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Tediously dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. In Atlanta, there were machine factories tediously turning out machinery to.
  2. They cannot wait to meet you, he said, tediously working on the next plank.
  3. Last time he was on Earth, computers occupied whole rooms and had to be tediously programmed with punch cards.
  4. Seeing how tediously organized they were in his parent's house, she wanted to make sure that it would be just it was.
  5. Eventually he was able to pull it little by little until he could get the rest of his fingers over it and began to pull himself tediously upward.

  6. The car tediously hauled, repaired, Phoenix reached, Harris found himself in such an unholy state of mind that the business transaction was a numb pantomime.
  7. But while more precisely defining sound, the enormous size of such an alphabet capable of representing the totality of spoken sounds would make it tediously cumbersome.
  8. As he tediously sifted through the papers, which were mostly correspondence and reports relating to inspections, Wickland suddenly had a new sense of the importance of Spalding’s position.
  9. He practiced typing 1924 several times on a blank piece of paper, then held his breath and rolled the card into the typewriter, tediously aligning it to the place where the type would strike.
  10. The Martian who had been overthrown crawled tediously out of his hood, a small brown figure, oddly suggestive from that distance of a speck of blight, and apparently engaged in the repair of his support.

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