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Subject dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. This is a big subject.
  2. On the subject of sex.
  3. As it being the subject.
  4. He was a flawed subject.
  5. All the subject has to.

  6. A subject very close to.
  7. God alone is the subject.
  8. God, not just any subject.
  9. But I changed the subject.
  10. So he changed the subject.
  11. Mercer rose to his subject.
  12. Great, back to that subject.
  13. I try to change the subject.
  14. I don't care what subject.
  15. It was a forbidden subject.

  16. I had to change the subject.
  17. She then changed the subject.
  18. It is an unpleasant subject.
  19. A perfect subject of the OWG.
  20. There is no sign of subject.
  21. The subject has been covered.
  22. Biology was my best subject.
  23. Subject: Moths in the House.
  24. Jean – changed the subject.
  25. And as it being the subject.

  26. I did not pursue the subject.
  27. This subject is so messed up.
  28. And Banda changed the subject.
  29. ZJ didn’t like this subject.
  30. They are subject to our will.
  31. And the subject is closed.
  32. Now don't change the subject.
  33. The judge changed the subject.
  34. Bold the subject line too !.
  35. Back to the subject at hand:.
  36. Trying to change the subject.
  38. During dinner the subject of.
  39. So I just changed the subject.
  40. For how could it? New subject.
  41. Vine) that is not subject to.
  42. Not subject to Satan or death.
  43. The subject of karma is very.
  44. It is an inconvenient subject.
  45. What subject would you like?
  46. That a woman would be subject.
  47. That's all I got on the subject.
  48. But, I strayed from the subject.
  49. I decided to change the subject.
  50. He quickly changed the subject.
  51. He quickly changes the subject.
  52. We covered the subject at the.
  53. I needed to change the subject.
  54. Changing the subject, she went.
  55. The subject, of course, is guns.
  56. Now we are on the subject of St.
  57. Creation is subject to planning.
  58. Now back to the subject of karma.
  59. Ben changed the subject abruptly.
  60. He was his own best test subject.
  61. She quickly changed the subject.
  62. The subject is treated more in.
  63. Her favorite subject was science.
  64. I had two possible subject areas.
  65. Don't try to change the subject.
  66. I said no and changed the subject.
  67. He decided to change the subject.
  68. Subject to the above terms and.
  69. Our subject teachers were serious.
  70. Trevor asked, changing the subject.
  71. Later, however, when the subject.
  72. Choosing A Subject To Write About.
  73. And as such, they are subject to.
  74. And it will be subject to pillage.
  75. Anyway, stop changing the subject.
  76. Changing the subject, he continued.
  77. Otherwise, one subject wrote this.
  78. He had more to say on the subject.
  79. And Italian is my hardest subject.
  80. She decided to change the subject.
  81. It was time to change the subject.
  82. M: The person is never the subject.
  83. Read up all you can on the subject.
  84. Juliana pressed on with the subject.
  85. Chen, changing the subject, cut in.
  86. Changing the subject, she continued.
  87. He reluctantly changed the subject.
  88. But here is Jesus on the subject:.
  89. Just imagine if her subject is P.
  90. In order to determine the subject.
  91. But we are getting off the subject.
  93. I was well-informed on the subject.
  94. Smith decided to change the subject.
  96. The next subject was Global Warming.
  1. After subjecting him to a stare that.
  2. I'm connecting to the world, not subjecting it to me.
  3. What awful torments could they be subjecting Sharon to?
  4. A one dictator boss subjecting his laws eliminated by socialism.
  5. He’s much too important to anger further by subjecting his heir to indignities.
  6. Where are the offices? I’m not subjecting myself to miserable working conditions.
  7. Raccoon Obake huh? She said after I told her the torment that Akito was subjecting me to.
  8. She felt sorry for subjecting Alan to her whining about how little progress they were making on the tape.
  9. The Jews had been able to keep from being obliterated by subjecting themselves to the rules of the State.
  10. You know how shy she is, and subjecting her to it again on the ship wasn’t something I wanted to happen.
  11. I suggest you tell the waitress you want it mild, best not be subjecting your insides to food you’re not used to.
  12. For weeks he had been on the road, suffering fools too gladly sometimes, subjecting his body into a trial of strength of will.
  13. But they were not permitted swear allegiance to a government which was deliberately subjecting them to cruelty and humiliation.
