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Swamp dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I was in a swamp.
  2. He lives in a swamp.
  3. The songs of the swamp.
  4. You have to cross the swamp.
  5. This is the Swamp of the Lost.

  6. There is a way out of the swamp.
  7. A pestilential swamp on Sicily.
  8. My soul was with the swamp tonight.
  9. The Jackal brought him to a swamp.
  10. The place was not a swamp anymore.
  11. It's name means swampiest of swamp.
  12. Would she wind up in some swamp in.
  13. It's not far, just across the swamp.
  14. I walked on, with the swamp beside me.
  15. This is real swamp layout and lighting.

  16. The humidity of the swamp was palpable.
  17. Bathing with swamp shampoo & toad soap.
  18. We continued to walk and came to a swamp.
  19. I’m not turning the body in this swamp.
  20. Any more crazy turns and I’d swamp her.
  21. Join the work release forced labor swamp.
  22. They are trying to swamp me with.
  23. I was thinking about near the sacred swamp.
  24. Not since our mad excursion into the swamp.
  25. It's still over a mile deep under the swamp.

  26. After you cross the swamp you are very close.
  27. The devil crawled into the swamp and thought:.
  28. The swamp is part of the forest; it accepts you.
  29. To reclaim our swamp lands, howl at the Chinese.
  30. If they lose the other the sea will swamp their.
  31. The ghost spewed out the mass of swamp water that.
  32. A warm, moist wind blew like the breath of a swamp.
  33. On this day Abraham and I did not head for the swamp.
  34. It was muddy before, now it will be a perfect swamp.
  35. The area is a rich habitat of mangrove swamp and mud-.
  36. In any swamp a fire will have to be built on a platform.
  37. But among this swamp of both revealing and interesting.
  38. A thick blue angular head pounced out of the swamp and.
  39. Aureliano Segundo caught up with her on the swamp road.
  40. It’s more of a swamp, granted, but it’s not a marsh.
  41. It may be in population, but Trenst's fame is the swamp.
  42. We had a much needed shower after wading through a swamp.
  43. Over at the far end of the swamp was a brooding rock with.
  44. They should be playing something totally stillwater swamp.
  45. Within seconds, several other black-clad figures swamp her.
  46. The hole in the swamp where he was born a puny human being.
  47. The Slavs were considered swamp creatures, the gypsies and.
  48. The nearest swamp that I know of is at Boggy Hollow, though.
  49. Maybe while he’s gone I could kind of swamp out his joint.
  50. VO: Man! I will tell you, it smells like a swamp out here.
  51. SWAMP THING, who was made out of material as strong as steel.
  52. Some lived just on the other side of El Camino by the swamp.
  53. He would have to retrace his steps, crossing the swamp alone.
  54. The door bursts open; the two youngsters rush in and swamp me.
  55. As reluctant as he was to enter the swamp, Calebrealized this.
  56. After what seemed a long time walking, they approached a swamp.
  57. I guess the slosh of my feet in swamp water turned their heads.
  58. They'll never reach the sacred pond and never escape the swamp.
  59. It turned to swamp and pulled her down in confused nothingness.
  60. Jaracaca Swamp we named it in the map which we are constructing.
  61. This is our swamp and we have no need for trade with other clans.
  62. Decay is rapid in a swamp so choose wood that is not far decayed.
  63. If the island was indeed a putrid swamp, it left Derek to ponder.
  64. We made about three versts in a circle, and walked past the swamp.
  65. You can’t clear the swamp if you’re up to your arse in croco-.
  66. But the day would disappear and get lost in the swamp of yesterdays.
  67. The water rushes up to swamp over his feet before it rolls back out.
  68. When the Elephant died in the swamp the Jackals came and ate him up.
  69. This sacred part of the swamp was near where iron-ore was strip-mined.
  70. The swamp shifts because the garbage has turned alive over the years.
  71. Beyond the grass, and to the left, was a black-looking tamarack swamp.
  72. We watched the moon rising over the swamp from Abraham’s front porch.
  73. He could hear and smell that the swamp extended a long way downstream.
  74. When Ivan came to the swamp he found that the grass was not very thick.
  75. Down in the lower basin where Gorunda is, there's a lot of swamp also.
  76. You can’t clear the swamp when you’re up to your arse in alligators.
  77. Because the birds still left in the swamp were the right ones to kill?
  78. It is a swamp adder! cried Holmes; the deadliest snake in India.
  79. I broke her neck and dumped her in the swamp and the alligators ate her.
  80. Making a mental note of his location, he veered right, flanking the swamp.
  81. Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Tanaris, The Hinterlands, Thousand Needles, Western.
