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Task dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. That is no easy task.
  2. This is a task for.
  3. Our task is to find.
  4. I knew well the task.
  5. And it will be a task.

  6. Th is task was being.
  7. The task was not easy.
  8. That is no small task.
  9. To thee I hand my task.
  10. It was a hard task.
  11. This was a simple task.
  12. Yet is it no easy task.
  13. That is your task, my.
  14. Why the task is needed.
  15. It was a daunting task.

  16. It is not an easy task.
  17. It was a hopeless task.
  18. You will find the task.
  19. Steps 1-3 of third task:.
  20. He had risen to the task.
  21. He shared this task with.
  22. The task force said NEPA.
  23. And only one task remains.
  24. They had a different task.
  25. Steps 1-3 of second task:.

  26. She carried out her task.
  27. It was an impossible task.
  29. My task is a simple one.
  30. He had a task to carry out.
  31. For Life had a task for her.
  32. But it is too heavy a task.
  33. The terrible task was over.
  34. Their task is to champion.
  35. Sometimes the task is the.
  36. That was our appointed task.
  37. It is a gradual uphill task.
  38. It’s no small task, either.
  39. This task was all important.
  40. She returned to task at hand.
  41. Bug trackers and task lists:.
  42. Its main task is assumed to.
  43. His task had simply been to.
  44. Let us suppose that the task.
  45. However the task laid before.
  46. Jumping ship was a hard task.
  47. It would be a thankless task.
  48. Focus on the task at hand.
  49. And what was your task?
  50. Today’s task was the bedroom.
  51. It is his (mankinds) task to.
  52. It is your task to make it.
  53. I have another task for you.
  54. One task for every individual.
  55. There is no better task than.
  56. I take Newton to task on his.
  57. He wasn’t equal to the task.
  58. This is the cognitive task.
  59. The task now seemed impossible.
  60. Then he bent again to his task.
  61. That task could hardly be 214.
  62. Your task is to secure the.
  63. Ted threw himself into the task.
  64. And back to the task at hand.
  65. He finishes his task in silence.
  66. Your task is to communicate (i.
  67. DEADLINE PRESSURE of the task.
  68. In this system, for every task.
  69. I had no longer the cruel task.
  70. This is going to be a huge task.
  71. He truly was enjoying this task.
  72. It was a slow and grueling task.
  73. Who Who will complete the task?
  74. Perhaps when this task you are.
  75. Gifted is he, Controls the task.
  76. Cassius volunteered for the task.
  77. You did set me a task, though!.
  78. But he did not pause in his task.
  79. The task for the investor is to.
  80. Yes, but that task was trivial.
  81. Peter started his requested task.
  82. We will leave you to your task.
  83. Last time, he’d given me a task.
  84. Second task: Is to comfort fears.
  85. A difficult but unavoidable task.
  86. The task at hand will not be easy.
  87. On this the task at hand depends.
  88. Mohan Gopal was assigned the task.
  89. When should the task be complete?
  90. Tents of the Korea Air Task Force.
  91. All activities for the main task.
  92. From morn to eve his solitary task.
  93. When a task is successfully com-.
  94. And that other little task?
  95. Lord not me this task is to grave.
  96. At sixteen, he set about the task.
  97. No small task in and of itself.
  98. A task force sat waiting for them.
  99. Neither can accomplish their task.
  100. I bear the key task that Lord Ram.
  1. Tasking an activity that has little.
  2. No questions about the action plan or tasking assignments, only.
  3. Tasking coachee with list of activities that creates an action plan.
  4. Action plan and tasking thoroughly explored, some questions to test.
  5. Colonel Krulak, I am tasking your Marines for that eventual rescue mission.
  6. I entered the reception and was immediately surrounded by my entourage, giving me things to sign and approve, thank heavens multi tasking was one of my strongest traits.
  7. I have already told Director Perkins that our network in Pakistan is now next to non-existent and that the ISI will probably actively work against us, but he told me that the President’s tasking stands.
