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Token dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He's a token of evil.
  2. By the same token, the.
  3. In token of Maria's loss.
  4. Here we have another token.
  5. By the same token it took.

  6. The word token was invented.
  7. But only as a token culture.
  8. A free token pass to Heaven.
  9. There shall be shown a token.
  10. This is the token of love.
  11. The Token Ring Physical Layer.
  12. I bring this token here to you.
  13. Whichever node has the token is.
  14. Every Tear Is A Token Of My Love.
  15. Not a token of, but a token for.

  16. Nationalism remains only as a token.
  17. I was so proud it was my token you.
  18. It will be a token of the covenant.
  19. On the same token though, how many of.
  20. It also contains the token, which you.
  21. But after the token gesture, the crowd.
  22. By the same token, he couldn't see them.
  23. Because it was just a token cause for her.
  24. Prynne, laying her finger on the red token.
  25. Robert took the proffered token and with a.

  26. Offering, as a token of affection and regard.
  27. Oh, one question, what about the token?
  28. Signature Token 3 field to your new business.
  29. Days went by but I didn’t receive any token.
  30. A token idea that is never put into practice.
  31. Usually you receive a token of his grace —.
  32. She has even returned me our token of love.
  33. Some Examples and Token Icons of Decapitation.
  34. Monte Cristo nodded his head in token of assent.
  35. Good in human society is token, and incremental.
  36. Figure 12-7 shows the format of the token frame.
  37. But only once a year… as a hypocritical token.
  38. It is a cold mental tactic, a cold mental token.
  39. It was only a token idea… an ideal that existed.
  40. The major clasped his hands in token of admiration.
  41. Token? I don’t have any token, I stammered.
  42. By the same token, the cars our grandparents drove.
  43. A token may be a single character or a sequence of.
  44. Robert couldn’t have more than one token? She had.
  45. Rod released his robes, and made a token effort to.
  46. Rhone pinched the small token between his thumb and.
  47. This shell is his token and he sends me passengers.
  48. Have fun, laugh and be happy but in the same token.
  49. Each player would be given a token that would match.
  50. The perfect token example for black slaves to admire.
  51. Table 12-1 Token Ring Data Frames and Their Functions.
  52. The connections between Token Ring MAUs were redundant.
  53. It took the token ideas of 12,000 year of civilization.
  54. Fact is, the whole convention had been merely a token.
  55. Traffic was not heavy but by the same token, not sparse.
  56. Token ring networks are wired in a ring topology, and.
  57. But in time even the British maiden knew the love token.
  58. But this death’s head token craze culture did not last.
  59. He’d been walking home tonight to save a subway token.
  60. At times, it really did feel like this was a token role.
  61. Make it a habit to carry a token with you everyday that.
  62. There was token resistance from the NIPS Chief Constable.
  63. However, by the very same token, he had discovered that.
  64. A token of things to come should he default, so to speak.
  65. But by the same token, simply shorting both has risks too.
  66. By the same token, I hope you get a few laughs and I 161.
  67. By the same token I fancied him a more dangerous opponent.
  68. Regan made only a token attempt to peer over his shoulder.
  69. Mitheithel, and left a token there, nigh on seven days ago.
  70. Holly was the token of the people of that land, and they.
  71. By the same token, one distances themselves from the whole.
  72. It’s a token payment to some and a life-saver to others.
  73. Now, by the same token, do you believe in the Devil?
  74. Darkness over the land: An eclipse, a token of God’s anger.
  75. I was told that the token had been sent to my home and was.
  76. Darkness over the land: An eclipse, a token of God�s anger.
  77. Until the token itself, the symbol, took on a life of its own.
  78. Then he raised his empty hand, palm outward in token of parley.
  79. He left Stazl at the Ministry as a token of his good intentions.
  80. Brian looked down at the Miracle Token that was still in his hand.
  81. It looked like an ancient tribal token I'd once seen in a museum.
  82. They are the token of healing hands, of surgeons, of doctors….
  83. Jasmine: It is a token of a new love affair; don't be so hesitant.
  84. But the ‘stopping’ had been rather more token than effective.
  85. Now I had a token responsibility for two live and healthy coyotes.
  86. Elsewhere the token of sin, it was the taper of the sick-chamber.
  87. And this, O this shall henceforth be the token of comrades, this.
  88. But by the same token, the VXO does not behave at all like a stock.
  89. Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!.
  90. Figure 12-2 The MAUs in a Token Ring network formed the basic ring.
  91. On receipt of the token, the other system can transmit its message.
  92. Please keep them as a token of my gratitude for what you have done.
  93. Your Highness, as a token of our love for you, and to thank you.
  94. A token of what? Hope coughed and heard it echo down the line.
  95. By the same token, prisoners in official penal establishments were.
  96. Yes: it could be more simple and by the same token less vulnerable.
  97. Alright but hold on I just want to leave a token present for them.
  98. My master begs that you accept this stone as a token of his regard.
  99. As a token of your love for me she replied, It is beyond price.
  100. Above all others, however, the miniature is the typical token of love.

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