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Transform dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. He could transform into a tiger.
  2. Or I will transform you into salt.
  3. It will transform your whole life.
  4. I transform my hands back to normal.
  5. I now let myself transform into fog.

  6. You have the ability to transform.
  7. Could that purchase transform it?
  8. Know that only honesty can transform.
  9. We cannot transform the thoughts and.
  10. I transform my fingers back to normal.
  11. The equation for a Fisher transform is.
  12. So what do they transform into?
  13. I immediately transform back into myself.
  14. And transform it into a towel for your tears.
  15. But may he not change and transform himself?

  16. Transform human attitudes into bird-attitudes.
  18. Antioxidants can help to transform your health.
  19. I wish I could transform myself into a T-20.
  20. The Archangels are here to Transform your Life!.
  21. Within 10 years I will transform 100,000 lives!.
  22. The equation for the inverse Fisher transform is.
  23. God can and will transform the city you live in?
  24. Seven Plagues that transform her into a pure state.
  25. How Can an Elusive Thought Transform into Reality?

  26. This is my original form but I can transform into a.
  27. She cannot change her ex or transform his character.
  28. We need to imagine a new world to transform reality.
  29. He understood the wolfs need to transform his woman.
  30. It holds the power to transform every loss into gain.
  31. The effect of the cube transform is shown in Figure 15.
  32. Of course, you can be willing to change, to transform.
  33. We can just transform the couch into the futon it is.
  34. Suddenly, consciously being in the One can transform.
  35. Darius had little time to transform himself and attack.
  36. Transform that knowledge and power to become a teacher.
  37. The best Self Esteem quotes that can transform you life.
  38. Of course! I look at my hands that transform into leaves.
  39. All these will cause me to transform into a full hybrid.
  40. It is very hard to transform the ego into God-loving soul.
  41. A positive, constructive effect begins to transform the.
  42. We can transform a situation by and we can't control them.
  43. God bless and transform you for greatness beyond measures.
  44. Market be your master, you transform him into your servant.
  45. I transform the tongs into fingers and sneak out of the room.
  46. It would be much better and safer for you to transform into.
  47. He managed to bewitch the girl and she started to transform.
  48. The transform consists of merely cubing the indicator values.
  49. Lamrim practice we can transform all adverse conditions into.
  50. By way of test I try to transform while I’m in the bathroom.
  51. I kept expecting the truck to transform into a giant robot.
  52. Plants with hallucinogenic properties transform into divinity.
  53. A Dating Coach who is ready and willing to help YOU transform.
  54. There are painters who know how to transform this canvas into.
  55. The human mind has the capacity to transform a newborn with no.
  56. Only with the help of his wise plans can he transform his wife.
  57. From that point we can transform our beliefs to a positive way.
  58. As one can detect the real aim of the DSA is to transform this.
  59. Only a qualitative step can transform the visitor into customer.
  60. Raziel claimed that some hunters could transform into ravens.
  61. Your word will transform our lives that we may live in authority.
  62. In a sense, the inverse Fisher transform acts as a soft limiter.
  63. It will entirely transform the role of women at every level of.
  64. If you want me to stay with you…you have to transform me.
  65. This breathing should naturally transform into your common breath.
  66. Maybe you can ask Jesus to transform some of that energy for you.
  67. The transfer response of the cube transform is shown in Figure 15.
  68. The issue of transformative learning begs the question: Transform.
  69. The transfer response of the Fisher transform is shown in Figure 15.
  70. Laura pulled on her handcuffs, willing them to transform into paper.
  71. Because Homer himself learned how to transform himself and his own.
  72. Your life will transform when you lose yourself in the service to.
  73. And it’s an exponential one, too: the more fat you transform into.
  74. If "IT" is love, is also moving to transform and is eternally loving.
  75. The approach is to compute a moving discrete Fourier transform (DFT).
  76. He accepts everything so he can transform his life into a work of art.
  77. And don’t transform, a shot will reach you in less than two seconds.
  78. He has his pain, which helps him learn about and transform himself and.
  79. Time in prison itself can transform even the most lost and hardened soul.
  80. Words of wisdom possess no power at their own to change or transform us.
  81. Through Spiritual Contemplation we can transform this foe into a friend.
  82. We are not here to change and transform but we are here only to witness.
  83. That pile of leaves is getting ready to transform into a leaf monster.
  84. This dream is what the myth of Cosmo-Art wants to transform into reality.
  85. She hoped that this interview would transform her position, and save her.
