, tearing up.
  96. And all the while, the Sea God’s anger lashed our sails with stinging spume.
  97. It is said that stinging nettles also helps to balance the yin and yang in the.
  98. Suzy stands on some of the stinging nettles and makes a little path through them.
  99. But the torrential stinging from his hand made him forget he ever had a stomach.
  100. Her scent overwhelmed Ailia, stinging her frozen nostrils with the floral perfume.
  1. The wasp has stung me.
  2. Joby was stung by this.
  3. Kate was stung to anger.
  4. My eyes stung with tears.
  5. His feet stung as he hit.
  6. Face stung by sharp gale.
  7. Pain stung his knee caps.
  8. His belly stung all over.
  9. The water stung and burned.
  10. They stung the soles of my.
  11. Her nose-ring stung her nose.
  12. His hand stung from the punch.
  13. An IV needle stung in her arm.
  14. That stung her into a response.
  15. The irony of it all stung her.
  16. That stung more than it should.
  17. The words stung her raw throat.
  18. Her voice stung my ears as it.
  19. Caris was stung by this mockery.
  20. The implied criticism stung her.
  21. I was struck again – it stung.
  22. Marilyn was stung by his remarks.
  23. Merthin was stung into a response.
  24. Philemon was stung into a response.
  25. That stung, his apologizing for me.
  26. Weeds and thistles stung my hands.
  27. A bitterly cold wind stung my skin.
  28. There’d be no sparing being stung.
  29. He thought that a bee had stung him.
  30. Ouch! Her shoeless foot stung.
  31. The water stung my skin, burning it.
  32. Fred was stung, and released her hand.
  33. Anne’s eyes stung with tears, but.
  34. That stung the bishop into a response.
  35. Stung, she glared at him, hating him.
  36. She said it with feeling, and it stung.
  37. It really, really stung the recently.
  38. His nose stung, he knew it was broken.
  39. Acrid bleach and ammonia stung his nose.
  40. He didn’t respond, stung by the words.
  41. To be told he was a pussy really stung.
  42. Sure enough, it had stung her five times.
  43. We suffered and were stung by the.
  44. He had been stung to buggery by Amazon.
  45. It’s like being stung by red-hot bees.
  46. MacArthur was stung by Novaks frankness.
  47. Elowen jolted as though as had been stung.
  48. He looked up and a raindrop stung his eye.
  49. However, the thing stung most was hismind.
  50. That stuff was cold, and stung at my skin.
  51. His hand stung, but it was otherwise fine.
  52. Archibald started, stung by a sudden hope.
  53. The words stung his mouth as they came out.
  54. As her bare hands met the snow, they stung.
  55. His face stung with anguish when he got up.
  56. She was very young—so the taunt stung her.
  57. She needed sleep too, her eyes stung with.
  58. The recollection of it stung his conscience.
  59. A bee settling on a flower has stung a child.
  60. Welts arose upon his skin where he was stung.
  61. This is what you decided! I said, stung.
  62. The thought of Kate and her lies still stung.
  63. My eyes stung, but it wasn’t from the wind.
  64. But it still stung not to have him on my side.
  65. Yesterday, a wasp stung a mule on the trail.
  66. The trick was not to get stung in the process.
  67. Her words stung, It's not like that with me.
  68. The clouds bit his cheeks, they stung his ears.
  69. Roman’s last warm up stung my hand, and the.
  70. The unpleasant odor of burnt hair stung my nose.
  71. The smith started round as if he had been stung.
  72. What’s wrong? You been stung by a bee?
  73. She thought she was stung by a poisonous insect.
  74. One pair of eyes that stung worse than the rest.
  75. He had me there, but the truth stung a little bit.
  76. He was stung by that but should have expected it.
  77. My eyes stung with tears and I blinked them away.
  78. She was stung by his blatant disapproval of whom.
  79. I felt a sudden rush of electricity that stung me.
  80. Still, Rosemary was stung by the directness of it.
  81. If you get stung you should seek medical attention.
  82. The sun, driving straight down, stung with its rays.
  83. More tears stung his eyes, but still no weeping -.
  84. The alcohol stung, but her touch was ever so gentle.
  85. Stung, I returned, I should be the judge of that.
  86. The smell of mud, marsh, and earth stung our faces.
  87. He bolted upright on the bed and his arm stung him.
  88. As Liam stopped and turned, the hail stung his eyes.
  89. The water stung her wounded hand and she winced as.
  90. We five looked at each other, stung by the exchange.
  91. Nancy stiffened in her chair, stung by the criticism.
  92. Stung by the look of contemptuous amusement he sent.
  93. Fresh tears stung and threatened to pour forth anew.
  94. Why? This question burned and stung like a drop of.
  95. The heavy rain blew sideways and stung every exposed.
  96. He opened his eyes but shut them when the light stung.
  97. For reasons he couldn’t comprehend, the words stung.
  98. Those words stung Rhone worse than any lashing he had.
  99. It stung to touch, as if the wound had once been deep.