  1. The girls had been tasked with.
  2. She had been tasked with going back to the.
  3. We have been tasked by the Israeli government to.
  4. Alexander had tasked her with looking after Maurice.
  5. A stray grunt, tasked with foot patrol comes sprinting.
  6. You did not complete the duty that I tasked you with.
  7. The magisters tasked with entrancing the soldiers went ahead.
  8. I have been tasked with the task of making you into soldiers.
  9. You both are tasked with keeping my twin brother at the ball.
  10. You were tasked to bring Robert Puller in, not to work with him.
  11. All he was tasked with doing was opening and closing the hatch!.
  12. Question 6: You have been tasked to open a locked door in a hurry.
  13. Once again he is tasked to imagine and recall the plane scenario.
  14. Otis and Loggins had been tasked as security, embarking in the SUV.
  15. But you’re also tasked to do the same for ‘national decision makers.
  16. Carla tasked her subconscious to manipulate this negative into a positive.
  17. He had been tasked with overseeing the rooting out of such persons in Markarth.
  18. Twelve of us were tasked to hit farther inland, at the al-Faw oil refinery area.
  19. Louie was tasked with stealing enough strong rope to lash the rock to the Bird.
  20. Einstein was then tasked to supposedly measure all the mass in the entire.
  21. Their rule was based out of fear by those they were supposedly tasked with serving.
  22. Watkins was tasked to fast-track the Digitot Project within the Conlog organisation.
  23. In the early 80‘s back at Genie, I was one of the junior traders tasked with the.
  24. That carrier may in turn be tasked to provide air cover to the forward enemy armada.
  25. He was tasked with taking over the kingdom and all of the mess left by the time of war.
  26. All he was yet tasked with was the finding of the alien vessel that had landed offshore.
  27. Twelve of us were tasked to hit farther inland, at the al-Faw oil refinery area.
  28. He tasked out the responsibility of changing them to us, whenever we would come up to visit.
  29. Neither I, nor Walker – still at the NAMA site - were tasked yet with monitoring his signal.
  30. He had been tasked with gathering intelligence, as he was the only one familiar with the area.
  31. Two man were tasked with directing the vehicles to the parking area, while two or three others.
  32. Our destination will be Oslo, which we are tasked to defend along with its airfield at Fornebu.
  33. My friend has told me that scrambled eggs can be formed their professional organisations tasked with.
  34. Three Angels–The three angels that are tasked with revealing and destroying the three parts into.
  35. He still could not believe he had been tasked with the sacking of Pyr, and if it came to that, its razing.
  36. One device I recognized as the device I had been tasked to find on this little jaunt into the monster’s lair.
  37. He also tasked me to try in combat a number of tactics and doctrines imported from the future by Nancy Laplante.
  38. I’ve been here ever since assisting and helping as I can those tasked as guardians, who have come to this place.
  39. What technical work are you tasked with? The Elf wondered what she'd be expected to account for if questioned.
  40. Before you go to your rooms, I have something else from the Cardinal: he tasked me with bringing you your back pay.
  41. The only rule, which Mark Cisco was tasked to enforce if need be, was that consent had to be mutual and between adults.
  42. Recall Clintons midnight pardons? Thank Eric Holder for bypassing the attorneys who were tasked with administering the process.
  43. The FBI is so overwhelmed by Jimmy Carter’s visit to Nashville that every last agent has been tasked with ensuring his safety.
  44. Lieutenant Herman Norrell, who was tasked with going to the southwest end of the town with his four tanks, smiled at those words.
  45. Clearly thinking only in the moment, Cheryl was now tasked with the job of cleaning the scene and hiding what was left of Tynice.
  46. Don’t worry! I can tell you JORN is not resourced or tasked to conduct surveillance operations 24-hours-a-day 7-days-a-week.
  47. He was uncaring of the loathsome burdens with which he tasked the apprentices, and he was shamelessly obsequious to his superiors.
  48. Deadly Inheritance A murder thriller featuring Dave Pritchard who has been tasked with finding the remaining heirs to a large fortune.
  49. They had been tasked to produce irrefutable evidence that would exonerate Gary David from the crime of causing the deaths at Wightport.
  50. Leo is coordinating his old organization and all of the ex-military into a team that is now tasked with the process of nation building.
  51. Air patrols of long range amphibians were already tasked to support them by signaling in advance the approach of any new Japanese force.
  52. First Sergeant Morris here is tasked with filming the release and climb sequence, when my SPS-10A will shoot up past this transporter.
