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Testify dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. The scriptures testify of you.
2. Sam Cabot’s going to testify.
3. You may be required to testify.
4. Therefore, let us testify also.
5. The defendant wanted to testify.
6. Are you going to testify?
7. I need you to testify for Aaron-Rey.

8. Candace wasn’t required to testify.
9. That’s not how she’ll testify.
10. Those who did testify were tortured.
11. He said he would testify against me.
12. Cosgrove to testify in the first place.
13. He said: This novice nun will testify.
14. Stackton tried to convince her to testify.
15. I testify that there is no GOD but ALLAH.
16. My two former wives will testify to that.
17. And to this, their own souls will testify.
18. Hundreds of my pupils can testify that Mr.
19. What would he have to testify about?
20. Testify of His goodness and all He’s done.
21. And testify to the truth of Self-nature—.
22. And that’s why you’ve got to testify.
23. Can’t I just testify against her?
24. Testify to all, for that’s how we overcome.
25. She offered to have senior Mounties testify.
26. You need me to testify at the prelim?
27. There will be other witnesses to testify.
28. None of the paramedics was called to testify.
29. Don't make her testify, Kyle said angrily.
30. They should be allowed to testify against sex.
31. I tried to stop him being called up to testify.
32. The chief of police will testify tomorrow—.
33. I can testify it was a magical economic awakening.
34. Because he wouldn’t testify against his uncle.
35. I testify that Muhammad is the Messenger of ALLAH.
36. He also told them he would be willing to testify.
37. Doc thought, God! I’d hate to testify about this.
38. We’ll make one up for her to testify to, anyway.
39. Where is this faith you testify to, with many words.
40. These are the very Scriptures that testify about Me.
41. Romans 10:2,3 says: „For I can testify about them.
42. Now this I affirm and testify in the Lord, that you.
43. I don’t care, he will testify that you shot him.
44. The Scriptures testify of the living presence of God.
45. And Chief James isn’t here to testify, is he, Mr.
46. Not to mention her parents won't allow her to testify.
47. Who are we to testify before such a judge as herself?
48. Muslim witnesses testify (that they have seen the new.
49. After that, if you want to testify, you will be heard.
50. A husband can't be forced to testify against his wife.
51. I was to testify to my conversation with the Murray &.
52. He says that Catherine is prepared to testify in court.
53. I assure you of my intention to testify against him.
54. Both equally testify to the existence of one Jesus, who.
56. There are a dozen Yankee soldiers who can testify to that.
57. He’ll testify against you, just like the old woman will.
58. You’re willing to testify to what you saw? I asked.
59. We may need to have you testify as a witness, he warned.
60. She knew nothing about any of this! I will testify to that.
61. He was going to testify to the fact that the girl was obvi-.
63. Brad Sutter, is a witness and he will testify that he saw Mr.
64. Well, he can’t testify without being sworn in, says Mr.
65. I’ll testify that Lynnette Lagrande was behind everything.
66. Just to testify about the male nurse that treated me that night.
67. The works that I do in My Father's Name these testify about Me.
68. They want me to testify today, this afternoon at two o’clock.
69. Jill would never testify against me, he said, then frowned.
70. As your bleeding hand would testify, he said into her hair.
71. As long as she was alive, she could testify against her captors.
72. No one would testify against them out of fear of their own murder.
73. In their dilemma and haste they got one Indian near-by to testify.
74. Well, you can testify to that effect at the inquest, he said.
75. M: All they can testify to is that they saw you lying quietly with.
76. He wants to testify in his own defense, Tandy, Philippe told me.
77. I've always truly believed that if I was able to testify in front of.
78. The remaining of the 144,000 wil hear the Very Elect testify and say.
79. The witness may feel very bad about the subpoena but he will testify.
80. They travel in pairs, so there’s always a witness ready to testify.
81. As any number of criminals could testify, not an ounce of it was fat.
82. Our children will testify to whether we are truly living this or not.
83. Anyone who has experienced this flow can testify that it is euphoric.
