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Stop dans une phrase (en anglais)

But I have to stop.
Hal came to a stop.
I had to stop him.
He was to stop at.
I had to stop there.
I pulled to a stop.
He tried to stop me.

I could not stop it.
Yet he did not stop.
I elbow him to stop.
Stop up here a ways.
I dare not stop me.
He wanted it to stop.
I can still stop him.
Then he would stop it.
You can stop it any.
The rain did not stop.
I had to stop you.
I have to stop this!.
I wanted her to stop.
The Wind will stop by.
But, do not stop there.
No end, or stop point.
We have to stop it.
You need to stop this.
But you can stop that.
Finally it was my stop.
I tried to stop her.
I had to stop the war.
Tell me when to stop.
We have to stop them?
Stop where you are now.
You can stop this, baby.
It would stop me from.
If you stop the sound.
The woman did not stop.
You are to stop her.
And stop calling me Mr.
Stop before all is lost.
On stopping at a red.
And it was not stopping.
There was no stopping it.
Soon we would be stopping.
There is no stopping them.
Then what is stopping you?
That other guy is stopping.
Yes, and a hand stopping it.
There was no stopping me now.
After stopping by the math.
The view was heart stopping.
The armies were not stopping.
There is nothing stopping ME.
Stopping was not on the agenda.
Gymnos about stopping at Chios.
Well, thank you for stopping.
Stopping volume is exactly that.
Ivan walked on without stopping.
It's stopping before the door.
He lifted his hand stopping me.
The stopping was what woke her.
I’m glad you’re stopping it.
Stopping briefly at the thicket.
By stopping clocks he buys time.
Both walked on without stopping.
He wondered if stopping having.
Nothing was really stopping him.
There was no stopping after that.
He will not see me stopping here.
I really appreciate you stopping.
The company is not stopping there.
However, nothing is stopping here.
Thank you for stopping by, Mrs.
Were the Sacred stopping us or.
What’s stopping you? I say.
She grabbed his ankle, stopping him.
The cops were right in stopping me.
Compact but good stopping power.
Not stopping to analyze her feel-.
Be stopping by the area long?
I was stopped at a.
He has to be stopped.
When I stopped at Dr.
He stopped for a rest.
I stopped to help him.
She had to be stopped.
He stopped by to say.
He stopped a foot away.
Not that it stopped us.
He needs to be stopped.
She saw me and stopped.
I stopped in my tracks.
Then he stopped in the.
I stopped for the night.
All at once she stopped.
He stopped dead in his.
We stopped for gas once.
He stopped in his tracks.
That is why I stopped by.
I stopped and called him.
It stopped just like that.
He never stopped to chat.
He had stopped the storm.
At midday he stopped by.
They had stopped in Des.
Suddenly she stopped cold.
But suddenly, it stopped.
They stopped and listened.
Sekeem must be stopped.
She had stopped believing.
Dorian stopped a foot away.
Finally he stopped on El.
I stopped and let him out.
Grimes stopped for breath.
Diomed stopped and snorted.
No, He stopped himself.
He stops with a frown.
At last, the bus stops.
And then the car stops.
Pull out all the stops.
The car stops with her.
She stops and looks down.
It's the same with stops.
He stops at the iron gate.
When the rod stops, the.
She stops tapping the tray.
Reagan stops in his tracks.
The tic tic ticking stops.
It stops her in her tracks.
Sia stops by his desk once.
Tony stops at the elevator.
And the cycle never stops.
Keep Those Stops in Place.
Uriah stops in front of me.
When the body stops moving.
In his head the music stops.
It stops on sixteen seconds.
This stops the subject cold.
Dana stops washing her hands.
It never stops when you own.
The doe stops to draw breath.
Note to self: trailing stops.
It stops once before Chicago.
MY heart never stops beating.
She stops and unlocks the door.
Rather, they use mental stops.
What stops you, then? A sigh?
He stops, and looks back at me.
Teresa stops and stands there.
Look you, these are the stops.
The elevator stops with a ding.
At some point the beating stops.
Andie stops to clear her throat.
John stops, gets out of his car.
Aaron stops short of the street.
Diane D stops and stands still.

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