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Think dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Think of it as a.
  2. I think I was the.
  3. I think I know that.
  4. It was time to think.
  5. We are what we think.

  6. Yes I think he is.
  7. I don't think I like.
  8. I think he likes me.
  9. I think for a moment.
  10. Think of it like this.
  11. I used to think she.
  12. I do not have think.
  13. I think to the Greeks.
  14. Because I think I do.
  15. Don't think bad of me.

  16. We think he was the.
  17. I think this was done.
  18. I think this is a test.
  19. I think it only made.
  20. We think it would be.
  21. He liked to think it.
  22. I think I have a soul.
  23. I think he must have.
  24. I think Papa did, too.
  25. Would be nice, I think.

  26. I don’t think I can.
  27. Nearly a week I think.
  28. I think that it helps.
  29. Think about it at least.
  30. JUDGE: I don't think so.
  31. I think he was beyond.
  32. I think he was ashamed.
  33. To think the other way.
  34. Who you think they are.
  35. He tried not to think.
  36. I mean, think about it.
  37. Or what do you think?
  38. He starts to think he.
  39. I think he already knew.
  40. It's not what you think.
  41. No, I would think not.
  42. They do not think that.
  43. I think it was bullshit.
  44. Think of the risks, Wil.
  45. You think she is special.
  46. Think about that for a.
  47. If you think that what.
  48. I think we can climb it.
  49. Who do you think I am?
  50. We think he does anyway.
  51. Think of yourself as Joe.
  52. I don’t think it is.
  53. I think it’s a tomb.
  54. We will think on it!.
  55. To think of him as a man.
  56. It gave me time to think.
  57. I think the wind found us.
  58. I think we’ll have to.
  59. Would never think of such.
  60. I think will interest you.
  61. I think I'm nervous also.
  62. I don’t think it can.
  63. I think I made a mistake.
  64. I think I better leave.
  65. Yes, I think that’s it.
  66. Think of the soap you use.
  67. It made me sad to think.
  68. What do you think? Boo!.
  69. Think 415 like a consumer.
  70. I think she's too careful.
  71. And I think you know that.
  72. At least, we think it did.
  73. Can I think about it?’.
  74. But sooner than you think.
  75. He can already think for.
  76. But I think we should try.
  77. It’s at eleven, I think.
  78. I dont think so either.
  79. But I think she knew that.
  80. I think he left after ten.
  81. I think she's in the city.
  82. I think it was the moly.
  83. Something to eat, I think.
  84. Couple of hours I think.
  85. I think you must go now.
  86. I think her prodding was.
  87. I think it was some one.
  88. Think in terms of quality.
  89. I think I’ll use it, too.
  90. You’d think so, but nope.
  91. I think you already have.
  92. I'll have a think about it.
  93. I think I'll be devastated.
  94. I think that they will not.
  95. Think of it as a life line.
  96. I tend to think the latter.
  97. I think it’s a teacher.
  98. I do not think the Greeks.
  99. He has to think about this.
  100. I think of all my training.
  1. I was thinking I can.
  2. It got me to thinking.
  3. I was thinking out loud.
  4. And you wil be thinking.
  5. What I was thinking of.
  6. Man is a thinking center.
  7. I was thinking of you.
  8. In fact, I was thinking.
  9. They are thinking of us.
  10. There is a thinking stuff.
  11. THERE is a thinking stuff.
  12. Thinking Gets in the Way.
  13. But as you go on thinking.
  14. And this got me thinking.
  15. Now for the real thinking.
  16. You bet, I was thinking.
  17. I was thinking of Grandma.
  18. God, what was I thinking?
  19. Powell was thinking it out.
  20. Thinking in a Certain Way.
  21. I know what he's thinking.
  22. Thinking back to that day.
  23. He was thinking of Isabella.
  24. Study his type of thinking.
  25. He was thinking to himself.
  26. Just what I was thinking.
  27. I was thinking of quitting.
  28. Thinking of that made him.
  29. No point thinking about it.
  30. So far as your thinking is.