  86. Here, ‘elixir’ refers to a special substance that can transform iron.
  87. It is through our anger and hatred that we transform people into enemies.
  88. To water ski, the Nal just transform themselves into handles you can hang.
  89. Though in other Modules we transform the energy of desire into preferences.
  90. Consciousness can thus also transform matter and make matter what it wills.
  91. I wondered what the phrase was that allowed me to transform back to Dragon.
  92. A few months later I could transform into what I wanted and quite quickly.
  93. But he still has the power to transform a wolf, that’s what I know about.
  94. The transfer response of the inverse Fisher transform is shown in Figure 15.
  95. We transform into wolves at will, when provoked or when extremely excited.
  96. It took Ulysses ten years to transform his arrogant heart into a humble heart.
  97. Lupercus or king of wolves as it was said that he could transform into a wolf.
  98. And, if not now, when? When and how else will you completely transform your.
  99. Emily had nothing to transform into as far as she knew, and neither did Darcy.
  100. What business and tax structure does Jerry have that will transform business?
  1. If transforming somehow heals us.
  2. Our movement is transforming the world.
  3. And love, transforming a whisper to poems.
  4. I focused on transforming into my panther form.
  5. As for my own mother, she too was transforming.
  6. The transforming tadpole stage lasts only a few.
  7. Hope attached his Hope to transforming the school.
  8. Holy Spirit, God is transforming the stony heart of.
  9. Everything is transforming and changing all the time.
  10. Droplets scattered into the air, transforming into the.
  11. He did not realize that he was transforming into a human.
  12. Newly turned and transforming vampires all go through it.
  13. The yoga of daily actions is a method for transforming all our.
  14. We are fundamentally transforming the United States of America.
  15. There it is again – the feeling of loss transforming into relief.
  16. By transforming a woman who is an assassin into a woman capable of.
  17. The air rippled as the magic shockwave contracted, transforming the.
  18. Roth paused, his expression transforming as he thought about the request.
  19. A way of transforming and unifying my self and my various internal parts.
  20. I heard a slight sizzling noise and I turned to see Flicker transforming.
  21. The older man laughed at this, temporarily transforming his sorrowful face.
  22. Except, the evolution of the process itself is constantly transforming it.
  23. Instead, real guilt can be eliminated only by transforming the decision of.
  24. I recall that she had a way of transforming herself that was almost magical.
  25. This is transforming the perception of my earlier life into a sweet journey.
  26. It would be far more illuminating and transforming to be able somehow to stand.
  27. We proclaim a message of good news which is infectious in its transforming power.
  28. Such trust is capable of transforming one's life and anything lesser will not do.
  29. The last thing I saw was my favorite four-year-old transforming into a grown man.
  30. In replacing you with your likes, and transforming you into what you do not know.
  31. Without money, transforming into an attractive person does get a whole lot harder.
  32. It was hard enough transforming into a dragon, without learning how to fly as well.
  33. Transforming the chart line to a moving average can smooth out the daily fluctuations.
  34. When you ask, He will pour His precious blood on your heart, transforming you forever.
  35. The feverish construction and production activity transforming the Chinese economy into.
  36. She imagined the pink words on the page transforming into sticky pink cotton candy in her head.
  37. As it approached, I was utterly amazed to see that with each step its features were transforming.
  38. And the knowledge of her nature worked on him, slowly transforming the way in which he touched her.
  39. That my body size is the most beautiful butterfly transforming and letting the real me come though.
  40. His skin, normally smooth and flawless, began transforming into rough patches of white scar tissue.
  41. We're both transforming and have part human blood, and human blood is what gives us the most strength.
  42. During the short walk from bedroom to front door, my thoughts and feelings ebb and flow, transforming.
  43. I have to say though that I am quite impressed with your ability to track me as a transforming vampire.
  44. Don’t be harsh, said the unkempt vendor as he imagined his own hand transforming into a tentacle.
  45. My wife was everywhere, greeting people, introducing people, deftly transforming the crowd into a party.
  46. This world is transforming so fast that by the time I email this it will be history rather than prophecy.
  47. She told him a whole story about how she just happened to notice that I was transforming into a vampire.
  48. In our society, money is a transforming power, too, and a Scorpio is interested in money for that reason.
  49. In the depth of the jug, something bright was shining, transforming these threads into more vivid colors.
  50. The same energy that created life, maintains life, so how could one preclude it from transforming life?
