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  1. He found a carven strait.
  2. And for helping with the strait.
  3. The Bering Strait now intervenes.
  4. Williams, bring the strait to me.
  5. One way is the opening of a strait.

  6. Ryzik went through the carven strait.
  7. You will see how strait I can shoot.
  8. The next call she made was to John Strait.
  9. Tell them to take off the strait waistcoat.
  10. He felt the strait open and try to grip him.
  11. George Strait & His Ace-In-the-Hole Band---.
  12. Was this what the strait looked like inside?
  13. I had thought the strait wholly out of reach.
  14. Paul Island, the Strait of Belle Isle, the St.
  15. Can pass so strait a strait; but love will ply.

  16. It was a Texas Two Step to a George Strait song.
  17. Strait into the Arctic Ocean a short time earlier.
  18. Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which.
  19. Lawrence Island, on her way to the Bering Strait.
  20. I added that Williams said the strait was closed.
  21. The shifts were 12 hours a day and 3 weeks strait.
  22. The carven strait sat on the floor, shining dully.
  23. He tell you about the open strait? Kara said.
  24. Why were you trying to keep the strait open?
  25. Strait: Narrow; a restricted and narrow path or road.

  26. Each of her six heads bent down in the strait, and.
  27. We still have to try with the strait, Callie said.
  28. Shenandoah was nearing the center of the Bering Strait.
  29. Things Have Happened To Me" by George Strait, "Got No.
  30. Away" by George Strait, and "You Don't Have the Heart.
  31. He’d assumed no one would find out about the strait.
  32. The steamers made a round-about trip through the strait.
  33. George Strait & His Ace-In-the-Hole Band will supply the.
  34. Jane and John Strait continued back towards the promenade.
  35. Strait tradition, for purity and high standards---you may.
  36. George Strait have ensured an element of elegance in coun-.
  37. George Strait, "A New Love" and "Love Will Find Its Way To.
  38. As he was departing Bass Strait and heading for the southern.
  39. Honshu, and involved commerce on the Strait of Shimonoseki, a.
  40. Maybe I’d luck out and the strait would be caught on a mouse.
  41. A strait is a place where it’s easier to pass between the Ems.
  42. Jane had collared DI Morton after she had spoken to John Strait.
  43. It seemed to me that the strait was getting narrower and narrower.
  44. Callie’s so strong she can see pretty deep into an open strait.
  45. Her hair was dark brown, long, and strait, and she wore it braided.
  46. The average man of our Christian world is in exactly the same strait.
  47. Kara said they could be killed if they failed to close the strait.
  48. The only thing amazing to me is that you’re not both in strait.
  49. He tasted the slightly burned scent of my passage through the strait.
  50. Navy to ensure that the Strait of Hormuz stays open to tanker traffic.
  51. Elder beast, do you know where the companion strait is located?
  52. Strive to enter in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will.
  53. Finally I said, I don’t understand how I could help with the strait.
  54. Emerging from the Strait of Gibraltar, the Nautilus took to the high seas.
  55. Williams said, We have to close the strait, and everyone looked down.
  56. Why don’t you stay a bit? You can tell me about where the strait took you.
  57. There were no firefighters in sight — I guess the strait really was closed.
  58. Jane walked across the room to where John Strait was talking to one of his men.
  59. Andy said, We heard he was holding a strait open up near where you’re from.
  60. Half an hour later DC Jane Tetlow and John Strait had managed to reach the beach.
  61. John Strait snatched the USB stick from the laptop and ran upstairs to his office.
  62. I realized I still didn’t have a clear sense of what threat the open strait posed.
  63. Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that.
  64. The danger here was that the Strait of Gibraltar might be blocked to Allied shipping.
  65. When I’d looked into the strait, I’d done something that had surprised the others.
  66. So why wouldn’t he want me there? Doesn’t he want that strait thing closed?
  67. That’s who Williams and Callie thought I’d seen at the other end of the open strait.
  68. A couple days ago, Callie had a premonition that I needed to go to the strait to help.
  69. Well, we think we’re running into a little problem with the open strait near my town.
  70. DI Morton then edged her away from John Strait so he could have a word with her in private.
  71. This very sobering scripture tells us that only a few will enter in at the strait gate.
  72. I don’t know how far we travelled, but eventually the Middle Sea ended in a narrow strait.
  73. Finally he said, The corresponding strait is in an ancient stratum or isolate of the S-Em.
  74. Jane stood on the rocks beside Morton and Strait as they looked down at the mouth of the cave.
  75. The John he referred to was John Strait who headed the scene of crime investigation team.
  76. Lawrence Island is about 150 miles south of the Bering Strait, which leads into the Arctic Ocean.
  77. Especially the battle in a narrow, tide-torn strait after a strong gale blew them far to the west.
  78. But now, even the most strait laced felt that patriotism called upon them to be more broad minded.
  79. John Strait picked up a blue pen and started to draw a crude floor plan of the house on the whiteboard.
  80. On this occasion Captain Nemo told me that he intended to reach the Indian Ocean via the Torres Strait.
  81. He told him about the conversation he had had with John Strait, relaying a message from DC Jane Tetlow.
  82. Like when that American woman swam the Bering Strait between the US and the USSR during the Cold War.
  83. DC Alan Potter’s first call was to John Strait, the head of the SOCO team assigned to the investigation.
  84. In the cramped space between Cape Bon and the Strait of Messina, the sea bottom rises almost all at once.
  85. John Strait, tall and gaunt, with deep brown, almost black eyes, was in his fifties and very experienced.
  86. John Strait looked closely at the picture and after a couple of moments said, ‘It might be, it might not.
  87. Betsi stood up strait and put her hands on Celeste’s shoulders, declaring in a motherly voice, Supper.
  88. So when John Strait told Detective Superintendent Demery he believed something was significant he listened.
  89. Her folks came from the Torres Strait islands and had black skins and tightly curled hair like many Africans.
  90. Tell him you were waiting for us here, and that when we got here, you coached me on looking into the strait.
  91. The fire in the grate looked impish—demoniacally funny, as if it did not care in the least about her strait.
  92. But some moments later, when he turned to me, I threw back at him a phrase he had used in the Torres Strait:.
  93. There was one person at the heart of all this, though, that she thought would be below their radar, John Strait.
  94. The phone went muffled for a few moments while John Strait called over to Gary who was talking to someone nearby.
  95. Do you not recall looking into the strait near your home in Wisconsin and seeing Lord Limu at the other end?
  96. The next day they took a ferry to Ceuta, a Spanish city on the other side of the strait, on the African continent.
  97. Mat 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
  98. Shenandoah was on course ultimately for the Bering Strait because that was where the turncoat navigator and newly.
  99. So why didn’t Graham rush you out to the strait the minute Callie told him your help was essential? It’s weird.
  100. Everyone in the room felt the strait grasp at him, but with a concentrated expression, Cordus overpowered its pull.

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