  82. It tried to wash away the rottenness of its rulers with diseased swamp water.
  83. The headless horseman existed only to kill travelers going through the swamp.
  84. After the rain the edges were a swamp, with water standing in every hoofprint.
  85. Because Ulfric doesn’t give a swamp troll’s dung heap about what we want.
  86. Dante! There’s somebody in that swamp! We have to save them! He barely.
  87. Except it wasn't the frontier, they were in the middle of a humid, smelly swamp.
  88. She knew better what was happening to his leg in this tropic hothouse of a swamp.
  89. By the very numbers of their bows, they began to swamp the archers on the cliffs.
  90. I can’t stop lightning, or swamp gas, or spontaneous combustion, or depression.
  91. Drive to the far end of the old K Mart car park where the canals become a swamp.
  92. I never went near the house, but struck through the woods and made for the swamp.
  93. The swamp is always shifting and rolling, like the great tides of the Hroon ocean.
  94. That's real swamp music they're playing like I haven't heard since I was here last.
  95. We read that the traveller asked the boy if the swamp before him had a hard bottom.
  96. There’s a canoe at the mouth that will bring you downriver towards the swamp cats.
  97. The plants can drag unwanted intruders, and the fatally curious, deep into the swamp.
  98. The creature, whatever it was, had crossed the swamp and had passed on into the forest.
  99. What could be a swamp water creature with half an eye and half a limb, he knew, was not.
  100. My husband is experienced with the tricks of the swamp and will protect you from ambush.
  1. Without his huge friend swamping him, he wasn’t.
  2. This will have the effect of swamping the spy signal.
  3. Debt swamping weaker countries and scaring even the stronger ones.
  4. Tell me these things, instead of swamping me with subtleties of sentiment.
  5. To go with its sky swamping size there came a dull rumble that shook the very.
  6. On July 7th, a frightful storm raged, swamping the trenches and adding to the difficulties and discomforts of the army.
  7. The trip is fraught with gripping, heart-stopping action, including a swamping of the raft in the treacherous river rapids.
  8. With no new leads on the murder, she’d returned to dealing with the pile of other ongoing investigations swamping her desk.
  9. Axel grabbed a spear and reloaded the shotgun as he ran to assist, anger and hatred swamping his other emotions in a blind fury.
  10. And a few metres away, a group of men are swamping a young women, every now and then flashes of her flesh betraying her position.
  11. A low freeboard increases the possibility of swamping the boat or dealing with regular water which will slowly the boat even more.
  12. They are the ocean of undead filth swamping and suffocating and drowning your sleeping aura with their insane horrors purely by their numbers.
  13. Those in the life-boats longed to return and pick up some of the poor drowning souls, but they feared this would mean swamping the boats and a further loss of life.
  14. Volumes of dust were swamping beds, blankets, boxes, buckets, and in fact everything; and a more miserable scene could scarcely be beheld by a party of benighted pilgrims.
  15. George Alvin Wiley is best known for his effective use of the so-called Cloward-Piven strategy, which called for swamping the welfare rolls with new applicants, beyond.
  16. Before the life-boat was launched he passed along the port deck of the steamer, commanding the people not to jump in the boats, and otherwise restraining them from swamping the craft.
  17. Despite the rigors of the location shoot and the requirements of the script, including a swamping of the raft in the river rapids, Marilyn, wringing wet, out of sorts and out of breath, is still a vision.
  18. With a swarm of 102 Chinese missiles swamping their air defenses, all but two of the Japanese destroyers were hit and either sunk or gravely damaged, with the unlucky AKIZUKI absorbing one of the missile impacts.
  19. And isn’t this the typical complaint? I have never resisted change, even when it has been called progress, and yet I felt resentment toward the strangers swamping what I thought of as my country with noise and clutter and the inevitable rings of junk.
  20. A bubbling mess of mud was now swirling around in his skull, swamping everything in its dark confusion; little Peony and her doll were in there somewhere, he was fairly sure of that, but he couldn't remember the puppies, he couldn't remember the children.