  14. He is growing strong in spite of all that strange water dunking to which your Ani’ Yun’-wiya are constantly subjecting him.
  15. It will beat its body into condition, bend its mind to its will, subjecting both to regimens to discipline them into IT's ideal.
  16. If you don’t have either, I recommend staying out of these markets because you may be subjecting yourself to disastrous losses.
  17. My uncles shouted at me all the way from your father's home to mine, for subjecting them to being treated as if they’re criminals.
  18. Corporations had available a number of methods for retaining or recovering these earnings, without subjecting them to the penalty tax.
  19. They pour out their lives for the persecuted sheep in China both in labors and by subjecting themselves to the dangers of imprisonment.
  20. Their recourse seeks to avoid the issues by subjecting those who disagree with them to smears, name-calling, and character assassination.
  21. There seems to be no good reason for subjecting them to more stringent requirements than in the case of other types of public-service issues.
  22. The television studio, which had once been his ally, became a double-edged sword, subjecting his government to an almost unprecedented scrutiny.
  23. This example should illustrate forcibly the inherent unwisdom of subjecting investment selection to hard and fast rules of a qualitative character.
  24. As it is possible to increase the means for killing men, so it is possible to increase the means for subjecting those who hold the social life-conception.
  25. These schools and the teachers they graduate are dedicated to subjecting the nation to the onslaught of these particularly tenacious brigades of the Civil War.
  26. Although the freezing prevents their multiplication but these germs stay alive in a stage of not active as they are kept subjecting a cold condition in refrigerator.
  27. Fighting in words subjecting aggressive words is a knife holding culture changing the state of friendship and what was developed; anger sits at the bottom of the desire.
  28. They are looking, he says, for "two-inch putts," by which he means investments that will provide them with a high rate of return while subjecting them to a low level of risk.
  29. The woman got married as a virgin much to the consternation of the secret cult that has tormented her for many years, subjecting her to various discreet manoeuvres and spiritual attacks.
  30. The stone is described as enormous and he is barely capable of pushing it uphill subjecting his body to enormous work and probably – which we shall see later – to an even worse mental stress.
  31. When we give in to greed issues, we are focused outward, subjecting ourselves to, and empowering the lower passions which have the potential of ripping down the protective shield in a matter of hours.
  32. As a matter of practical policy, an individual bond buyer is likely to obtain fairly satisfactory results by subjecting himself to the restrictions which govern the investment of savings banks’ funds.
  33. It must not seem strange therefore that there exists a sort of occult identity capable of justly subjecting the second to the consequences attending the actions of the first:—Ribot on Heredity (King and Co.
  34. The eloquence and talents which had been so abundantly exhibited on this occasion, would not admit of more than a concise expression of his opinion, without subjecting him, justly, to the charge of presumption.
  35. Thus, I know that in Servia men of the so-called sect of Nazarenes constantly refuse to do military service, and the Austrian government has for several years been vainly struggling with them, subjecting them to imprisonment.
  36. At the same time he proposed carefully to nurse the Russian forces until the frosts came to their aid and the time was ripe for commencing offensive operations, and subjecting Napoleon to a second Pultava on the banks of the Volga.
  37. Christianity says: Live up to thy nature (meaning the divine nature); make it subject to nothing; neither to thine own animal nature, nor to that of another, and then thou shalt attain what thou seekest by subjecting thine outward personality to visible laws.
  38. Elena Ivanovna turned out quite innocent; she had, as I have mentioned already, no idea whatever of subjecting the crocodile to a degrading corporal punishment, and had simply expressed the desire that he should be opened and her husband released from his interior.
  39. And as it was in their power to take possession whenever they might think that circumstances authorized and required it, it would be more to be regretted, if possession should be effected by any means irregular in themselves, and subjecting the Government of the United States to unmerited censure.
  40. Even so the property of a government does not consist in being subjected, but in subjecting, and a government is a government only in so far as it is able, not to be subjected, but to subject, and so it strives to do so, and can never voluntarily renounce its power; but the power gives it the army, and so it will never give up the army and its use for purposes of war.
  41. Some believers, recognizing the Christian teaching as divine, think that the salvation will come when all men shall believe in Christ, and the second advent shall approach; others, who also recognize the divinity of Christ's teaching, think that this salvation will come through the church, which, subjecting all men to itself, will educate in them Christian virtues and will change their lives.
