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Tatter dans une phrase (en anglais)

A strong wind had picked up sometime during the night, it swept through her, making her teeth tatter.
The pipe that he and Lenar had just blown fell, hitting the second pipe, turning up like an unbalanced teeter tatter before sinking the rest of the way to the bottom.
The instant it touches it, the ghoul contorts, is stretched long and thin into a tatter of black-skinned robe and bones, and screams with such terror that the skin all over my body prickles in goose flesh.
Hold! take this door! this grating! this penthouse! this chimney-piece! this broken brazier! this cracked pot! Give all! cast away all! Push this roll, dig, dismantle, overturn, ruin everything! It was the collaboration of the pavement, the block of stone, the beam, the bar of iron, the rag, the scrap, the broken pane, the unseated chair, the cabbage-stalk, the tatter, the rag, and the malediction.

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