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1. Share on Twitter | Subscribe.
2. I had continued to subscribe.
3. In the old days, Paul used to subscribe.
4. You subscribe to it by choice (conscious or.
5. Then tell her exactly what to do… Subscribe!.
6. May subscribe to common to receive high dividend.
7. Yoast for SEO purposes and aWeber's subscribe plugin.

8. If you subscribe to newsletters that are related to.
9. Add RSS feed button so that user can subscribe easily.
10. If a website has 10,000 visitors and 500 subscribe, the.
11. Send a blank email with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line to:.
12. You can subscribe by obtaining information at yesmagazine.
13. For detailed inputs, one has to subscribe on an yearly basis.
14. Their ONLY option should be to subscribe to your mailing list.
15. In the Dark Ages of the 1980s, I used to subscribe to monthly.
16. This plan does subscribe to the same school of thought that the.
17. Derrick did not subscribe to the ‘professional hit’ hypothesis.
18. You should aim to select about 10 relevant blogs and subscribe to.
19. This means that they don't have to subscribe to a list or anything.
20. You simply don’t subscribe to theologies that you think are correct.
21. You can get these data from TradeStation, but I just subscribe to www.
22. We also have CEOs of computer software companies that subscribe to IBD.
23. Subscribe to other business opportunity lists and see how they interact.
24. And the number of folk that came forward to subscribe was just wonderful.
25. That’s another reason why you should subscribe to the 26-Week Internet.
26. One who is clairvoyant will readily subscribe to the truth of this great.
27. Most salespeople subscribe to this strategy, even when they are not the leader.
28. It’s not on the cable I subscribe to, and even it were, I wouldn’t tune in.
29. For more articles on the prevention & treatment of sports injury, subscribe to.
30. This feed URL delivers exactly the same content to a user when they subscribe to.
31. Having this type of form on your website will let your visitors subscribe to your.
32. Shall we subscribe to the ladies good pleasures? It seems they'll have none of ours.
33. As far as my own investing, I still read IBD daily and subscribe to Daily Graphs Online.
34. If you have a PC at home or at work, subscribe to Morningstar’s mutual fund database.
35. For example this course serves as the initial incentive for someone to subscribe to my.
36. Subscribe to a few and see what they’re about before even thinking about sending ads.
37. She, in any case, seemed to subscribe to that view fully and so did the man she married.
38. Of course this is all very boring and you might think you didn’t subscribe to be bored.
39. I subscribe to a bunch of sites (free and paid) largely because it is worth investing in.
40. If you do subscribe to a tipster service, don’t just buy the tipped shares automatically.
41. It's a good idea therefore to present people with a special offer just after they subscribe.
42. I’ve indicated that I don’t subscribe to any newspapers, but read as many books as I can.
43. If I don’t already subscribe to the magazine, I try to buy a copy from my local bookstore.
44. Have you Googled yourself to see where you are on the Internet? Subscribe to news services that.
45. Have fun, subscribe to some of them and look over the ads and see which ones attract your attention.
46. I cannot subscribe to British slavery upon the water, that we may escape French subjugation on land.
47. If your offer doesn’t motivate visitors to subscribe, all of your marketing efforts will be wasted.
48. I pick the flicks I watch and don’t subscribe to Netflix or even have a high definition television.
49. Another important consideration is to ensure that visitors are able to subscribe to the blog through.
50. Captain Jhordel’s actions, I refuse to subscribe to the notion that she would needlessly jeopardize.
51. While I subscribe fully to his premises, the reasonings of my mind bring me to a very different result.
52. Put your RSS subscribe above the fold on your site and include a re-413 minder in the body of your posts.
53. Pressed to subscribe her contingent, she smiled, blushed a little, and thus complied with our desires:.
54. I can know and subscribe to principles and truth and doctrine, but that doesn’t mean that I have faith.
55. The results have been the same for those of my friends and family who have chosen to read and subscribe to IBD.
56. A page opens showing recent copies of the magazine, where you can buy individual issues or subscribe for a year.
57. England, every Sovereign of this country, at his or her Coronation, must "make, subscribe, and audibly repeat"?
58. As though one would subscribe for nothing? The fête is arranged for twenty-four hours, so food must be provided.
59. Some are more advanced and have fees to subscribe to, but the only one you will need is the web-based IQ Essential.
60. The inclusion of chat window, search engines and ability to subscribe were not commonplace amongst the websites surveyed.
61. If you subscribe to the UVS conspiracy theory then it’s perfectly possible they did the same to us in that meeting as well.
