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Study dans une phrase (en anglais)

A 1954 study by H.
A recent study of U.
Study of the law ---.
Here, sit in the study.
Rob was a quick study.
Latin, the Study of, n.
Form, the study of, 81.

I study the tracks we.
She drove home to study.
He could study at home.
You came here to study.
She tried to study his.
He had to study it and.
He’s not in his study.
I study the Bible daily.
Wilder are in the study.
After the study, 19% of.
Study where it came from.
I tried to study in the.
They rushed to the study.
Botany, the study of, 36.
We used to study together.
A study conducted by the.
A study published in the.
In the two-year study by.
Geology, the study of, 36.
In the study of American.
Lots of reading and study.
Study of drawing, the, 80.
One study found that the.
The setting of the study.
The second round of study.
They study each other again.
That is why we study karma.
She sat at her study table.
Study his type of thinking.
We will study and decide.
Next would come the study.
Study it and learn from it.
Studying the words in an.
She was studying the abyss.
Or maybe she was studying.
He was studying the violin.
He turned to me, studying me.
I could not stand studying.
He was quietly studying her.
While I was still studying.
It seemed to be studying him.
So I went to studying it out.
He was studying his paperwork.
By studying the way numbers.
Henry kept studying the floor.
He was studying her intently.
He was studying her intensely.
Little studying, and lots of.
You will be studying for life.
I was studying on scholarship.
He has been studying this new.
And a lot of studying to do.
She was studying in class KG-2.
He stopped and went to studying.
He was still studying his hands.
He was studying forensic science.
Back there and here studying me.
He was studying for his painting.
I owe it all to studying maps.
The most complete studying the.
He was studying for a PhD in 47.
They have been studying all night.
He stood studying Charles Halloway.
The lengthy hours spent studying.
Nathan smiled again, studying him.
Horn sat there studying the pyramid.
They are studying in Switzerland.
When not studying, I surfed on the.
You’ve been studying your history.
She spent most of the time studying.
Vicky returned to studying the board.
We’re still studying the script.
I studied this new boy.
I studied the sky again.
He studied me, and his.
I studied the plans too.
We studied for the next.
The Devil studied his son.
He studied me and sighed.
I studied the print again.
I studied to be a doctor.
And he had studied his map.
He studied Starret for a.
She studied me with concern.
He has studied all of them.
He studied her face fondly.
Ray studied the chess board.
She turned and studied him.
All of us studied the floor.
He had studied for a good.
I studied as hard as I could.
His boss studied the picture.
Ive studied them for years.
John studied my face happily.
Nadir studied the way ahead.
Amber had studied every show.
He played sports; I studied.
Zia studied a few more lines.
Joey took it and studied it.
Matt studied the map closely.
He studied it but saw nothing.
He studied her every movement.
Suzy studied him for a moment.
She studied his shadowed face.
A field is the range studied.
He studied over 893 men and.
Caris studied Minnie’ s arm.
She paused and studied him.
I studied the unlikely woman.
Manda studied the new arrival.
Claire studied the man closely.
He studied it when she napped.
Most of the studies in.
The man who studies the.
Two of these studies, but.
Good luck with your studies.
The fact that the studies.
Studies in the Poetry of W.
Ingres, studies of, 73, 274.
In two studies, Volkow et al.
He studies my face, and grins.
Studies find all things are.
Most studies use monthly data.
A host of scientific studies.
Studies have shown that many.
He studies bugs and plants.
I want to continue my studies.
Very smart, but never studies.
Thus, a number of studies in.
The focus is studies right now.
I cited research studies on a.
Recent studies show that 3 to.
Stool studies are all negative.
Pradeep was good in his studies.
Recent studies have shown that.
Review of Economic Studies 1962.
Social Studies was sheer torture.
A number of studies have found.
These studies have shown a link.
You gave her proof of my studies.
Her studies are fine, Abigail.
Studies have shown that even 20.
In clinical studies, people who.
The Administrator studies my face.
There are many research studies.
Looked to their needs and studies.
Studies on DMAE date back to the.
Studies have shown that high-fat.
These studies have found that it.
During her studies, she had come.
Objective studies have shown that.

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