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Surrender dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Surrender your all to ME.
  3. Told me to surrender it all.
  4. In other words we surrender.
  5. There is freedom in surrender.

  6. His hands shot up in surrender.
  7. He raises his arms in surrender.
  8. I held my hands up in surrender.
  9. They were asking her to surrender.
  10. Near panic I decided to surrender.
  11. You can surrender or you can die.
  12. He held his hands up in surrender.
  13. The son would never surrender it.
  14. Choosing ME means TOTAL surrender.
  15. MY word and surrender to it wholly.

  16. We will not surrender our weapons.
  17. The sign read, Please Surrender.
  18. Or else he wants us to surrender.
  19. He would never surrender it alive.
  20. Joey lifted his hands in surrender.
  21. Save yourselves, turn and surrender.
  22. But it showed no sign of surrender.
  23. We will never surrender our weapons.
  24. Adam held his hands up in surrender.
  25. I surrender completely to its force.

  26. I want your all, complete surrender.
  27. It was an amiable surrender and the.
  28. Tucker held up his hands in surrender.
  29. The boy raised his hands in surrender.
  30. Surrender is the only way out for us.
  31. The terms of the surrender included:.
  32. You have thirty seconds to surrender.
  33. Nicolas raised his hands in surrender.
  34. As usual, I had to surrender to fools.
  35. That would be too much like surrender.
  36. Confederate surrender across the board.
  37. But the communists didn’t surrender.
  38. Yet Japan showed no sign of surrender.
  39. The Major and I urge you to surrender.
  40. In total surrender to the will of the.
  41. Surrender to her? She didn’t think so.
  42. He will not demand that you surrender.
  43. He will not surrender, Kitara said.
  44. He raised both hands as if in surrender.
  45. War, without the total surrender of the.
  46. He holds his hands up as if to surrender.
  47. Don’t surrender the cause, he said.
  48. If I surrender to Him, He will give to me.
  49. And yet I refused to surrender completely.
  50. To surrender to this, is to enter the Tao.
  51. And I need you to surrender that weapon.
  52. Smartest would be straight up in surrender.
  53. Only one thing: a deep trust and surrender.
  54. Can be a surrender to the machine in you….
  55. Q: This is what I call surrender to the Guru.
  56. Tarleton had ridden home from the surrender.
  57. I have no other choice but to surrender to.
  58. She says that loving trust, total surrender.
  59. At this point Arjun’s surrender is complete.
  60. We do not have to be afraid of surrender to.
  61. This helpless, drifting surrender to emotions.
  62. The surrender recognizes two in one principle.
  63. Please, you are outnumbered, just surrender.
  64. I will surrender only to David Mac Gollywash.
  65. If Peter were caught, then Sam would surrender.
  66. How did your men fare after the surrender?
  67. They will commit suicide rather than surrender.
  68. We surrender in silence the lives of each child.
  69. He stood back and raised his arms in surrender.
  70. Now, surrender this ship or we will destroy you.
  71. Wired into everything she pleaded her surrender.
  72. Rachel got out of the seat with total surrender.
  73. Some of the terms of surrender were as follows:.
  74. Hitler never intended to surrender to the Allies.
  75. What terms do you offer me for my surrender?
  76. He was slow to surrender; he disliked to give in.
  77. He put his hands up in surrender and said My bad.
  78. Both insist on surrender but both duplicate race.
  79. Perhaps we should surrender, suggested Edwin.
  80. Surrender would be an option, but insurance would.
  81. Man will never be willing to surrender before God.
  82. Christianity is hinged on how well we surrender to.
  83. His open palms were clearly a gesture of surrender.
  84. His forces were surrounded and forced to surrender.
  86. She tried to get me to surrender the ship and crew.
  88. Commit and the surrender of this process day by day.
  89. I get it, he held up his hands as if to surrender.
  90. We are Leaf Children and we command tou to surrender.
  91. It was no wonder the axle was beginning to surrender.
  92. It was hoped that they would surrender at that point.
  93. I surrender myself to conscious unity with the highest.
  94. The few who managed to surrender were allowed to live.
  95. M: Self-surrender is the surrender of all self-concern.
  96. White, the color of truce, surrender, and healing pus.
  97. She wants you to surrender to her and no one will die.
  98. When word was received of the surrender, they had left.
