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Tramp dans une phrase (en anglais)

But you're not a tramp.
The tramp handed him the reins.
The waiter thinks I’m a tramp.
Where's the old tramp steamer now?
The speech of man and tramp of horse.
What did that little tramp want?
Colonel Orlov's old tramp steamer, the S.

Some flatfoot tramp on it in the morning.
The tramp blinked, then lowered his head.
It’s a tramp, he whispered to Rod.
A tramp fell down behind me on the path.
Hello, you tramp, he cal ed, moving.
You God damn tramp, he said viciously.
Each night we’d tramp out to Lisbon airport.
In an instant the tramp of horses galloping.
The little dead hearts will tramp ungrieving.
Sisi is a beautiful girl but she is a tramp.
That stuck up, long-eared tramp! she said.
It's highly possible the old tramp steamer sank.
Hey you want to earn more? The tramp nodded.
Basically, Josie, you've the mentality of a tramp.
He was interrupted by a tramp of feet on the stair.
I can help you catch it again, said the tramp.
It was a difficult tramp they had with their prisoner.
The tramp smiled and said: Well, that’s fine then.
The tramp shuffled out of the alley to buy rot-gut booze.
His father's a real tramp, doesn't own half of the city.
The tramp of many feet gave cadence to their efforts as.
You little tramp, do you think he cares about you?
Mom called the cashier a little tramp who liked to torment.
In the deathlike stillness only the tramp of horses was heard.
In this setting I am but the tramp in the presence of a lady.
Thinking that he was a tramp, they pushed him into the street.
March! Tramp, tramp, tramp, the boys are (atitudes!) parching.
They have branded her a tramp, a whore, and many other insults.
You're far too intelligent and too well educated to be a tramp.
He always used the back garden entrance when dressed as a tramp.
There was no other sound of pursuit, neither tramp of feet, nor.
Well yes, a religious tramp, though he is a holy man, yet he is a.
There was a tramp of feet outside the tent, almost a military rhythm.
He was tramping through eternity.
I had spent much of the day tramping 120.
Who’s tramping around down there?
Music swirled around her, drowning out the tramping.
Suddenly they heard a horse tramping in front of them.
No troops raised the red dust with their tramping feet.
We soon found ourselves tramping about the city on errands.
All this tramping around in the woods without proper shoes.
A noise of tramping feet and harsh shouts: Orcs were coming up.
Here the children straying westward so long? so wide the tramping?
The ruffians came tramping along the East Road, and without halting.
This tramping to and fro soothed and at the same time intoxicated him.
There is tramping of feet overhead, and ropes and chains are dragged along.
No more tramping the streets begging for a job! No more hungry children at home.
On snow, even tramping out the symbols will show clearly until the next snowfall.
He thought of his wife, Barbara, away with her tramping club in the Milford Sound.
Since dawn I've been tramping around the whole thonga-trampled area looking for you.
Already they seemed to have been tramping on, on, endlessly to the mountains' roots.
Each evening, Louie saw the slaves tramping back in, their clothes packed with booty.
The air reverberated with the clashing of the strains; the ground shook with the tramping of.
Charles, who had been tramping about his room for some time, singing to himself, now came down.
Everybody kept quite still while the twelve men came tramping back into their places in the pews.
Trevor stopped tramping up and down and faced Aidme, looking as though he wanted to head-butt it.
A young man was tramping through the snow with a great bundle of branches tied to his back with a measure of vine.
It was the wrong time of the year for a tramp, he had argued with her, but she was the expert, the tramping fanatic.
And then they were silent, and the tramping of the horses’ feet along the highroad was the only sound to be heard.
He led a vagabond life, coming or tramping from time to time to Yasnaya Polyana to help Tolstoi copy his manuscripts.
Winfield ran for the car door, and he met the three men tramping up the cat-walk, and he stood aside while they came in.
Here we are and here we shall have to stay, unless any one fancies tramping the long open miles back to the river with Smaug on the watch!.
Ten minutes tramping through tree filled gullies, lantana clad ridges and scratchy re-growth, brought us to my boundary with the State Forest.
All the first dances were over with and Spencer and I had danced well together, our feet moved timeously without tramping on the other’s toes.
As for the Boar House, perhaps I would have gone there if I’d had the legs for it, but tramping through the snow, I began to fade physically.
From time to time d'Urberville exhibited a sort of fierce distress at the sight of the tramping he had driven her to undertake by his misdemeanour.
Zhilín heard the tramping of horses; somebody rode by, and the Tartars gathered at the mosque; they quarrelled and shouted, and talked about the Russians.
While the woman whom I have ruined is tramping the weary road to penal servitude, I will be receiving congratulations, and paying visits with my young wife.
At the end of the hour, from behind the gates came the clatter of chains, the tramping of feet, voices of command, coughing and the low conversation of a large crowd.
A while there there was a group of boys doing just that, tramping through the woods with rifles, leaving empty beer cans, bodies of the birds and squirrels they shot.
