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Submit dans une phrase (en anglais)

She had to submit to it.
Would you submit in any.
You used to submit to Mr.
Your wife shall submit to.
He had to submit to his fate.
Users would come and submit.
So Wemyss was forced to submit.

I submit to her feline wishes.
If you have it, I submit the.
You are to submit your written.
He was to submit the report for.
Well, I said, I submit to my fate.
I’ll submit it within the day.
We must then submit, or protect it.
I had to submit a list of all our.
The German cardinal wouldn't submit.
And only that agent could submit a.
Let us submit ourselves to His will.
In this program you can submit the.
The form should submit to the escape.
Step #2: Submit to the Search Engines.
She was going to have to submit to Ralph.
We tried to submit proof; but that was.
Then submit them to article directories.
I submit this query to your understanding.
If animals don't submit, he'll kill them.
Herb, would submit the plan to the Base.
They must submit a declaration that they.
Submit your articles to the main article.
I submit a proper answer would have been :.
He knew he had no choice but to submit to.
Once you see how easy it is to submit the.
She can keep receipts and then submit them.
But all eyes demanded that he should submit.
God's will is for us to submit to authority.
You must agree to submit to a test, then.
Please share this responsibility and submit.
Use your detective skills so that you submit.
Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord.
I prove they are submitting all.
They were submitting to the Earth.
Submitting a form with CodeIgniter.
Paul was talking about submitting to.
CAPTCHA, form submitting with 257-264.
He kept still, submitting to her touch.
Submitting your book could not be easier.
Submitting the resume with a cover letter.
Submitting a form with CodeIgniter CAPTCHA.
Submitting a website to the Yahoo directory.
But by submitting to leaders as a substitute.
Apart from submitting your feed into the top.
Knowingly submitting false information on this.
This is the primary danger of submitting to or.
She shivered, and inhaled sharply, submitting to him.
He wasn’t submitting to that tortured future quietly.
Submitting your site to the engines is a necessary task.
Sunni, Shi'a, Wahhabism, or what, they all are submitting.
Next, there is the story about Marcel Duchamp submitting a toi-.
Dorothea, submitting uneasily to this discouragement, went with.
Catholics had no problem submitting to Moral Police because it was.
By creating a RSS feed and submitting it into Yahoos directory you.
After thus submitting varied opinions on the problem, the Yogeshwar.
Submitting your site to a search directory is a little tougher than.
Also be regular in submitting your website to other directories that.
I had been tricked into thinking I was submitting to the Almighty Thou.
If we refuse submitting to the laws of life, it is natural that we are.
They will content themselves with submitting the following resolution:.
Two things stood in the way of me submitting to this humiliating stunt.
You should have devotion in submitting to God’s order in all your deeds.
Among us are those who are submitting, and among us are the compromisers.
There are often a number of options when submitting your link for possible.
Another thing to bear in mind when you are submitting your site to various.
Ephesians, Chapter 5: submitting yourself to one another in the fear if God.
Writing and submitting Articles to the internet is one of the quickest and.
Because you’re submitting your own website for prospective inclusion in a.
If you find yourself submitting to your fears, stop and assess your situation.
Once it's been approved there, you can repurpose the content by submitting it.
The old man was living as a convict, submitting as he should and doing no wrong.
He even got out of there once again without submitting to a homosexual encounter.
He submitted to God's plan.
Jane submitted like a child.
I submitted, he exhibited it.
This story was also submitted:.
Anisim submitted and walked away.
He submitted, but it was torture.
But as soon as I submitted to Dr.
The boys submitted, yeah, great.
The animals then are submitted to.
All which is respectfully submitted.
This trade was submitted by Peter D.
Both were submitted to spinetinglers.
To this hour they have not submitted.
She submitted all of the background.
Be submitted to the future reference.
What happens when this is submitted?
A report had been submitted two days.
These releases are submitted to press.
Ivan Andreyitch submitted and was silent.
I would have submitted to that inspection.
Anderson submitted the following motion:.
In 1566 Parliament submitted the petition.
Leib submitted the following resolutions:.
We submitted the first ten minutes of the.
Registration statements submitted to the S.
Macon submitted the following resolutions:.
These have been submitted to your inspection.
This story was submitted to me by the author.
This next story was submitted by the author.
Submitted by: Lori Yates of foxeslovelemons.
The following Heart-Wall story was submitted.
But it was not Clara, and she submitted to him.
We all submitted our requests to the Chief and.
Maks submitted a visa application for Palestine.
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the.
And she submitted to Ralph’ s sexual attentions.
Denials did not have to be submitted to Washington.
As He obediently submitted to the Father till death.
You submitted an article of 15 pages to the Annalen.
From pride and contempt he submitted without a word.
She submits altogether.
That brute beast submits.
He submits himself to God.
As he submits himself totally.
She submits her first short story.
He sees how his mother submits, coming in close.
When a book's copyright owner submits their work to Foboko.

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