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Toilet dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. The rover has no toilet.
  2. The other was the toilet.
  3. Ish came out of the toilet.
  4. Nice sign above the toilet.
  5. Toilet paper was a luxury.

  6. The left hand is for toilet.
  7. It did however house a toilet.
  8. He needs water and the toilet.
  9. She showed her the toilet jug.
  10. I need the toilet, I said.
  11. I dropped the lid of the toilet.
  12. I get up and walk to the toilet.
  13. And what if I need the toilet?
  14. We are all equals in the toilet.
  15. Perched on the toilet with his.

  16. He stepped into the toilet and.
  17. His toilet was not clean, either.
  18. Near the end of it was a toilet.
  19. There was even a toilet of sorts.
  20. She was careful about her toilet.
  21. The toilet was made of icy cold.
  22. Then I explained about the toilet.
  23. They found themselves in a toilet.
  24. He put pepper on the toilet paper.
  25. She was wiping behind the toilet.

  26. Afterwards, he flushed the toilet.
  27. The toilet throws a shadow on it.
  28. Wipe thoroughly with toilet paper.
  29. They called him over to the toilet.
  30. Which toilet is it? she asked.
  31. On the underside of the toilet seat.
  32. The sides of the toilet bowl showed.
  33. I think he dumped it in the toilet.
  34. Urinating into the sixth-floor toilet.
  35. Inside the bathroom the toilet flushed.
  36. Neither did the need for toilet paper.
  37. I looked down and saw that the toilet.
  38. A Roll of Toilet Paper and Handy Wipes.
  39. Winfield went reluctantly to the toilet.
  40. Inside I could see a toilet and a sink.
  41. Emily was lying beside the toilet with.
  42. A toilet stink hit me as I entered the.
  43. How To Train Your Cat To Use The Toilet.
  44. The real estate market is in the toilet.
  45. Most of the vampires use it as a toilet.
  46. The proof of the eating is in the toilet.
  47. I’m going to see if the toilet works.
  48. Quite simply she had to go to the toilet.
  49. The bathroom was entered then the toilet.
  50. A turn at the toilet before sitting down.
  51. The gurgle of a flushing toilet was heard.
  52. He padded across the floor to the toilet.
  53. Toilet paper everywhere, soaking up water.
  54. Then Sue sat on the toilet with her legs.
  55. Want a little toilet water, honey?
  56. They heard the toilet flush, then feet on.
  57. He bunched up the string of toilet paper.
  58. A toilet flushed in the room next to mine.
  59. I took the kid to the beach for his toilet.
  60. Newspapers do not flush well down a toilet.
  61. Could it be that he had a toilet problem?
  62. When I flushed the toilet, the water rose.
  63. Oh, and please tell me where the toilet is.
  64. I have this real need to feel toilet paper.
  65. It’s like a ghost is haunting your toilet.
  66. When placing a close-coupled toilet pan and.
  67. Angela put the grey case on the toilet seat.
  68. I took a closer look at myself in the toilet.
  69. Sim could hear the toilet apparatus running.
  70. In general, they cannot be properly toilet.
  71. The toilet, the faucets, the TV, the AC, etc.
  72. At the back was the usual offices and toilet.
  73. Anyway where's the toilet? he asked again.
  74. It's one thing to catch someone on the toilet.
  75. The toilet across the hall gargles all night.
  76. Smith heard the toilet flush in the bathroom.
  77. Had he flushed the toilet? He couldn't recall.
  78. Is a head gasket used to fix a broken toilet?
  79. I looked around but I couldn’t see a toilet.
  80. Slumped in a toilet with a needle in their arm.
  81. The shower and toilet were outside at the back.
  82. I read Wisdom to Grow On sitting on the toilet.
  83. Add 10 more points for being an awesome toilet.
  84. Once upon a time, there was a toilet called Ash.
  85. Whilst I was hung with my head over the toilet.
  86. I think he dumped the other half down my toilet.
  87. She looked at it and leaned back over the toilet.
  88. The charred remains were flushed down the toilet.
  89. He asked Stu why Pon took so long in the toilet.
  90. I left the usual square of toilet paper in reply.
  91. The toilet flushed down the hall in our apartment.