  99. Then there would be a need to repent and surrender to.
  100. Doria turned red, and the surrender came in a few days.
  1. It was better than surrendering.
  2. But Lois pressed on, not surrendering.
  3. With a surrendering gesture, she saw it.
  4. That is how most of us view surrendering.
  5. Loss of control and surrendering is what.
  6. Surrendering brings about important change.
  7. Surrendering to Packwood was not part of her plan.
  8. Garcia closed his eyes, surrendering to her affection.
  9. I can give it to you, Garcia said, surrendering.
  10. Being a Poor House means surrendering ourselves to the.
  11. Love is not about conquering, it is about surrendering.
  12. After surrendering, the group was dragged off to the stadium.
  13. She had a sudden vision of the city surrendering to wilderness.
  14. Surrendering to the pleasure of the moment, the sudden thought.
  15. In surrendering herself thus, she ensured his surrender forever.
  16. That is what our situation truly is with regards to surrendering.
  17. Perhaps these people did not know the proper mode of surrendering.
  18. Their life lies in surrendering their personality in contemplation.
  19. But it was both men's respect that led to many Apache surrendering.
  20. Perhaps she’s the only thing keeping him from surrendering totally.
  21. I have come to call this surrendering staying on the golden thread.
  22. That comes by surrendering to the divine presence that inhabits the soul.
  23. As the plane rose, I leaned into his arm, surrendering to total exhaustion.
  24. It is Jules Favre sobbing on Bismarck's bosom and surrendering every thing.
  25. Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things.
  26. No one passes through here without surrendering their weapons and armor to us.
  27. Monks surrendering the guns and explosives they were using against the Chinese.
  28. The weaklings give up while the brave, far from surrendering, just fight harder.
  29. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
  30. Of course, Fos said, surrendering to the warmth flowing from the gods hands.
  31. In other words, preliterate humans were always surrendering to their unconscious.
  32. A mural on the far wall depict�ed Cornwallis surrendering his sword at Yorktown.
  33. Maybe it was not such a good idea surrendering his knives to the guards, after all.
  34. He called for readiness to compromise always, but without surrendering self-respect.
  35. They (correctly), forever after blamed the Army for surrendering them in such a way.
  36. Having trust in the moment of Now is measured by the quantum of your surrendering to it.
  37. The more you practice the better you will be at surrendering to your body’s sensations.
  38. I was looking forward to nursing you back to health, he said, surrendering the spoon.
  39. It is in surrendering to what is that you can return to the serenity of the Now moment.
  40. By surrendering, Tolle does not mean giving up or failing to rise to the challenges of life.
  41. They were astonished to see us approach from the south but had no intention of surrendering.
  42. Perhaps you should consider surrendering, Gorthyk, Father Charlz Kaillyt said somberly.
  43. She was surrendering with every second, unable to stop the world from shattering around her.
  44. Surrendering conscious control to the interest of a poem, however, may be a tall order for many.
  45. I wanted to hold back, but a soft, surrendering voice inside me said, Just go with it, Lindsay.
  46. Any man that thinks a little dares not to wrong these weak creatures which are surrendering to him.
  47. Hence the terrified wrinkle of those brows; hence all those great souls surrendering their swords.
  48. The mere thought of surrendering conscious control terrifies them, making the speaking impossible.
  49. She dropped the subject and looked out at the waves again, surrendering the onus of making conversation.
  50. I suspect in future the Emperor’s foes will think twice about surrendering to his Army of Correction.
  51. This was undoubtedly the best seat in the house and he wasn’t sure surrendering the high ground was a good idea.
  52. The Yank was out when I returned, so I stripped and sprawled on top of the bed, surrendering to heat and exhaustion.
  53. But we can go further by surrendering and starting to work hand in hand with Karma, as we would with our headmaster.
  54. Yes, he said, surrendering to Ralph’s embrace and rejoicing in the sensation of the man’s lips on his throat.
  55. She was mortally afraid of being laughed at for surrendering, after her many and vehement declarations of independence.