  21. My mind constantly saw in others the persistent lust that was swamping me,.
  1. Tom was swamped on his side.
  2. Almost swamped them, it did.
  3. She was swamped with emotions.
  4. The snow was swamped with blood.
  5. He was swamped immediately he arrived.
  6. Boxes swamped the kitchenette counters.
  7. The new generation swamped Baggies Beach.
  8. The manufacturer is often swamped by them.
  9. I guess you were swamped by a Tsunami?
  10. Because the HR consultants are swamped with.
  11. Kipley was fairly swamped by the last emotion.
  12. Macondo was swamped in a miraculous prosperity.
  13. I’m swamped with shame, disgusted with myself.
  14. He was swamped by the backlog of patients from his.
  15. Though she may be swamped, she will never sink and be lost.
  16. Moments later the ATV was swamped and the remaining four men.
  18. And the photos of his home showed a residence virtually swamped and.
  19. But Faith and Una were instantly swamped with a wave of pity for her.
  20. He was suddenly swamped in grief for her—oblivious of anything else.
  21. As you might imagine, he’s not exactly swamped with lunch invitations.
  22. Some of these sit for seven to ten days with no bids while others are swamped.
  23. Their boat was swamped by high waves in the frigid waters of the Niagara River.
  24. Soroven Keep was swamped with these masses not three days before we set out.
  25. Ironically it was a feeling not unlike those which constantly swamped his father.
  26. The thought of walking naked in the forest and being swamped by bugs was disturbing.
  27. I ran that statement several times through my mind before I was suddenly swamped with a.
  28. He was immediately swamped with not only aggressive chipmunks but also with diving birds.
  29. The town was crowded with soldiers, swamped with wounded, jammed with southwest to Alabama.
  30. The streets that led to the castle were getting swamped with activity as people trickled in.
  31. The tidal bore that came up the river from the sea was big enough to have almost swamped.
  32. Even as she was swamped by the flood of soldiers around her, she did not fear for her own safety.
  33. Instantly a passion of tenderness, of grief for his humiliation swamped her, made her eyes sting.
  34. Chrissie could hear her own breathing sounding loud in the stunned silence which swamped the room.
  35. Kathleen, Kathleen, reporters yelled as they swamped our car at Logan, hemming us in to the curb.
  36. Now that he was back in the office again, he was literally swamped by routine matters that had been piling up.
  37. He made love to her with such enthusiasm and joy that it almost swamped her guilty conscience – but not quite.
  38. As you have seen, the farmers and merchants have swamped the city streets in their enthusiasm to regain their lost profits.
  39. The image of those last heady, fearful moments as he sat in the high branches of the tree swamped him, filled him with disdain.
  40. The irresistible force of Neanderthals swamped the eminently-movable object that was Mrs Watkins, and tore her to indignant pieces.
  41. After the first month he had to establish a system of appointments made in advance so that he would not be swamped by yearning lovers.
  42. Michael’s, its famous Episcopal church, should never be swamped by incongruous buildings, as New York’s famous old churches have been.
  43. Never give up, but be realistic - writing a teenage vampire love story right now will probably be a waste of time as that market is swamped.
  44. This attitude of getting swamped intòfacts and figures` was exactly what our elders along with Plato had dreaded since àffection` tends to become àshadow.
  45. Ted could see they were serious so he slowly lowered the briefcase to the floor as soon as he released it they swamped him hand cuffing his arms behind his back.
  46. For all the years of her married life until then she had been swamped in mundane domesticity never realizing what potential she might have had as a person in her own right.
  47. The people it helps are the stock market traders who are fearful of dealing without adequate information and cannot face being swamped by people stampeding out of the company.
  48. A peaked cap covers Private McManus’s brow, and he is almost swamped in a dress uniform with elaborate, protruding epaulets that have something of the comic opera about them.
  49. It was the usual hysterical rubbish and, as with all media fixations, this one died and was replaced soon enough as other paper headlines were swamped with replacement stories.
  50. Pellets of new bread with fennygreek and gumbenjamin swamped down by potions of green tea endow them during their brief existence with natural pincushions of quite colossal blubber.
  51. He had hoped his retirement would draw the knights out in a charge down the slopes after him, to be raked from either flank by his bowmen and swamped by the numbers of his horsemen.