84. She was sometimes asked to testify as an expert in animal abuse cases.
85. T = Testify - tell others that we have accepted Jesus is our saviour -.
86. Would you be willing to testify to the information you just gave me?
87. But I’ll testify to this: you deserve to start wherever you are today.
88. Against his advice, I chose to testify to vindicate my having taken the.
89. In fact, if this comes to a committee hearing, I might call him to testify.
90. I shall also produce witnesses to testify that you have been taking bribes.
91. Plenty of people can testify to that, not least that wretched lot at Säpo.
92. I’ll get Evelyn to let you testify first, of the three of you, I say.
93. Say, Produce your witnesses who would testify that God has prohibited this.
94. But he had also come forward and volunteered to testify for the prosecution.
95. Only Colvin agreed to testify and his allegations became public in October.
96. Janet told me that I will probably have to testify in court at a later date.
97. Laws’s attorney would have had a field day with her if she had to testify.
98. Swann asked Brixby if he wanted to testify next, and got an angry affirmative.
99. Medical records reveal those who did testify had had their testicles crushed.
100. They also ensure that they testify in criminal and other defined proceedings.
1. I’m testifying to show good faith.
2. Testifying to the name of Glory and Him crucified.
3. Testifying against the DSM-IIIR's inclusion of Self-.
4. I am not shy about testifying about the goodness of the.
5. After the chief’s done testifying, Noah Walker will be toast.
6. He had watched the man on the witness stand testifying against him.
7. I’ve been on the stand in his court plenty of times testifying.
8. He was only testifying in the spirit of cooperation urged by Nixon.
9. I imagined me testifying, Tom Terrific socking it to me on the cross.
10. Aidan and I exchanged contented smiles as David was testifying onstage.
11. She stopped paying attention after telling him her decision on testifying.
12. Once in a while I wind up in court testifying as to the mental status of someone.
13. They were dressed in silk, testifying to the indefatigable fervor of our merchants.
14. Sure she did testify for the state at my trial but she will not be testifying again.
15. To dream that you are testifying in your dream represents your quest for the truth.
16. For the remainder of the night, I kept pounding away at the idea that testifying against.
17. I felt so useless, he confessed to us during his turn on testifying how he found AA.
18. Got a reduced sentence for testifying against his partners in crime--a real stand-up guy.
19. One day, as Butterfield watched, Dean was testifying about an April 15 meeting with Nixon:.
20. Legally, Natives and other nonwhites were barred from testifying in court, filing suit, or voting.
21. Tom wondered that Joe had not recognized his voice and come over and killed him for testifying in court.
22. You put one more mark on her, and the last thing you’ll have to worry about will be Jill testifying.
23. At night it is uniquely brilliant, the millions of sparkling lights testifying to the untiring zest for life.
24. After testifying to the circumstances under which the life-boats were filled and lowered, Lightoller continued.
25. Somehow, Pillsbury survived the war, a fistful of medals and a permanent limp testifying to all he’d endured.
26. I know what’s coming, and it’s something I have to willingly accept, the price I have to pay for testifying.
27. When testifying in his trial Princep told the court when he saw the car with the heir apparent in front of him:.
28. Suppose the incident winds up in court and an individual steps up to the stand, takes the oath and begins testifying.
29. The White House witness, Dick Moore, a special presidential counsel and a public relations image expert, was testifying.
30. The official holo-stamp of the high school hovered above a bunch of writing testifying that he had received his diploma.
31. What I didn’t tell Damon was that I was unbelievably tense about testifying in court on Monday, testifying for the defense.
32. Peter had met him several years earlier while testifying as a psychiatric expert in a murder trial, and he and Pappas had become friends.
33. Ralph had planned to prevent Annet testifying again, at the trial proper, by imprisoning her in Wigleigh before she could leave for Shiring.
34. Greg thought for a second before responding, Rabbi, when I finish testifying, please call Admiral Sherman to verify that the missions were authorized.
