Exemples de phrases

Choisissez une langue , puis tapez un mot ci-dessous pour obtenir des exemples de phrases pour ce mot.

Talk dans une phrase (en anglais)

It is hard to talk.
I must talk to him.
He was one to talk.
I just want to talk.
Be on the talk shows.
My talk of an hour.
Yes, I need to talk.

I should talk to him.
No more of this talk.
Then He begins to talk.
This is not just talk.
I need to talk to him.
He had to talk to her.
My mom started to talk.
Let us talk about you.
She was eager to talk.
The Sage does not talk.
I need to talk to you.
And I did want to talk.
We need to talk to her.
I heard the stars talk.
Oh, we need to talk.
Chen to talk about Tom.
I invited him to talk.
We need to talk to you.
I can’t talk about it.
I intend to talk to him.
Franco, we need to talk.
Rosa you can talk to me.
If only you could talk.
They don't have to talk.
Not given to small talk.
Yeah talk to you soon.
Listen, I need to talk.
I needed to talk to you.
I needed to talk to him.
He wants to talk to you.
We need to talk a while.
It's all they talk about.
Talk about a close call.
I was talking to him.
I was talking to Mr.
I am tired of talking.
It’s a lot of talking.
Don't do all the talking.
They were talking to Bill.
He was talking about sex.
He was talking to voices.
I’m not talking to him.
But this was not talking.
What is he talking about?
She stopped talking to me.
I stopped talking to her.
Thanks for not talking too.
He was talking about Steven.
Ray stopped talking, and I.
What was he talking about?
By talking to others about.
But you are talking of the.
But Jason just kept talking.
We are talking numbers here.
He began talking this summer.
Ailia could hear them talking.
What was she talking about?
I wouldn't if I were talking.
I'm not talking about staring.
You think he was talking to.
They were talking about you.
What are you talking about.
What is he talking about TK?
Talking to Rob has shaken me.
He hears Prince still talking.
Then John began talking again.
Why is he talking about this?
The three men stopped talking.
I’m talking now about money.
I was talking with my friend.
I tried talking her out of it.
He was talking out our son.
He needed to keep her talking.
We talked on and on.
And he talked to me.
The two men talked on.
HE talked and I told.
We talked for an hour.
As we ate, he talked.
He talked to the wall.
I have talked to her.
Why had I not talked.
We talked for a while.
He drank and he talked.
Then Sue and I talked.
I just talked to a guy.
We talked about it a lot.
They talked as they ate.
We talked in the morning.
They talked a good fight.
They seldom talked to her.
I haven’t talked to him.
They ate and talked and.
This man talked like Doc.
You talked me into it.
The men smiled and talked.
We have talked about many.
We talked a lot together.
But I have talked enough.
He had talked a good deal.
But have you ever talked.
Bert talked to him saying.
So wondered, so talked Mrs.
She talked about me a lot.
Sometimes I talked to her.
We talked a little in bed.
I have talked to Hamilton.
He talked to them in the.
She talked to her saints:.
He talked to me the whole.
His tellers talked to them.
I talked with Bonnie today.
She talked and he listened.
He talks to the dean.
Now he only talks when.
He talks about voices in.
You see, it talks right out.
He talks about his deaf son.
Even the Bible talks about it.
It is not me who talks, the.
That's what faith talks like.
We shall have many talks yet.
Gore still showed at his talks.
Everyone talks about green tea.
In the meantime, talks continue.
Whoever talks first gets a deal.
From the talks with Mom and Dad.
He smiles as he talks down at me.
Crazy things Jake talks about.
I’ll miss our talks about the.
Talks all the time, he said.
All Moscow talks of nothing but war.
Nobody talks to her about anything.
He talks to her now more than me.
When it talks about the end of the.
I smell his foul breath as he talks.
He talks about Gandhi’s economic.
No one talks to The Flower this.
All she talks about is Syd Clark.
She still talks about it to this day.
Oh, and he sees and talks to Sophie.
She talks as though Simon is with us.
The gentleman talks of tender parents.
No, it’s all he ever talks about.
She's got a pussy that talks to you.
All of these talks when far into the.
But a man always talks of his own ache.
She talks with them in English, but I.
In Sabrina's letter JESUS talks about.
In a whisper he said, He talks!.
But then it talks about the narrow and.
And who talks about hermits nowadays?

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