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Stool dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I sank onto a stool.
  2. He rose from his stool.
  3. Use a stool with wheels.
  4. The stool is pushed away.
  5. Virgil slid off his stool.

  6. He got off the stool and.
  7. I found an empty stool to.
  8. A stand-up stool is a must.
  9. My hands clenched the stool.
  10. Doc stood up from his stool.
  11. A bar stool sat beside him.
  12. He almost fell off his stool.
  13. She almost fell off her stool.
  14. Undigested food in the stool.
  15. He took another swig of stool.

  16. On impulse I slid off my stool.
  17. I couldn't move from the stool.
  18. Fetch that stool, said Mr.
  19. Stool studies are all negative.
  20. Tom pushed the stool towards it.
  21. I took a bar stool off by myself.
  22. Decrease the height of the stool.
  23. Increase the height of the stool.
  24. Diane D approaches the high stool.
  25. She threw the stool with her mind.

  26. Nicolas steps up on another stool.
  27. Piers stood and waved at the stool.
  28. Place the supporting stool closer.
  29. Place the stool closer to the knee.
  30. Sitting on a bar stool in Avalon.
  31. Increase the distance to the stool.
  32. The stool has creaky legs,' I said.
  33. Jeri did not move from the stool.
  34. He found a small stool and sat down.
  35. The man takes a seat on a bar stool.
  36. He plumped him Dollard on the stool.
  37. Place leg on stool rather than knee.
  38. Place the stool closer to the block.
  39. Dropping the stool, she backed away.
  40. On top of the stool sat an open book.
  41. He sat down on the stool at his feet.
  42. The stool wasn't really built for two.
  43. Harold soon comes down from the stool.
  44. She never wants a stool for anything.
  45. Placing a stool between my legs, she.
  46. Willie shuffled nervously on the stool.
  47. Jazz was perched on a stool, glaring.
  48. He sits on the bed, I on a small stool.
  49. Afu sat on the Doctor’s rolling stool.
  50. He took his seat on the stool next to me.
  51. She was sitting on a stool overlooking.
  52. As he sat on his own on a stool at one.
  53. Sam gasped, and almost fell off his stool.
  54. Sam clenched the sides of the piano stool.
  55. He fakes a death on his stool and smiles.
  56. Beth pulled up a stool next to her mother.
  57. The man then sat on the stool next to Jack.
  58. She sat on the stool Jeanan motioned her.
  59. She stood up and moved to a kitchen stool.
  60. Then she whirled about on the music stool.
  61. He stood on his toes on a stool to reach.
  62. I sit on a stool and space out for a moment.
  63. Hudson watched her from a stool at the bar.
  64. He stepped onto the stool, and out of the.
  65. Elam sat on a stool and leaned on the table.
  66. Place a weight over the ankle on the stool.
  67. Diane D approaches a stool and turns around.
  68. She sat on the low stool, and then had to.
  69. All tangled up around the legs of his stool.
  70. Handing it to Ravan, she nodded to the stool.
  71. He sat on a stool and pulled her towards him.
  73. Place the stool further away from the block.
  74. The rotavirus was eliminated from the stool.
  75. She eased back on her stool, her brow creased.
  76. Sean on a stool with his guitar smiles at me.
  77. There was a stool, and table, and a straw bed.
  78. Darren sat nearby on a bar stool with his coke.
  79. Two chairs and a stool were arranged before it.
  80. With a squeal of alarm he tumbled off the stool.
  81. Caris invited her to sit on a stool at the bench.
  82. Then he turned round and jumped off the stool:.
  83. Stand on the stool, the blacksmith ordered.
  84. He touched each table, each stool, each carving.
  85. I sat on a small stone stool to sort my thoughts.
  86. Place one leg on a stool to stabilise the pelvis.
  87. What happened? he asked, pulling up a stool.
  88. I saw a worn out pair of shoes and a small stool.
  89. Position leg on a stool rather than on the chest.
  90. Jacob wheeled over a stool and sat down next to me.
  91. Annie jumped, then slowly turned on the high stool.
  92. Squat on a stool, smear yourself with soap, scrub.
  93. He laid his helmet next to the stool in his corner.
  94. Archie sat on a stool by the hearth, his back wood.
  95. I sat down at the table on the only stool that was.
  96. I walked to the bar, sat on a stool and asked the.
  97. Place one leg on a stool so that your hip is flexed.
  98. In such cases, use a piano stool or a bench of the.
  99. I was then advised that there was blood in my stool.
  100. He stumbled over a small stool on his way to my cot.