35. She blew away some of the testifying national business and insurance leaders, who were there already pledged to the Senate bill and trying to punch holes in ours.
36. Even if Japan surrendered, many POWs believed that the guards would kill them anyway, either out of vengeance or to prevent them from testifying to what had been done to them.
37. They had not been close since Alice married Elfric, and what little was left of their relationship had been destroyed by Elfric’s testifying against Caris in the heresy trial.
38. Testifying of Thornton[33], the Great British Professor, Concerning Pronouncing Al’lah’s Name over the carcass (Comparison between the Islamic way of slaughter and the not-Islamic one):.
39. It rankled Sinatra that since he was a Los Angeles resident he was forced to spend hours testifying in a Los Angeles courtroom while DiMaggio, a Florida resident, was not compelled to testify.
40. And now everybody sees that, out of that testifying process, God was bringing on another organization to be ready against the day when He should open to it the special field of the South and of Africa.
41. Then his head rolled back, his eyelids fell, and the Capataz de Cargadores died without a word or moan after an hour of immobility, broken by short shudders testifying to the most atrocious sufferings.
42. Why take that chance? Revenge at her testifying against him? If so, why not just kill her? Why leave her alive to tell the authorities he’s in the area? If he is a murderer, what’s one more murder to him?
43. Being a levelheaded individual who could give points to not a few in point of shrewd observation he also remarked on his very dilapidated hat and slouchy wearing apparel generally testifying to a chronic impecuniosity.
44. Indeed, it was also disenchanting to consider that many of the witnesses at the inquest would be under oath testifying about Terence Underwood’s character while they themselves may very well be suspects in that murder investigation.
45. Though it may be beneficial in extracting information pertinent to both cases, it would probably not be fruitful in identifying Terence’s murderer, but in many instances witnesses had a tendency to unconsciously incriminate themselves while testifying.
46. So, again, the readiness with which testifying churches returned to regular contributions in behalf of the American Board, as well as of this Society, revealed an abiding love for these very organizations with which for a time they had not walked in fellowship.
47. I have been diagnosed by psychiatrists, neurologists, took all the written tests, by your own doctors testifying that I suffer from depression, severe post traumatic stress, from my experiences in the Korean War, and you keep on telling me ‘we’ll get back to you.
48. It was commonplace for someone to be healed, delivered, or even filled with the Holy Spirit, and all we were doing, was doing what we do best; testifying of the things we saw, or the things that were heard; all the wonders were done by the Lord, we were spectators, just like them.
49. Paul said, "I stand unto this day testifying both to small and great, saying nothing but what the prophets and Moses did say should come; how that the Christ must suffer, and how that he first by the resurrection of the dead should proclaim light both to the people and to the Gentiles" [Acts 26:22].
50. Poor Huck was in the same state of wretchedness and terror, for Tom had told the whole story to the lawyer the night before the great day of the trial, and Huck was sore afraid that his share in the business might leak out, yet, notwithstanding Injun Joe's flight had saved him the suffering of testifying in court.
51. Is it only an ardent and, upon the whole, praiseworthy desire for information? But the reports of the inquiry tell us that the august senators, though raising a lot of questions testifying to the complete innocence and even blankness of their minds, are unable to understand what the second officer is saying to them.
52. Can any of us say that a man should be convicted of two counts of first-degree murder based on no eyewitnesses, no physical evidence, no forensic evidence, no confession—nothing more than the word of a convicted felon looking to cut a deal? And keep in mind, Judge, that it’s our theory that Chief James coerced the snitch into testifying.
53. The omnibus stopped outside Charing Cross; and behind it were clogged omnibuses, vans, motor-cars, for a procession with banners was passing down Whitehall, and elderly people were stiffly descending from between the paws of the slippery lions, where they had been testifying to their faith, singing lustily, raising their eyes from their music to look into the sky, and still their eyes were on the sky as they marched behind the gold letters of their creed.