  31. I knew what he was thinking.
  32. That was my thinking, yes.
  33. Alex stood up, thinking hard.
  34. Thinking of it no more, he.
  35. So my thinking is that she.
  36. What must she be thinking?
  37. You were thinking of her.
  38. You were thinking about it.
  39. He cocked the gun, thinking.
  40. He went numb thinking of it.
  41. Thinking of his new family.
  42. Thank you for thinking of me.
  43. I was just thinking out loud.
  44. Stop thinking with your head.
  45. And if she was thinking of me.
  46. Truth be told, thinking was.
  47. I was thinking the same thing.
  49. The CoRT Thinking Program CD.
  50. Is really thinking about you.
  51. That’s what I was thinking.
  52. When I catch myself thinking.
  54. I know what you're thinking.
  55. He knows what she is thinking.
  56. I was WAY over thinking this!.
  57. He had serious thinking to do.
  58. You know what I’m thinking?
  59. And then I got thinking again.
  60. It helped reshape his thinking.
  61. She began thinking about Laino.
  62. What I was thinking, just then.
  63. Are you thinking of having.
  64. Okay, enough thinking for today.
  65. What are you thinking off?
  66. Raine cocked her head, thinking.
  67. This kind of thinking can and.
  68. I’m tired of thinking about.
  69. Xin was thinking the same thing.
  70. I can't be thinking here,.
  71. Thinking about it is hard,.
  72. Maybe I should be thinking,.
  73. This cord, I was thinking,.
  74. That I have started thinking,.
  1. I thought it was Ed.
  2. I thought it was her.
  3. I never thought of it.
  4. I thought I told you.
  5. He thought for a moment.
  6. We thought that if we.
  7. Then I lost my thought.
  8. What a fool, he thought.
  9. Thought he was so cool.
  10. Then I thought of water.
  11. He thought he was dying.
  12. She thought for a moment.
  13. Sense at last, I thought.
  14. You have thought it out.
  15. I thought she was ready.
  16. I thought it might be.
  17. I thought that what you.
  18. I cling to that thought.
  19. I thought about the past.
  20. They thought it was way.
  21. I had one thought in my.
  22. I’d not thought of that.
  23. He said he thought they.
  24. Kids on bikes, he thought.
  25. And I thought I liked it.
  26. I thought of a business.
  27. At first she thought he.
  28. This is cool she thought.
  29. Then a thought struck him.
  30. I shook my head in thought.
  31. She thought of Jeff again.
  32. Big Al thought Harry was.
  33. I'll be dead, Alec thought.
  34. He seemed lost in thought.
  35. I thought it was all true.
  36. She thought nothing of it.
  37. I’ve not thought of that.
  38. I thought that the place.
  39. I thought we were over.
  40. I thought you meant it.
  41. I thought it was abysmal.
  42. I thought we were friends.
  43. Now what to do? Thought I.
  44. Deer, he thought to himself.
  45. Maybe Lenin even thought it.
  46. Not bad at all, he thought.
  47. I shuddered at the thought.
  48. Am overcome by the thought.
  49. The thought made Emma gasp.
  50. She had always thought of.
  51. Yes, the thought was there.
  52. She shook the thought away.
  53. She blushed at the thought.
  54. I thought it was a dream.
  55. Timmo thought for a moment.
  56. We thought it would be safe.
  57. I hadn’t thought about it.
  58. The thought of a real life.
  59. If the thought is that the.
  60. She thought that Karen had.
  61. I thought I’d lost you.
  62. The thought makes me shiver.
  63. Now that he thought about it.
  64. She thought before she spoke.
  65. Never thought much about it.
  66. Ah yes, just as I thought.
  67. Some thought that in their.
  68. Lift your hand, she thought.
  69. This he thought was perfect.
  70. The Rabbi thought I lied.
  71. But when he thought of the.
  72. The very thought was inhuman.
  73. They thought he was trying.
  74. I thought about calling it.
  75. I just thought of something.
  76. Then he thought for a while.
  77. Hyte grunted at the thought.
  78. Of course, he thought, the.
  79. He might have thought more.
  80. You see, I thought it was.