  52. His staff was swamped when the outbreak happened, so he had no choice but to let me assist him, even though he didn’t want to and we argued for hours whenever the chance presented itself.
  53. If Charleston says, Oglethorpe—adventurers, too often, Augusta daringly answers back that the morals of the court of Louis were not quite swamped in the French émigrés by Calvinism.
  54. His shining nobility should draw most of the new Just Draconians back to Serminak before Xervia is swamped with them; at least once they’ve had a while to enjoy the draconian reunification.
  55. The steamer had struck the lighter obliquely, heeling her over till she was half swamped, starting some of her timbers, and swinging her head parallel to her own course with the force of the blow.
  56. Buses swamped Chesford, they choked the city, with their fumes and blaring horns, and most of the drivers would not have been too much out of place at a stock car rally or bumper ride at the fair.
  57. All this water would vanish into the sand in a day or two, but I needed to get across now, and avoid getting the engine swamped by plunging the truck into a ford that might turn out to be too deep.
  58. Grief swamped him in a chilling wave, to be followed by a cold rage so deep that finding a way out of it would only come when he had her killer's cold, dead, mutilated forms laying ravaged at his feet.
  59. As on an island in the midst of the sea, these people felt themselves for a brief interval not swamped by the degradation and sufferings which surrounded them; this made their spirits rise, and excited them.
  60. She is responsible for all major projects and changes from inception to completion and sending out our weekly newsletters and works with our partners is the first person swamped with emails whenever something.
  61. And now he had spoken the frightful words! Goose bumps she had an inner feeling that even if the Confederate Army were entirely wiped out, came out all over her and fear swamped her, a superstitious fear she could not combat with reason.
  62. The overhyped stocks that typically dominate the highest PSR group from All Stocks soared in value: February 2000’s gain swamped All Stocks gain of 53 percent, whereas the 1999 gain was 79 percent better than All Stocks return of 32 percent.
  63. Those four Chinese fighters were however finding out that their own air search radars were being swamped by intense jamming from multiple sources, leaving them with only their infrared search and track sensor balls, or IRST, as working detectors.
  64. Even if we swamped them in military equipment and supplies, their political program of continued de facto colonization will eventually draw the whole Vietnamese people against them and they would then still lose what is essentially a guerrilla war.
  65. How the teeth and the claws and the antlers of the beasts ran red with the blood of traitors, how the trees sent their roots and branches to block off the roads, how the wind beat on the gates of the city? Do you no more tell how the River-Daughter and the Sea-Father swamped the ships of the enemy?
  66. And she hated you especially about Stuart Ashley’s sister but I think her mind has broken with thinking so much! There’s no other explanation for her action… I told her never to put foot in this house again and that if I heard her breathe so vile an insinuation I would—I would call her a liar in public! Melanie stopped speaking and abruptly the anger left her face and sorrow swamped it.