62. A key point to note is that some of these people did not even subscribe to the belief of reincarnation, prior to their regressions.
63. She did mention it that evening, and said that she should like to subscribe two hundred a-year—she had seven hundred a-year as the.
64. This is what we recommend: Gear up your resources, subscribe to the Safelist Report, and join ALL of the current top ranked safelists.
65. Folks who don’t subscribe to Consumer Reports or use its website can search for detailed information on their Blackberrys and iPhones.
66. Whatever may be the disposition of other gentlemen, I am as yet too free, too much of a genuine Republican to subscribe to such a doctrine.
67. If you wish to come and join us we have now opened our website where you can either just subscribe to the movement or you can join our troops.
68. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is a format for distributing your site content to other sites that subscribe to your content feed.
69. I'll subscribe to a press release Web site, so I can send out monthly online news releases for the book to thousands of media outlets in the U.
70. Those of you who subscribe to The Gilmo Report will note that we have discussed them in some detail in prior reports, which can be found at www.
71. Instead of wasting resources on worthless safelists, it makes much better sense to subscribe to the Safelist Report and use only tested safelists.
72. Erskine, because it was concluded in violation of that gentleman's instructions, and altogether without authority to subscribe to the terms of it.
73. Aweber is an auto responder service whereby readers will subscribe to your list and you can write to them directly as you have their email address.
74. We might subscribe to the doctrine of the trinity, but in all practicality, we then live and move and have our being as individuals who only come together.
75. The one tenet to which all subscribe is that the best investments are made when the intrinsic value of a security is significantly higher than the market price.
76. Dana) has been pleased to bestow on the American naval officers, I have not the least indisposition to subscribe to, so far as my knowledge will permit me to go.
77. Even the poorest clerks brought their girls, and it was quite evident that if they had had no girls it would never have occurred to them to subscribe for tickets.
78. So you subscribe to the theory that it’s better for the children if a couple stays together—even if they are both having affairs—than if they divorce?
79. Indeed, she’d begun to see a peculiar symmetry between the Marxist narrative of progress to which she still wanted to subscribe and that of triumphal capitalism.
80. Where undertaken, existing shareholders are given transferable rights permitting them to subscribe to the new issue on a pro-rata basis, usually with an oversubscription privilege.
81. If you subscribe to the view that options, or any financial derivatives, are evil and dangerous, we invite you to reconsider your view, especially if you want to trade on earnings news.
82. Now call me old-fashioned but I subscribe to the notion that the way a person dresses says a lot about that person and how that person regards himself…and (perhaps) other people, as well.
83. Big-name traders may subscribe to a wide variety of newsletters written by experts purporting to be able to accurately forecast the weather, but for most of us this approach is a waste of time.
84. When separate warrants are issued for the right to subscribe additional capital, that action takes away part of the value inherent in an ordinary common share and transfers it to a separate certificate.
85. My Father does not require of you as the price of entering the kingdom of heaven that you should force yourself to subscribe to a belief in things which are spiritually repugnant, unholy, and untruthful.
86. Over this type of a cyclic trend the factors of matter would become prominent and the other kinds of existing elements would all subscribe towards this mode to be highlighted by means of their kind of backings.
87. As the external inputs he would be receiving from the parent subscribe to the environment in which he lives in and interacts with, there should be perfect spiritual harmony in the Child about Islamic religiosity.
88. I exercise, therefore, a common right, when I subscribe to the resolution, not on the principles of the committee, but on those which obviously result from its terms, and are the plain meaning of its expressions.
89. He was a Christian and did not subscribe to the thought that our souls return over and over again in other forms, human or animal, until we collect enough good karma and burn away all bad karma from past negative actions.
90. Sarah continued, I wish I could convince Jameson to subscribe to at least a part-time presence at the school; it is so instructive for younger boys to have a role model of sorts, especially as they reach ten and eleven.
91. They open Current Account Personal in Bank3Sector and they subscribe adhesion contract so that they accept to operate through the Virtual Coin and of the new Computational Monetary System in the transactions of payments.
92. Much of what he heard said in lectures he thought rubbish, yet with his peculiar habit of unconsciously practical roguishness he feigned to subscribe to all that the professors thought important, and every professor adored him.
93. This is much more professional than my site, and I have a great deal of respect for the owner of this site – he offers a fantastic product and his is one of the few mailing lists I subscribe to because of the excellent content.