    Malheureusement, nous avons encore d' exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

  1. He gazed round the stooled and tabled eaters, tightening the wings of his nose.
  1. Your stools will still be large.
  2. The backless stools were wobbly.
  3. Sit on stools of varied heights.
  4. These stools had padded seats and.
  5. We were sitting on bar stools in the.
  6. There were no chairs or stools in here.
  7. He sat on one of the stools and pulled a.
  8. It contained only a table and five stools.
  9. The regulars on the stools turned to look.
  10. Mary sat upon one of the stools at the bar.
  11. I sat on one of the two stools kept outside.
  12. They sit on two stools that are on the stage.
  13. However, loose watery stools occurring three.
  14. You will find low stools and bowls for hot water.
  15. Gary flops onto one of the stools with his coffee.
  16. Diarrhoea is any attack of frequent, watery stools.
  17. I nodded as I sat heavily on one of the bar stools.
  18. A nine-foot grand with stools around it and a bar.
  19. And then I sat at the bar a few stools away from you.
  20. We ordered tea and sat on the stools outside the shop.
  21. They sit on the stools and start to play the guitars.
  22. Holkey sat on one of the Lab stools and looked at the.
  23. A metal table, three metal stools and three metal mugs.
  24. After the meal we sat on high stools at the bar, a huge.
  25. There were two comfortable chairs and a couple of stools.
  26. Kids bolted from their stools and hid under workstations.
  27. Caris pulled two stools to the table and they both sat down.
  28. Pushing the wheelchair by the row of bar stools was actually.
  29. Similarly, he used to take a bath every time he passed stools.
  30. In the severe cases I have to evacuate the hard stools manually.
  31. And, while waiting, they turned slowly on their rotating stools.
  32. The village elders sat on their own stools brought by their sons.
  33. Macha, replied Yukino, seating herself on one of the stools.
  34. Rory shook his head and seeing a couple of stools vacant, flopped.
  35. Zem was sitting in one of four high stools on the near side of the.
  36. He’s sitting on one of the bar stools surrounding the center island.
  37. Grill and on the left was a long bar with men sitting on stools.
  38. A small table, of wood rather than stone, sat surrounded by four stools.
  39. Avery was sitting on one of the stools in the kitchen when Andrew entered.
  40. HYDRATION COMPLEX will help your body to remove the hard and stale stools.
  41. With a diet free from fiber, the volume of stools should be 100-150 grams.
  42. I still only saw booths, except for the bar and the spin-able, mounted stools.
  43. Nicolas and Mickey wave to the crowd as they approach some stools on the stage.
  44. It wasn‘t a large place maybe ten stools at the bar and three or four tables.
  45. This is one of the most telltale signs, especially when stools are dry and hard.
  46. Two gasoline pumps in front, a screen door, a long bar, stools, and a foot rail.
  47. Holbert and Tegna, Sullivan and Meyther, sat on stools surrounding Captain Morgan.
  48. Ladders and step stools: Consider buying a ladder if you don’t already have one.
  49. With fecal impaction, the fluids might not be enough to break up the impacted stools.
  50. Listen, Alyosha, you always speak the truth, though you're always between two stools.
  51. She greeted Beth like a long-lost friend, and led her to a pair of stools in the bar.
  52. The hands sat on the benches or carpenter's stools, or reclined upon heaps of shavings.
  53. She sank down on one of the little stools behind the counter of the booth and looked.
  54. He grabbed some bar stools that had been lined up near the door and brought them over.
  55. Once the hard stools come out from his anus, the patient could relax and breathe again.
  56. John and Khalid sit on stools next to a small table, hands still tied behind their backs.
  57. Most colorectal disorders start from hard and stale stools, whether they are big or small.
  58. Symptoms of constipation include infrequent stools, hard stools, and excessive straining.
  59. The only other patrons were four respectable, business-suited types perched on bar stools.
  60. The birth stools mentioned in verse 16 are still in use in various parts of Africa today,a.
  61. Feels like I haven’t eaten in weeks, he replied as he sat on one of the counter stools.
