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Termination dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. A termination order has been given.
  2. The termination order has been given.
  3. Termination of the Sun, Life and Time.
  4. The reason for the termination of his.
  5. Termination of the Sun, Life and Earth.
  6. Termination of the first Afghan war (1842).
  7. Sometimes, the only solution is termination.
  8. The termination in mar has been added recently.
  9. This word El occurs as a termination in the name.
  11. Silence all round marked the termination of his finale.
  12. Alcohol and/or Drug use, a lack of or termination of a.
  13. The Applet initialization and termination are as follow.
  14. Also, at termination d[J[i] ]£d [J[i+1]] ,1 £ i £ k.
  15. Ben Carter stood there, disorientated by his termination.
  16. Although this horrible civil war`s termination was aided by.
  17. An official termination date written in a marriage contract.
  18. It is true that this termination of the shore was hidden from.
  19. Aloysius Lana which brought the trial to a sudden termination.
  20. At the termination of the Rally, the process will be reversed.
  21. Once the contract was near termination, those assets reverted to.
  22. There one could hear the termination in anche of the old Thuneurs.
  23. But why its termination is placed here, I am unable to understand.
  24. There’d been little to no adverse reaction to the drug termination.
  25. Well, yea, but that officially ended with the termination of Prima Nocta.
  26. This article discusses symptoms related to existing sedative termination.
  27. By comparing the account of the termination at New-Haven (Bruce's Journal, v.
  28. Trend termination plays are slightly more complex than trend continuation plays.
  29. Rocky Mountains, geological observations on the northern termination of, xvii, 2.
  30. The foreman said he was physically unfit to work; thus the immediate termination.
  31. Be clear on this: This is a win for a trend termination trade—the trend stopped.
  32. She gave her father a bare bones account of the events that led to her termination.
  33. It every where commences at the upper surface or termination of the body of granite.
  34. Her husband wanted her to have a termination and, after days of agonising, she agreed.
  35. Satan already saw his negative aspect linked with life termination of Allah and Mohammad.
  36. Metaphorically, dying can be seen as an end or a termination to your old ways and habits.
  37. The relationships usually ended with the termination of my stint in that particular country.
  38. When they refer to the term last days, they twist it to mean the termination of the.
  39. He was prepared to see it relaxed as soon as John approved a certain employee’s termination.
  40. You should have a termination checklist to make sure you follow the process according to the law.
  41. Throw in a gain from termination of a pension plan and fees from previously syndicated programs.
  42. Continue to keep tabs on the length of time these people were on the drug before termination.
  43. Anti: A trend termination pattern that uses the pullback pattern as an entry and for confirmation.
  44. But how about our business? Is it possible that he is going to leave it without any termination?
  45. Termination of registration shall be deferred pending final determination on the question of denial.
  46. NCP initialization and termination procedures can also occur at any other time during the connection.
  47. The issue of drug termination had never really been an issue before, but it certainly had become one now.
  48. All of this was small relative to David Bright, the chairman of the board and CEO (his termination pay was $7.
  49. It was, however, maintained for hours, until they had reached a bay, nigh the northern termination of the lake.
  50. Danglars waited a moment, expecting the postilion to come and demand payment with the termination of his stage.
  51. At the termination of the contest, secure all that our wisdom and valor and the fortune of the war will permit.
  52. Investing in distressed credits, however, involves having some idea of a termination date except for call features.
  53. There would be some compensation for early termination of contracts but no golden parachutes in any contract breaks.
  54. I didnt want to listen to the radio unless they were announcing the termination of the search for the iPhone kitty.
  55. At its termination, Colonel Dent and his party consulted in whispers for two minutes, then the Colonel called out—.
  56. An established trend appears to end, but the trend termination fails and the market continues in the established trend.
  57. Emmanuel did not conceal his joy at the peaceful termination of the affair, and was loud in his expressions of delight.
  58. All ISDN installations needed a device called a Network Termination 1 (NT1) connected to the telephone line at each end.
  59. I employed two miners to commence with me, at the termination of the drift, which is now extended 800 feet into the hill.
  60. Since the knot of agreement is secured with your actions, it follows that inaction results in termination of the agreement.
  61. That is also correct, Donovan answered, but in this case the FDA required a study of the effect of drug termination.
  62. Gladys Baker lasted a few more days—though never alone with the child—before her employers made her termination official.