94. Kiyosaki points out that one of these key differences is that the rich tend to seek out experts to advise and manage much of their financial affairs, whereas the poor and middle class seem to subscribe more to a do it yourself mentality.
95. Jackson, also, in his letter of the 23d, when formally enumerating the causes of the disavowal, says expressly, that the disavowal was because the agreement was concluded in violation of that gentleman's instructions, and altogether without authority to subscribe to the terms of it.
96. This book does not constitute or form part of any offer to issue or sell, or any solicitation of any offer to subscribe or purchase, any shares or any other interests nor shall it or the fact of its distribution form the basis of, or be relied on in connection with, any contract thereof.
97. I fully subscribe to the gentleman's rule, that we must give such a construction to the treaty, and particularly to the passage just referred to, as will give effect, if possible, to all the parts; and this I apprehend may be done without having recourse to the forced construction contended for.
98. We do not subscribe to a primacy-of-earnings approach to analysis, because we have observed that few if any businesses whose common stocks are widely held are in fact strict going concerns engaged in traditional day-to-day operations managed as they always have been and financed as they always have been financed.
99. We are to oppose, or declare ourselves against the British, and in the spirit of our law and of his declaration, we are to cause our rights to be respected, not by self-destroying measures, but by actual force and open hostility, if the English nation will not, without it, subscribe to the terms which have been presented to it.
100. This has by no means been the standard viewpoint among investment authorities; in fact, the majority would probably subscribe to the view that prospects, quality of management, other intangibles, and the human factor far outweigh the indications supplied by any study of the past record, the balance sheet, and all the other cold figures.
1. Use code TOMIC1 when subscribing to the service.
2. Who could resist subscribing? Every one subscribed.
3. But you will receive it as a FREE GIFT for subscribing!.
4. Start subscribing to RSS feeds to monitor how consumers are tagging information.
5. This simple fact is what people subscribing to the substantive consolidation doctrine miss.
6. To one side we see those that are simply subscribing to the correct teaching that we have been raised to new life.
7. A person who’s a frequent traveler can maximize his credit card use by subscribing to credit cards that offers air mile rewards.
8. I also began subscribing to and reading a number of gloom and doom newsletters, which also reinforced my negative views on the market.
9. The core of Navin’s technical approach applies the Elliott Wave Theory, which he initially learned by subscribing to Robert Prechter’s newsletter.
10. Sometimes we feel more secure subscribing to a group's theory, like a church or religion, but some of us have to strike out beyond conventional belief systems.
11. I charmed the old lady by depositing a sum of money with her to provide for the three children of Katerina Ivanovna and subscribing to the institution as well.
12. Now, you need to setup one last thing in TrafficWave so your letters will have some pre-populated website links for your prospects that are subscribing to your list.
13. So far from subscribing to the necessity of the bank, I believe the revenue would be equally safe in the State banks, and could be distributed with inconsiderable difficulty.
14. What’s next? Will I be one of those middle-aged women wearing cat pins and cat earrings, drinking my coffee from a cat mug? How long before I am attending cat conventions and subscribing to Cat Fancy? I’m the little old lady in apartment 9.
15. However, if you are a fan of William O’Neil’s Investor’s Business Daily or the CAN SLIM stock selection method, or liked the investment best-seller that launched his empire, How to Make Money in Stocks, then you should consider subscribing to IBD.
16. Instead of subscribing to the theory that the only purpose of a business is to maximize profits, conscious capitalism proponents believe that increases in shareholder value are the by-product of helping customers, employees, and vendors reach their highest potential.
17. There are the same collectors of taxes, but they are becoming less and less capable of taking away by force people's property, and it is becoming clearer and clearer that people can without collectors of taxes collect all that is necessary by subscribing it voluntarily.
18. Although it may be thought that the stockholders were acquiring a normal investment through the exercise of their subscription right to purchase the issues at par, the essential nature of their commitment was determined by the initial market value of the security to which they were subscribing.
19. But the matter did not end there, and in the evening, when Mark Ivanovitch and Prepolovenko made tea and asked Okeanov to drink it with them, Semyon Ivanovitch got up from his bed, purposely joined them, subscribing his fifteen or twenty kopecks, and on the pretext of a sudden desire for a cup of tea began at great length going into the subject, and explaining that he was a poor man, nothing but a poor man, and that a poor man like him had nothing to save.
