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Threatening dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He was threatening a kid.
  2. It sounded not so threatening.
  3. Well at least threatening Evver.
  4. Because you were threatening me.
  5. The sky was dark and threatening.

  6. What else was so threatening to.
  7. What you have is life threatening.
  8. It is not yet life threatening or a.
  9. Alex took a threatening step forward.
  10. Was the stalker threatening you?
  11. He was threatening Sunny and Rainn.
  12. I thought he was just threatening me.
  13. Are you threatening me? she said.
  14. That sounded vaguely threatening, but.
  15. Look, you were threatening my sister.

  16. The guy said, You threatening me?
  17. Some senators were threatening to leave.
  18. I can feel the tears threatening to fall.
  19. Threatening my children- I could kill him.
  20. Another snowstorm was threatening outside.
  21. That they were more threatening and scary.
  22. And it was threatening her and her brother.
  23. Jack' eyes were threatening to close again.
  24. The night had something threatening in it.
  25. That’s painful but not life threatening.

  26. He was not threatening in any manner and.
  27. This could have been very life threatening.
  28. He gazed quietly at the threatening finger.
  29. Len was threatening to destroy her in court.
  30. Don’t lose it, he said, threatening.
  31. Threatening? – I guessed that could be it.
  32. The South isn’t just threatening this.
  33. Threatening to have your children taken away.
  34. The old sailor's aspect was very threatening.
  35. Tremors shook through her, threatening a fall.
  36. He keeps threatening to call his god, my.
  37. Or a million other life threatening diseases.
  38. What exactly are you threatening me with?
  39. But the skies became more and more threatening.
  40. Avery’s face was still threatening aversion.
  41. Chapter 1: Tremendously Effective Threatening.
  42. But a long threatening comes at last, they say.
  43. Be careful about threatening me, Marcus!.
  44. It was threatening to rain as Smith got outside.
  45. My father was always threatening to chop down.
  46. He lent forward, voice low - almost threatening.
  47. Kiera fought tears that were threatening to come.
  48. Meanwhile, the father’s threatening to sue me.
  49. This told him someone had been threatening them.
  50. But the threatening storm at last broke over my.
  51. Plus, Phil isn’t that big, or that threatening.
  52. But the tiny kitten looked cute, not threatening.
  53. Bile rose in her throat, threatening to choke her.
  54. There was something distinctly threatening about.
  55. And then he grabbed her and was very threatening.
  56. It was threatening to block out her afternoon sun.
  57. Was she threatening her or begging for her life?
  58. But he knew it was now life threatening for Steve.
  59. Tears welled, threatening to spill down her cheeks.
  60. Its breath hung, sweet but threatening, in the air.
  61. Ever! She felt tears threatening her eyes again.
  62. Andrea nodded, more tears threatening to spill over.
  63. Why are you always threatening me with that?
  64. Howling once more, the cry seemed less threatening.
  65. The grin threatening to pull at my cheeks dissipates.
  66. Darkness still lingered there, waiting, threatening.
  67. Suddenly any change becomes scary, threatening thing.
  68. Despair was growing and threatening to overwhelm her.
  69. Much larger, threatening animals inhabited the space.
  70. Do not throw that threatening garbage at me, Roger.
  71. Are you threatening me with physical violence?
  72. He rose to his feet and struck a threatening attitude.
  73. This old man, though odd, did not appear threatening.
  74. You might want to think twice before threatening me.
  75. Keep moving, said a threatening voice behind him.
  76. Moses struggled with the anger threatening to consume.
  77. I said, Hal said that Tule was threatening his life.
  78. Terroristic Threatening - that's what they call it -.
  79. It was an unnatural place, oppressive and threatening.
  80. We said our goodbyes, Mackey threatening to have some.
  81. And threatening me on my and says it’s your business.
  82. She knew by threatening them this way they never would.
  83. It is steaming hot and a thunder-shower is threatening.
  84. It engulfed my mind, threatening to wipe out rational.
  85. His eyes were wide, the panic threatening to take over.
  86. Pollution and encroaching humanity were threatening it.
  87. Barron could feel paranoia threatening to overwhelm him.
  88. More threatening than anything I have ever experienced.
  89. However they are much less threatening which is the key.