  56. It is impossible to arrest someone during a fire-fight! Therefore, he is going to die or be arrested after surrendering.
  57. He doesn’t care that Wisty and I stopped General Matthias Bloom from surrendering our City to the wicked Mountain King.
  58. Remember, the keys are sincerity, acknowledgment, surrendering control, trusting and waiting (while staying in His Word).
  59. When I was young and had homework to do, I'd look for any number of distractions before surrendering and getting stuck in.
  60. Surrendering to God does not involve leaving the world, but realizing that everything happens in accordance with divine plans.
  61. Just then, a mem’ry came to me: I saw a vision of myself with arms outstretched and shoulder high, surrendering the whole of me.
  62. Surrendering some control, we were walking away from him, dissatisfied in the unknown solution we desperately wanted to be a part of.
  63. Oh, it could happen to anyone, Sandy, my boy, said Rufus, surrendering to the situation and plastering a grin on his gaunt face.
  64. This he volunteered to send me, surrendering it to my late friend Debie Ginsburg, who somehow manhandled it down to a mailing service.
  65. Surrendering completely to the Muse is the key, and only a few poets—like Shakespeare in his dramatic poetry—have ever mastered it.
  66. Later, I did the same thing with my arms held out wide on either side, going round and round, my body surrendering to Lady’s as we moved.
  67. Surrendering, I ascertained by all Our clothing, when We were: still homeward bound…but time had lapsed, and I was still outside Myself.
  68. Claire took them? Why would she want to take the results? Did that mean she sent the text at lunch? Did that text mean Claire was surrendering?
  69. Dolokhov, running beside Timokhin, killed a Frenchman at close quarters and was the first to seize the surrendering French officer by his collar.
  70. Dólokhov, running beside Timókhin, killed a Frenchman at close quarters and was the first to seize the surrendering French officer by his collar.
  71. Just as the Son of Man was a son and a servant of the Most High, we too can be one with the Father by surrendering our will and being a child of God.
  72. She had found it calming she told him and that it brought on a sense of surrendering to rebellion and that her elders for doing so, often rebuked her.
  73. This young warrior had earned his own respect from the ant people for his quick techniques, resilience, and determination when it came to surrendering.
  74. I wanted to say this about surrendering because of what I see all around me—our mistaken assumption that the conscious mind alone can guide us to a more.
  75. That sounds like a worthwhile mental exercise and would be much better than simply surrendering myself to the way things are and wait for the end to come.
  76. Even the warships of the French Fleet in Toulon had been taken intact, their commanders surrendering without a fight to the Free French troops of General Leclerc.
  77. The duty of surrendering is only worse than receiving surrender, and the American officers by every courtesy strove to lessen the humiliation of the defeated foe.
  78. For reasons I couldn’t explain, fleeing the house felt like surrender, and I was not surrendering to this man, whoever he was, whatever his ultimate motives were.
  79. At least that’s what he told himself day after day, year after year, until surrendering to the irrefutable truth that the life he was meant to live had been stolen.
  80. That’s why the sight of European troops surrendering to the Japanese – an Asian people – in Hong Kong and Singapore during the Second World War had such an impact.
  81. That, she pointed at my chest with her empty hand, is the truth! If that’s not magical… she said, surrendering the remainder of the thought to an open-palm.
  82. Ben, who had been for a moment with Polly, now came into the room with his usual noisy bustle, and Deena got up and, surrendering the baby to the nurse, led the way downstairs.
  83. Not too long before, I’d been pretty cool with the idea of surrendering myself to get Justine back, but self-sacrifice suddenly seemed a good deal more concrete and terrifying.