  100. The slap stung, producing a perfect imprint of her hand.
  1. The crop stings this time.
  2. Nothing serious, but it stings.
  3. Her absence stings worst of all.
  4. This blowing sand stings my skin.
  5. Ah, how that dream’s loss stings.
  6. His rejection of me stings deeply.
  7. I hope that stings you if you call.
  8. He struck with his o'ertaking stings.
  9. With late repentance gnaws and stings.
  10. The blow stings, but I barely notice it.
  11. It still stings a little, he said.
  12. It stings, leaving a red mark on his ass.
  13. I should be used to it but this one stings.
  14. Honey is a great remedy for bites and stings.
  15. Recently, the stings of hate behind her sharp.
  16. Rubbing with dock leaves will soothe nettle stings.
  17. The stings from the lashes help connect her to reality.
  18. Something stings her in the neck, and everything goes black.
  19. Jumping back from the window, he shouts, That stings!.
  20. In the end it bites like a serpent, and stings like an adder.
  21. Jaume felt his Brothers’ eyes on his skin like insect stings.
  22. Bee stings are left in the skin and should be carefully removed.
  23. If it stings you, it means serious problems with hostile people.
  24. Hermit with a platter of pulse keep down the stings of the flesh.
  25. It’s what… he called me, Sam, and the memory still stings.
  26. In such a small space, the stench burns and stings at my nostrils.
  27. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in.
  28. Cornstarch is another well working home remedy for bites and stings.
  29. The stings are very painful and can cause severe allergic reaction.
  30. Got it, Doctor, I say sarcastically because this conversation stings.
  31. Apple cider vinegar is another effective home remedy for bites and stings.
  32. And yet it still stings her deeply to hear the jackass mutter bitch.
  33. The back of my hand stings and I immediately lose my grip on the greasy bacon.
  34. There are various ways in which you can use salt to relieve bites and stings.
  35. Will attack without provocation, inflicting dozens of painful stings in seconds.
  36. For bee stings, use a paste of 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1/4 cup of water.
  37. He draws in a deep breath to calm his rage and the smell of gas stings his nostrils.
  38. He lm holtz liste ne d to his boa stings in a sile nce so gloom ily disa pproving tha t.
  39. The giants beat at themselves as they screamed in agony, but the stings just kept coming.
  40. It stings and certainly because the list of weaknesses is longer than the one of strengths.
  41. What about hornets, stings from insects? What about pollen? Or other potential problems?
  42. Though very painful, the stings have little lasting effect except in cases of allergic reaction.
  43. And they had tails like unto scorpions , and there were stings in their tails : and their power.
  44. There is a bunch of home remedies for bites and stings that have been tested and proven to work.
  45. A fool considers a lie is better than the truth because it stirs and stings, in an awakening form.
  46. The skin around my wrist still stings, like the belt was real, but it is as pale as the rest of me.
  47. Crying and laughing at the same time, I stagger to my feet; the salt water stings my bleeding flesh.
  48. Then, he sensed painful stings as several chunks of something hard burst into his legs like shrapnel.
  49. Their whole life and all their enjoyments are embittered either by the stings of conscience or by terror.
  50. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings within their tails: and their power was to.
  51. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings in their tails: and their power was to hurt.
  52. It is associated with allergens such as bee stings, peanuts, latex and certain medications, to name a few.
  53. She released the branch, seeing it was infested, but not without receiving two painful stings on the back of her hand.
  54. Its scent is sharp, overpowering and it stings like the worst of the wolf-nettles, but her touch is unexpectedly gentle.
  55. The spider evidently was not used to things that carried such stings at their sides, or it would have hurried away quicker.
  56. Sore spots on his arms, chest and legs reminded him where they had struck, but they seemed no worse than mild bee stings now.
  57. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings within their tails: and their power was to hurt men five months.
  58. You can readily use these home remedies for bites and stings, provided that you have taken all other necessary methods as well.
  59. It, too, can have tentacles 9m (30ft) long but, though its stings may cause irritation for several days, they are rarely fatal.
  60. And they had tails like unto scorpions, and there were stings within their tails: and their power was to hurt men fifteen months.
  61. For me the man that is proud and feels how it stings to be slighted, For me the sweet-heart and the old maid, for me mothers and the.
