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Ticket dans une phrase (en anglais)

He handed his ticket in.
He has the other ticket.
That was the last ticket.
Yes sir, that’s the ticket.
I give him the winning ticket.
He thumped his brass ticket key.
I went to the air ticket counter.

Consider also the type of ticket.
Well, I guess I need a ticket.
This must be a winning ticket.
He paid for his own ticket and I.
I paid my fare to the ticket agent.
Roman paid for his ticket in cash.
Her return ticket was in her hand.
Yes, this would be just the ticket.
She paid for her ticket at the shop.
With my passport and the ticket in.
It was assumed that I was a ticket.
The boy should buy a lottery ticket.
Well, Shane, I lost my bus ticket.
This assumes you buy a single ticket.
You give me back that ticket, Kurt.
Don rushed in to purchase his ticket.
I held out my ticket to the driver.
Henry grabbed the ticket and took off.
But then again, there was that ticket.
The woman cowered and held a ticket up.
She was my ticket out of this mess.
There was plenty there for the ticket.
She had just ingested her exit ticket.
The six million dollar ticket was gone.
It was their free ticket to the States.
They bought the last ticket themselves.
What? Then remembered my one-way ticket.
The truth was, he didn’t have a ticket.
I ended up with the next to last ticket.
He jumped to his feet waving the ticket.
I could have had a meal ticket, I guess.
It is the moment he buys the plane ticket.
A one-way ticket was now the only option.
I stepped up to the ticketing counter.
Ticketing quotas have been reported on extensively in.
It’s a common misconception that it (the law) prevents ticketing, says a Georgetown University professor.
In 1995 the USCG MSO in Duluth began ticketing vessels that spilled less than 100 gallons of oil into navigable waters.
Allcock welcomed him by name, indicated the trolleys of luggage following them, then he led Harry to the Ticketing office at the far end of the inside of the station.
He says he ticketed it too, at the same spot, early the next morning.
Still, it seems they could have just ticketed you or something, she suggested.
We had a little competition about who ticketed the sweetest car, and I throw out the Porsche.
Spelman said the show was ticketed for 9:00, but that 'these theaters don't run like a train schedule,' to the chuckles of himself and Mr.
Our vehicles are being stopped and ticketed for speeding and broken taillights, even when they were not speeding and their taillights were not broken.
He had a huge, oaken cabinet arranged in shallow drawers, and here, neatly ticketed and classified, were beetles from every corner of the earth, black, brown, blue, green, and mottled.
Where can I buy tickets?
I shall have the tickets.
Tickets to the wrong show.
We received tickets in the.
Victor had booked the tickets.
They used to forge tickets!.
Still anyone could buy tickets.
He was writing parking tickets.
She had won the tickets from a.
So while I've had season tickets.
A few lotto tickets won’t cut it.
The tickets are expensive, however.
I threw out those tickets years ago.
Hiss and Locke didn’t need tickets.
David accepted the tickets, wide-eyed.
Ten tickets, that's only fifty buckolas.
The ushers were busy collecting tickets.
We got half-price tickets to Billy Elliot.
The director has arranged tickets for us.
Rose I got the three tickets you wanted.
I just didn’t want to waste the tickets.
Joe gave Marshall £20 and took his tickets.
He called me back in two days with tickets.
You have your plane tickets and hotel room.
Some of them were waving tickets in the air.
Now: even homeless bums buy lottery tickets.
Anyone can buy one of these lottery tickets.
He looked down once more at the plane tickets.
You have tickets? he asked with a smile.
Your passport and tickets are safe and secure.
He noticed more losing tickets soon afterwards.
His tickets were clipped by the same ticket man.
I have two tickets for the horse show next week.
He provided free tickets to fans that wrote him.
Mr Dark's hand, holding the tickets, constricted.
Then he will sell tickets to salvation after mass.
He has two tickets for driving without a license.
She showed him both tickets, explaining and re-.
Some complimentary tickets have turned up for the.
Kids Week in August is a great time to book tickets.

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