  62. They went into a large restaurant/bar, sat on some high stools and ordered two draught beers.
  63. There were rugs on the floor, a couch, after the Eastern fashion, and ornately carved stools.
  64. Then, turning around, I bumped into a wooden table next to which several stools had been set.
  65. Jonathan sat on one of the counter stools and hooked his heels on the stainless steel footrest.
  66. It was deprived of any windows, lit by hundreds of candles placed on the floor and the stools.
  67. I took a slice and sat on one of the red vinyl stools welded to the floor in front of the bar.
  68. As your hemorrhoid grows large, the anal canal grows smaller, making your stools harder to pass.
  69. The bar was on the far side, partially covered with a rusting tin awning and fronted by ten stools.
  70. So what are you really trying to find out? Yorthops asked her as they sat there on the stools.
  71. Remember that the large intestine is just that - large, so the time to form stools can be elongated.
  72. This will replace the water we release during perspiration and cause our stools to pass more freely.
  73. There were two stools of which Sparky was sitting on one and he gestured for me to sit on the other.
  74. For those who have enlarged hemorrhoids, soft and watery stools can leave some residue around the anus.
  75. I told her that the baby had loose stools and a bad case of diaper rash and I didn’t know what to do.
  76. If there is blood in the stools, fever or associated vomiting you should consult your family physician.
  77. She re-turned the borrowed beds and stools and kept the seventy-two chamberpots in Melquíades’ room.
  78. However, HYDRATION COMPLEX will keep your stools soft, small, and watery, and stop the painful straining.
  79. This way it�s first application will have a chance to dissolve hardened stools while you are sleeping.
  80. He sat at one of the counter stools, his grin remained like the eternal cheery salutation of the insane.
  81. It is not as badly affected as other rooms in my home and there are two or three stools left for sitting.
  82. Other manifestations include teary eyes, sneezing, appetite-loss, depression, subnormal stools, mites, etc.
  83. I could identify it by the open bar and the stools and the scattered tables, though not a soul was using it.
  84. A bar area with stools set around a dark wooden counter topped in an iridescent marble stood directly ahead.
  85. He already had X-rays of the abdomen, blood and stools tested by the pediatricians without obvious abnormally.
  86. Psyllium has been used successfully to control diarrhea due to its ability to increase the thickness of stools.
  87. You will know that you're constipated because you will have small, hard, dry stools that are difficult to pass.
  88. Children with cystic fibrosis frequently have steatorrhea (high levels of fat in their stools due to impaired fat.
  89. In simple terms, HYDRATION COMPLEX breaks down, softens and loosens the dry, hard stools that are causing you pain.
  90. To what do I owe this great pleasure, Lieutenant? Derek asked as he motioned to one of the vacant bar stools.
  91. For those that have problems with big stools, the common causes are too much fiber and an over reliance on laxatives.
  92. She confidently walked over to him with a big smile on her face and sat down on one of the black leather bar stools.
  93. You will have noticed that all these products are green, if your stools are not green, then you're not taking enough.
  94. By morning most of the excess water gets reabsorbed, but the stools will remain moist if you don�t hold them back.
  95. Visit the bathroom as soon as you feel the need otherwise you will cause dry stools, large or small both are damaging.
  96. Along, from side to side, there were the polished mahogany stools which very soon would be receiving the parishioners.
  97. An awkward, shoulderless kid with a crew cut and a police officer’s uniform sat next to her on one of the bar stools.
  98. To the side, a coffee station rests against a wall near two wooden tables and a selection of mismatching chairs and stools.
  99. Other causes of large stools are stretching of the large intestine, hemorrhoidal disease (narrowing the anus even further).
  100. The Welsh were camped here in wide tents – hard, dangerous-looking men and women sitting on camp stools, cleaning weapons.

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