  63. That would be uncomfortable for all parties, but a termination was not intended and no good alternatives were available yet.
  64. Trend termination trades are countertrend (counter to the existing trend) trades, and trade management is an important issue.
  65. I was very shocked and angered by my termination based upon the pretext that Almendral, supposedly parroting Hottman, gave me.
  66. In addition, the lack of termination at either half can prevent computers that are still connected from communicating properly.
  67. There are two trend trades: trend continuation and trend termination, and two support and resistance trades: holding and failing.
  68. If the amount involved is significant, the analyst should investigate whether or not the losses may be subject to early termination.
  69. Now many in our society want to redefine the beginning of life and allow the termination of fetal human beings who have no recourse.
  70. We were politely received by the Spaniards, who were greatly relieved by the termination of the war, and whose condition was pitiable.
  71. Loud cheers greeted the termination of his speech, but it was obvious from some of the men's faces that they resented Grinder's remarks.
  72. The only difficulty reported by the drug company was a slight increase in blood pressure during the first few weeks of drug termination.
  73. At the very least, it may make sense to watch for trend termination patterns on lower time frames when one of these patterns is underway.
  74. Mile after mile was, however, passed through the boundless woods, in this painful manner, without any prospect of a termination to their.
  75. Once the trend termination has been successfully identified, it is important to take higher time frame market structure into consideration.
  76. These options were to expire five years from the date of grant or earlier in the event of termination of employment, disability, or death.
  77. As a philosopher he knew that at the termination of any allotted life only an infinitesimal part of any person's desires has been realised.
  78. A typical PPP session consists of several connection establishment and termination procedures, using other protocols in addition to the PPP.
  79. But the spectacle which most concerned the young soldier was on the western bank of the lake, though quite near to its southern termination.
  80. Prince Andrew sat in another room, faint with fear lest the baby should be drowned in the font, and awaited the termination of the ceremony.
  81. Even the friends of England ought not to desire the termination of the war, without a satisfactory adjustment of the subject of impressment.
  82. The Commission shall after notice and opportunity for hearing deny termination of registration if it finds that the certification is untrue.
  83. The last ten centuries have toiled at it without being able to bring it to a termination, any more than they have been able to finish Paris.
  84. Jesus, three-and-a-half months of ‘work,’ stupid as it is—thirteen thousand plus dollars worth of your time, on the brink of termination.
  85. George Donovan told this reporter that the current research study at Dominex Pharmaceuticals involves the observation of medication termination.
  86. Unlike regular Library bracelets, it could be removed; the symbols that librarians wore had to be cut away at the termination of their contracts.
  87. This is a special case of a failure test at the highs of an old trend, and, in the right context, is an extremely reliable trend termination pattern.
  88. We deny any doctrine that teaches the cessation of signs and wonders or the termination of the gifts of the Holy Spirit after the age of the Apostles.
  89. Once a position has been established in a suspected trend termination, the first thing to look for is confirmation that the trend has indeed terminated.
  90. The sudden termination of Colonel Brandon's visit at the park, with his steadiness in concealing its cause, filled the mind, and raised the wonder of Mrs.
  91. Traders riding trends need to understand the patterns of trend termination, but it is also equally important to consider what follows the end of a trend.
  92. Simon marriage, and its curious termination, have long ceased to be a subject of interest in those exalted circles in which the unfortunate bridegroom moves.
  93. Lana, and that it was his anger over the sudden termination of this engagement which was thought to have driven her brother to the perpetration of this crime.
  94. Is this a trend continuation or trend termination trade? The answer depends on your perspective and your time frame, and it is only important to be consistent.
  95. It described in detail what the headmaster had seen in Bart’s office that morning, demanded immediate expulsion for him, and termination of employment for Bart.
  96. Such a fact as the termination of their married relations, in the most extreme moments of his interest in another, he had never thought of—he had never wished for.
  97. A minor two percent were reported to have had difficulty with the termination; however, symptoms were not conclusively connected to the stopping of their medication.
  98. Yes, I was reprogrammed to be a deathbot infiltrator and given an assignment, to locate and assist in the termination of one Kazuki Shimatani, location, the Badlands.
  99. The present war of all others should be avoided; being without an object, no man can conjecture its termination; for as was most correctly observed by my friend, (Mr.
  100. James the brother of Jesus was also present at this meeting, the first conference of the Master's disciples to be called after the termination of his planetary career.

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