  53. Homicide Squad in the force was the body of detectives which was specifically tasked with investigating murders anywhere in the territory.
  54. That afternoon he had a visitor in the form of another of the couriers who had been tasked to talk to him and quietly get the whole story.
  55. The five claimed to be part of a ‘Special Branch’ of the Narcotic Control Board tasked with suppressing Burmese labourers in Thailand.
  56. The road checkpoint was manned by six Afghan policemen, supplemented by two policewomen from the Shouz patrol tasked to search women and children.
  57. But if you two think that he could do more for the veterans community by being tasked over to the veteran organization, I will support the move.
  58. I’ve been cursed and blessed, been married and assassinated, fallen madly in love, been gifted with fortunes and tasked with great responsibility.
  59. Corporations and investors are tasked with the tremendous burden of forecasting their businesses and investments twenty or thirty years down the road.
  60. In the UK private firms have been tasked with public services such as education, health and transport – under regulation by government authorities.
  61. I watched the incendiary missile slam into the base of the tower followed by several others from the other two companies tasked with taking the tower.
  62. She had just stopped in front of the door she was tasked to guard when a samurai in full armor and leading six ashigaru came up the staircase at a run.
  63. I have just tasked one of our P-3 maritime patrol aircraft out of Naha to go investigate: it should be over the Senkaku Islands in two and a half hours.
  64. The Mossad was in fact ready to torture her for that and had already tortured one of our CIA agents in Israel that had been tasked to follow that person.
  65. The Judenrat was tasked by the Germans to run the day-to-day administration of the Ghetto and enforce via the Jewish Ghetto police their rules and directives.
  66. The residents of Needless have joined together in overt mockery of those here tasked in capturing Windowmaker and Wayne, making their jobs a bit more difficult.
  67. Well I think Pte Mack has summed things up nicely and with that in mind we have been tasked by Brigade to send out a recce patrol and locate a source of water.
  68. Talaric could be held inside prisoner and beyond that father had tasked me with its capture and I wasn’t about to either disappoint him or fail to rescue my brother.
  69. Then Pitman said, The committee, which could be called HUD-VET, would be tasked with keeping you in the know about anything that affects veterans as it relates to HUD.
  70. Having arrived in the country only that morning, he’d already taken command of the Secret Service team tasked with providing security for the American secretary of state.
  71. She now had the information she had been tasked to find and she was thus going to send it to Tehran via the Internet, using the encryption program hidden inside her laptop.
  72. At the time I had a woman on my staff named Lori Rubin and she was tasked with getting all the details and arrangements in proper order and it seemed everything was on target.
  73. She was tasked with the instruction of everyone holding the rank of captain or above in spiritual matters, with an emphasis on the importance of inner exploration and inner peace.
  74. It also is tasked to document history, which was poorly understood until recently due to the massive destruction of worldwide archives and museums during the nuclear holocaust of 2052.
  75. Apparently Marcus Dumond was starting to be affected by the pressure of the job he’d been tasked with and Nash felt that dragging him up to the seventh floor would make matters worse.
  76. These weren't menial servants to the Naud, these were tasked to maintaining the essential services: galley workers, lab techs, and most obviously as the personal sex slaves of the officers.
  77. To be made responsible for imprisoning people is surely, to many guards, an unsettling experience, especially when they are tasked with depriving their prisoners of the most basic necessities.
  78. Makgrygair had tasked his 1st and 3rd Brigade with the actual assault, with 2nd Brigade in reserve, and they’d begun their preparation over a month earlier, out of sight of Fairkyn’s defenders.
  79. While the size of his home had the ability to obscure them, it was unheard-of for him to travel its full length without at least a glimpse of the people tasked with keeping his household operating.
  80. The first wave of that armada consisted of no less than twelve F-15J fighter-bombers tasked with clearing the skies over the Senkakus of any Chinese plane and with sinking any Chinese ships nearby.
  81. I won’t bore you by rehearsing all the facets of the case, as you are familiar with the facts surrounding Professor Barclay, and the reasons that you tasked Section 11 to look after his security.
  82. Guess who are tasked with stopping the riots? And who are blamed for every one of the rioters shot dead, and will be now and forever in the future? It seems that we have learned nothing from history.
  83. Since people, who are tasked in selecting potential candidates for the jobs they posted, also are pressed for time, then in most cases, they only take about a few seconds in checking out your resume.