54. We bless thee for all that which thou didst at sundry times and in divers manners speak in time past unto the fathers by the prophets, those holy men of God, who spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost, and prophesied of the grace that should come unto us, testifying beforehand the sufferings of Christ, and the glory that should follow, and that not to themselves only, but to us they ministered those great things, things which the angels themselves desire to look into.
55. At last I resolved to confide in a renegade, a native of Murcia, who professed a very great friendship for me, and had given pledges that bound him to keep any secret I might entrust to him; for it is the custom with some renegades, when they intend to return to Christian territory, to carry about them certificates from captives of mark testifying, in whatever form they can, that such and such a renegade is a worthy man who has always shown kindness to Christians, and is anxious to escape on the first opportunity that may present itself.
1. Then I testified for an hour.
2. Yeah, he testified at the trial.
3. And thus Puller had not testified.
4. Ashton testified that he loves you.
5. They testified that it was accurate.
6. Parrish, you’ve testified under oath.
7. The police further testified that Ms.
8. In September 1997 he testified in a US.
9. Even David Lewis, CEO, testified in that.
10. Several regulatory bodies also testified.
11. Teepano testified he only vaguely knew Ben.
12. He got up after that, and he then testified.
13. I testified against you in Van Hoff’s case.
14. But you testified that it was Keith Herman.
15. At these hearings Ron Schmid, ND testified:.
16. You testified against her at the trial!.
17. He testified against Puller, said Carter.
18. Elizabeth had testified that Caris was a witch.
19. The housekeeper testified to that story, and it.
20. You testified that you changed your phone number.
21. An expert testified that the same gun was "likely".
22. He testified he believes George was responsible for.
23. Susan Reynolds had testified about a DVD in his pocket.
24. Jamaal, Tyrone, and Tony all testified and told their.
25. However, the officers who testified Wednesday said the.
26. Pitzarelli accepted the deal and testified that he was.
27. We have found it! Hope and Faith testified together.
28. I’m sure my brother noted that when Robinson testified.
29. She testified by written deposition of her witnessing of E.
30. You testified that you saw him copy something onto a DVD.
31. Navy testified to the significance of the Coast Guard in U.
32. Claire had met her a few times when she testified at trials.
33. You testified that she was going in and out of consciousness.
34. She also testified that she saw no one come or leave the room.
35. Most of the spectators testified to having seen, on the breast.
36. Rev Schwartz testified to the punishment he had already invoked.
37. Then Caesars became gods and their visage testified to its worth.
38. Brick Avery sadly testified to the passing of those glorious days.
39. She testified to a visitation upon her body of an essence from God.
40. He worked with my brother and testified against him at the trial.
41. As I testified at the court-martial, I had followed Robert there.
42. The doctor testified that I was in some sudden and intense state of.
44. Yeah, but you testified that you didn’t see anything, Frank.
45. Shortly thereafter friends of Nancy testified that she would not have.
46. Until now, Spenard testified, no one outside of the RCMP had been told.
47. McLellan testified when her office received a package of materials from.
48. Two male slaves testified that Evander swore revenge against their master.
49. On Wednesday, RCMP officers testified before the committee that there.
50. He testified he believes George was responsible for nearly $600,000 that.
51. RCMP media relations officers testified at the inquiry about the botched.
52. Two of the dancers, the bouncer and bartender also testified to that fact.
53. Christ Jesus, 6 who gave Himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due.
54. The officers testified at the inquiry they arrived in separate police cars.
55. Many men were moved, and many women's compassion testified itself in tears.
56. Since January, the president has testified before the Tower Commission twice.
57. Zaccardelli testified last week the allegations of cover-ups and corruption.
58. The doctor has testified that he has no way of knowing what to expect for Ms.
59. Prochus testified that he’d been present at the moment of Peiton’s death.
60. Well, your lover testified that your husband followed the two of you around.
61. The trial started in February 1959, and in August 1960 Mandela testified with a.
62. Are you worried that he might come after me because I testified against him?
63. Baccara, you have testified there was no physical or medical harm done to Samantha.
64. Soraya? Yes, I heard about that from the Royal guard and your nanny testified to it.