I stuck my hands into the pockets of my coat since it was getting quite cold and started tramping up the hill towards the field that I had gathered bedding in earlier.
Always though you could hear the tramping of boots, the rattle of curb chains, the creak of harness and the clatter and rumble of wheels that never stopped day or night.
Have I done something wrong then Sir? But no answer came from the RSM he just kept on steaming ahead tramping his way along the duck boards oblivious to everything else.
I gingerly tramped around in the long grass.
Sacobie had tramped many miles--all the way from.
As they tramped along Trask essayed a cautious question.
The newly spliced couple tramped onto the dirty soil of the.
Miners called in the streets as they tramped in gangs to work.
The excess was spread, tramped down perfectly flat and smooth.
Then, on the flank of their workmen they tramped on, following.
Last out the gate tramped the Ninth Legion of the Imperial Nodosaurs.
They tramped off, anxious and downhearted, under the eyes of the crowd.
They tramped down the earth, and again sat down in a row near the grave.
Jim warn't on his island, so I tramped off in a hurry for the crick, and.
Without hesitation, Locke tramped into the weeds at the end of the fence line.
And after that, we all tramped back into the house for some well-earned sandwiches.
While the rest of the POWs tramped past him, the injured man was left where he lay.
They then filled the grave with earth and tramped upon it until it would hold no more.
Her throat suddenly contracted and shadows and the feet tramped off into the darkness.
Almost immediately, THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, down the stairs tramped Ben Butcher, the able seaman.
Jody tramped down, scuffling his shoes in a way he had been told was destructive to good shoe-leather.
In seconds a set of heavy footsteps tramped across the floor above him, accompanied by muffled voices.
The four friends tramped across the courtyard towards the stables, dreaming of the High Winter Festival.
Behind him lay the smoking ruins of Atlanta to which the torch had been set as the blue army tramped out.
Earth was shovelled in and tramped down about the chest until the bottom of the grave showed level and uniform.
Meg leaned against her mother, looking the image of despair, and Jo tramped about the room, calling Laurie names.
After the season’s work he tramped to the nearest settlement and holed up for the winter drinking to his last coin.
The group in blue shuffled their feet and looked embarrassed and after several clearings of throats, they tramped out.
And the end of the road his varnished boots upon a bitter road where hunger tramped with tireless stride and was death.
As I tramped along, the rearmost of the four, I could not help smiling at the appearance of my three companions in front.
Depends on whether Books is snoring again, Maldynado muttered, but he lifted a gloved hand in parting and tramped indoors.
He tramped on, skirting pools of stagnant water – thanking his stars that he hadn’t blundered into one of those in the darkness.
He tramped over the old cobbled streets as twilight fell, on through the square, past the closed shops and towards the blacksmith's.
Thanks for FUCKING NOTHING! he tramped to the front door, swung the door open so hard it cracked the wall behind it and bounced back.
Pride was perhaps the dominant emotion as they retraced with their eyes the ridges and valleys they’d tramped over and through to get here.
Nearly due west the broad swath of the marching Orcs tramped its ugly slot; the sweet grass of Rohan had been bruised and blackened as they passed.
I don’t know how you did that since I saw a man run a sword through you, but if you rescued me, why did you take me there? She tramped ahead.
Wishing there was a sign that said Royal Oaks, Petra tramped after Emory past black and white timbered cottages with thatched roofs, millponds and barns.
Only the flight deck up front was heated, so the men in the rear tramped around in fleece jackets, fur-lined boots, and, sometimes, electrically heated suits.
There were pandanus palms beside the road and the horse tramped through their fallen fronds making a sharp crunching noise that he remembered from a long time ago.
He was grave and pale now, and looked decidedly more like the novel heroes whom she admired, but he neither slapped his forehead nor tramped about the room as they did.
As he lay there, feet tramped outside, livid faces appeared again at the door, and Louie felt himself struck with rocks, stabbed with sticks, and slapped with wads of spit.
A view made infinitely more significant now they’d tramped, waded, clambered and sometimes crawled over and through it, getting scratched, bitten and stung in the process.
They were tramps.
Barring tramps, not one.
Or Salesmen Tramps and so on.
Tramps and beggars lay asleep at the.
This saying may be applied even more fitly to the tramps.
They won’t have no crop tramps in the county hospital.
I don't wish to speak disrespectfully of these tramps at all.
He was one of those seasoned tramps I've spoken about earlier.
Stepan took his part, and deprived the tramps of their winnings.
Besides us five, there were three other tramps, just brought in.
Save for the expression of the faces, London seemed a city of tramps.
Breckenridge, who was talking to a couple of saddle tramps seated at a.
They waited to be told as much, but after a few moments realized mere bunch of tramps.
The tramps poured their abuse on him; but when they attacked him, he got the better of them.
What terrible agonies and privations some of them, the tramps for instance, had 956 of 967.
These tramps had gambled with a young prisoner of some means and deprived him of all his money.
