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Sullen dans une phrase (en anglais)

A whisper of sullen wind.
His face is sad, sullen.
And sullen hymns of defeat?
He could discern a sullen mood.
He usually was sullen and quiet.
His face immediately became sullen.
It was the sullen, scowling Burke.

Ethan looked sullen and embarrassed.
Seko’s face took on a sullen look.
He grew sullen, and began to swear.
The sullen stream lay bare and empty.
The smoke rolled away in sullen heaps.
And don’t give me that sullen look.
I came out with confused and sullen mood.
The sullen shrivelled leaves of a past.
The day dawned at last, gloomy and sullen.
Alex’s face was sullen, his lips pursed.
It was the sullen Yasala, Tascela's maid.
Is the sullen man staring back really me?
The diggers’ eyes were sullen and defiant.
Moses had watched in sullen silence as the.
Holnami continued in a sullen tone of voice.
He had become less sociable, almost sullen.
Ag, not again, he thought, with sullen anger.
His look was now veritably sullen, withdrawn.
He returned to our house sullen but defiant.
Though the sullen years and the mark of pain.
For weeks after he had been empty and sullen.
He was also sullen and arrogant, and it made.
The sullen spirit at my side broke his silence.
She was holding a clipboard and had a sullen.
Heathcliff, dear! you should not be sullen now.
Anna Andre ye \Tia watched me in sullen silence.
Heavy, sullen eyes indicated his need for sleep.
His men regarded him with respect and sullen awe.
A sullen looking boy came up and dumped his bucket.
Penn was with them, looking sullen, brooding over a.
She was sullen for all of two seconds and then smiled.
She was a sullen, but attractive woman about his age.

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