  90. The seizures and the procedure are not life threatening.
  91. He looked at her one more time with a threatening stare.
  92. Jared left because Forrest was threatening his daughter.
  93. Something threatening looked out of her brother’s eyes.
  94. A lump rose in Jared’s throat, threatening to choke him.
  95. Think carefully, Alecto said in a threatening voice.
  96. Threatening things! Oh, I don't know why I'm telling you.
  97. This time it was low and threatening, with some emotion.
  98. They sneered and made threatening gestures, but without.
  99. Her voice grew lower and more threatening with each word.
  100. Nations that are obviously threatening whale populations.
  1. I threatened him with it.
  2. No one threatened his mate.
  3. He threatened to sell me.
  4. He even threatened my life.
  5. This was threatened as the.
  6. A tear threatened to escape.
  7. I’m sorry I threatened you.
  8. He wasn’t threatened by us.
  9. He threatened to torture her.
  10. The OFJ threatened to strike.
  11. She must have threatened him.
  12. But no one has threatened you.
  13. No, he hasn’t threatened me.
  14. Grief threatened to double him.
  15. Then He threatened him saying:.
  16. Only Jeremy had threatened to.
  17. But she has not yet threatened.
  18. Liu had threatened to harm an.
  19. I do not like being threatened.
  20. That bitch just threatened me?
  21. Dad threatened me to Pinegrove.
  22. The urge to cry threatened to.
  23. They are too threatened by them.
  24. My parents threatened me, too.
  25. Her knees threatened to give way.
  26. Panic threatened to consume her.
  27. They threatened to throw it off.
  28. He was threatened with flogging.
  29. He threatened me with them once.
  30. He had threatened Rochelle, and.
  31. Yet never had he felt threatened.
  32. Was when her life was threatened.
  33. He doesn't feel a bit threatened.
  34. I was threatened into doing that.
  35. They threatened a lawsuit too.
  36. All was quiet, nothing threatened.
  37. But definitely she was threatened.
  38. I got threatened in open court.
  39. Jeremy threatened to kill Dan.
  40. New and strange ideas threatened.
  41. He's the one who threatened Zac.
  42. He threatened to kill a man in.
  43. She threatened to have me arrested.
  44. Panic threatened to close her throat.
  45. The doctor had felt threatened and.
  46. Threatened the voice in Vinny's head.
  47. I threatened legal action unless he.
  48. You threatened to kill Smith’s dog.
  49. Not if you threatened to tell Maggie.
  50. The circle of life is now threatened.
  51. They felt threatened and not revolted.
  52. Hussein threatened to take over Kuwait.
  53. Many native species are now threatened.
  54. The tension threatened to bubble over.
  55. He threatened to resupply the fort.
  56. Now it threatened to be a silent movie.
  57. He threatened to kill her all the time.
  58. Tears threatened to spill down my face.
  59. Gentiles are not once threatened with.
  60. I don‘t need to feel threatened here.
  61. Still we are threatened with shipwreck.
  62. I’ll just leave! he threatened.
  63. Something had threatened their safety.
  64. Tears threatened, so she looked down at.
  65. Over 100 of these species are threatened.
  66. No, he threatened the Empress’ life.
  67. All that is now gone or being threatened.
  68. The rights of danger threatened her pet.
  69. Not long after Jeremy threatened to.
  70. Jack threatened to leave both the tour.
  71. We will not be threatened by financial.
  72. These humans threatened their existence.
  73. He shared how my mother threatened him.
  74. Highs and lows threatened to consume me.
  75. But they threatened Lot he'd be molested.
  76. Maybe threatened is not the correct word.
  77. Barnes threatened to have their dog put.
  78. Now threatened, Melvin had to up the ante.
  79. She was hurt and threatened and tortured.
  80. Vincy had threatened Wrench, and that Mrs.
  81. You surprised 'im, and he felt threatened.
  82. She'd seemed threatened, maybe on the run.
  83. Her father had often threatened her with.
  84. Do you know why this teacher threatened.
  85. Perhaps they threatened the Church? Or.
  86. I threatened them that there would be no.
  87. She did not feel threatened, but at peace.
  88. Yeah she threatened me! Candis shouts.
  89. Then she will be, Marilyn threatened.
  90. They knew they were being threatened with.
  91. Nervous anxiety threatened to overwhelm me.
  92. I threatened – and the glint in her eye.
  93. Therefore he had threatened Norberto with.
  94. A smile threatened the corners of her mouth.
  95. It threatened to buckle my legs beneath me.
  96. The few who carried spears never threatened.
  97. He refused amnesty and threatened execution.