  67. The gay clubs are swamped with stuff,.
  68. Atlanta Bell, swamped with phone calls,.
  1. This land here is shit, just swamps.
  2. Forests, swamps, and many insects appear.
  3. Mangrove swamps and a sparse population.
  4. There was a colony in the mangrove swamps near.
  5. Where did you acquire it then? The swamps?
  6. Rainforest Collapse and devastated the coal swamps.
  7. Most of them were caught in the swamps, confused and.
  8. Chuck was a weeping mess during the ride to the swamps.
  9. Lush coal swamps inhabited by huge insects occupied the.
  10. There was a bittern, she had discovered, in those swamps.
  11. Plains turned into swamps that stank with reptilian life.
  12. When the snow melts they’ll sink in the Polish swamps.
  13. Zac had hated the humidity of the swamps since he was a young boy.
  14. Remember: Do NOT increase risk by camping near stagnant water and swamps.
  15. Sterile little waterways were reverting to the swamps from which they came.
  16. I could tell you some tough stories of that life too, out there IN the swamps.
  17. It took them eleven days to get through the swamps to the higher ground past Temerloh.
  18. Throughout the night, Moshe's dreams had led him through the deserts and swamps of the.
  19. Because there’s still a lot of pipe-lining to do in these blasted swamps and rainforests.
  20. Walked the swamps and woods for years, back when that whole country was just swamps and woods.
  21. Over and under bridges of water, through mud holes and swamps; Clara managed to stay in first place.
  22. Ditches are overgrown with grass, and swamps are invisible until you actually find yourself in them.
  23. In fact most of these parcels of land didn’t exist or else were in the middle of the Florida swamps.
  24. The drilling barge is primarily used inland, in still, shallow waters such as rivers, lakes, and swamps.
  25. Skin-clad, she waded thigh-deep in rice swamps, battling with squawking water-fowl for the precious grains.
  26. They swatted mosquitoes and crawled through crocodile infested swamps in the flood plains of snaking rivers.
  27. Most of it is undesirable and unwanted land in its natural state, deserts and mountains and swamps and whatnot.
  28. I surveyed the line of 42 aircats straddling the banks of the river Aarh that fed the swamps surrounding Orleans.
  29. To the south and east, a lake, swamps, and a seasonal drainage canal helped form a natural barrier to the countryside.
  30. With the sparse population, and lots of lakes and swamps for air-to-ground gunnery practice, the Broads would be ideal.
  31. Scarlett wanted to giggle at her the swamps and the mountains, defying the provost guard to drag them back to the army.
  32. My limbs had been torn from my body, my entrails were in the bellies of dactyl's roosting in the swamps of the Ttharmine.
  33. I suppose it had all seemed like a good idea at the time, drain the swamps, channel the water, and build on the dredged silt.
  34. And before he recovered to safety, a hook on the old platform of reason flung him a thousand feet deeper into the swamps.
  35. Swamps and marshes, frozen since the ice-age, hold around 70 billion tons of methane, all of which will be released as they thaw.
  36. Huge bypassed Soviet concentrations, refusing to surrender, escaped into the forests and swamps to snipe at German supply columns.
  37. To the south and east, a lake, swamps, and a seasonal drainage canal helped form a natural barrier to the countryside.
  38. Throughout the night, Moshe’s dreams had led him through the deserts and swamps of the uncertainty that he refused to reveal to others.
  39. The Poles saw the Jews building beautiful homes and developing modern farms, and they, the Poles, were living in shacks near the swamps.
  40. Once more it was pouring and my irregular lawn, well-shaved by Gatsby’s gardener, abounded in small muddy swamps and prehistoric marshes.
  41. To the sound of the horses’ quiet footfalls, she told me of the plant life in the glades, dales and swamps that aided both men and Elassa.
  42. I had decided I had enough of traversing swamps and reasoned that if the trade road ends in Longjiang, there must be available transportation.
  43. And in the morning I set out for through the swamps and the Indians, and afterward they thought I’d lose my mind… That’s where I met Dr.
  44. He was a gentle man, a musician around fifty who had joined the RAD in peaceful times when the focus was on building roads and draining swamps.
  45. I would have accepted without question the infor-mation that Gatsby sprang from the swamps of Louisiana or from the lower East Side of New York.
  46. What seems plainer than that the long toes, not furnished with membrane, of the Grallatores, are formed for walking over swamps and floating plants.
  47. On the outskirts of one of these swamps an animal of the peccary species broke cover, but disappeared with a whisk of his tusks before I had time to pot him.
  48. Match the dilapidation and the dirt, the narrow quarters and the large family, and you have the cabin home in the Georgia swamps and the lowlands of Louisiana.
  49. Sometime later there was another journey, this time to the Okavango Swamps, in the territory where three countries came together: South-West Africa, Angola, Botswana.
  50. Deforestation had caused the swamps, and attempts to drain them had made everything worse, creating barren, infertile wastelands of inedible grass and stunted melaleucas.
  51. The cyclone passed by at last, but in fifteen minutes its gusting northwest winds had devastated the neighborhoods by the swamps and caused severe damage in half the city.
  52. Properly used it can be extremely effective in that it instantly swamps a ship’s defensive sensors and gives us time to get the shot off before the enemy has time to react.
  53. You have to ask yourself - Why was it found? And then, why was it found there? With all the swamps and accesses to water, theres lots of ways to make a body just disappear.
  54. That's it, you got it, she doesn't know, and she's wandering around, all forsaken and lost, coming out of the swamps back of my house and doesn't know what's happened to her.
  55. One hikes through luscious rainforest, over high mountains, through swamps, past waterfalls with inviting pools and along unspoiled sandy beaches (watch out for the crocodiles).