  42. By removing all prohibitions, and by subjecting all foreign manufactures to such moderate taxes, as it was found from experience, afforded upon each article the greatest revenue to the public, our own workmen might still have a considerable advantage in the home market ; and many articles, some of which at present afford no revenue to government, and others a very inconsiderable one, might afford a very great one.
  43. Fourthly, such taxes, by subjecting at least the dealers in the taxed commodities, to the frequent visits and odious examination of the tax-gatherers, expose them sometimes, no doubt, to some degree of oppression, and always to much trouble and vexation; and though vexation, as has already been said, is not strictly speaking expense, it is certainly equivalent to the expense at which every man would be willing to redeem himself from it.
  44. In addition to all this, we have a list of duties established at the French custom-house on the 5th August (the very day on which twenty or thirty American vessels and cargoes were sold and the proceeds given over to Bonaparte—the very memorable 5th August, the birthday of the celebrated letter of the Duc de Cadore) subjecting long staple cotton to a tariff of eighty cents per pound, short staple sixty cents, and tobacco forty cents per pound.
  45. That so far as relates to the said balances, which result altogether from accounts actually settled at the Treasury, the statute of limitation can be repealed without subjecting the Government to imposition; but that considering the length of time which has elapsed since the claims have been barred, and the little value on that account affixed to them, the repeal of the statute, unless properly guarded in that respect, may not generally benefit the rightful claimants.
  46. Resolved, That the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to lay before the Senate a statement of all claims which have been adjusted and allowed at the Treasury Department, in virtue of the law entitled "An act providing for the settlement of the claims of persons, under particular circumstances, barred by the limitations heretofore established;" and also, a statement of the balances standing in the books of the Treasury against the United States, which are barred by the statute of limitations, together with his opinion whether the said statute can be modified or repealed, as to that or any other description of claims, without subjecting the Government to imposition.
  47. Leib presented the memorial of a number of inhabitants of the city and liberties of Philadelphia, stating that they are natives of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, and citizens of the United States by adoption; and that, by a late proclamation, issued by the Prince Regent of said Kingdom, the penalty of death is denounced against such of the natural born subjects thereof as shall adhere or give aid to the United States, thereby subjecting them to the punishment for treason against said Kingdom whenever the United States shall call upon them to take part in the existing war, and praying such provision for their protection as the wisdom of Congress may dictate; and the memorial was read.
