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Swindle dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It’s a swindle.
  2. Swindle in it somewhere.
  3. The Great Motivation Swindle.
  4. That’s the golden rule of swindle.
  5. Is that Canada swindle case on today?

  6. It was a rather minor rock and roll swindle.
  7. I asked him why he felt the need to swindle money.
  8. He can't bring himself to swindle without a moral sanction.
  9. Because we're caught up in a swindle we never created but we all collude in.
  10. He is Bernard Madoff who is the master of the biggest swindle in the history.
  11. Great Life Swindle Blog - This is the mothership where all good people end up.
  12. Old Jay howled back at him, I will not be robbed of extinction! This is a swindle.
  13. The real problems that this child faced would now be disguised by this swindle of the truth.
  14. Big Bang proves otherwise and the dark matter swindle is there to hide Newton’s incompetent.
  15. The whole swindle, the excuse for England declaring war on Germany was a con game from the very beginning.

  16. This resulted in the two corrupt hierarchies of corrupt power making up a social contract, a swindle, a propaganda stunt.
  17. The western culture of secret agents, James Bond etc, was a reversal of perception, a propaganda hoax; a complete swindle.
  18. Although in the interest of balance here, many of these negative bastards are just victims of the swindle as much as we are.
  19. Ok, silly guy, is it something to do with stocks or bonds? Some kind of securities swindle? I love her Filipina accent.
  20. The case was that of a newspaper which had published the account of a swindle arranged by a director of a limited liability company.
  21. This scam: this filthy swindle which they continue to inflict upon naïve living people, was how they first gained influence over the civilized societies of living humans.
  22. Hiding the fact that Bin Laden had died years ago of kidney failure and the entire farce of terrorism was faked, staged, a publicity scam, a swindle, a propaganda tactic, an excuse.
  23. Columnist and George Mason University economist Walter Williams reports in his syndicated column that British Channel 4 television has done a documentary called The Great Global Warming Swindle.
  24. This procedure contains actions that solve the drama of the payment of the debt and it eliminates the agony that suffocates countries and its organizations, without there is the swindle of the debt.
  25. But if a corporate executive manages to swindle people out of billions of dollars, he is given a slap on the wrist and allowed to go back to his fancy yachts and mansions to live in comfort and ease.

  26. Every adulterer suffers diseases and poverty because of his adultery, every killer was killed and every dishonest seller tastes bad consequences because of his swindle and gains nothing other than a total loss.
  27. The advocate began another story about a swindle, and all sorts of crimes committed by persons in high places, who, instead of being in prison, sat on presidential chairs in all sorts of Government institutions.
  28. And if a corporate executive manages to swindle people out of billions of dollars, he will no longer be given a slap on the wrist and allowed to go back to his fancy yachts and mansions to live in comfort and ease.
  29. When he brought the blouse home Annie kissed him and said it was very pretty and stylish; but when she heard the price she threw the blouse on the table and said it was a regular swindle to charge ten and elevenpence for it.
  30. The bottom line that I witnessed in Tyler is that the Christian groups gave the homeless predators (those who rape, threaten, beg, swindle, steal, and beat faces to a pulp) the power to plan out their routines and get anything they want.
  31. Drunkards of many years' standing, like Lebyadkin, often show traces of incoherence, of mental cloudiness, of something, as it were, damaged, and crazy, though they may deceive, cheat, and swindle, almost as well as anybody if occasion arises.
  32. Conan believed that this consulting of the oracle was but a ruse to persuade the king of Keshan to accede to Thutmekri's wishes—for he never for a moment doubted that Gorulga was as subtle and devious as all the rest mixed up in this grand swindle.
  33. This religious/spiritual scam, this cunning swindle existed for thousands of years in every civilized culture… and it was all due to these unseen filth secretly inhabiting living people and making their lives as miserable as possible; so they would live in a constant state of paranoid, superstitious fear.
  34. This is the scam… the swindle, the trick they have used to fool millions of unsuspecting souls after they died physically to enter voluntarily and willingly into that vortex of light… only to realize too late that they were trapped forever inside the cacophony of wailing insane ghouls and couldn’t get out.
  35. In order to keep this unnatural untenable condition from toppling, undead shit things have used every possible swindle and lie and deception in order to program and brainwash living humans into slavery into resignation into cowardice into fear into terrorized terrified timid little fucking mice, by controlling all of this mass of living humanity from the top on down.