  51. Let us consider two methods of transforming the vector of functional values into the buy and sell signals.
  52. The living were in torturous agony as their bodies changed, transforming into vile murderous night creatures.
  53. We are indeed his loyal subjects, but far transcending that fact is the transforming truth that we are his sons.
  54. When one line of nodes was used for transforming the original optimization space (in the left chart of Figure 2.
  55. Instead of transforming their life into harmony with their conscience, they try by every means to stifle its voice.
  56. Why was I not transforming?! I could fly away; I could escape this brutal torture! And where the hell was Salem!.
  57. It is the energy of de-motivation running in parallel, as well as transforming part of itself into self-motivation.
  58. What if he really was going through puberty again? What if those eggs were transforming him into something new?
  59. There is no way out there for spiritual success without transforming the spiritual Ideas into real controlling Power.
  60. There are many heroes in the first poem but none of these heroes is capable of transforming himself and becoming a man.
  61. Thanks to the efforts of the University of Texas several years back then for transforming some Flora bass in the state.
  62. Some of you are transforming yourselves through mechanical means – plastic surgery, eye tucks, stomach tucks and the like.
  63. Here we demonstrate the application of the simplest method of transforming the linear function into concave and convex ones.
  64. He glanced at the gorgeous flowers that Meagan had planted very expertly completely transforming the area into a homier site.
  65. Once you have the Ring on, it stops you from transforming, and you’ll forever preserve the part of you that is still human.
  66. The problem was that the ISI she had set up the CIA to handle was transforming at a pace she would have never thought possible.
  67. Little by little, they were aging, they were transforming into hollow figures as their powers were running out of their bodies.
  68. Even some English consonants underwent dramatic changes, such as “p” transforming from “f” in phone, to the pop in pine.
  69. I had started transforming and I didn’t even know it, it was the first time it had happened and I was afraid, densely horrified.
  70. Stavrogin succeeded at once in transforming the expression of his face, and with an air of grave surprise took a step towards him.
  71. He could see her suppressing anger, and worried at the might of her wrath, but then he could see her transforming it to resignation.
  72. White clouds permit filtered white light to pass through, while only transforming the heat and intense light to a pleasurable state.
  73. He can’t recognize his tediousness, transforming what is meant as human aspirations into habitable blind man in meaningless space.
  74. Depending on the strategy algorithm, some trading signals should be eliminated without transforming them into position opening orders.
  75. The moon‘s effect was dramatic, transforming the water into shimmering glass and washing over the trees and cabin like a silvery veil.
  76. It wasn’t her dream job, but she did quite enjoy the satisfaction of transforming a messy pile of paperwork into neat rows of figures.
  77. But there is also the desert, which devours the land and is slowly transforming Belvun into the same kind of place I’m trying to escape.
  78. It is a marvelous and transforming experience to become the living channel of spiritual light to the mortal who sits in spiritual darkness.
  79. Educated people of the upper classes are trying to stifle the ever-growing sense of the necessity of transforming the existing social order.
  80. Though transforming at will to any shape imaginable was certainly an ability that shunted necessities and favored whim and fancy above all.
  81. You have 'Flicked the Positive Switch', the first step, and, without doubt, the hardest step in transforming your life into something special.
  82. At Bowen’s Congress on Africa, for example, no one used the Bible, and none spoke of the transforming power of the Gospel and God’s Word.
  83. Not only had she'd blown her chance to stop other Tempests from transforming, she had blown her chance to escape Operation Reckoning as well.
  84. A mocking devil capable of transforming an impossible impediment due to tenacity and that supernatural force we use to realize our objectives.
  85. By transforming that faith into living acts of love, we put our self in contact with God Himself [the prime source of universal intel igence].
  86. Like Hal, he seemed unable to master the ability of transforming exactly when he wanted to, but clearly he wanted to be an ogre at this moment.
  87. I'mage changed “I'm alive!” to “This is ME!”, transforming collective thankful celebration into survival of the stressful presentation.
  88. Mighty indeed is the transforming power of the Holy Spirit! The believer and the world are completely put asunder, and everlastingly separated.
  89. A peanut vendor exhibited his skills at transforming a page of newspaper into a paper bag which became skinnier with each magic wave of his hand.
  90. He was transforming himself into the powerful and wealthy man who was the Central American representative of a group of North American investors.