1. I subscribed twenty kopecks myself.
2. There is a genii in every subscribed act.
3. He had subscribed for the Champ d'Asile.
4. Even one that subscribed to Life magazine.
5. If you have not subscribed to one of our.
6. Who could resist subscribing? Every one subscribed.
7. I subscribed ten roubles in the cause of the Slavs!.
8. Love will conquer all when it is subscribed to in its.
9. She subscribed to every fashion magazine, art publication.
10. Institution % of 799,050 Units Subscribed In their Capacity as.
11. I was looking through one of the magazines that I subscribed to.
12. I can prove that the party opposed to me in politics have also subscribed.
13. Tolstoi, published by Sytin, subscribed and popular editions, volume XVIII.
14. Ask yourself 'if I was subscribed to this list myself, what would I want to.
15. Some subscribed to the syndicate who hardly understood what were its objects.
16. Once they have subscribed or opted-in to your list, you can then market to them.
17. You can't do this with RSS as you don't real y know who is subscribed to you and.
18. Tolstoi, issued by Sytin, subscribed edition, Volume XV; Popular Edition, Volume XXIV.
19. Though I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal at the time, it did not prevent my loss.
20. I subscribed to Investor’s Business Daily and found it much more informative on investing.
21. The register of the the said Notary is thus subscribed de Caen, S, de Quieurmont, Peter James.
22. Several blogs that I've subscribed to started off great, but the frequency dropped and then stopped.
23. Money from all parts of Paris poiured as from a sack into the house where the shares were subscribed.
24. In early 2008 I subscribed to a magazine called YES!, which I don’t think any home should be without.
25. However, if you subscribed to a different service than your intended correspondent, you were out of luck.
26. I subscribed to an online version so that I do not need to worry about keeping the old Value Line reports.
27. And I subscribed the evidence, and sealed it, and took witnesses, and weighed him the money in the balances.
28. Biriukov, published by Sytin, subscribed edition (20 volumes), notes 5, 27, 111, 134, 160, 238, 297, 331;.
29. A short while ago, I had subscribed to a new magazine for reasons other than as a potential reference resource.
30. Having subscribed to numerous email lists and joined relevant interest groups on social networks, that might have.
31. It is the declaration, be it remembered, which was made, subscribed, and repeated by Her Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria.
32. Having a hankering for outdoor musical festivals, I subscribed to the LC Sun-News and read the entertainment section closely.
33. Nevsky had always been one of those who subscribed to the view that, in these days, Ambassadors were more social than crucial.
34. On the 5th of January 1775, the remainder of them, or what was not subscribed at that time, amounted only to £136,453:12:8d.
35. In 1720, the greater part of the other annuities for terms of years, both long and short, were subscribed into the same fund.
36. For the Already Subscribed Page, you can leave this field blank to show the prospect the default ‘already subscribed’ page….
37. But you didn't love her when you had money! If you'd then subscribed ten thousand roubles or so to the choir, you might have had her honourably.
38. How do I know that? Because if they were not interested in what you are offering they would not be subscribed to the Ezine you are advertising in.
39. Apparently, he subscribed to a maxim of our less than gentlemanly, modern, smart-assed attitudes : show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser.
40. Aristotle would exhibit discomfiture with much of what public speaking stands for today, as would Plato and Cicero who subscribed to the same views.
41. The appendix is printed also in the Full Collected Works of Tolstoi, published by Sytin, subscribed edition, Volume XVI, popular edition, Volume XIX.
42. They had, at the same time, in the name of their treasurer, subscribed very artfully three hundred and fifteen thousand pounds into the stock of the new.
43. The sum stolen was small, and he shortly afterwards subscribed the whole of it, and much more, towards the funds for maintaining an almshouse in the town.
44. He only read the Liberal papers: The Russian Gazette, Speech, sometimes The Russian Word—but he would not touch The New Times, to which his host subscribed.
45. He subscribed considerable sums to the almshouse and the orphan asylum; he was very charitable, too, in secret, a fact which only became known after his death.
46. She was staring at the pages of The New York Review of Books, to which she’d subscribed a month earlier, after picking it up in her analyst’s waiting room.
47. The capital which had been subscribed to this bank, at two different subscriptions, amounted to one hundred and sixty thousand pounds, of which eighty per cent.
48. For example, when Motorola launched its Iridium phone, only 50,000 people subscribed to its services instead of the millions of subscribers that Motorola had anticipated.
49. Ansari led a strong medical mission to Turkey and even the poor subscribed; money came more rapidly than for any proposal for the uplift of the Indian Moslems themselves.
50. They were there too in a sense as the representatives of the other workmen, for Barrington carried a large wreath which had been subscribed for voluntarily by Rushton's men.