  36. Or… did Morpheus, that ancient undead entity, try to recreate his 1,000 yr-old swindle again? Trying to get a living human to write about the realm of the undead; and thus become posthumously famous by doing so…? And laugh and preen that he had managed to fool yet another living human into writing the truth about his realm: without one living human understanding that truth? Again…? For the second time? As a dare?
  37. It was simply just another swindle in a long line of swindles, a nice way to brainwash living fools and keep them nicely docile in the realm of the undead once they get there…as they all patiently wait for thousands of years for the day of judgment, when ‘god’s’ great plan and reasoning will finally be revealed to them… waiting for a day of judgment which never comes… waiting for to meet this great all-powerful god which does not exist… only to be told after 3,000 years of waiting, that they were misinformed… and given some other bullshit excuse, or lie or swindle to chew on for another 3,000 fucking years.
  38. But once they became powerful… they became shameless, guiltless, and hoisted-projected the past history of their own cultural suffering onto the people they ousted… and excused it as a 2,000 year-old land-contract that they had been cheated out of by their own god… and rationalized re-colonizing that bit of real estate by their cultural arrogance of calling themselves the ‘chosen ones of the god who had originally exiled them 2,000 years ago? How many other cultures have tried this particular swindle? ‘we used to live here 2,000 years ago, so now today; we have a legal right to take this land back and kick you out.
  1. One shouldn’t be fooled for a minute into thinking that the medical swindling gripping.
  2. We have jailed our preachers for stealing the money and swindling people out of their savings.
  3. He concluded that either the land owner was swindling him about the legality of the property or he was utterly desperate to sell the land.
  4. For our privileged position, there is no excuse whatever: we have taken up this position by a kind of swindling, and we retain it by deceit.
  5. But what becomes of our hymn from underground? What's America? America is vanity again! And there's a lot of swindling in America, too, I expect.
  6. Certainly a lot of money, Will said, swindling the niggers or the government, one or tuther, or he never came by all that money honestly in these hard times.
  7. He also related some stories of swindling and all sorts of crimes committed by well-known people who were not occupying cells in prison, but presidents' chairs in various institutions.
  8. I couldn’t vouch for how honestly gained Bill Gates fortune might be, but almost to a penny I would say my father’s wealth was the product of thievery, extortion, blackmail, drug running, human trafficking, swindling, and the list went on.
  9. So in this case; beside the fact that the swindling director, who was prosecuting for libel, was a bad lot, the prosecution of a journalist for libel in itself tending, as it did, to restrict the freedom of the press, inclined Bay to reject the appeal.
  10. One would have fancied it obvious that a man whose whole occupation was based on what in his own language is called swindling, if it is done under other conditions, ought to be ashamed of his position, and could not any way, while he continues a merchant, profess himself a Christian or a liberal.
  11. But confess, you were really afraid of Lambert, Arkady Makarovitch ! And what does he want with honest people ? He says so seriously : ' There isn't an honest man here !' Why, what are you yourself ? And what am I ! Don't scoundrels need honest men ? In swindling honest men are more needed than anywhere.
  12. Those reserves were vast; also, “The Seven” controlled the United States Treasury, and were using its resources as their own; they were buying securities that would be almost worthless if they lost, but if they won, would be rebought by the public at the old swindling prices, when “confidence” was restored.
  13. But I perceive that this tragic observation is out of place here, and so I shall send it to the columns of those newspapers which are filled with advice, warnings against swindling tricks, against unconscientiousness, hints for getting rid of beetles if you have them in the house, recommendations of the celebrated Mr.
  14. The result of his swindling the entire scientific community with this clever stunt is that Science to this day still does not recognize, and will not admit that light does not go around objects because of any gravitational pull… it goes around objects in its path naturally; just like water naturally flows around stones in a shallow stream.
  15. Among them were the hastily upon detection of their swindling schemes; the Conningtons whose connection with the Freedmen’s Bureau in a distant state had been highly lucrative at the expense of the ignorant blacks they were supposed to protect; the Deals who had sold cardboard shoes to the Confederate government until it became necessary for them to spend the last year of the war in Europe; the Hundons who had police records in many.
  16. What is the criminal practice of swindling but skinning someone alive of their money? The inhuman horror of killing and skinning and poisoning, and greed, and hate these first English scum were unleashing upon a virgin continent that had never been raped… the huge energy potential of the growing cancerous poisons they were infecting this land with… was so huge: that these first would-be skinners lost their own skins in the process and died horrible deaths.