  91. Hopefully as we have explored these great tools for transforming fear, you have realized that you truly ―have nothing to fear but fear itself‖.
  92. Imaginative exercises of recitation and literature were instrumental in transforming feared gods into interesting and even entertaining characters.
  93. But spring has begun transforming the ice-ravaged landscape, pushing buds from skeletal limbs, and a thin carpet of grass shimmers in the moonlight.
  94. Living off his wife’s inheritance, Webb and his wife devoted themselves to the Fabian goal of transforming Great Britain into a socialist society.
  95. Stan and Miri recoiled with surprise and apprehension when a kind of white halo enveloped Nancy, soon transforming her into a white human silhouette.
  96. As the sun slowly made its way to the horizon, the beam of sunlight traversed her brow, igniting her eyes with fire, transforming her soul before me.
  97. Many companies are trying to turn these two methods of transforming solar energy into a commercially viable enterprise, but they face some challenges.
  98. This wave is transforming a large number of developing countries into more industrialized countries, and raw materials are fueling this transformation.
  99. Moreover he is running the risk of transforming himself—generally, as well as in the specific instances—from a bond investor into a stock speculator.
  100. Steve Wynn, the billionaire gambling mogul credited with transforming Las Vegas into the entertainment capital of the world, is one of my dearest friends.