  84. Camp Kisarazu was the base of the 1st Helicopter Brigade, which was tasked to transport them to the Senkaku Islands after a first stop aboard the helicopter carrying destroyers of the Senkaku Task Force.
  85. The Time Patrol, which is tasked by the Global Council to prevent illegal time travel and protect history from irresponsible tampering, reacted to the Imperium raid, shooting down two of the raiding ships.
  86. Now, she was asked to go get prisoners while commanding a female unit under direct ground attack, and this after being tasked to plug a hole in the frontlines caused by the debacle of a male infantry unit.
  87. Before you ask why my wing got a preferential treatment, the reason is simple and straightforward: I was tasked by General Arnold to develop new air doctrines and tactics in the context of joint operations.
  88. Colonel Dows, you are as of today the designated commander of the Ninth Tactical Air Command in England, which is tasked with providing tactical air support to our First Army for our future invasion of France.
  89. The old man grunted his assent and then added, The secrets the Ta’lont family protects were tasked to us alone to safeguard and not to outsiders, which has made him ncreaseingly jealous over the years!.
  90. Oh how Maria wanted to! All she wanted was to be near Elon experiencing life with him, but he had tasked her with the responsibility of keeping the door and obediently her hands remained on the handles behind her back.
  91. As much as possible, they released the mortars to specific rifle companies or even platoons, ready to put fire where it was requested by the units they were tasked to support but never firing in anyone else’s support.
  92. Were these anonymous Twitter trolls hand in glove with the BJP party machinery? A BJP insider admitted to me that there was a ‘media watch’ group of party volunteers who were tasked to ‘take down’ Modi’s critics.
  93. Once a group of men has carried out a specific task, it will be disbanded, and although individuals may be tasked with other aspects of the operation later, no-one will be able to link the two as part of a larger operation.
  94. Is winning the thing in itself, the now that is sought, that only occurs not in the process of, but in the actual moment of having won? One of my over tasked multi-presences asked the question of Job in the glow of Weal.
  95. Last year, her expert leadership in commanding an air group tasked with supporting our troops in Guadalcanal resulted in heavy enemy casualties and, eventually, the withdrawal of the surviving Japanese soldiers on that island.
  96. In this statement, he noted that ‘I deem it neither prudent nor proper for me to comment particularly where the Public Protector has had access to a range of Ministers and officials properly tasked with this responsibility’.
  97. The executive branch, which consists of the president of the United States, the vice president of the United States, the Executive Office of the President, and all of the cabinet departments, is tasked with enforcing those laws.
  98. The last report we got on her, thanks to American newspapers and radio stations, was that she had been tasked to form an all-female air unit, following the edict from their president authorizing the enlistment of women in their army.
  99. Besides the 531st being on alert for the coming activities in the War Zone C area, other USAF squadrons in South Vietnam would be tasked by the Frag Order, already being tapped out on secure teletype, to provide air at specified times.
  100. The moment brought back to her the souvenirs of some of her more exciting times as a young French Resistance girl, when she had been tasked to watch German installations and note the number and positions of the German sentries guarding them.