  84. Therefore He let them see the science of our Master Adam (cpth) until their spirits admitted His Wisdom and submitted to His selection and His Omniscience surrendering and yielding to Him.
  85. For example, when the night lets fall its darkness, it creates silence and quietness which help us in having a rest and in surrendering to sleep as we have mentioned in ‘Ad-Duha’ fortress.
  86. So I sang about a teenage girl surrendering to an unworthy, older man in You Little Fool, and the horror of a parade of relations at the fate of a doomed and wasted youth in The Loved Ones.
  87. His white face was slippery with sweat and pulled from the struggle of living, neck ropey with the battle for breath and his head bowed as if surrendering to the war for life that was being waged in his body.
  88. Some of the most distinguished philosophers of past and present ages have adhered to this line of thought, without surrendering their faith in God as the Supreme and Everlasting Energy and Life of this universe.
  89. Several citizens glanced in the sheriff's direction and were clearly disappointed to observe that he had elevated the barrel of the Colt Navy skyward again and was not actually going to fire at the surrendering thief.
  90. And what, sir, are you doing? Virtually fighting the battles of his foes; surrendering yourself to the views of his adversary, without a plea—without any thing to justify your becoming the victims of his blasting ambition.
  91. As Aretha Franklin belted out the last few lines of I Will Survive before surrendering the computer-contained stage to Disturbed so they could regal her with Stricken Nicole was overcome by the feeling that she was being watched.
  92. Garrett, emotionally scarred but intent on gaining the respect of his monarch by surrendering a member of Welsh aristocracy, fights an overwhelming attraction and the need to protect this woman, despite the charge of witch that hangs over her head.
  93. We can often conquer this freedom by surrendering to the need to return to the womb through regression, and deciding to re-live the original experience registered in our cellular memory and in our fetal I, by projecting it on substitute maternal figures.
  94. The advocates of the amendment also said that they were averse to legislating blindfold, to voting millions without knowing for what, or to surrendering up their judgments to Executive discretion, under an idea that the President would not borrow more than was necessary.
  95. How could I ask forgiveness without knowing for what fault? He only punished me by no longer entirely giving himself up to me, by no longer surrendering to me his whole soul; but to no one, and under no circumstances, was his soul surrendered, any more than if he had none.
  96. These consolidations pose a higher threat to the individual, and therefore the individual is more likely to join a group, thus surrendering some personal freedom for collective governance – protection – and decreasing both the conflict and disequilibrium in the system.
  97. And yet, before surrendering myself to the unknown, I wanted to walk along the sand with half-closed eyes and let the cooling waves wash my tired feet, to fill my palms and contain some of that wrinkled and wizened sea, and leave my footprints there with no others in sight.
  98. In the case of a collective for defense, the liberation from external enemy violence by alliance occurs by surrendering absolute anarchy's threatening autonomy: the freedom to engage in conflict with any other without consequence other than loss of property or mortality, e.
  99. Any man who thought with half the ability with which the gentlemen do, must have believed that in voting for war, he was probably surrendering himself politically a victim on the altar of his country; yet it is frequently declared, that the majority have declared this war to preserve their seats.
  100. Know therefore O Baruch that as Adam through this very tree obtained condemnation and was divested of the glory of God so also the men who now drink insatiably the wine which is begotten of it transgress worse than Adam and are far from the 17 glory of God and are surrendering themselves to the eternal fire.