51. Your contribution is based on your ability to subsidize payment for a specific plan you have subscribed to upon enrollment and how long you have contributed for the said plan.
52. Campaigning had ended in 121 seats in twelve states, but Modi knew the interview would be carried across all the channels which subscribed to the agency just ahead of the polling.
53. In order to explain the fact that people report receiving information from past lives, the Abbot subscribed to the famous Swiss analyst’s concept of the collective unconscious.
54. Boris Drubetskoy, having left his wife in Moscow and being for the present en garcon (as he phrased it), was also there and, though not an aide-de-camp, had subscribed a large sum toward the expenses.
55. Borís Drubetskóy, having left his wife in Moscow and being for the present en garçon (as he phrased it), was also there and, though not an aide-de-camp, had subscribed a large sum toward the expenses.
56. After all, even if he subscribed to a metaphysical program I didn’t share, he had actually played a key role in jump-starting the scientific research into meditation, providing both inspiration and funding.
57. Captain Chew states likewise, that when the Commodore released the Thames, he gave him a document or writing, subscribed with his own hand, and written in the French language, and which is annexed to his statement.
58. The Gnostics had subscribed from the beginning to a similar position in having recognized Jesus as one of their Divine Beings, but they resisted the placing of the Christian God at the top of their cosmological hierarchy.
59. KITTY: And Mary Shortall that was in the lock with the pox she got from Jimmy Pidgeon in the blue caps had a child off him that couldn't swallow and was smothered with the convulsions in the mattress and we all subscribed for the.
60. Practically all of the stock of the Federal Land Banks was subscribed for originally by the United States government (which, however, did not assume liability for their bonds); the Joint Stock Land Bank shares were privately owned.
61. I had been reading psychology books for years and had subscribed to a psychiatry periodical which I read avidly but was not always in a position to understand its contents because of the scientific terms and the pharmacology of drugs.
62. The appeal to Russian society was printed among other places in the Full Collected Works of Tolstoi, published by Sytin, subscribed and popular editions, Volume XVIII; and the letter to the English newspapers was printed in The Free Press, No.
63. Our timing hasn’t been lucky overall but imagine if you had subscribed on the 23 June and bought all the existing stocks, you would be over 10% up!!! That subscriber would think me a genius, while someone who joined early on might still consider me a dunce.
64. He had entertained the school-children, he had thrown his grounds open to visitors, he had subscribed to charities—in short, his benevolence had been so universal that my driver could only account for it on the supposition that he had parliamentary ambitions.
65. His great-grandfather had evidently subscribed to the idea that marble had cooling properties, but on days like this one, the dog-slaying, hydrant-bursting, power-sucking July days, marble seemed instead to trap the heat, and all the fans could do was blow it around.
66. Afterwards, when by her efforts a committee had been formed and had attacked the subject more seriously, it was proved clearly to her at once that if they were going to dream of banquets there would be very little left for the governesses, however well people subscribed.
67. Aureliano, who was the one who subscribed to it, helped him fill in the answers, sometimes in his house but most of the time among the ceramic bottles and atmosphere of valerian in the only pharmacy left in Macondo, where Mercedes, Gabriel’s stealthy girl friend, lived.
68. Several wealthy and benevolent individuals in the county subscribed largely for the erection of a more convenient building in a better situation; new regulations were made; improvements in diet and clothing introduced; the funds of the school were intrusted to the management of a committee.
69. The old East India company had a right to a separate trade upon their own stock till 1701 ; and they had likewise, both before and after that period, a right, like that or other private traders, to a separate trade upon the £315,000, which they had subscribed into the stock of the new company.
70. This much more satisfactory experience of the investor in the Federal Land Bank bonds was due in good part to the additional capital subscribed by the United States government to these Banks, and to the closer supervision to which they were subjected, but the joint and several guarantee undoubtedly proved of considerable benefit.
71. Besides this great company, the residence of whose governor and directors was to be in London, it was declared lawful to erect different fishing chambers in all the different out-ports of the kingdom, provided a sum not less than £10,000 was subscribed into the capital of each, to be managed at its own risk, and for its own profit and loss.
72. The two-nation theory by which the ancient land of Aryavarta was partitioned was an illusion of the Indian Musalmans that was not subscribed by the Hindus of India, and had they wanted a country for them only, wouldn’t they have ceded some more land to Pakistanis, if that were needed, as a quid pro quo for ridding the Islamist presence from their Indian midst.
