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Tad dans une phrase (en anglais)

Treasuries by a tad over 1%.
And perhaps a tad sarcastic.
The air is a tad ripe out here.
Maybe it could be a tad bit faster.
Okay, she might be lying just a tad.
So maybe I was losing it just a tad.
I think I’m a tad too old, Cali.

This is a just a tad harsh, isn't it.
Things have slowed down a tad these days.
Antonio was a tad taken aback by her answer.
She opened the door a tad and scowled at him.
Equity returns are a tad lower outside the U.
Dennis, now shocked and a tad pissed chimed in.
The fellow, a tad chagrined, remained pleasant.
The outer world suddenly grew a tad more silent.
The second nasal Okay was a tad too much.
They appear a tad disorganized, said the sim.
The two guys sat stunned, and more than a tad confused.
Penelope backed out of the tent, feeling a tad dejected.
FAD and the two other sites in the members area of TAD.
After tweaking the wiring just a tad, but not too much to.
Then again, Tad admitted he’d only done a temporary job.
She was picky and moody and, yeah, okay, a tad bit bitchy.
My sigh of relief was a tad louder than I would have liked.
A tad light-headed, she struggled to keep her eyes focused.
You don’t think we are over reacting a tad? he asked.
Gabriel turned back to Adam, his posture a tad more relaxed.
The temple seemed just a tad cleaner than the monk’s temple.
You may find that I’m a tad less ‘uptight’ as they say.
It’s true that she was a tad rounder at this time, but not much.
Come here! he shouted, the pitch of his voice a tad too high.
That sounds a tad racist don’t you think? Gary stated in a.
I opened the curtain just a tad and saw you singing your heart out.
If I’m correct, I believe he has made her a tad more agreeable.
Yes, of course! I have this habit of speaking a tad too much and.
Not for the first time, the Indian state had woken up a tad too late.
With all the secrecy involved with them, that number may be a tad low.
These names may look a tad fierce, but they're accurate and appropriate.
It is fair to say that oil prices will become unstable and a tad higher.
Tad swore he’d used the right cable, but the jury didn’t believe him.

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