  56. After another nightmare train trip I arrived back in Alexandria, with its canals and swamps, where a charming Lebanese took me by the hand and we wandered the city, drinking sherbets.
  57. Draining the swamps made the soils acid, deep-rooted trees died, canal banks collapsed with the unusually large volumes of water draining from the hinterland because of deforestation.
  58. But Florentino Ariza preferred the light tower itself, late at night, because one could see the entire city and the trail of lights on the fishing boats at sea, and even in the distant swamps.
  59. Either we are walking over piles of slippery stones, or sinking into muddy swamps, water coming over the tops of our boots, or we have to pick our way through treacherous patches of marshy grass.
  60. Ermák made his way over rivers, swamps, brooks, and forests, stole up with his Cossacks, rushed against Mametkul, killed a large number of Tartars, and took Mametkul alive and brought him to Sibír.
  61. The physical and the pensive consciouses had evolved out of the swamps of the earth and thus volatile blood was in dire need to be covered or cleaned up from the mud out of which we had all came out from.
  62. They turned all of the rainforests around them into festering swamps so fast by cutting down all the trees and destroying their own eco-systems; that their entire Civilization disappeared in short order.
  63. Despite this surface decoration, though, there was an overpowering filth and stench, with rank, mephitic vapours rising from the inhabitant’s detritus and from the swamps by which Kumassi is surrounded.
  64. For no man can shine light on these gloomy swamps of the German people and take heed of the traps that line his path unless he has the Word of God as a lamp to guide his feet and a light to shine on his way.
  65. My conjecture at this time is that the sample-to-sample noise simply swamps the computation of the rate change of phase, and therefore the resulting calculations to find the dominant cycle are basically worthless.
  66. On the second weekend they made the perilous, three hundred and fifty metre ascent up the escarpment to the tablelands where they spent two days and a night tramping between swamps, covered in mud to deter biting insects.
  67. Jarek had planned to climb the escarpment, cross the swamps and return to the sea-level forests in one day, but when they chanced on a clear, sandy-bottomed lake surrounded by sedges and paper barks, they couldn’t resist a swim.
  68. Melodía didn’t know whether it was because of a higher degree of prudery among the Trebs than prevailed here in their rival empire, or simply because the relatively temperate La Merced seemed cool after the Black River Delta swamps.
  69. His eyelids never closed except for little naps to save his human brethren who were in swamps of sorrow and pain, not caring for the dangers of death or capital punishment or for what money or concessions he had paid in the service of God.
  70. A miserable silence was over everything; and around, as far as the eye could reach, stretched the dreary mangrove swamps, dark brownish green foliage above, and a mass of twisted roots rearing their pale stems above the mud and water below.
  71. The Kauri tree is a special conifer growing in large stands, some of the fallen trees have been buried under swamps for many millennia and local landowners periodically find such well preserved trees which are then used for some beautiful wood carvings.
  72. The Sandinistas couldn’t catch them, but what did catch him that day, running through the swamps towards Kouna, was a cold realization: he, Truman Herrera, wasn’t a patriot who had done horrible things for his country, things that war made necessary.
  73. Less than three thousand others had escaped through the swamps on Kaitswyrth’s left under the command of Baron Wheatfields, and they were unlikely to get far with sixteen thousand mounted infantry from the Earl of High Mount’s Army of Cliff Peak in hot pursuit.
  74. This was the ritual; and when one year of abnormal cold the yellow flowers weren't there at breakfast, because neither by the river's edge nor in the most sheltered of the swamps had the increasingly frantic gardener been able to find them, the entire birthday was dislocated.
  75. The million years of isolation at the bottom of the sea, the insanity of time there, while the skies cleared of reptile-birds, the swamps dried on the continental lands, the sloths and saber-tooths had their day and sank in tar pits, and men ran like white ants upon the hills.
  76. The small whitewashed building with several rocking chairs along the porch shaded by a centuries-old oak tree was situated on a dirt frontage road about one hundred feet off the two-lane road that was the main thoroughfare leading into the backwater towns and swamps of the area.
  77. The Great Snow! How cheerful it is to hear of! When the farmers could not get to the woods and swamps with their teams, and were obliged to cut down the shade trees before their houses, and, when the crust was harder, cut off the trees in the swamps, ten feet from the ground, as it appeared the next spring.