  1. His mind surrendered to the.
  2. He surrendered to their justice.
  3. It surrendered to the French in.
  4. He surrendered His will to the.
  5. I surrendered the outcome of the.
  6. It was so easy now, so surrendered.
  7. Lee had surrendered to General Grant.
  8. I surrendered of my own free will.
  9. They killed everyone who surrendered.
  10. Why? She surrendered the clippers.
  11. It was as if she suddenly surrendered.
  12. They simply surrendered to Rockefeller.
  13. On August 14, the Japanese surrendered.
  14. They surrendered, then, to the pent-up.
  15. Those that had surrendered immediately.
  16. Like Winston before me, I have surrendered.
  17. Oh, he really died when Lee surrendered.
  18. The docile towns surrendered, and the mob.
  19. Herold surrendered and was taken prisoner.
  20. His mind had surrendered to unquestioning.
  21. No one had come out; no one had surrendered.
  22. Peace is the fragrance of surrendered heart.
  23. Some surrendered peacefully when challenged.
  24. Gowr surrendered the command chair to Garcia.
  25. And I was with Johnston when he surrendered.
  26. Bear witness that we have surrendered to Him.
  27. The Byzantines surrendered near Cairo in 641.
  28. How the hell could that be? He surrendered.
  29. She surrendered her soul over to the dark side.
  30. But Terraroja had surrendered, Fanny said.
  31. The man raised his hands to say he surrendered.
  32. The Lambs surrendered at discretion, and roared.
  33. Francis surrendered the oars and embraced Shrimp.
  34. He surrendered and others were sure what he was.
  35. He surrendered to the urge to touch her shoulder.
  36. Him—in the same way Christ surrendered all His.
  37. I simply surrendered and did it with great peace.
  38. Reluctantly the biker surrendered his socks to him.
  39. Missouri and the West, surrendered in late May 1865.
  40. A few surrendered and only two had to be shot down.
  41. He surrendered himself to the police that afternoon.
  42. A few days later the German government surrendered.
  43. Most Dakota warriors surrendered within a few months.
  44. A week later the remaining German forces surrendered.
  45. I surrendered everything thereon to Sai Baba and I was.
  46. We nearly had to wipe them out before they surrendered.
  47. I surrendered myself to him to use me as his instrument.
  48. I did some healing for this woman and surrendered her to.
  49. One son only remained, and he surrendered to the Russians.
  50. The pirates on the surface surrendered without resistance.
  51. It was an assertion of ownership, and I surrendered to it.
  52. They surrendered their weapons without putting up a fight.
  53. But whatever the reason he surrendered letting me enjoy him.
  54. The enemy has surrendered and you have come out victorious.
  55. You have surrendered the philosophical high ground if you.
  56. Then we entered the war and Harris surrendered his license.
  57. With the fading of twilight, Credit finally surrendered to.
  58. Anderson surrendered the Captain’s chair as soon as they.
  59. Liverpool as both had essentially surrendered to the British.
  60. When the city surrendered, he consented to be invalided home.
  61. They immediately surrendered when they heard who had arrived.
  62. A Poor House Christian is one that has surrendered all things.
  63. He surrendered into tears and made a commitment to his healing.
  64. Watie, the Cherokee Indian Chief, surrendered his battalion to.
  65. I surrendered and did what she asked but in the end my anxiety.
  66. The two closest officers surrendered their chairs to the guests.
  67. She surrendered to him, going limp, hoping for grace within him.
  68. After what seemed like a very long time, I surrendered to the.
  69. Where people have surrendered their hearts and inner lives to.
  70. Without hesitation Josef surrendered his sword to the guard who.
  71. In the end, the peace faction did win out and Japan surrendered.
  72. Then we can put in our reports that you surrendered voluntarily.
  73. But, he surrendered to the moment and trusted things to work out.
  74. Then they (Qurayza) surrendered and the apostle confined them in.
  75. Those who did not try to run either died fighting or surrendered.
  76. She closed her eyes as she surrendered completely to his passion.
  77. She seemed oddly surrendered in some way that I couldn’t place.
  78. We have surrendered to you, but now the Nogays are oppressing us.
  79. Finally trapped between the sea and us, the survivors surrendered.
  80. He had surrendered all hope for Jeffrey and Alan, as well as for.
  81. I surrendered it for all the reasons stated in my coded messages.