65. Witness after witness had testified, her faithful servants tortured into confessing.
66. He breaks into my house at gunpoint and threatens me because I testified against him.
67. JOYCE: But you testified you can recall that on your third date she touched your penis.
68. Boxhall testified to the sobriety and good habits of his superior and brother officers.
69. The Almighty has testified to us the purity of the spirits of those Messengers saying:.
70. Yuki said, Ellen Lafferty testified that she was having an affair with your husband.
71. And the witness Maximov has testified that the prisoner had twenty thousand in his hand.
72. This was most definitely her boat as her familiarity with it testified to long use of it.
73. Next, Peiton’s steward testified that the axe was used in their household for chopping.
74. Lewis testified before Congress on restoration of wetlands and ways to prevent oil spills.
75. So, if I understand you, you lied when you testified last week saying you didn’t see Mr.
76. In the case back in 1995, is it true that you only testified that Frank was with you?
77. In its beauty and complexity, nature testified of a creator, an intelligent master designer.
78. It was testified by the masters of medicine of this century about the deep-rooted civilization.
79. JOYCE: You have just testified that you've never seen Erick lose his temper or act aggressively.
80. The Army denies burying wastes but residents testified to seeing Army people and trucks on site.
81. The Spirit which Joshua sent testified to the hearts of those who heard it that day at Pentecost.
82. Only two of us who testified against you lasted through the end of our first enlistment contract.
83. The policeman, who witnessed the accident, testified in court that Robbie killed Nancy on purpose.
84. God didn’t need to do that, but He had and it testified of His great love for mankind in doing so.
85. Byron Good brothers offer strength; that was why he testified, to shield her from his Melioran past.
86. NASD testified that new rules had been implemented to further reduce incidents of naked short selling.
87. The AMEX, NASDAQ, and NYSE testified that current regulations were sufficient to control reputed abuses.
88. Metrological Organization has now testified that she was forced not to report fraudulent activities and.
89. Then soon thereafter Niles Robinson, who also testified against him, is shot and killed at Union Station.
90. Shireen Kirk said that Reynolds testified that your brother copied something from a computer onto a DVD.
91. There was so much light in the faces of those who came and testified and talked he could not bear to see them.
92. Boxhall testified that at Captain Smith's orders he took word of the ship's position to the wireless operators.
93. Marconi again testified to the distress signals, and said that the Frankfurt was equipped with Marconi wireless.
94. The philosophic reflections he had just heard so unexpectedly testified to the warmth of Father Païssy's heart.
95. Knox said, He would have, except your brother testified that his personal devices could not be hacked by anyone.
96. Mr Longton from the solicitors had already testified that Michael had gone against his advice in altering the will.
97. She was badly shaken, an officer testified, from the brutal treatment received at the hands of her husband.
98. Fleet stated that he had kept a sharp lookout for ice, and testified to seeing the iceberg and signaling the bridge.
99. The shriveled 65 year old had lived in Sri Lanka for the last 40 years, as testified by his dark brown wrinkled skin.
100. His mouth opens wide in the Zapruder film showing pain at that moment and he testified that that’s when it happened.
1. History testifies to that.
2. The new ferry testifies to that.
3. Your very earnestness testifies to it.
4. All the CSI series on television testifies to that.
5. Cephas, and John (the same John who testifies that.
6. He should be barred from the courtroom until he testifies.
7. I know that the testimony which He testifies about Me is true.
8. This every conscience testifies, when a man 'comes to himself.
9. Teekra watches Ricci on the monitor as he testifies against her.
10. It testifies to the relative steadiness of the optimization space.
11. Later Hinckley testifies that his head tells him, Put the gun away.
12. The Gospel of Grace testifies of the death, burial and resurrection of.
13. But he who promotes the truth, and testifies to it-these are the righteous.
14. The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.
15. His way is from everlasting, and with His mouth He testifies to the Truth, always.
16. To reiterate the focus of Jesus’ ministry, Matthew 15: 24 testifies that Jesus was … sent.
17. We come to know Joshua through his Spirit who testifies on his behalf to the nature of his character.
18. His diary testifies of but one reason for leaving family and going across the ocean to risk his life:.
19. Paul testifies that even "Satan is transformed into an angel of light," and that false teachers are his agents (2 Cor.
