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Sultry dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was deep and sultry.
Night came and it was sultry.
The night was sultry, quoth Toby.
Nonsense his sultry aunt replied.
The stir of a breeze in the sultry night.
He was smitten with my sultry looks and.
Her lips were full, her eyes sultry gray.

A sultry advance on Scott set him giggling.
Her low voice was sultry in spite of herself.
A slow, sultry smile spread across her mouth.
He drops his voice to something warm and sultry.
I would recognise that soft, sultry voice anywhere.
And she said, all sultry, Have you still got it?
His body odor a sultry mix of clove and peeled oranges.
He pointed out Dzunga’s splendid form and sultry face.
Andrea Wallensteen was a small, sultry, sensual brunette.
During the sultry noon, that was another tough time for me.
But yet methinks it is very sultry and hot for my complexion.
The woman threw back her head and laughed, it was dark, sultry.
When I turned around, I was staring into Ethan’s sultry eyes.
Maybe it’s too early for this: Britney’s at her most sultry.
I'm greeted by warm, sultry air, and the smell of burning forest.
She was almost sultry and inviting in her actions and observations.
Sam grinned, his body responding to the promise in her sultry voice.
The weather for twelve days past has been unusually warm and sultry.
Enough of what James? she asked, trying to sound sultry but in-.
It’s the look on your faces, said Hilda, her voice soft and sultry.
With sultry eyes, he stares at me in silence, his fingers caressing my skin.
When I’m done with you, the guys will be hypnotized by your sultry eyes.
Then she shivered in the sultry faux-wood wine section, and glanced up and saw.
Tell me you want me more than life itself, she croons, all soft and sultry.
On a sultry afternoon, Grace ran to Rose, perspiration dampening her face and hair.
I’ve got a surprise for you! I responded in what I hoped was a sultry voice.
Rayne leaned in and said in a sultry voice, Maybe I did the hunting, Lord Dorsal.
In response, I knocked out a few sultry homeruns of my own with the requisite hair.
During the sultry week that followed, my relations with my father deteriorated sharply.
Mohammad was an adulterer which was and is a common as the dessert’s sultry climate.
The window on the left side of the desk stood wide open, for it was a warm and sultry day.
Come use some of that energy and keep me warm my love, Kate teased in a sultry voice.
I feel it, she answered without thinking in a sultry whisper, Oh God how I feel it.

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