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Tipsy dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. Both are a little tipsy.
  2. The ostler has a tipsy cat.
  3. After one drink Wesley is tipsy.
  4. However, after he became tipsy, the.
  5. Then the ostler said to his tipsy cat:.
  6. He is past tipsy, one drink before drunk.
  7. Lucy was tired and ever so slightly tipsy.
  8. Gabrielle: We were delightfully tipsy.
  9. He was tipsy and could hardly keep his feet.
  10. Rostov looked at the tipsy peasants and smiled.
  11. Please forgive me if I appear a mite tipsy.
  12. Rostóv looked at the tipsy peasants and smiled.
  13. He got tipsy and needed my help to leave the bar.
  14. I left the dining hall tipsy, but by no means drunk.
  15. Mavra laughed and moved her hand with a tipsy gesture.
  16. How could it make me tipsy, Pa? I’m your daughter.
  17. Jorge Fernandez was a bit tipsy and unsteady on his feet.
  18. She was standing on the rock on her tipsy toes, treading.
  19. The sound of tipsy voices and shouts are heard from the hut.
  20. When the tipsy hundredaire left, headed for a nearby liquor.
  21. I’m quite tipsy already, but the wine is too good to leave it.
  22. Marie, slightly tipsy from the cosmopolitans she’d had at the.
  23. I could tell that she wasn’t drunk, but she was a little tipsy.
  24. She was very nice, but seemed… I guess tipsy would be the word.
  25. How about that interview? I thought she was a little tipsy.
  26. Feeling slightly tipsy after having consumed the remainder of the.
  27. Lebedeff came rather early—before ten—but he was tipsy already.
  28. Gladys shrugged and returned to her tipsy afternoon with the fellows.
  29. Get off about your business, and don't come here tipsy in the morning.
  30. I was tipsy and just about managed to shuffle around on the dance floor.
  31. By the time it was eight-thirty, both of us were feeling slightly tipsy.
  32. Then onto Cape Province; a tipsy tour of the vineyards and it was time to.
  33. I told him I had seen his lingering eyes, and heard his tipsy flirtations.
  34. Meaning: A state of extreme incapacity due to being tipsy, putting it nicely.
  35. She turned and stumble-walked across the room, feeling tipsy and light-headed.
  36. A bit tipsy from all the wine, their blood alcohol levels went over the limit.
  37. At the table there were all the thirty guests, of whom several were quite tipsy.
  38. Well, I just remember feeling really tipsy for a while, and I was really happy.
  39. He was imbued with alcohol, and if he drank any kind of liquor it made him tipsy.
  40. Why, Montano, I think you’re becoming a little tipsy, she said with a laugh.
  41. You are not quite tipsy yet, are you? Can you understand what is said to you?
  42. Here and there the songs of tipsy Cossacks who were merry-making could already be heard.
  43. The vestibule was filled with the discordant sounds of a struggle and of a tipsy, hoarse.
  44. Tipsy men and women crowded and chattered round booths, traktirs, public houses and carts.
  45. Chinese food and having lazy-condomed sex with tipsy, brass-mouthed girls who worked in PR.
  46. So let's drink it up, I said, and we did and were quite tipsy by the time we emptied it.
  47. The vestibule was filled with the discordant sounds of a struggle and of a tipsy, hoarse voice.
  48. Walking was more difficult, but she made it to the bedside of the man after several tipsy episodes.
  49. The guys looked pissed as they kept knocking back the pints and Lilly and Kate looked a little tipsy too.
  50. Co-o-om-pa-ny! roared the tipsy peasant with a beatific smile as he looked at Ilyín talking to the girl.
  51. He reeled along the pavement like a tipsy man, taking no notice of those who passed, but bumping against them.
  52. To see someone tipsy in your dream denotes that you need to be careful with whom you associate yourself with.
  53. Tipsy and perspiring, with dim eyes and wide-open mouths, they were all laboriously singing some song or other.
  54. He ordered another Guinness; the first one had gone down well and Dave was already starting to feel slightly tipsy.
  55. He liked to hear those wild, tipsy shouts behind him: ‘Get on! Get on!’ when it was impossible to go any faster.
  56. He liked to hear those wild, tipsy shouts behind him: Get on! Get on! when it was impossible to go any faster.
  57. Prince Andrew saw that the officer was in that state of senseless, tipsy rage when a man does not know what he is saying.
  58. But many of them brought their kids if they were over the age of thirteen and had a driver to take their tipsy butts home.
  59. The pundit had managed to sober up, still a little tipsy but was quite capable of performing this so called joyous ceremony.
  60. He was evidently tipsy, and was singing a French song in a hoarse broken voice, with an arm thrown round the nearest soldier.
  61. Vedara felt a little tipsy from all the Verboulium Rum they’d consumed, but that was OK, because that blend never left a hangover.
  62. They thought that the night was over, and were about to go away, when suddenly the noise of tipsy voices was heard in the ante-room.
  63. One winter dusk when the sidewalks were iced I stood in my window looking out and saw a tipsy woman come out of the bar, slip on the ice, and fall flat.
  64. Ha-ha- ha! Teach her not to scold another time! But it didn't! Not a bit of it! She climbed in at the window, lit the lamp, and began to hammer poor tipsy me.
  65. On top of having lost all her previous friends, Lynn had also lost in that catastrophe her beloved dog, Tipsy, who had been her constant companion since her birth.
  66. Then their movements became quieter: there remained here and there a few tipsy people, and I met some men and women who were being conducted to the police-station.
  67. Perhaps it had been the last visit to his studio; she had lain naked and tipsy on the purple chez lounge, and he had drained the last of the champagne into her flute.