  1. And transformed it into life.
  2. The body will be transformed.
  3. Nothing dies; all is transformed.
  4. The waves soon transformed into.
  5. They transformed the back yard too.
  6. A spirit of warfare transformed her.
  7. She transformed into another shape.
  8. A broad smile transformed his face.
  9. You are afraid of being transformed.
  10. A second transformed from the month.
  11. When the discussion transformed into.
  12. I transformed myself into John Summers.
  13. His life was transformed in an instant.
  14. Trago had transformed to his wolf form.
  15. Language was transformed in other ways.
  16. Somehow, some way I had transformed her.
  17. He was transformed into a constellation.
  18. He recognized it as a transformed dragon.
  19. They have also been transformed inwardly.
  20. His guilt transformed into anger and blame.
  21. The house was being transformed before her.
  22. And the fair truth transformed into a lie?
  23. The wolf sat on his haunches and transformed.
  24. Whatever I believe the world transformed to.
  25. He seemed completely transformed in a moment.
  26. The whole man was suddenly transformed again.
  27. We now know that Ulysses has been transformed.
  28. As I took hold of his hand, I was transformed.
  29. It has transformed my life and given me the.
  30. Her life had been totally transformed that day.
  31. The cold, statue-like posture was transformed.
  32. Allah transformed the world from peace to war.
  33. It is us who will be transformed, not just a.
  34. This mudghah is transformed into bones (izâ m).
  35. Paris has been transformed since he quitted it.
  36. Soon the flat wood-stand transformed into the.
  37. Modi was transformed once the cameras turned on.
  38. Lead the transformation or be transformed by it.
  39. Finally, the Judgment is transformed into a farce.
  40. Onassis had transformed it into a floating palace.
  41. Thinking of him in this way transformed her into.
  42. When we smile, our perception will be transformed.
  43. The word scared can be transformed into the word.
  44. She’d transformed her room into a hybrid pink.
  45. Transformed migraine is the name of a condition.
  46. Mim both transformed themselves into heart shapes.
  47. Firstly, anger will be transformed into awareness.
  48. When in battle, she was transformed by the flames.
  49. Final y, the Judgment is transformed into a farce.
  50. The coyote transformed back into the Medicine women.
  51. The alaqah is transformed into mudghah which means.
  52. Instead, it simply transformed from overt to covert.
  53. He couldn't begin to guess what had transformed Mona.
  54. Sacrifices that transformed ‘Business As Usual’.
  55. Unceasing doxology was transformed into continuous.
  56. When it will come, you will be transformed for sure.
  57. Lakes of molten magma transformed into lakes of water.
  58. SELF that gradually is transformed into a Choral SELF.
  59. A transformed character reflects God's work within us.
  60. You are not fully transformed, honey, remember that.
  61. The only way our life is transformed is spending time.
  62. Hyde transformed back to his original state and then.
  63. His original form was human and his transformed form.
  64. One of those faces completely transformed by maturity.
  65. Have been transformed into a mass of brilliant, clear.
  66. The coyote then transformed into Apache medicine women.
  67. She transformed and checked Grant for any signs of life.
  68. I need to be transformed into the image of Jesus Christ.
  69. I FELT TRANSFORMED as we looked out at the sea of faces.
  70. Th is might come as the transformed ancient ritual of.
  71. Her life was transformed, and she was cleansed of all.
  72. Whatever exists already in your life can be transformed.
  73. Who’s to say we’re immune to being transformed?
  74. In Joe Elegant’s tiny bedroom he was being transformed.
  75. Training was a crucible, and it transformed Phil’s crew.
  76. The hardened plant had transformed into solid black rock.
  77. Yeah, I left as soon as she transformed from the snake.
  78. His whole appearance and manner were suddenly transformed.
  79. The white paper had been transformed to a green rectangle.
  80. A transformed Derek made his way back down the stairs and.
  81. By the time he landed he had transformed into human shape.
  82. He appeared young and vibrant, like he'd been transformed.
  83. In Jesus Christ we are being transformed into His likeness.
  84. Its witchery transformed his drab work into vibrant colors.
  85. The voracious caterpillar when transformed into a butterfly.
  86. It appears when a human survives feeding and is transformed.
  87. Right then and there, my life transformed in more ways than.
  88. The mountains disappeared and men were transformed into fish.
  90. The snake was transformed and stopped being angry and biting.
  91. When they reached the outside, Rathos transformed back to his.
  92. Padraig laughed as he transformed himself in the male of the.
  93. But the lizard soon transformed itself taking human-like shape.
  94. They will turn up either in their existing form or transformed.
  95. Ansh transformed back to his human form and shouted at Karan:.
  96. Even when they transformed into animals they had that vile look.
  97. It was transformed simply by the man being in the room a moment.
  98. The acorn is not going to be reformed to a tree, but transformed.
  99. Each culture is a legacy of rituals transformed into normalities.
  100. Situation may remain the same, but our perception is transformed.
  1. It transforms our perception of life.
  2. Faith transforms the heart, and brings to.
  3. Its friendship converts us and transforms us.
  4. It transforms the ego-nature into the God-nature.
  5. The enchantress Circe transforms men into swine (Od.
  6. And this is how the mirror-icon transforms to us, too.
  7. This transforms relationships into teamed consumption.
  8. The fact he is still talking to me transforms my anger.
  9. The castle transforms into the ten-foot high rock creature.
  10. A template takes data and transforms it into a visualization.
  11. An endless ripple in a shoreless lake that transforms into nothing.
  12. The mind transforms the aspiration into an acute craving which is.
  13. The tree transforms into a large wooden cross and then back again.
  14. I can't follow the transforms he makes, but he gets meaningful results.
  15. One of these shows us how a nebula, when following its laws, transforms.
  16. Bank3Sector transforms all money that was deposited in Current Account.
  17. The joy of Union transforms into desire for a woman’s love in this world.
  18. The reactive being transforms itself and becomes one who plans and creates.
  19. However, when she transforms it, her brilliance can’t help but show itself.
  20. Your intentions mostly guide your actions and words which transforms into karma.
  21. Other than shaping the display, these transforms have no impact on the indicator.
  22. In order to get enough energy for this, it transforms its API and monophosphates.
  23. In insect metamorphosis, the pupa stage is when the caterpillar transforms into its.
  24. Jeanine glares at him, and his laughter effortlessly transforms into a coughing fit.
  25. The Energy that transforms itself into matter, and the matter that transforms itself.
  26. My left foot transforms into a hand and I bend my leg in a way so I can hold his penis.
  27. However, doing so means the violation of three basic requirements of Fourier transforms.
  28. A Caterpillar Transforms into a Butterfly – But with a Different Brain and Same Memory.
  29. But if he transforms me, my life will stop, and the time will still continue without me.
  30. Noël transforms back into himself and looks self-satisfied and haughty at every one of them.
  31. Before such a show of love for what is his own, prejudice transforms itself into total surrender.
  32. From one moment to the next, everything transforms in itself and, eventually, into something else.
  33. This four step process transforms our selfish materialistic egoic reality into a true spiritualism.
  34. The vengeful goddess transforms Medusa into a hideous creature, and banishes her to a remote island.
  35. The impact of this biochemical change immediately transforms your willingness to face fears and take risks.
  36. Governance is the process that transforms cultural practices into policies and social beliefs into institutions.
  37. They worked in music recording studio’s using frequency domain transforms of audio signals in fluidic circuits.
  38. On Sundays it transforms into a kind of flea market of rastro style in Madrid, Spain, or Florence in Italy.
  39. This quality of personal power transforms ordinary human consciousness into a force that radiates elegance and grace.