  82. The very moment the fleet advanced by water, Cornwallis surrendered.
  83. Data surrendered Tammas to the guards, and immediately took the helm.
  84. Mitchell had then surrendered himself to the Captain and had meekly.
  85. It is the surrendered life that becomes a great channel, a vessel for.
  86. Despite Haki's efforts, some of the hurt or surrendered foes were alive.
  87. In 1902, after nearly three years of bloody war, the Boers surrendered.
  88. He told Brother Nasri and they both surrendered their lives to God of.
  89. The fully surrendered Christians have meaning and purpose in their lives.
  90. I have sincerely repented to You, and I am of those who have surrendered.
  91. Your brother had surrendered himself before battling with the cruel world.
  92. I felt the relief in his body when I gave in and surrendered myself to him.
  93. He transferred to the MPs a couple of months after the Krauts surrendered.
  94. The worker lost the vision and its brain surrendered to a singular thought.
  95. They surrendered to each other and found complete peace in each other's love.
  96. Garcia surrendered the remaining photon torpedoes to Craig and he confirmed.
  97. He gladly surrendered everything, so that you could have a chance to triumph.
  98. Tammas smiled, his eyes closing as he surrendered to Deanna’s embrace, and.
  99. Next we were led to the capital of the Ocro who also surrendered immediately.
  100. Finally the burglar surrendered saying, I give up; the place is surrounded.
  1. Evolution surrenders to time.
  2. You win when the other surrenders.
  3. Uriah surrenders his gun without question.
  4. Unto the earth surrenders all its spoils;.
  5. To The Mind That Is Silent, The Universe Surrenders.
  6. And the one who surrenders all shall gain The Victory.
  7. Love does not win, it surrenders to each their own creation.
  8. To a mind that is ‘still’, the whole universe surrenders.
  9. Mr Hooperman surrenders with his hands and cautiously complies.
  10. The ego cannot see the truth of the path unless it surrenders to it.
  11. You know what happens when the girl surrenders to the man’s charm, don’t.
  12. Once a person surrenders to Jesus, it is all the work of Jesus from that moment on.
  13. At that point, Nybar either surrenders or we take the town away from him the hard way.
  14. In Arabic, the word ‘Muslim’ means one who spiritually surrenders to their Creator.
  15. Impregnable Malta surrenders without a shot; his most reckless schemes are crowned with success.
  16. It will succeed if the poet surrenders to what is happening; it will fail if the poet doesn’t.
  17. Christian: The Child who lovingly pleases his father’s wishes and surrenders to his loving care so as.
  18. In other words, that Great Nation subconsciously surrenders its role as World Leader because it has lost the Will to Lead.
  19. The Shenandoah boat crews boarded the four whaleships and the boarding officers received surrenders from the mates and crew.
  20. As the President surrenders his right to confidentiality as Chief Executive, the entire case suddenly rested on an 18 minute erasure.
  21. My inner self surrenders and objects at the same time: But, you don't want to be a prisoner of this good health forever isn't it?
  22. There, man surrenders to the sleep and does not wake up unless God gives back the choice to his spirit and resumes His former favor upon it.
  23. Kerr has said that every attachment has two sides: one loves, and the other allows himself to be loved; one kisses, and the other surrenders his cheek.
  24. That is the principle of belief, and by such belief and that witnessing man surrenders to his Provider after he has seen that He Glory to Him is more.
  25. But oft’ such Risques are needless, for the Prey surrenders ere we raise our Flag! The Great Age of Pyracy is past, my Sweet, but the Legends about Pyrates daily increase.
  26. Here surrender is not a bargain between two entities or an instrument to attain something that is superior to surrender itself rather a seeker surrenders his separateness to have an experience of the divine oneness.
  27. And he defers to her because he trusts her perhaps, but I fancy rather as if he wished to make up for some subtle wrong, for that sentimental unfaithfulness which surrenders her happiness, her life, to the seduction of an idea.
  28. An entire brigade under General Augereau, the brother of the marshal, is surprised on the 9th, by the Cossacks of Orlov-Davidov and Seslavin, and surrenders! Napoleon has still enough natural feeling to be moved by this new misfortune.

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