73. She subscribed at once to the _Times_ and to a weekly paper called the _Clarion_ because it was alluded to in one of the reviews; she showered postcards on Mudie, for whatever books she read about she immediately bought, deciding that that was as good a way of starting as any other; and she had not been reading papers a week before she came across Edward Ingram's name.
74. The following evening Barrington, Owen and a few others of the same way of thinking, who had subscribed enough money between them to purchase a lot of Socialist leaflets, employed themselves distributing them to the crowds at the Liberal and Tory meetings, and whilst they were doing this they frequently became involved in arguments with the supporters of the capitalist system.
75. How short-sighted and foolish is it to endeavor to throw discredit on these experiments which were made with the greatest care and honesty and which were witnessed and subscribed to by impartial experts, and to argue that, because other experiments made under different conditions showed a somewhat slower rate of evaporation, therefore cases could never occur in which the more rapid rate might be encountered in practice.
76. Miller in 1958,2 in an article entitled The Cost of Capital, Corporation Finance and the Theory of Investment, states in effect that as long as management is presumed to be acting in the best interests of the stockholders, retained earnings should be regarded as equivalent to a fully subscribed, preemptive issue of common stock, and therefore that dividend payout is not material in the valuations of a common stock.
77. Your committee have been attended by agents of the petitioners, who, in addition to the matters contained in the petition, have suggested to your committee that the object of the petitioners was to obtain the renewal of the charter in its present form; that, for this renewal, the bank is willing to make compensation, either by loans at a rate of interest, or by a sum of money to be agreed upon, or by an increase of the capital stock, by a number of shares to be taken and subscribed for by the United States, to an amount adequate to the compensation to be agreed upon for such renewal.
78. The marshal of the province in whose hands the law had placed the control of so many important public functions—the guardianship of wards (the very department which was giving Levin so much trouble just now), the disposal of large sums subscribed by the nobility of the province, the high schools, female, male, and military, and popular instruction on the new model, and finally, the district council—the marshal of the province, Snetkov, was a nobleman of the old school,—dissipating an immense fortune, a good-hearted man, honest after his own fashion, but utterly without any comprehension of the needs of modern days.
79. And further sayth that James Ricroft his Pylott beinge deteyned by the Companie did send ye letre nor shewed him subscribed by Ricroft, and upon receipt thereof he refused to deliver anie goods therein required to be delivered and came for England with five Caskes and halfe of Beaver skins and some Elkes skins, for the certaine number whereof he referreth himselfe to the Customrs books, And faith that he was with ye said shippe tradinge in the said Gulfe about 20 dayes and that he had for his particuler about 40 pounds of Beaver skins; He denies that he wrought by way of challenge to Captaine Vincent Harris, but if he spake any wordes it was in his drinke and is forrie for it.
80. Subscribed it, gave't the impression, placed it safely,.
1. So, when someone initially subscribes at.
2. A person who subscribes to reconciliation.
3. The left subscribes to the Karl Marx model for success.
4. Tucker subscribes readily and largely to the support of the school.
5. Anybody who subscribes to your list will receive the same messages in the.
6. To put it simply if the IPO is undersubscribed the underwriter subscribes.
7. It is only faith when the innermost fabric of our being fully subscribes to it.
8. If there really is a market for this stuff, then make the hate mongers pay and keep a list of who subscribes.
9. You could create a shorter version of a hot selling product, and offer it free to anyone who subscribes to your list.
10. Like other contrarian investors, McDuff subscribes to the idea that Wall Street analysts and investors are a bit like sheep.
11. It will send a pre-loaded sequence of what are known as ‘follow-up’ emails toeach and every new person that subscribes to your list.
12. In addition to those fine engravings from Garnery, there are two other French engravings worthy of note, by some one who subscribes himself H.
13. The complete and utter failure of Science to explain the most basic phenomenon called gravity makes almost every other explanation and theory and model it subscribes to not only suspect, but potentially invalid and bogus.
14. To demonstrate that the Navy subscribes to the Peter Principle, after Mac was run out of the NavSea Counsel’s job for insensitivity to female lawyers’ complaints about not getting promotions which they were due, Navy OGC moved him into the head office where he became Deputy General Counsel in Charge of Personnel matters for all civilian navy lawyers.
15. O‘Connor (privately) subscribes to the archaic notions oftentimes conveyed to his readers, his transparent agendum however, apparent to those properly schooled in divisive matters, must continue to sow confusion and reap resentment among the uninitiated and other individuals who are otherwise straddling the fence; whose (own) imbedded impressions about Race continue to color their thinking.

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