  78. Some time every year that dog, good for many months, just ran on out into the world and didn't come back for days and finally did limp back all burred and scrawny and odorous of swamps and dumps; he had rolled in the dirty mangers and foul dropping-places of the world, simply to turn home with a funny little smile pinned to his muzzle.
  79. Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza stayed at the railing, surrounded by noisy passengers who made bets on how well they could identify the lights in the city, until the boat sailed out of the bay, moved along invisible channels and through swamps spattered with the undulating lights of the fishermen, and at last took a deep breath in the open air of the Great Magdalena River.
  80. She had the bulging eyes of the parrots when they romp on the crooked swamps of the sandy flatcars of the sea, the long and narrow extremities of a curved flamingo and the speaking, that was one of the worst things that I had never heard, squeezed, as if the words were fleeing filled towards the freedom, dropped in a Spanish accent that one did not know if it was real or fake.
  81. Florentino Ariza was awake most of the night, thinking that he heard the voice of Fermina Daza in the fresh river breeze, ministering to his solitude with her memory, hearing her sing in the respiration of the boat as it moved like a great animal through the darkness, until the first rosy streaks appeared on the horizon and the new day suddenly broke over deserted pastureland and misty swamps.
  82. Hence it will cause him no surprise that there should be geese and frigate-birds with webbed feet, living on the dry land and rarely alighting on the water, that there should be long-toed corncrakes, living in meadows instead of in swamps; that there should be woodpeckers where hardly a tree grows; that there should be diving thrushes and diving Hymenoptera, and petrels with the habits of auks.
  83. They climbed the hill of the paupers’ cemetery, where Florentino Ariza played the violin according to the direction of the winds so that she could listen to him in bed, and from there they viewed the entire historic city, the broken roofs and the decaying walls, the rubble of fortresses among the brambles, the trail of islands in the bay, the hovels of the poor around the swamps, the immense Caribbean.
  84. This would have created a social equality of direct democracy in action: and all of the corruption of the entire human civilized world would have been swept away as the new blossoming happiness of young people, living outside in the beauty of nature, absorbing the beauty of nature, and radiating that beauty back into nature so all living creatures and plants and fish grow healthier and happier: unpoisoned by the evil which now swamps this planet.
  85. For three hundred and sixty miles, gentlemen, through the entire breadth of the state of New York; through numerous populous cities and most thriving villages; through long, dismal, uninhabited swamps, and affluent, cultivated fields, unrivalled for fertility; by billiard-room and bar-room; through the holy-of-holies of great forests; on Roman arches over Indian rivers; through sun and shade; by happy hearts or broken; through all the wide contrasting scenery of those noble Mohawk counties; and especially, by rows of snow-white chapels, whose spires stand almost like milestones, flows one continual stream of Venetianly corrupt and often lawless life.
  86. Intermingled with this humour (the reference to the Grey Man in poor taste, he thought) and reassertion of his own abilities at his age, Judge Burns had given his advice to consult the mysterious old witch who lived alone in the swamps and had been reputedly in close contact with the spirit world even since her husband died of very unnatural causes over fifty years ago, and though the correlation between this old country legend and the current situation was perhaps made in jest, Feltus had already decided on his way back to the hotel from Bobby Dan’s office to implore Elizabeth Bascomb to conduct a séance this evening, just to find out how those who participated would react to his suggestions.
  87. Sometimes I rambled to pine groves, standing like temples, or like fleets at sea, full-rigged, with wavy boughs, and rippling with light, so soft and green and shady that the Druids would have forsaken their oaks to worship in them; or to the cedar wood beyond Flint's Pond, where the trees, covered with hoary blue berries, spiring higher and higher, are fit to stand before Valhalla, and the creeping juniper covers the ground with wreaths full of fruit; or to swamps where the usnea lichen hangs in festoons from the white spruce trees, and toadstools, round tables of the swamp gods, cover the ground, and more beautiful fungi adorn the stumps, like butterflies or shells, vegetable winkles; where the swamp-pink and dogwood grow, the red alderberry glows like eyes of imps, the waxwork grooves and crushes the hardest woods in its folds, and the wild holly berries make the beholder forget his home with their beauty, and he is dazzled and tempted by nameless other wild forbidden fruits, too fair for mortal taste.
  88. There are plenty of swamps with frogs,.

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