  1. The dead are not subjected to.
  2. Nor will you be subjected to off-.
  3. Only after we have been subjected to.
  4. When I was subjected to it, initially.
  5. No pet was ever subjected to euphemism.
  6. To keep out the foe and not be subjected.
  7. You will be subjected to higher scrutiny.
  8. Nor will you be subjected to off-the-cuff.
  9. I'm sorry I subjected you to his rudeness.
  10. Thus, each data point is subjected to the.
  11. The maggots objected! And he was subjected.
  12. I was subjected between a rock and hard spot.
  13. Conviction by a six-judge panel subjected Lt.
  14. He subjected Himself to unfair trials.
  15. Berkeley halls had been subjected this morning.
  16. Soon the average working man was subjected to.
  17. And then all the pain he had ever subjected me.
  18. In some traditions such people were subjected to.
  19. Every thing can be subjected to fetishization: a.
  20. If they 'entered' Cynthia, she'd be subjected to.
  21. Certain areas of the Earth have been subjected to.
  22. Th e society of today is subjected to tortures of.
  23. Females practicing Falun Gong have been subjected to.
  24. Jesus was tested in the desert by being subjected to.
  25. Somatic traumas that a child was subjected to may turn.
  26. Church is subjected to time set for that worship service.
  27. Everything in heaven and earth is subjected and responds.
  28. Th eir unconventional bearing that is further subjected.
  29. At her father's prompting, she had subjected herself to.
  30. So is it with the animal which asked to be subjected to you.
  31. During their stay women in Gulags were sometimes subjected.
  32. He was also subjected to the submarino, in a 200-litre tub.
  33. And if anything has to be subjected to control, it is this.
  34. Th e cathartic method was subjected to some improvement by W.
  35. But now we do not see all things having been subjected to him.
  36. You’ll be subjected to double standards all over the place.
  37. You are so lucky that your son is not being subjected to this.
  38. Judson was subjected to further torture; the reason is unknown.
  39. He was not told that after his death he would be subjected to.
  40. Riverine societies were periodically subjected to these extremes.
  41. A brother-in-law of Dur yodhan, after having been subjected to.
  42. I was subjected to torture, which consisted in being hung by the.
  43. Dr Hazurun was subjected to the usual tortures (beatings and the.
  44. Th e world-outlook activity of psychotherapy is subjected to the.
  45. Religious images are wholesome objects not subjected to analysis.
  46. This is beyond ethics and thus no longer subjected to ethics rules.
  47. Inmates or not, they’d subjected humans to an experimental virus.
  48. Th ese obviously existential notions were to have been subjected to.
  49. Basing upon analysis of description of patients who were subjected.
  50. But now all men, without exception, are subjected to trial of faith.
  51. It is also desirable that agents are also subjected to KYC measures.
  52. Th e sense of the world as if subjected to some objective modifi -.
  53. Informational overload: a newly-arrived cult member is subjected to.
  54. Because I subjected you, as I now fully acknowledge, to cruel torture.
  55. Probably these are religious rituals that have been subjected to most.
  56. Janet’s clothing was being subjected to a battery of forensic tests.
  57. It would wear out as ours do if it were subjected to the innumerable.
  58. A scientist repeatedly subjected a mouse named Harold to severe stress.
  59. Bhagavad Gita when prior to the battle Arjuna becomes subjected.
  60. Prior to the first sucrose preference test, animals are subjected to.
  61. Students subjected to this regimen are rigorously taught what to think.
  62. The doctor carried it to the x-ray lab and subjected it to examination.
  63. It was possible he could be subjected to more sexual torture, or worse.
  64. Trust is earned or promises are subjected to tests like any hypotheses.
  65. Th e initiated person was subjected to injuries as tokens of death and.
  66. Children should never be subjected to the loss of a parent let alone both.
  67. When you are subjected to discordant sounds and loud noises, doesn't the.
  68. He subjected me to that hard eyed stare for a few more seconds, then spoke.
  69. One who had also been subjected to the oft-named ‘evils of the elves’.
  70. And that’s a tiny sample of tests monkeys were subjected to in order to.
  71. That is, when are the stressors to which women are subjected in the past?
  72. Drivers who failed the sobriety tests were subjected to hearings and fines.
  73. It had been subjected to attack by brigands under the leadership of two men.
  74. Nor will you be subjected to off-the-cuff information of how to boost your.
  75. She did not want to wonder what Chinedu was being subjected to by her father.
  76. Every day the pair was subjected to abuse and harassment from the neighbours.
  77. Many Tibetans were subjected to incredible poverty, and most were illiterate.
  78. Halfshaft decided that he would rather be eaten than be subjected to her bare.
  79. The entire village had been subjected to a violently obnoxious odour for weeks.
  80. When the joint/muscle system is subjected to excessive force damage can result.
  81. In this way, every new list member is subjected to the same series of messages.
  82. Presence - the state of being in awareness and not subjected to the monkey mind.
  83. Each of you were subjected to nearly every trauma known to the human condition.
  84. I should have stayed so you would never have been subjected to what she did me.
  85. But now all men, without exception, are subjected to this trial of their faith.
  86. As was his custom, Jesus intervened in behalf of the person subjected to attack.