  17. Look where we will, we see confusion, quarrels, wars between nations, helplessness of statesmen, discontent and grumbling of the lower classes, excessive luxury among the rich, extreme poverty among the poor, intemperance, impurity, dishonesty, swindling, lying, cheating, covetousness, heathenism, superstition, formality among Christians, decay of vital religion,�these are the things which we see continually over the whole globe, in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America.
  18. And if it were not for these men, ready to kill or torture anyone at their commander's will, no one would dare to claim, as all the idle landowners claim with such assurance, that a piece of land, surrounded by peasants, who are in wretchedness from want of land, is the property of a man who does not cultivate it, or that stores of corn taken by swindling from the peasants ought to remain untouched in the midst of a population dying of hunger because the merchants must make their profit.
  19. Brother Jonah, for example (there are such unpleasant people in most families; perhaps even in the highest aristocracy there are Brobdingnag specimens, gigantically in debt and bloated at greater expense)—Brother Jonah, I say, having come down in the world, was mainly supported by a calling which he was modest enough not to boast of, though it was much better than swindling either on exchange or turf, but which did not require his presence at Brassing so long as he had a good corner to sit in and a supply of food.
  20. So he told him he was quite right in pursuing the object he had in view, and that such a motive was natural and becoming in cavaliers as distinguished as he seemed and his gallant bearing showed him to be; and that he himself in his younger days had followed the same honourable calling, roaming in quest of adventures in various parts of the world, among others the Curing-grounds of Malaga, the Isles of Riaran, the Precinct of Seville, the Little Market of Segovia, the Olivera of Valencia, the Rondilla of Granada, the Strand of San Lucar, the Colt of Cordova, the Taverns of Toledo, and divers other quarters, where he had proved the nimbleness of his feet and the lightness of his fingers, doing many wrongs, cheating many widows, ruining maids and swindling minors, and, in short, bringing himself under the notice of almost every tribunal and court of justice in Spain; until at last he had retired to this castle of his, where he was living upon his property and upon that of others; and where he received all.
  21. Money lavished by hundreds of millions, tens of millions of disciplined troops, weapons of astounding destructive power, all organizations carried to the highest point of perfection, a whole army of men charged with the task of deluding and hypnotizing the people, and all this, by means of electricity which annihilates distance, under the direct control of men who regard such an organization of society not only as necessary for profit, but even for self-preservation, and therefore exert every effort of their ingenuity to preserve it—what an invincible power it would seem! And yet we need only imagine for a moment what will really inevitably come to pass, that is, the Christian social standard replacing the heathen social standard and established with the same power and universality, and the majority of men as much ashamed of taking any part in violence or in profiting by it, as they are to-day of thieving, swindling, begging, and cowardice; and at once we see the whole of this complex, and seemingly powerful organization of society falls into ruins of itself without a struggle.
  1. Being swindled by.
  2. The audience has been impudently swindled.
  3. It’s the look of a man who feels swindled.
  4. He’s able to keep them from getting swindled.
  5. Come out here, Sherburn! Come out and meet the man you've swindled.
  6. Although you might be smart not to get swindled by the Yoonbarla cooks.
  7. I’d like to see recompense made for moneys swindled or made after pushing the U.
  8. What? Swindled them all, skivvies and badhachs from the county Meath, ay, and his own kidney too.
  9. He swindled his own son and spent his money, his maternal inheritance, on trying to get his mistress from him.
  10. We compromised on replying to half the letters each, though I think I was swindled as she selected her half of.
  11. Without this broader understanding, you are easily manipulated, lied to, deceived, swindled, and brainwashed and taken advantage of.
  12. An obedient worker is just a brainwashed slave who doesn’t realized it has been brainwashed into being used, cheated, robbed, swindled, etc.
  13. And the number of channels of crap you can access is not in proportion to how far you've come in getting that Great Life you've been swindled out of.
  14. The smile of a crook or a tradesman that has just swindled you out of twenty pounds, the smile of a madman who will soon squeeze the life from your neck.
  15. M A Sheikho, wished to recover the losses of all of the people who had been swindled by this merchant and to start an official investigation into this occurrence.
  16. Our officer then decided that he wished to recover the goods of all of those people who had been swindled by this merchant and decided to start an official investigation into the matter.
  17. An example of this would be believing that all men should be castrated, because you were raped last year; or that all door to door salesmen are crooks because one of them swindled you five years ago.
  18. Do? Why, of course, they would all screech out that you had acted under the influence of insanity: in fact, that you were mad; that you had been swindled, and that you must be put under proper restraint.