  62. But, D’Souja very calmly drew the belt out of his pants, tied it to the kid’s leg above the stings and sucked the venom out of him.
  63. Its venom is no more potent than that of other bees, but because it attacks in swarms the number of stings inflicted can kill a victim.
  64. In old days we had all sorts, but now they have taken chiefly to moral punishments—‘the stings of conscience’ and all that nonsense.
  65. AHHHHHHHH! Forgot about that! How does that feel, huh?! That salt really stings, doesn't it?!!! That isn’t a tenth of what she suffered.
  66. Hot water stings Billy's skin, restoring a sense of substance to the day and he feels as though he is being purged of sins, being exorcised.
  67. Yeah, the Sage had pissed me off, but my girl saying she thinks I’m capable of Turning? That doesn’t just piss me off, it really stings.
  68. The doctors fought for two hours but in the end Karen had died, her skin a mass of red welts and blackened patches from the box jellyfish stings.
  69. For a startling instant, I see again Jack trying to console me in much the same helpless fashion after Dorothy died … the memory stings viciously.
  70. His dog had turned from black to grey, its back being covered with mosquitoes, and so had Olenin's coat through which the insects thrust their stings.
  71. The historic practice of applying nettle topically (with the intent of causing stings to relieve arthritis) has been assessed by a questionnaire study.
  72. He felt himself becoming violent and unreasonable as if raging under the pain of stings: he was ready to curse the day on which he had come to Middlemarch.
  73. In addition, he detested the winters with the cold, biting winds that drive the falling snow so fast and furiously, it lashes and stings the unprotected face.
  74. The bees came and found no one but the Woodman to sting, so they flew at him and broke off all their stings against the tin, without hurting the Woodman at all.
  75. All this may have arisen indirectly and unconsciously from the secret stings of his conscience for the money of Katerina Ivanovna that he had dishonestly appropriated.
  76. And as bees cannot live when their stings are broken that was the end of the black bees, and they lay scattered thick about the Woodman, like little heaps of fine coal.
  77. And may we be so bold as to affirm that there are also many criminals to be found in them, rogues who have stings, and whom the authorities are careful to restrain by force?
  78. If you had listened to the voice of conscience and heeded the stings of remorse before you had urged your diabolical vengeance to this extremity, Frankenstein would yet have lived.
  79. In conversation with Professor Cooper upon this subject, he informed me that in his domestic medical practice he applied common chalk to the wounds occasioned by the stings of hymenopterous insects.
  80. Nature now pointed me strongly to more solid diversions, while all the stings of desire settled so fiercely in that little centre of them, that I could not mistake the spot I wanted a playfellow in.
  81. Still feeling some stings in his wound he carefully searched for some more bushes and wrapped them around his body, but without the creases the vest would have made, the camouflage was a lot less dense.
  82. Byron had noted the dull stings on his body but hadn’t realise they had been bullets striking him and falling to the floor, looking at his feet the ground was becoming littered with blunted ammunition.
  83. Cavorting around the Nautiluswas a school of triggerfish with flat bodies, grainy skins, armed with stings on their dorsal fins, and with four prickly rows of quills quivering on both sides of their tails.
  84. I sensibly found my gallant shared in, by his nervous and home expressions of it: his eyes flashing eloquent flames, his action infuriated with the stings of it, all conspiring to raise my delight, by assuring me of his.
  85. He only knew that at his death destination the man had died in pain from a ridiculous amount of scorpion stings, that he was in the tomb, and that the blinding terror of dead curses was the last thought to hurt his dying mind.
  86. Well, I said, I meant to refer to the class of idle spendthrifts, of whom the more courageous are the leaders and the more timid the followers, the same whom we were comparing to drones, some stingless, and others having stings.
  87. Byron focused his mind on the dead mans face, torn in agony at the burning stings at his ankles, he focused on the pain the man felt, made it his pain and visualised the expiring eyes last vision, this last vision gradually cleared and became lucid in his eyes.
  88. And God has made the flying drones, Adeimantus, all without stings, whereas of the walking drones he has made some without stings but others have dreadful stings; of the stingless class are those who in their old age end as paupers; of the stingers come all the criminal class, as they are termed.
  89. It is remarkable, too, that those very men of noble hearts, standing hidden in some cupboard, listening and spying, never feel the stings of conscience at that moment, anyway, though they understand clearly enough with their noble hearts the shameful depths to which they have voluntarily sunk.
  90. Some of the allergens that people have reported to have triggered allergic symptoms include insect bites and stings, mold spores, some foods from plants as well as animals, animal fur, pollen, dust, house dust mites, bacteria, fabrics, changes in the environmental conditions as well as some medication.
