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Think dans une phrase (en anglais)

Think of it as a.
I think I was the.
I don't think I like.
Yes I think he is.
It was time to think.
We are what we think.
I think he likes me.

I think I know that.
I think to the Greeks.
Think of it like this.
We think he was the.
I do not have think.
I think for a moment.
I used to think she.
Because I think I do.
Don't think bad of me.
I think it only made.
I think Papa did, too.
I don’t think I can.
He liked to think it.
I think this is a test.
Nearly a week I think.
We think it would be.
I think he must have.
I think this was done.
Would be nice, I think.
I think I have a soul.
Think about it at least.
To think the other way.
Who you think they are.
Or what do you think?
I think he was ashamed.
He tried not to think.
I mean, think about it.
I think he was beyond.
JUDGE: I don't think so.
I think that it helps.
He starts to think he.
I think we can climb it.
It's not what you think.
I was thinking I can.
It got me to thinking.
What I was thinking of.
And you wil be thinking.
I was thinking out loud.
I was thinking of you.
They are thinking of us.
In fact, I was thinking.
Man is a thinking center.
Now for the real thinking.
Thinking Gets in the Way.
And this got me thinking.
There is a thinking stuff.
THERE is a thinking stuff.
But as you go on thinking.
God, what was I thinking?
I know what he's thinking.
Powell was thinking it out.
Thinking in a Certain Way.
I was thinking of Grandma.
You bet, I was thinking.
Thinking back to that day.
No point thinking about it.
Study his type of thinking.
Just what I was thinking.
He was thinking of Isabella.
Thinking of that made him.
I was thinking of quitting.
He was thinking to himself.
You were thinking of her.
Both were thinking similar.
I can't be thinking here,.
Thinking about it is hard,.
I thought it was Ed.
I thought it was her.
I thought I told you.
I never thought of it.
Then I lost my thought.
He thought for a moment.
We thought that if we.
He thought he was dying.
Thought he was so cool.
What a fool, he thought.
Then I thought of water.
You have thought it out.
I thought she was ready.
I thought it might be.
Sense at last, I thought.
She thought for a moment.
I thought that what you.
I cling to that thought.
I thought about the past.
Kids on bikes, he thought.
He said he thought they.
I had one thought in my.
They thought it was way.
I’d not thought of that.
I thought of a business.
And I thought I liked it.
At first she thought he.
This is cool she thought.
I shook my head in thought.
I'll be dead, Alec thought.
I thought you meant it.
I thought it was all true.
She thought nothing of it.
Then a thought struck him.
I thought that the place.
I thought we were friends.
I’ve not thought of that.
He seemed lost in thought.
I thought it was abysmal.
Big Al thought Harry was.
He thinks he owns us.
He just thinks he is.
He thinks he's a King.
Who thinks he is a man.
He thinks for a moment.
And he thinks I took.
Thinks in a long list.
Maybe she thinks of me.
He thinks I read minds.
But you are, he thinks.
That she thinks he has.
She thinks I’m a liar.
Alex thinks for a moment.
He now thinks that the.
He thinks it’s a game.
She thinks she has paid.
She thinks I was in the.
He thinks of himself as.
He thinks he's a raccoon.
Man is because he thinks.
He thinks you've got her.
Maybe he thinks i'm cute.
The other man thinks in.
He thinks you'll make a.
He thinks I can help him.
She thinks they just died.
She thinks he’s an idiot.
He thinks you gave him a.
But he thinks well of you.
It’ll be okay, he thinks.
Jeff thinks he’s a lion.
He thinks more of winning.
He thinks about five days.
She thinks I want her man.
I see she thinks as I do.
John thinks about it, nods.
He thinks I could end up.
He thinks I'm dead anyway.
He thinks we are enemies.
He thinks about two years.

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