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Tinge dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. They have a red tinge to them.
2. Eventual y the red tinge of the.
3. A tinge of guilt went through her.
4. A pink tinge stained Fritz’s neck.
5. There was a sad tinge to the thought.
6. The pink tinge moved to Fritz’s cheeks.
7. There is a tinge of sadness in some of Mr.

8. There was no red tinge in the ocean here.
9. He rubbed his eyes, blue with a tinge of tired.
10. There’s always that tinge of the supernatural.
11. There was a tinge of mockery in his friendly smile.
12. Pedro? he asked, feeling a tinge of jealousy.
13. With their excitement was a tinge of disappointment.
14. Iain looked up at this, a tinge of pride in his eyes.
15. He is going to put in a tinge of Socialism, he says.
16. It had a pink tinge and initially made his eyes water.
17. Is there a pink tinge to his cheeks? Is he blushing?
18. The eyes are reddish with a tinge of brown, the mouth.
19. What is there for us to pack? There was a tinge of.
20. But in her eyes and Mei Yinxue, flashed a tinge of anger.
21. The moon silvers the mountain with a faint merlot tinge.
22. The sauce will have a brown tinge to it from the walnuts.
23. The slight tinge that had been present for days had gone.
24. The bluer the tinge the colder it is, said Rosecare.
25. The tinge of unpretentious, inoffensive vulgarity in Mrs.
26. This stuck Tabitha head-on, with a tinge of disbelief and.
27. Its colour is not so strongly marked with the bluish tinge.
28. A faint tinge of irritation moved in his impassive cold face.
29. There was just the faintest tinge of bitterness in his voice.
30. Stacey turned to his father, a tinge of urgency in his voice.
31. Of course, Cap’n’s response had a bad-mouthed tinge to it.
32. Garth returns my smile, with a tinge of appreciation for my act.
33. It was a sickly white color, with a green tinge upon its scales.
34. Her flushed face had a tinge of blue in contrast to Joey’s red.
35. A haze of acid filled the air, giving the world a greenish tinge.
36. Even the look on his face was icy cold and not a tinge of emotion.
37. Its colour, which is naturally white, had a slight tinge of yellow.
38. The red sun still illuminated everything with a distinct pink tinge.
39. She was wearing caked on make-up and had a tinge of blue in her hair.
40. With each passing second, a red tinge slowly began to creep over my.

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