  98. Darkness threatened the edges of her vision.
  99. She then asked how Chabi had threatened her.
  100. Twice already he's threatened me with death.
  1. A smirk threatens his mouth.
  2. Ski Teacher and threatens to.
  3. If he threatens you ….
  4. A danger that threatens you all.
  5. As you know, Darkness threatens.
  6. Often it even threatens survival.
  7. It threatens to tear our tenuous.
  8. It threatens such terrible things.
  9. Nikíta (threatens her with the rope).
  10. The party that threatens me the most.
  11. Of hand, she hisses, threatens, bites.
  12. It is steaming hot, and rain threatens.
  13. True prophetic authority threatens her.
  14. You have now seen what threatens The.
  15. I could make you stay, he threatens.
  16. The scene when the bad guy threatens the.
  17. I don't care if she threatens to ash you.
  18. But no one- no one- threatens Derek and Dana.
  19. If someone threatens you, they have probably.
  20. Oh, no, you don’t, Christian threatens.
  21. First Forrest threatens Jared’s daughter.
  22. If she threatens again though I will intervene.
  23. Threatens to hurt him or herself because of me.
  24. It threatens nopenalty if the demands are not met.
  25. Makar threatens him that he would kill him if he.
  26. Every wheezing breath threatens to reveal his position.
  27. Righteous judges! He threatens to set fire to my house.
  28. When the storm threatens, a man is afraid for his house.
  29. Don't do it! either threatens penalty or omens doom.
  30. The cult of political correctness (pc) threatens free speech.
  31. In the external world, it threatens to overpower our ability.
  32. Don’t scowl, he threatens, his eyes glinting ominously.
  33. If I had my way, I would eliminate the person who threatens her.
  34. The braking is sudden, and my sushi lunch threatens to come back up.
  35. Well she's not going to kick them off if everyone threatens to leave.
  36. Stress threatens the health of the body by weakening the immune system.
  37. If he threatens you with death, remember that I will be less merciful.
  38. We have a common enemy tonight, one that threatens our very existence.
  39. Of course I would marry him if he threatens to cut Lucas to the quick.
  40. How can Shell be so cheap? It is and threatens to remain cheap forever.
  41. But we dare not rest while this other cancer threatens our way of life.
  42. His chest expands so enormously it threatens to pop buttons on his shirt.
  43. Soon they are discovered by the Count and he threatens to kill her lover.
  44. SNTV earlier in 1998, ‘… their society also threatens to use violence.
  45. The German bigmouth has started war that threatens to suck in all of Europe.
  46. The first consideration is to remove the pressing danger which threatens you.
  47. The advent of high-quality color copiers threatens the security of paper money.
  48. The Greatest Hoax – How the global warming conspiracy threatens our future.
  49. The man who shot her remains free, and the Taliban still threatens to kill her.
  50. But now, my life threatens to bring about the worst of fates on that score for me.
  51. The warmth of his strong arms threatens to pull me back over the cliff of insanity.
  52. He breaks into my house at gunpoint and threatens me because I testified against him.
  53. Recognizing the calamity that threatens them, their fear turns to defiance and hatred.
  54. By eliminating money's ownership, total Peace threatens competition, class and borders.
  55. People hate risk when it threatens gains, but they love risk when it could prevent losses.
  56. My skin feels strained under the pressure of the internal fire and threatens to rip open.
  57. The remembered fear threatens to overwhelm me, and I breathe deeply, trying to force it out.
  58. Her arms fly up to cover her face, to try to hold herself in as she threatens to burst apart.
  59. At the same time, his head begins to throb, a blinding dullness that threatens his intention.
  60. God says: Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to commit what is indecent….
  61. We relish the few moments of frolic – ready to dash back out when a wave threatens to engulf us.
  62. And how about when Walker threatens Feifer again, says this still isn’t over? says Van Buren.
  63. Having sex all day around leads to limited thinking which then threatens life from not being better.
  64. With that Tom, it could have been anybody here, because he verbally abuses and threatens all of us.
  65. The note threatens destruction in various government buildings, unnamed, if his cohort is not released.
  66. Because anything better than the internal combustion engine threatens the dominance of the oil Industry.
  67. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?