  19. Well what else have I to tell you? The Shpigulin factory's interesting; as you know, there are five hundred workmen in it, it's a hotbed of cholera, it's not been cleaned for fifteen years and the factory hands are swindled.
  20. Which they all delightedly enjoy as a windfall… not bothering to admit that every earned penny came from the sweat of a poorly paid employee, a swindled buyer, a swindled seller, or a totally false, imaginary value of their stock.
  21. The English destroyed themselves by their own niggardly selfishness of not allowing anyone else into the lucrative trading empires they had swindled millions of natives out of and built up over 100’s of years of piracy, smuggling and trading in slaves and drugs.
  22. As a last resort he had recourse to all the herbs that the Indians hawked in the public market and to all the magical specifics and Oriental potions sold in the Arcade of the Scribes, but by the time he realized that he had been swindled, he already had the tonsure of a saint.
  23. But wait up! If we have established that you can’t live a life that is over, then how does it differ in real terms, if they have swindled you out of your life, out of the fantastic life you could have been living if you hadn't been surrounded from birth by swindlers, rogues and clowns like this?
  24. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries The new systematics guarantees that 100% of the investment in our Project will never be swindled, withdrawn in cash, wasted or deviated of the proposed ends, either it will let the resources to be totally consumed in infrastructure or in personal definitive possessions.
  25. The poor labouring man, swindled so that the rich may have this magic ruble, follows them to town; and there he also has recourse to tricks, either arranging matters so that he may work little and enjoy much (thus making the condition of other workingmen still more heavy), or, not having attained this state, he ruins himself and drifts into the continually and rapidly increasing number of cold and hungry tenants of doss-houses.
  26. All the communities and villages and cities that had endured the hardships and suffering and death and privation… all of the billions of people who had been faithful to their Empire, all the billions of people who had been brainwashed to love and obey their Royal leaders and Royal Families would have begun to realize that they had been swindled, had, fooled into fighting each other: when it was their upper top ruling class that they should have been fighting.
  1. They do not go after these thieves and robbers after their scams, frauds, and swindles have been uncovered.
  2. I asked him why, had he been ill? Reluctantly, he told me how he had become entangled in the strangest of swindles.
  3. The tightening of federal and state regulations against these swindles has led to a different type of security promotion.
  4. How many people throw away these appeals to charity in disgust because they know that most of them are complete swindles? But the scamsters are smart.
  5. What kind of knowledge was it? Lies, hoaxes, swindles, deceptions, delusions, myths, superstitions; anything that could fool people into believing you knew something they didn’t.
  6. The great majority of such flotations were either downright swindles or closely equivalent thereto by reason of the unconscionable financing charges taken out of the price paid by the public.
  7. Not because this idea was and is a total fucking complete lie which it is, but because the undead do not like being forced to change their tactics and customary swindles which they have used for ages to fool and gull the living with.
  8. Because he had accurately and correctly pointed out how the Jews can never be pinned down by the truth, that they always manage somehow to insidiously weasel themselves out of embarrassing situations even when they are caught with their pants down in blatant outright lies and cunning swindles.
  9. He made off with his winnings, and when I made sure he was going to give me a crown or so at least by way of a present, as it is usual and customary to give men of quality of my sort who stand by to see fair or foul play, and back up swindles, and prevent quarrels, he pocketed his money and left the house.
  10. The addiction to corporation mergers, monopolizing industries and businesses, the addiction to stock swindles, the addiction to instant profit, to lotteries, gambling, corporate takeovers, the insider trading of embezzled stock tips… the addiction to worshipping the greediest and most powerful as heroes… the addiction to belief systems, religions, dogmas, cults, cultures.
  11. For the ‘sin’ of refusing to worship undead deities as all the other brainwashed masses of civilization had been doing for thousands of years, for the ‘sin’ of forcing the undead to change their tune and hide themselves under yet another layer of stinking lies and swindles and fairy tales and myths and cons, they became a marked race, cast out of every land they tried to live in.
  12. It was simply just another swindle in a long line of swindles, a nice way to brainwash living fools and keep them nicely docile in the realm of the undead once they get there…as they all patiently wait for thousands of years for the day of judgment, when ‘god’s’ great plan and reasoning will finally be revealed to them… waiting for a day of judgment which never comes… waiting for to meet this great all-powerful god which does not exist… only to be told after 3,000 years of waiting, that they were misinformed… and given some other bullshit excuse, or lie or swindle to chew on for another 3,000 fucking years.

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