There was also a sprinkling of those unfortunate outcasts of society - tramps and destitute, drunken loafers.
When the Governor asked how the fight had come about, the tramps declared that it was Stepan who had begun it.
After we finished I know that we all felt better for having done our ablutions and we once again looked like soldiers instead of tramps.
The climate of our town and neighbourhood was pretty equable, especially in summer, which is a very good thing for tramps and vagabonds.
Aunt Beatrice, Walter's wife, took the emerald that Ningla left me and scornfully said that tramps and whores were not deserving of good things.
They worked at currying and tanning; but their chief business was usury, harbouring tramps, and receiving stolen goods; all sorts of petty irregular doings.
Ivanov (died 1912), ex-officer and old scribe, with whom Tolstoi became acquainted at the time of the census of 1862, having found him among the Moscow tramps.
Nekhludoff found out during his journey how tramps, escaping into the marshes, persuade a comrade to escape with them, and then kill him and feed on his flesh.
Their respect for him increased after the incident of the two tramps who fell upon him; he wrenched himself loose from them and broke the arm of one of them in the fight.
Washerwomen yawned, dunny men yawned, policemen yawned, thieves yawned, dukes in their towers and tramps their gutters yawned, wastrels and workaholics yawned, even dogs and cats yawned.
In view of this fact, the idea has occurred to some of Leo Nikolayevich's friends, of establishing in the village of Yásnaya Polyána a lodging- and eating-house for tramps, the use of which by the latter would save L.
Lately, however, the park, left to its own devices had fell into neglect; the peacocks had all gone, and the place had become a bit of a wasteland; a haven for the unemployed and unemployable, the tramps, winos and drug addicts.
In the Co-operative Commonwealth there will be no place for loafers; whether they call themselves aristocrats or tramps, those who are too lazy to work shall have no share in the things that are produced by the labour of others.
They seemed to him a band of tramps, huddled together along the riverbanks, their old coats covered with dust and soot, stupefied by the panorama of sunset and waiting for the first chill of night bid them arise, shake themselves and begone.
To encourage citizens to furnish free meals for white tramps, who refuse to work at any price, drive out from our kitchens the Chinese, who to-day receive higher wages than white men and women are getting in any State east of the Rocky Mountains.
As for the other class of loafers - those at the bottom, the tramps and people of that sort, if they were to become sober and industrious tomorrow, they also would be doing more harm than good to the other workers; it would increase the competition for work.
The Minister of justice having reported on the complicated case of the succession of the Baron Snyders, the young Tsar confirmed the decision by his signature; and also approved the new rules relating to the application of Article 1830 of the penal code, providing for the punishment of tramps.
What terrible agonies and privations some of them, the tramps for instance, had endured! Could they care so much for a ray of sunshine, for the primeval forest, the cold spring hidden away in some unseen spot, which the tramp had marked three years before, and longed to see again, as he might to see.
You see, in the reports that have lately appeared in the local papers of the melancholy and terrible days of the last pogrom, there have very often been indications that among the instigators of the pogrom who were paid and organised by the police—the dregs of society, consisting of drunkards, tramps, souteneurs, and hooligans from the slums—thieves were also to be found.
It was reported to the Governor that something like a mutiny occurred, and in answer came a document ordering that the two chief culprits, Vasilieff and the tramp Don'tremember (an application given to some tramps and jail birds who, to conceal the identity, with characteristic ingenuity and stupidity make that answer to all questions relating to their names), be given thirty lashes each.
The caretaker was so struck with their innocent appearance, and with the elegance of Tess's gown hanging across a chair, her silk stockings beside it, the pretty parasol, and the other habits in which she had arrived because she had none else, that her first indignation at the effrontery of tramps and vagabonds gave way to a momentary sentimentality over this genteel elopement, as it seemed.
What terrible agonies and privations some of them, the tramps for instance, had endured! Could they care so much for a ray of sunshine, for the primeval forest, the cold spring hidden away in some unseen spot, which the tramp had marked three years before, and longed to see again, as he might to see his sweetheart, dreaming of the green grass round it and the bird singing in the bush? As he went on he saw still more inexplicable examples.
Was this the luxurious Lord John Roxton who had sat that evening in the Albany amidst his Persian rugs and his pictures in the pink radiance of the tinted lights? And was this the imposing Professor who had swelled behind the great desk in his massive study at Enmore Park? And, finally, could this be the austere and prim figure which had risen before the meeting at the Zoological Institute? No three tramps that one could have met in a Surrey lane could have looked more hopeless and bedraggled.
All these fugitives, unless they find some unexpected shelter for the winter, unless they meet some one interested in concealing them, or if—last resort—they cannot procure—and sometimes a murder does it—the legal document, which enables them to go about unmolested everywhere; all these fugitives present themselves in crowds, during the autumn, in the towns and at the prisons; they confess themselves to be escaped tramps, pass the winter in jail, and live in the secret hope of getting away the following summer.

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