  68. He was bold, adroit, of imposing appearance, and showed tact even when tipsy; therefore, he was appointed, and was allowed to retain so public and responsible an office.
  69. The smell of alcohol hit all three of them from a good twenty paces away, and by the time they were at the door Ambrosius felt half tipsy just off the fumes of the place.
  70. If some people do feel insulted by the absurdity and spuriousness of the whole thing, they are timidly silent, as sober men are timid and silent when surrounded by tipsy ones.
  71. One of the tipsy soldiers waved his hand towards Nekhludoff, but he paid no attention and started walking by Kryltzoff’s side, holding on to the side of the cart with his hand.
  72. The visor hat comment was a little inside joke: When I’d first told Amy I played Huck, we were out to dinner, into our second bottle of wine, and she’d been adorably tipsy.
  73. Truth be told she was probably a little tipsy having supped one too many medicinal Scotches from one of her neighbours’ hip flasks when she said, They’re absolute scoundrels.
  74. But he came quite tipsy, and asked for three bottles again, and then he lifted up one leg, and began playing the pianoforte with one foot, and that is not at all right in an 187 of 967.
  75. Did she have a responsibility to tell Eleni what her husband had done? Did she have a responsibility to the tipsy, impressionable young girls Saxon might still be picking up in bars?
  76. It's only a pity we can't afford to wait, or we might have let them get a bit more tipsy! Ah, what a pity there's no proletariat! But there will be, there will be; we are going that way.
  77. The reeking fumes of the dram shops, so numerous in this part of the city, and the tipsy men to be seen at every point, although it was no holiday, completed the repulsive character of the scene.
  78. With a long thick staff in his muscular brown hand, he strode leisurely through the arch where the torches flared and guttered, and, ignored by the tipsy guardsmen, emerged upon the wide streets of Tarantia.
  79. Isn't he right that everything in the world is base and loathsome? And are we fair in our judgment of brother Nikolay? Of course, from the point of view of Prokofy, seeing him in a torn cloak and tipsy, he's a despicable person.
  80. Be careful with this spell, have someone to observe you (in a triple circle of protection) and also, it might be a good idea to have designated driver/magician should you become tipsy or begin to hallucinate or lose your sanity or whatnot.
  81. What could a dad do but pour him a finger or two? It didn’t make Will visibly tipsy; if anything, he seemed more in control, as though he’d realized his long-held ambition to bring every loose nerve-ending in his body under central command.
  82. The song started to fade and the director ordered the cameraman to frame Pete Thomas in a tight close-up, as he had done at the run-though, only this time the tipsy drummer pulled a goofy face into the lens and played the final drum fill of the song on his head.
  83. Yet he stopped short on hearing the attention of passers-by directed to him by the thick voice of a tipsy man shouting: "Eh, look at the German hatter!" The exclamation came from an individual who, for some unknown reason, was being jolted away in a great wagon.
  84. Tell me, what mood were you in when you wrote? Was it not, apart from its dejection, one rather inclined to peevishness? You ask, for instance, why I write so much about a tipsy trumpeter when I know you are anxious to hear about the other things I never tell you.
  85. Rostov danced the Trepak with Major Basov; the tipsy officers tossed, embraced, and dropped Rostov; the soldiers of the third squadron tossed him too, and shouted ‘hurrah!’ and then they put him in his sleigh and escorted him as far as the first post station.
  86. Rostóv danced the Trepák with Major Básov; the tipsy officers tossed, embraced, and dropped Rostóv; the soldiers of the third squadron tossed him too, and shouted hurrah! and then they put him in his sleigh and escorted him as far as the first post station.
  87. Only in the morning, just at the time Nekhludoff came to see him, he was like a reasonable being, could understand what was said to him, and fulfil more or less aptly a proverb he was fond of repeating: He’s tipsy, but he’s wise, so he’s pleasant in two ways.
  88. But he came quite tipsy, and asked for three bottles again, and then he lifted up one leg, and began playing the pianoforte with one foot, and that is not at all right in an honourable house, and he ganz broke the piano, and it was very bad manners indeed and I said so.
  89. She recalled how she, in a low-cut, wine-bespattered, red silk dress, with a red bow in her dishevelled hair, weak, jaded and tipsy, after dancing attendance upon the guest, had seated herself, at two in the morning, near the thin, bony, pimpled girl-pianist and complained of her hard life.
  90. Demi's miracle of mechanical skill, though the cover wouldn't shut, Rob's footstool had a wiggle in its uneven legs that she declared was soothing, and no page of the costly book Amy's child gave her was so fair as that on which appeared in tipsy capitals, the words-- To dear Grandma, from her little Beth.
  91. At first he declared that the prince had trusted him with his confidences as to “a certain person” (Nastasia Philipovna), but that of late his friendship had been thrust back into his bosom, and his innocent question as to “approaching family changes” had been curtly put aside, which Lebedeff declared, with tipsy tears, he could not bear; especially as he knew so much already both from Rogojin and Nastasia Philipovna and her friend, and from Varvara Ardalionovna, and even from Aglaya Ivanovna, through his daughter Vera.
  92. She remembered how she—wearing her low necked silk dress stained with wine, a red bow in her untidy hair, wearied, weak, half tipsy, having seen her visitors off, sat down during an interval in the dancing by the piano beside the bony pianiste with the blotchy face, who played the accompaniments to the violin, and began complaining of her hard fate; and how this pianiste said that she, too, was feeling how heavy her position was and would like to change it; and how Clara suddenly came up to them; and how they all three decided to change their life.
  93. Dearest is the song that's tipsy,.
  94. That, tipsy once in actual fight,.

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