  68. Because anything better than the internal combustion engine threatens the dominance of the Oil Industry.
  69. When Ajax returns towards home after the fall of Troy, he runs into a huge storm that threatens his life.
  70. That is occurring with increasing frequency today, which threatens an essential element of free society.
  71. What matters it what threatens our head or our purse! Let us think only of that which threatens our soul.
  72. They, the SS, ensure that the world threatens you with elimination so that you smile while being whipped.
  73. It is absurd to suppose that you have two enemies, one of whom robs you, while the other threatens your life.
  74. Uthyr said, No one threatens the life of the Pendragon in his own hall, no one threatens the life of my son.
  75. I don’t know why it became that way but every time I annoy him, and I annoy him a lot, he threatens to shoot me.
  76. How can we explain this extraordinary phenomenon, which sooner or later threatens us with inevitable bankruptcy?
  77. The husband threatens to kill the children, the wife, or relatives and this is not an empty word since she is a victim.
  78. It is the rot of self-hatred that now Pope Benedict XVI identifies at the core of the West that threatens its survival.
  79. How can we explain this abnormal condition that sooner or later threatens to overwhelm us with inevitable bankruptcy?
  80. There will be times in your life when your mind threatens to take you over in an instance and you will have access to.
  81. And the more strikes the stock threatens or busts through, the more shorts get squeezed and the more volatility increases.
  82. When that abusive activity threatens the Christians directly, it is a different story, as punishment of some sort will occur.
  83. And when the storm tosses the sailors from side to side and threatens to wreck the ship, all are pale with the threat of death.
  84. He threatens me—he continually threatens me with his own death, or mine: and I dream sometimes that I see him laid out with a.
  85. That primitive being destroys health, threatens safety, causes chaos, feels no value for others, and is bitter in self-expression.
  86. In those areas, considered in the following chapter, some scientists are claiming an omniscience that threatens democratic society.
  87. It has intervened in the gay rights issue, pointing toward consecration of gay marriage that threatens the viability of the family.
  88. When a friend is sick and his/her pulse threatens danger; all who want him/her to be better feel as if they shared his/her sickness.
  89. Perhaps it is a kind of special stupidity he has, but he will always find some way to get around anything that threatens to defeat him.
  90. I am sorry, sir, but she insists and threatens to shut our country out of the Western Pacific and of Europe if you don’t see her now.
  91. Concern about pollution of the earth abounds, but the pollution that threatens this nation today lies not in stagnant rivers or dirty air.
  92. One thinks one beholds a frightful, living, and bristling thicket which quivers, rustles, wavers, returns to shadow, threatens and glares.
  93. One should not under estimate the importance of finding ways to diffuse stress before it threatens your health and your ability to function.
  94. So let’s just stockpile as many atomic bombs as we can… just in case anyone threatens us with their atomic bombs? Nuclear proliferation.
  95. Usually, the man threatens her that she loses her right to her children and she can be denied all the rights pertaining to their whereabouts.
  96. The best answer to this resolve was given in one of the Emperor Alexander’s proclamations—He threatens to march on Moscow—let him do so.
  97. As we become more numerous, yet more ill, consuming more energy and expelling more waste, we have become a parasite that threatens the entire host.
  98. Usually when a human discovers our secret and threatens to expose us, we give them two options, and volunteering blood is the more appealing choice.
  99. For their ideology, sometimes their very masculinity, is tied up in the image of America as strong and unbeatable, and to them Carter threatens that.
  100. It seems that Grobut has hidden the Eryx and rigged it with a timer-activated Tungan device which he threatens to detonate if we don't meet his demands.

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1. And it can threaten old ones.