  91. Chiming then to me, with exquisite consent, as I melted away, his oily balsamic injection, mixing deliciously with the sluices in flow from me, sheathed and blunted all the stings of pleasure, whilst a voluptuous languor possest, and still maintained us motionless, and fast locked in one another's arms.
  92. Our nets also hauled in a bold, daring, vigorous, and muscular fish armed with prickles on its head and stings on its fins, a real scorpion measuring two to three meters, the ruthless enemy of cod, blennies, and salmon; it was the bullhead of the northerly seas, a fish with red fins and a brown body covered with nodules.
  93. I'll also mention some quadrangular trunkfish topped by four large protuberances along the back; trunkfish sprinkled with white spots on the underside of the body, which make good house pets like certain birds; boxfish armed with stings formed by extensions of their bony crusts, and whose odd grunting has earned them the.
  94. I noted some one–decimeter southern bullhead, a species of whitish cartilaginous fish overrun with bluish gray stripes and armed with stings, then some Antarctic rabbitfish three feet long, the body very slender, the skin a smooth silver white, the head rounded, the topside furnished with three fins, the snout ending in a trunk that curved back toward the mouth.
  95. From the eighty–ninth fish genus in Lacépède's system of classification, belonging to his second subclass of bony fish (characterized by gill covers and a bronchial membrane), I noted some scorpionfish whose heads are adorned with stings and which have only one dorsal fin; these animals are covered with small scales, or have none at all, depending on the subgenus to which they belong.
  96. Around them, rays were undulating like sheets flapping in the wind, and among these I spotted, much to my glee, a Chinese ray, yellowish on its topside, a dainty pink on its belly, and armed with three stings behind its eyes; a rare species whose very existence was still doubted in Lacépède's day, since that pioneering classifier of fish had seen one only in a portfolio of Japanese drawings.
  97. Come, Almanack! To begin: there's Aries, or the Ram—lecherous dog, he begets us; then, Taurus, or the Bull—he bumps us the first thing; then Gemini, or the Twins—that is, Virtue and Vice; we try to reach Virtue, when lo! comes Cancer the Crab, and drags us back; and here, going from Virtue, Leo, a roaring Lion, lies in the path—he gives a few fierce bites and surly dabs with his paw; we escape, and hail Virgo, the Virgin! that's our first love; we marry and think to be happy for aye, when pop comes Libra, or the Scales—happiness weighed and found wanting; and while we are very sad about that, Lord! how we suddenly jump, as Scorpio, or the Scorpion, stings us in the rear; we are curing the wound, when whang come the arrows all round; Sagittarius, or the Archer, is amusing himself.
  98. He had now fixed, nailed, this tender creature, with his home-driven wedge, so that she lay passive by force, and unable to stir, till beginning to play a strain of arms against this vein of delicacy, as he urged the toand-fro con-friction, he awakened, roused, and touched her so to the heart, that unable to contain herself, she could not but reply to his motions, as briskly as her nicety of frame would admit of, till the raging stings of the pleasure rising towards the point, made her wild with the intolerable sensations of it, and she now threw her legs and arms about at random, as she lay lost in the sweet transport; which on his side declared itself by quicker, eager thrusts, convulsive gasps, burning sighs, swift laborious breathing, eyes darting humid fires: all faithful tokens of the imminent approaches of the last gasp of joy.
  99. Then, as specimens of other genera, blowfish resembling a dark brown egg, furrowed with white bands, and lacking tails; globefish, genuine porcupines of the sea, armed with stings and able to inflate themselves until they look like a pin cushion bristling with needles; seahorses common to every ocean; flying dragonfish with long snouts and highly distended pectoral fins shaped like wings, which enable them, if not to fly, at least to spring into the air; spatula–shaped paddlefish whose tails are covered with many scaly rings; snipefish with long jaws, excellent animals twenty–five centimeters long and gleaming with the most cheerful colors; bluish gray dragonets with wrinkled heads; myriads of leaping blennies with black stripes and long pectoral fins, gliding over the surface of the water with prodigious speed; delicious sailfish that can hoist their fins in a favorable current like so many unfurled sails; splendid nurseryfish on which nature has lavished yellow, azure, silver, and gold; yellow mackerel with wings made of filaments; bullheads forever spattered with mud, which make distinct hissing sounds; sea robins whose livers are thought to be poisonous; ladyfish that can flutter their eyelids; finally, archerfish with long, tubular snouts, real oceangoing flycatchers, armed with a rifle unforeseen by either Remington or Chassepot: it slays insects by shooting them with a simple drop of water.

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