  1. She will have two main tasks.
  2. Resolution of all tasks had.
  3. Expect to have several tasks.
  4. We set about our summer tasks.
  5. DID IT completes their tasks.
  6. We assigned ourselves new tasks.
  7. One of the main tasks of group.
  8. Group tasks by type and location.
  9. One of the tasks included shaving.
  10. He had two main tasks; to prompt.
  11. Indeed, his tasks at the Abbey in.
  12. Do this with the rest of your tasks.
  13. These are tasks (or action items).
  14. People had stopped doing their tasks.
  15. Next a preliminary list of tasks was.
  16. Federation used it to do a lot of tasks.
  17. Tasks no one else could see to success.
  18. I'm running out of tasks to give her.
  19. Dad is taking care of a few tasks here.
  20. P1, p2, p3= processors or tasks of jobs.
  21. Tasks are completed as per the priority.
  22. This was one of many tedious tasks that.
  23. Re-allocate tasks to suit the strengths.
  24. Let’s say you have a list of tasks to do.
  25. With these two bunny-hill tasks, you can.
  26. Identify those tasks that are truly urgent.
  27. What is easier to do the tasks and business.
  28. Forever, our tasks worked out in the shadows.
  29. Hilda was there there to set her to her tasks.
  30. Remind yourself of those tasks that you’ve.
  31. They have more than enough tasks on their to.
  32. She asked him how he had accomplished his tasks.
  33. Why does Baldur always get the pleasant tasks?
  34. I work always on tasks that are important, to me.
  35. One of its tasks is to further the development.
  36. They said nothing but returned to their own tasks.
  37. In the night he felt the men rush to unseen tasks.
  38. You women of the earth subordinated at your tasks!.
  39. Think of deploying and focusing your team on tasks.
  40. Jin Song and that Li Laosao doing their usual tasks.
  41. You probably should start with small, everyday tasks.
  42. Final y when they had finished their tasks ,hayley.
  43. In addition to the basic, daily tasks for the upkeep.
  44. They are the long-range nanoeyes and have many tasks.
  45. Lately, his most grueling tasks had involved deskwork.
  46. Gavin sets impossible tasks to all of his assistant.
  47. Captain Hawes had many tasks to complete prior to the.
  48. The next morning, they set off to carry out their tasks.
  49. We are sure to face more challenging tasks on the morn.
  50. Female users showed no impairments on any of the tasks.
  51. The simple tasks around the farm became more difficult.
  52. Marcus had also proved useful on several special tasks.
  53. It shows him being trained how to do the simplest tasks.
  54. In this tenure, I have exposed to variety of tasks and.
  55. He had many tasks to perform and he asked to be excused.
  56. When he’s finished we can test it then allocate tasks.
  57. When our daily tasks seem dull or tedious, identifying.
  58. These menial tasks fitted in between the practical and.
  59. The officers divvied up the tasks involved in the killing.
  60. As you learn to do this, the number of tasks you finish.
  61. Therefore, when al ocating tasks and procedures to team.
  62. With these key tasks completed you can now practise your.
  63. But Syed shows that in almost every arena in which tasks.
  64. Rather, they have to do with accomplishing specific tasks.
  65. For week-to-week money tasks, this all works like a charm.
  66. And they are therefore equipped very well for those tasks.
  67. In the Tasks sections, click on Advanced system settings.
  68. The others left to handle the menial tasks while Darek and.
  69. These two tasks, hop turns and the wedge-swing hop, are a.
  70. Thus in the main path of life it is true that two tasks are.
  71. There’s a good chance you‘ve heard of outsourcing tasks.
  72. Passively performing complicated tasks, to progress mankind.
  73. To troops out of the war arising, they the tasks I have set.
  74. Try to find meaning in the tasks that you have to accomplish.
  75. PDP-11-a machine considered fit for only small tasks by most.
  76. Remember, these tasks are listed pretty much in the order of.
  77. One of their regular early morning tasks was to milk the cows.
  78. What about the avionics and other tasks? Tom looked at Sue.
  79. It has been known for me to leave unpleasant tasks closer to.
  80. The dwarves and Terranoids set themselves to the tasks at hand.
  81. Some tasks affect, or are affected by, one or more other tasks.
  82. A good plan of action can involve putting other tasks on hold.
  83. There needs to be a new policy for tracking intelligence tasks.
  84. The early apostles found spirit-filled men to do the tasks of.
  85. For tasks that are repetitive our typical autopilot operation.
  86. Another proposal is to focus on those tasks we know we have to.
  87. The combination of parenting duties and student tasks were, I.
  88. Okay, there are just a couple more tasks I want to offer these.
  89. But there are developmentally appropriate tasks that even the.
  90. The coach should set weekly or short-term tasks that will lead.
  91. They spent the remainder of the day allocating individual tasks.
  92. So on he ploughed with the current top tasks on the problem list.
  93. Other techniques of djana-yoga are beyond the tasks of this book.
  94. They had to work in groups and delegate all tasks within their.
  95. You have one or more helpers who can be trained to do those tasks.
  96. Readings come with interactive comprehension questions and tasks.
  97. While Midge was resting between tasks, Monica studied her closely.
  98. Let's move on to two nifty little tasks that are indeed difficult.
  99. Of course, knowing all these things that lead to postponing tasks.
  100. As they returned to their tasks, Tom had the nagging feeling that.

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