  40. Her tiny little shack transforms itself into a monstrous hunters’ gallery of monsters: The Hunter’s Hall of Fame.
  41. She was trying to protect Maureen, because Maureen transforms into the same beast as Anthony, and Layla knows about it.
  42. Hope transforms you into a juggernaut, enabling you to endure times of testing and trial with extreme focus and fortitude.
  43. Darryl's got some interesting transforms that show logic circuits can simulate the properties of fourth order condensates.
  44. While relatively trivial to implement, these transforms have a huge impact on the interpretation and use of the indicators.
  45. Power selects and attracts the worst elements of society, transforms them, improves and softens them, and returns them to society.
  46. Our natural burials transforms the frail and fallen flesh of our loved ones into the blossoms of flowers and the fruit of trees.
  47. Therefore, when participating of the XUSING Project, any organization saves 80% of its collected resource and it transforms the 20%.
  48. It is true while he is playing at her dictation she transforms him wholly, and I suppose she does not care what he is like in between.
  49. It is a gift to self because it takes the inward looking ego and transforms it into an outward looking heart which sees all as gift.
  50. Standing on all fours, his body transforms, without any sense of logic, into that of a huge wolf with razor sharp claws and long fangs.
  51. A star is born because it creates a fusion of equal atoms (thermonuclear reaction) and thus transforms a black cloud into a bright star.
  52. After the celebration she quickly boots her guests out and her house transforms itself into a torture lair or an elaborate surgical room.
  53. Faced with the drudgery of engineering labs, Maxwell's Equation, and Laplace Transforms, I needed that fictional escape more than ever!.
  54. Stepping towards insight, but away from enlightenment, the retreater's mountain top Eureka! moment transforms into Nurses Without Nations.
  55. When a country's news transforms from information into fear mongering, an open-minded curiosity is malformed into a xenophobic bigotry.
  56. If you weren’t used to the sight Discover the secrets they hold inside Normal transforms in this strange life Discover the possibilities.
  57. With that, it makes possible that new systematics acts and transforms billion in trillion because the consequences are beneficial and immediate.
  58. And by thinking with hatred, what I am thinking is a truth that is interlaced with a lie, because hatred immediately transforms truth into a lie.
  59. Light seems to be able to travel unchanged indefinitely in Space; and the instant it encounters anything in its path, it slows down and transforms itself.
  60. Most fundamentalists believe, therefore, the Bible’s teaching that progress in our world must come on an individual basis as Christ transforms each heart.
  61. Without indicator transforms to enhance interpretation, which we cover in Chapter 15, there is no overwhelming reason to select one indicator over another.
  62. He will seem to you affable at first sight but as your mere acquaintance transforms into friendship with him only then you are able to recognize his astuteness.
  63. This transforms our relationship with Karma from a passive feeling of fatality to a constructive and grateful attitude for every experience received, good or bad.
  64. More recently, some thinkers have applied the tools of digital signal processing to market data, so we have a new vocabulary that includes cycles, transforms, and waves.
  65. Jayne joins the fight against the Fae and transforms the Gardai into the New Guardians, a ruthless army of ex-policemen who eat Unseelie, battle Fae, and protect humans.
  66. It transforms one conversation partner into an additive function, a force linking two previous conversational terms so that they become one larger, more significant term.
  67. The sound swells, becomes more complex and, as the non-Gottesmen drop out, transforms gradually into a peaceful, lyrical hymn casting a blessing over the assembled throng.
  68. Solar thermal energy: This method transforms the sun’s energy into heat, which may be used for a number of different purposes, such as interior space heating or water heating.
  69. I pray that you will no longer be bound by the habits of your lower nature, but that as God transforms your life, you will form the Godly habits of the higher nature of His Spirit.
  70. We generally assume that anger arises when we encounter a disagreeable person, but actually it is the anger already within us that transforms the person we meet into our imagined foe.
  71. The psyche with its intrapsychic actions expressed in perversion in an invisible form transforms into a place of doing actions without hiding as the moral barrier is gone by bad faith.
  72. I have always hated the emptiness that winter brings, the blank landscape and the stark difference between sky and ground, the way it transforms trees into skeletons and the city into a wasteland.