20. What kind of person testifies that her husband is nuts? Margie blurted out, no longer able to contain her thoughts.
21. By the end of April: Lee Byrd, Mitchell Testifies to ‘White House Horrors,’  Associated Press, July 12, 1973.
22. And in My name is the Spirit given, the Spirit which also testifies of My name, through which you receive of Me in truth.
23. The fact that our governing document has required so few adjustments in over two hundred years testifies to the brilliance of the founders.
24. Anaevsky testifies of it that some say that it is the work of man's hands, while others maintain that it has been created by nature herself.
25. We see the law in operation everywhere; all nature testifies to the operation of the law by silently, constantly expressing itself in the law of growth.
26. They only believe in what they can see and the power of the evil beings standing to either side of them testifies to the fact of whom they should serve.
27. It is worth noting that the pattern of point distribution on the regression plane testifies to the presence of conditional heteroskedasticity in this analysis.
28. I say, this verse clears the Messengers from faults and sins because the Almighty God testifies the purity of those Messengers and the cleanness of their spirits.
29. We believe that the indwelling of the Holy Spirit is an evidence of salvation, and that the Spirit of God testifies with our spirits that we are children of God.
30. The popular lore of all nations testifies that duplicity and cunning, together with bodily strength, were looked upon, even more than courage, as heroic virtues by.
31. Creation testifies of God’s existence and there is more than enough evidence to prove the Bible is the infallible Word of God, but it’s up to us to make a choice.
32. Eugene O'Neill, a man who testifies often and eloquently to the pain and confusions of life, wrote a play in which he seeks to find something transformative in his and our experience: Lazarus Laughed.
33. No need to explain that! And it wasn't the paint only: the fever had been coming on for a month; Zossimov testifies to that! But how crushed that boy is now, you wouldn't believe! 'I am not worth his little finger,' he says.
34. When her true identity is called into question as she testifies in court, Jane Russell mounts a perfect impersonation of Marilyn’s Lorelei, which includes a devastating, dead-on version of Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.
35. He obviously pulled this off in style, as the record testifies, and the recollection set everyone at ease as laughter rang around the den that acted as a holding area for performers who were to appear that evening in Levon’s barn.
36. Suicide among men testifies that such beings have emerged from the purely animal stage of existence, and to the further fact that the exploratory efforts of such human beings have failed to attain the artistic levels of mortal experience.
37. The trial is in two days! We were hoping she would get some of her hearing back in that ear by the time the trial comes! We were afraid she won't be able to hear or answer any of the questions when she gets on the witness stand and testifies against her attacker!.
38. They can tell you their story, but I surmise they have had much trouble, and their very presence here in your house testifies how earnestly they crave to know good people, and how willingly they will embrace the opportunity to show all the world -- and even the angels of heaven -- what brave and noble women they can become.
39. It testifies to the complete foreign domination of a country where the administration of government was in the hands of foreigners, where the official languages used in everyday life were English and French, where Kings and Prime Ministers were puppets of the foreign powers and finally where the Egyptians themselves were held in contempt.
40. The width of Man’s shuffling gait and outstretched arms, as he vainly seeks out his true destination, testifies to the uncertainty he feels in his search for that unseen thing that seems designed to trip him or divert him from that path toward a truth that would grant him a vision that he does not naturally possess, and rarely understands the nature of.
41. And testifies to the Best,.
42. John testifies that Jesus was dead,.
43. But what does piety result in? the Almighty revealed that by His saying: And testifies to the Best,.

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