  92. Replacing an old toilet is always a wise decision.
  93. Finally, the high exit or toilet or a staircase.
  94. She went to the toilet door and opened them both.
  95. Hours of work done previously now down the toilet.
  96. The inside of the toilet bowl was completely brown.
  97. Use the toilet now, please, because it’s about.
  98. Greg tried to crawl between the toilet and bathtub.
  99. Mostly to give you something to read on the toilet.
  100. Another pound on the toilet lid, and it would've.
  1. This is a bathing and toileting room, he answered without any further explanation.
  1. Toileted, brushed my teeth and washed my face.
  2. In the morning I woke, toileted, bathed under the eyes and commands of the household staff.
  1. The toilets were deserted anyway.
  2. Sundays to scrub the toilets!.
  3. She praised the Rostovs’ toilets.
  4. Who’s in the toilets Cat?
  5. She praised the Rostóvs’ toilets.
  6. He used the toilets before we left.
  7. But the toilets had responded to me.
  8. Toilets and showers and wash tubs.
  9. Where are the toilets? he asked.
  10. He fled to the safety of the toilets.
  11. What about toilets and entertainment.
  12. Who’s in the toilets? Martin said.
  14. Annabeth, I’m sorry about the toilets.
  15. It took me ten minutes to reach the toilets.
  16. One guy followed another into the toilets.
  17. They got toilets over there, she said.
  18. There are toilets and showers in the hallway.
  19. In any case, it cannot be as bad as the toilets.
  20. She pointed to a door to the left of the toilets.
  21. Think he went to find the toilets, Troy said.
  22. This here hot water an’ toilets — Pa began.
  23. A week later I had a panic attack in the toilets and.
  24. I jumped straight up and staggered/ran to the toilets.
  25. They had open shower areas and toilets but no windows.
  26. I ran into the toilets to try and pull myself together.
  27. Lloyd walked off to one of the toilets in the station.
  28. There was an overwhelming smell of vomit in the toilets.
  29. New toilets are designed to require less water to flush.
  30. Also available are toilets that are dual flushing models.
  31. Someone was clogging up the toilets in the third floor.
  32. Of course I have never cleaned toilets, at least public.
  33. He disappeared in the direction of the toilets for a few.
  34. I charged out of the toilets and headed straight for Jack.
  35. You should see some of the toilets I’ve cleaned in the.
  36. She was interested so she led him down to the ladies toilets.
  37. As regards to Kgm ,I would take even TOILETS into consideration.
  38. Bex is bumped by a rangy youth on his way back from the toilets.
  39. Leah? a voice asked from one of the toilets making me jump.
  40. We used water from the swimming pool to flush toilets and bathe.
  41. He had noticed, with his quick, observant mind, that the toilets.
  42. Later, as we made our way to the rear cabin, we passed the toilets.
  43. I’m not going to stick my hand in a bunch of toilets looking.
  44. Institutional toilets, on the other hand, made a harsher, shorter.
  45. Jack swayed down to the toilets a few minutes later he glanced out.
  46. Stop begins stupid I said aloud to myself in the empty toilets.
  47. Since the place had a shower and toilets, I decided not to set ours.
  48. Urgent trips to the toilets became a pattern for some of the crossing.
  49. It was in the days when indoor toilets were a privilege of the wealthy.
  50. Thane disappeared into the toilets, dragging the Grand Wizard with him.
  52. Fred recalled having read a book about toilets and pride many years ago.
  53. He pushed his way through the crowd and opened the door to the toilets.
  54. The waiter showed us our respective toilets, one for women, one for men.
  55. I pushed open the girls’ toilets door and walked in, seeing that Hud-.
  56. Jeff leave his room for the toilets, he knew his opportunity had arrived.
  57. Today, it was in the ladies toilets in a McDonalds restaurant in Hastings.
  58. You ever used this here kind? she asked, and pointed to the toilets.
  59. For those householders who had flush toilets the problem was much the same.
