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Stopover dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. I (1) had (2) will have a stopover in Belfast.
2. He first would have to make another stopover in.
3. Jessie had purchased during the last stopover in Honolulu.
4. Courthouse was only a stopover place; Danville, Virginia, was.
5. During this stopover, Jessie learned of a photographer, Henry L.
6. It was discovered during the stopover at Tristan D’Cunha that.
7. I would prefer this stopover be considered just a fortuitous opportunity.

8. Sinop proved a slick stopover, both hotel and town proving a cherry-topped bonanza.
9. We interrupted the long flight from Miami to Sydney with a night stopover in Honolulu.
10. Washington on Friday and could have Air Force One make a brief, unannounced stopover in.
11. Jessie was glad that she was able to have more pictures taken during this stopover at the Cosmopolitan.
12. A drive into London and a stopover, Jenny demands an authentic English breakfast before boarding the plane.
13. D’Cunha, he learned that the USS Dacotah made a stopover there and rescued the prisoners who were left on shore.
14. A stopover at the Foggy Harbor Jail en route back to a state prison would seriously derail my attempts at saving the country.
15. On arrival in Delhi, Modi made a quick stopover at the RSS headquarters at Jhandewalan where he met the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.
16. A short, scheduled half-hour stopover in Paris was prolonged when Peter and Kick decided to have lunch with friends in the city.
17. As part of a plan I didn’t get to vote on, I wasn’t allowed to have any contact with my old friends during the brief stopover at my house.
18. Thus we applied for, and quickly received, a visitor’s visa and off we went to Australia with a stopover in Hawaii, to break up the long flight.
19. We flew from Los Angeles to Madrid, with a stopover in London, on August 4 in the afternoon and landed in Heathrow Airport early morning of next day.
20. Maps were made; distances measured; crops were planted so that those who followed would have available food; camps were established as stopover points.
21. During this stopover and the following port calls to Honolulu that occurred during this voyage, she did everything a woman could do to attract Jonathan into some kind of.
22. Henceforth, Zeba shall start spending her holidays in India and on her way here and back you shall arrange a stopover in Athens for a few days so that she may see her uncle John.
23. Looking at all the other vampires feeding was starting to make me hungry and Akua had called me to the hospital for a stopover, and what he termed as a coffee break, not exactly my choice of beverage, but I could fit in a quick blood feed before I met up with him.
24. Jessie Hawes was thankful for the three-week stopover in Honolulu with the hotels, restaurants,.

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