2. He did not bark or threaten.
3. Did the student threaten Mr.
4. Why? Did he threaten you?
5. Another might threaten to seek M.
6. Only orca pods can threaten this.
7. No I did not threaten that woman.
8. Ideas that threaten current power.
9. What did she threaten you with?
10. And don't you dare threaten me !.
11. You don't have to threaten the guards.
12. When He suffered, He didn't threaten.
13. Did Crass tell you to threaten me?’.
14. I now cajole, now threaten, now pursue.
15. You should never threaten my family.
16. I don’t threaten her ways as a cougar.
17. Some of them even threaten mildly that.
18. He’s going to threaten Caveira with war.
19. They continued to threaten us but didn't act.
20. Sometimes, they threaten to throw stones.
21. Listen, my brothers aren't here to threaten.
22. Does that threaten your role as a therapist?
23. Then I heard Lady Triplet… threaten Sam.
24. Did you threaten children playing there?
25. Did they threaten you guys too? I asked.
26. You threaten Billy Ray Boyle in a public park.
27. Did you threaten Donna? Of course, you didn’t.
28. You can’t just threaten people with a knife.
29. Instead he appeared to threaten the whole nation.
30. My mom had to threaten Bobby for the same reason.
31. How dare she come in here and threaten us!.
32. Why did you threaten to remove their heads?
33. Did the man have any reason to threaten you?
34. He didn’t threaten their security with drink or.
35. He didn’t point fingers at people or threaten them.
36. She’d overheard Praegon threaten Dora with such a.
37. She smiles, and he feels his lips threaten to pull up.
38. They would threaten the board members’ reelections.
39. He’s not stupid enough to threaten JT and Katelyn.
40. The spirit of evil might have sent him to threaten Mr.
41. Don’t you threaten me, vampire, Rafael snarled.
42. But I didn’t want to threaten them into following me.
43. The Jew moved closer to Jack and seemed to threaten now.
44. If they threaten, then I defend, counter-threat or flee.
45. Option three I could threaten his life if he went near her.
46. If she wants to threaten me and Lea then I'll do the same.
47. We have a witness who heard you threaten to kill the victim.
48. They write to the wife, and threaten to come and expose her.
49. No, would I threaten you? I have no power to threaten you.
50. I figured I would have to threaten castration in order to go.
51. Let the men then, in the first case, threaten dying Queequeg.
53. Help us to be masters of the weapons that threaten to master us.
54. How dare you come into my house and threaten me, Mio said.
55. Do not threaten me, Steve; I know the laws of confidentiality.
56. I’m told that she didn’t raise her voice or threaten anyone.
57. I had to threaten to poke both his eyes out, till Kelli stepped.
58. But even to threaten such a thing was almost too awful for words.
59. Then my temper got the better of me, and I began to threaten her.
60. Now bring upon us what you threaten us with, if you are truthful.
61. Lack of sleep and a surfeit of caffeine threaten a short circuit.
62. That Number One Fan would not threaten you anymore, he said.
63. Can we threaten the company and its lawyers with exposure?
64. Ancey tried to insist, that priests threaten the welfare of women.
65. How dare you threaten me! I am the mother of your children!.
66. Neither are those who threaten to destroy the United States today.
67. It was a big mistake on that fella's part to threaten his daughter.
68. Did he ever directly threaten you with the gun? Margolis asked.
69. Something has being hidden of such gravity as to threaten the very.
70. Chevalier just smiled at the Valle, She's not here to threaten you.
71. What did she say? Did she threaten me? She asked enthusiastically.
72. He remembered once trying to threaten a pom pom girl, and Bobby was.
73. That is why GovCorp is preparing to disappear any who threaten money.
74. She had thought that she could use Nangong Ping to threaten Mei Yinxue.
75. We could call Graham and threaten to rat him out, Kara suggested.
76. That’s because she didn’t threaten me Grandma! Marcus shouts.
77. They do not threaten directly of course - that would be far too crude.
78. He will not threaten you, and he will pay in money if has money to pay.
79. And, if they don't, they will always threaten your child with violence.
80. Family insanity will threaten the very future of mankind as we know it.
81. If his servants oppose me, I shall threaten them off with these pistols.
82. Did he just threaten to kill me if I didn’t behave? He can’t do that.
83. You could threaten to kill them, suggested Takina, ever the warrior.
84. Why were they so frightened of her? She had done nothing to threaten them.
85. You can't threaten me with a life of poverty because I already live there.
86. He loves your warmth so just threaten him that he can’t touch you or.
87. She did not scold him or threaten to hit him; instead, she just went quiet.
88. MacArthur may choose to simply threaten nuclear war to break the stalemate.
89. No one was going to cajole him, threaten him or con him out of his company.
90. No layer of defense should be discarded while the demons still threaten.
91. You dare threaten me, a god, with your measly weapons? Mars glowered.
92. I take refuge in practical comment as my emotions threaten to overwhelm me.
93. Deploy across the road but don’t threaten her yet: I want to speak to her.
94. As if a broken leg wasn’t bad enough, they had to threaten me with that!.
95. And what did Felix Green threaten to expose your cousin Diane D with?
96. I just want to know, did you actually threaten her over the telephone?
97. I’d say find battery technology that does not threaten the world supply of.
98. You came here with it, little fool, thinking you could you threaten me!.
99. I don’t care what he did, no man has the right to threaten harm to my children.
100. And if you threaten me again, then you will be left here with your precious car.