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Terrible dans une phrase (en anglais)

It was a terrible time.
He was terrible in bed.
It was a terrible night.
IT WAS A terrible sight.
It was a terrible lost.
It was a terrible moment.
I am a terrible planner.

It was a terrible battle.
To a terrible night so.
It was a terrible sight.
There was a terrible thud.
I had terrible hay fever.
It was truly a terrible.
They were a terrible foe.
It was so terrible that.
She was a terrible parker.
Earth is a terrible place.
A new and terrible thing!.
I was terrible at it.
I am in a terrible fright.
My god that is terrible.
To build the Terrible Bomb.
I was terrible in algebra.
A terrible shame for him!.
Rowan did a terrible thing.
Caris felt a terrible guilt.
But it’s a terrible idea.
I've been terrible to you.
I have made terrible errors.
A rind is a terrible thing.
What a terrible way to die.
He had been a terrible man.
Man, that must be terrible.
He had a terrible head-ache.
It was of terrible quality.
She had a terrible meal.
It is too terrible to tell.
The terrible task was over.
There was one terrible loss.
It was a terrible experience.

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