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Surly dans une phrase (en anglais)

He stared at the surly redcap.
Surly all life seemed to live.
His tone bordered on the surly.
Surly the capacity to observe.
It was the surly hotel receptionist.
Surly in the floods of great waters.
Do not be surly about admitting defeat.

The present has surly changed, and with.
Becomes in manhood bloodthirsty and surly;.
Little by little Mitya began to grow surly.
There was a surly hobbit lounging over the.
In temperament, he was surly and vindictive.
Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth.
His disposition was rarely better than surly.
He became surly, truculent and argumentative.
They surly must have derived this honorable.
The Earth surly has perfected the grandeur.
It will surly find it's freedom in a new life.
This method, as I came to learn, was surly the.
In fact, he barely said a word, the surly wretch.
The man in question turned out to be a surly and.
Surly the two opposing cultures were destined to.
The following morning I felt as though I had surly.
Nothing is more amusing sometimes than a surly dullard.
It was the same two guards as before, surly, aggressive.
Surly it must have been the rain that had caused it to.
Yea, if I was the Lord I would surly destroy this place.
The realization just made him more surly and disagreeable.
Well, I thought, thats a change of her usually surly self.
D in France surly she had some connection within the company.
I WAS FEELING surly when I walked into the war room at 8:00 a.
What do you mean ‘we’?’ he asked, his tone almost surly.
Most surly this fact stood as proof of a government sanctioned.
They were surly and angry and did not even pretend to be polite.
Hebrews with the now suddenly surly Asserian-Egyptian half-breed.
Surly when this folder is presented to a higher authority, this.
Without the protections of the yellow world, the men would surly die.
This surly means keeping the Devil away with his temptations, and helping.
The other men in Frank's new unit were surly and cross, as was Frank's horse.
Mandelbaum told Shapiro, speaking in the same tone he’d use with a surly waiter.

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