  87. I was told that some people in the prison were subjected to corporal punishment.
  88. This elevates the possibility that on 7/7 the British people were subjected to a.
  89. He was not told that after his death he would be subjected to endless torment in.
  90. Were they subjected to the same acts inflicted on Federal prisoners of war?
  91. Do you honestly think I would have subjected you to a demon? The mortal too?
  92. Gravity is a universal law and everything in this universe is subjected to the law.
  93. In 1698, however, the private adventurers were subjected to a duty of ten per cent.
  94. I just couldn’t live with the thought that you could be subjected to their cruelty.
  96. Bob rolled on to his back and was subjected to an elegant whipping on sensitive parts.
  97. As a proof of this statement let us examine a material particle subjected to collision.
  98. And Hanna was the passenger, sitting inside of him, subjected to every one of his moves.
  99. And this faked-death trick could result in her being subjected to even worse treatment.
  100. Customers at three of the pub tables were subjected to the same growled questions by Tom.
  1. On other subjects indeed Mr.
  2. We do not have the subjects.
  3. Subjects of the Emperor, 211.
  5. It came from willing subjects.
  6. His tenants were his subjects.
  7. Other subjects were really new.
  8. Many subjects his age didn’t.
  9. The use of cash killed subjects.
  10. The Jews became subjects of the.
  11. Subjects could be clever, though.
  12. I find most subjects interesting.
  13. His Hebrew subjects suffered too.
  14. When subjects are awakened every.
  15. Shooting subjects with long noses.
  16. New subjects will probably surface.
  17. She was eloquent on those subjects.
  18. Some subjects were repetitions of.
  19. A number of subjects are presented.
  20. One of those subjects was chemistry.
  21. Human beings are subjects with power.
  22. He is a king and he has no subjects.
  23. Do subjects have a heartbeat?
  24. It could be only one of two subjects.
  25. Subjects of the study also reported.
  26. Subjects ingesting Creatine and the.
  27. Lessons would include legal subjects.
  28. Subjects bowing, yelling and chanting.
  30. Ah! then you are one of my subjects.
  31. Differences on diverse subjects were.
  32. However, in the independent subjects.
  33. Maybe two different subjects wrote them.
  34. Controlling when subjects can have sex.
  35. Many subjects aged fast and died young.
  36. And he recruited subjects for the tests.
  37. Subjects were divided into three groups.
  38. Schmoozeglutton looked over his subjects.
  39. We started chatting about many subjects.
  40. So they had to keep on neutral subjects.
  41. All these subjects have been useful in.
  42. Prince gives us his subjects to discuss.
  43. Not having any power over their subjects.
  44. I bared my teeth, and he changed subjects.
  45. Let's get back to the main subjects again.
  46. Understand that hypnotized subjects may.
  47. And paid his subjects with a royal wage;.
  48. Can a soul that has no earthly subjects.
  49. Subjects served the OWG and nothing else.
  50. If the God of heaven subjects innumerable.
  51. Pick subjects within your topic that you.
  52. All the conversations were upon subjects.
  53. A ruler’s first duty is to his subjects.
  54. The process of puffing the rice subjects.
  55. In addition, study subjects who attended.
  56. I got ninety plus marks in all my subjects.
  57. Those are your subjects for this afternoon.
  58. They were simply subjects doing their work.
  59. We talked about college, our subjects and.
  60. They became subjects of the Seljuk Empire.
  61. Use of only male subjects in the experiment.
  62. They kept their eyes glued on the subjects.
  63. The subjects had, indeed, risen vividly on.
  64. Increase knowledge of subjects that inspire.
  65. These pithed subjects were useful idiots.
  66. With other subjects she was less accomplished.
  67. The subjects covered in the seminar include:.
  68. Newman's Sermons & Subjects of the Day, 1 00.
  69. But, it cannot hold more than a few subjects.
  70. On these subjects the constitution is silent.
  71. Walker's Sermons on Practical Subjects, 2 00.
  72. For a king needs subjects and land and water.
  73. And it came to show that he loved his subjects.
  74. He would not sell his subjects to the butcher.
  75. There are many, many subjects covered in the.
  76. We just discussed a lot of different subjects.
  77. Take them away, she ordered her subjects.
  78. It is only now that these subjects are taken.
  79. There are other subjects I’d like to cover:.
  80. So, in productive subjects, grow the chapters.
  81. Fear, mostly, that his subjects were revolting.
  82. Prolonged abstinence subjects showed signif-.
  83. Why I took these subjects? I realized sometimes.
  84. His subjects watched on in uneasy anticipation.
  85. At some time, subjects worked for the OWG here.
  86. He would speak on different subjects each week.
  87. But there were subjects out there disobeying it.
  88. Humanity = a few sovereigns + masses of subjects.
  89. The King’s subjects gave him a proper funeral.
  90. She had failed at saving Project X’s subjects.
  91. But these are subjects on which I will not dwell.
  92. It most likely catered to only research subjects.
  93. They spoke of subjects and situations that Jason.
  94. I always tried to not have my Research subjects.
  95. Philosophy, Religion, and other esoteric subjects.
  96. They were the two subjects in which he would excel.
  97. He always discussed the most interesting subjects.
  98. Pre-occupation with Certain Thoughts and Subjects.
  99. They chattered over irrelevant subjects during tea.
  100. He stood, a bit shakily, to face his new subjects.

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