  60. None! I found the last of the bastards hiding in the toilets of the camp.
  61. But Kelly had seen no one leave the toilets, and there was no other way out.
  62. Smith had the feeling he was being watched as he made his way to the toilets.
  63. I said and walked off in the direction of the toilets, feeling that would be.
  64. Instead of several toilets in ONE place for all ,have few toilets at several.
  65. Even cleaning toilets in the Āshram in South Africa was not below his dignity.
  66. When you get there be prepared to scrub the toilets with your toothbrush….
  67. Walking up the stairs, the first door that they came to, was that of the toilets.
  68. I just turned the corner to where the toilets where and got the shock of my life.
  69. She reeled back into the toilets, slipped on the wet floor but stayed on her feet.
  70. You also have toilets, Ava said, and let them all contemplate that for awhile.
  71. Other holes are needed for toilets and sinks, for seawater coming in and going out.
  72. Just then another nurse came rushing in; Doctor! Angel has passed out in the toilets.
  73. Three women walked into the ladies toilets, then, while Keneisha was shaking her head.
  74. Al of the homes, new and existing now had a bathroom with flush toilets and hot and.
  75. I mean, it's nice to have you here to talk to, but toilets should be being used!.
  76. I got up and as casually as I could, and made my way down the corridor to the toilets.
  77. After all that, I was not going to let this higgler who used to scrub my toilets for me.
  78. The stair to this floor is next to the pub’s toilets and I never close the flat’s door.
  79. You could solve it and really put them in their places if you switched schools and toilets.
  80. It was interesting to note that once flush toilets had been installed the stench had gone away.
  81. What was noticeable too was the frequency of young men heading to the toilets during the evening.
  82. Portable toilets were even in place, and the Council even supplied a full gamut of recycling bins.
  83. Hot showers and toilets, a long basin with hoses, little individual toiletry cabinets with name tags.
  84. But with all outdoor toilets there was the drum beneath the seat where the human waste was deposited.
  85. He reversed into their site, directly facing a building housing shower, toilets and cooking facilities.
  86. Nevertheless he put the note in his pocket and decided to read it in the toilets where nobody could see.
  87. But between visiting the toilets and finding a seat in the main stadium, something unaccountable happened.
  88. Doors in the rear wall led to three well-equipped bathrooms, toilets, and two well-mirrored dressing rooms.
  89. The toilets lined one side of the large room, and each toilet had its compartment with a door in front of it.
  90. All I had to do was check the cleanliness of the hallway and toilets and bathrooms, and make sure that if Mr.
  91. In the carriages sat ladies wrapped in shawls, taking great care not to spoil their flowers and their toilets.
  92. Their toilets got clogged with LIT-TISSUE as it backed up and dispersed the unpleasant aroma throughout the house.
  93. Since the toilets were desolated at that period and I wanted to sulk without being seen, I was sitting over there.
  94. Someone alerted the security guards, and two of them entered the men’s toilets, but Marie had already exited them.
  95. He said, Go ahead, you have my personal blessing but I've been told they don't use the toilets at that service house.
  96. Peter quickly flushed the narcotics down the toilet, and threw the empty tubs into the dustbin as he exited the toilets.
  97. The toilets, as I soon found out, were working and had been kept spotlessly clean in spite of the jam-packed conditions.
  98. The house had Turkish toilets; a hole in the ground that took the sewage to remote cesspits that drained into the street.
  99. On our way down we visited the Mena House Hotel, a landmark in Egypts recent history with the nice clean toilets we needed.
  100. I had thrown a pair of running shoes and pants in the trash that became ruined when painting the block of toilets at Masivisa.

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