  81. The thought made her chuckle.
  82. I thought about that a moment.
  83. I should call her, he thought.
  84. He had thought she was Xonia.
  85. Drats! Wil thought to himself.
  86. She thought it was very dark.
  87. Alan shuddered at the thought.
  88. They thought I could do it.
  89. Thought is a state of energy.
  90. Halon had a plan, he thought.
  91. I thought he was on watch.
  92. So I thought, I’m leaving.
  93. I thought our paths were.
  94. But then the thought passed.
  95. I thought you were involved.
  96. He would give it much thought.
  97. I thought for sure it was an.
  98. Well, I thought, that was that.
  99. They thought it was hilarious.
  100. I had heard a thud, I thought.
  1. He thinks he owns us.
  2. He just thinks he is.
  3. He thinks for a moment.
  4. Who thinks he is a man.
  5. Thinks in a long list.
  6. And he thinks I took.
  7. He thinks he's a King.
  8. He thinks I read minds.
  9. But you are, he thinks.
  10. That she thinks he has.
  11. Maybe she thinks of me.
  12. He now thinks that the.
  13. She thinks I’m a liar.
  14. Alex thinks for a moment.
  15. He thinks it’s a game.
  16. He thinks you've got her.
  17. He thinks I can help him.
  18. The other man thinks in.
  19. He thinks you'll make a.
  20. She thinks she has paid.
  21. Maybe he thinks i'm cute.
  22. He thinks of himself as.
  23. Man is because he thinks.
  24. She thinks I was in the.
  25. He thinks he's a raccoon.
  26. He thinks we are enemies.
  27. She thinks I want her man.
  28. He thinks I'm dead anyway.
  29. Jeff thinks he’s a lion.
  30. He thinks I could end up.
  31. Pamela thinks on the story.
  32. She thinks he’s an idiot.
  33. He thinks you gave him a.
  34. He deserves it, he thinks.
  35. John thinks about it, nods.
  36. I see she thinks as I do.
  37. She thinks they just died.
  38. He thinks more of winning.
  39. It’ll be okay, he thinks.
  40. But he thinks well of you.
  41. He thinks about five days.
  42. He thinks about two years.
  43. She thinks about that, nods.
  45. She thinks the GPS is cool.
  46. PJ definitely thinks he is.
  47. One thinks of the past or.
  48. Anthony thinks for a second.
  49. She thinks this isn't real.
  50. But who ever thinks about.
  51. Kyle thinks this will work.
  52. Anthony thinks for a moment.
  53. He thinks Simon is dead’.
  54. He thinks as he strides to.
  55. She thinks you’re its dad.
  56. Kevin thinks we can do this.
  57. She’s in deep, she thinks.
  58. She thinks you’re a rebel.
  59. Thinks I'm a tree, so blind.
  60. Is the one who thinks he can.
  61. He thinks I may corrupt you.
  62. I cannot go home, he thinks.
  63. What he thinks we should do.
  64. It’s not real, she thinks.
  65. Walk away now, Mercer thinks.
  66. She thinks he had brown hair.
  67. Or at least thinks she is:P.
  68. He still thinks he has power.
  69. He thinks he’s in command!.
  70. Donavan thinks just the same.
  71. Ugly: no woman thinks she is.
  72. He thinks of Sam in that bed.
  73. M: The mind is what it thinks.
  74. Cam thinks she hung the moon.
  75. He thinks he passed scrutiny.
  76. Is the man who thinks he can.
  77. Have your own way, thinks he.
  78. We'll ask him what he thinks.
  79. He thinks he can change the.
  80. She thinks you’re a sinner.
  81. And Fiona thinks you need a.
  82. Still, Ford thinks he will win.
  83. He thinks we’re dead by now.
  84. My mom thinks I'm at the mall.
  85. Yes, she thinks, I do love her.
  86. Shit, he thinks, my head hurts.
  87. He thinks it's a water cooler.
  88. The seed has woe as we thinks.
  89. He’s a lune, and he thinks.
  90. He thinks he has outplayed me.
  91. He says he thinks he saw some.
  92. Perhaps he thinks it gloomy.
  93. Than a substance which thinks.
  94. Thinks he's goin' to win the.
  95. He thinks to himself, Sweet.
  96. People he thinks you trust.
  97. Everyone thinks of me as the.
  98. No one else thinks about it.
  99. He thinks about it for a minute.
  100. Vic thinks this is a great joke.

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