  73. The new systematics identifies and it transforms this principal task in a standard unit that is named of “Processual Module”, here is the appearance of the “unique task” for each Area of Activity.
  74. Also, it measures and it valorizes all its goods, products and services and it transforms the result of this valorization in Virtual Coins with credit of equal value in the Current Account Personal.
  75. It wastes already incurred investments and it gives margin for fraudulent deviations with political and illicit actions; besides causing economic recession that transforms in scrap iron immense productive parks.
  76. Even as her universe is assimilated and everything around her vanishes and transforms itself into an elegant ballet of logic and perfection, she understands your purpose and the terror makes her finally understand.
  77. In technical circles the term FFT (fast Fourier transform) is nearly synonymous with frequency measurement, and therefore the expectation is that Fourier transforms would be the technique of choice to measure market cycles.
  78. The new systematics measures and it transforms its potentiality in effective wealth so that the African continent becomes the barn of the world so much cultural as economically, without excluding any of its citizens of this benefit.
  79. Therefore, the new systematics transforms each department in an organization as Area of Activity to only execute its activity in the form of unique task in a coordination process and integration with the other Areas of Activities.
  80. It is holy love, which wins the heart, spiritualizes the conscience, and transforms the character; and the doctrine here defended unveils that LOVE OF GOD—which is, the transforming Power,—like the bright shining of the morning Sun.
  81. These circular patterns are endured by all of us over a style that rhymes with the fashion of our personal lives that matures and transforms all of us over different `vibes` that have to `pulsate` along with our lives that consequently change and alter us.
  82. New research has identified that the caterpillar’s brain dissolves when it transforms into a butterfly, but the transformed butterfly retains the laboratory-conditioned behaviours of the caterpillar in terms of being aversive to the memory of a particular scent.
  83. Once the norm of a brutalized human existence consists of being beaten as a child, or being sexually abused: then the culture transforms it into a tradition, a ritual… a custom of the adolescent girl’s clitoris being cut off, or the infant boy’s foreskin being cut off.
  84. I Persecutor is created on one hand by the I Person that splits off from that part of itself that is the cause of hatred and it transforms itself into an implacable judge towards the same I Person: you have repressed hatred within you, thus you are guilty, thus I have to punish you.
  85. This product is then treated electrically, or rather certain proportions of refined electric vibrations are incorporated with it, and the result is then pumped to the five principal air centers of the planet where, as it is released, contact with the ether of space transforms it into atmosphere.
  86. Besides, the current system decimates the planet, it abandons most of the people, it conduces other people to make illicit acts to survive, it generates a garbage trash and it transforms our Earth in enormous garbage can, if we don’t stop with the consumerism, we will pollute until the sidereal space.
  87. When the commonplace "We must all die" transforms itself suddenly into the acute consciousness "I must die—and soon," then death grapples us, and his fingers are cruel; afterwards, he may come to fold us in his arms as our mother did, and our last moment of dim earthly discerning may be like the first.
  88. But nothing arrests nor interrupts the tension of all these energies toward the goal, and the vast, simultaneous activity, which goes and comes, mounts, descends, and mounts again in these obscurities, and which immense unknown swarming slowly transforms the top and the bottom and the inside and the outside.
  89. Thus, the flaks pair “electron-positron” retransforms (is as though annihilated, “destroyed”) into its previous frequency range with the formation of the flaks-type “analog of photon”, which turns again into the electron-positron pair that transforms (manifests in frequency) in our range, and so on.
  90. If “the Observer moves” toward “the borderline zones”, some of potential Cosmic Qualities, first, will start to manifest in the form of new recessive dynamics, and then, with a greater degree of the Synthesis with characteristic Qualities, their recessiveness duvuyllerrtly transforms into a dominant activity.
  91. Whereas Charles Dickens once wrote to a friend that the character he most enjoyed portraying was the rogue who transforms himself in a blink of an eye and thereby instantly earns his eternal reward, it is not the nature of a distressed investment to realize its goals in the blink of an eye or even in the turn of a quarter or two.
  92. If this standard already influences some, the most impressionable, and impels each in his own sphere to abandon advantages based on the use of force, then its influence will extend further and further till it transforms the whole order of men's actions and puts it into accord with the Christian ideal which is already a living force in the vanguard of humanity.
  93. It turns out that everything which has been done by the men who comprehended Christ's teaching in a direct manner and lived in conformity with such a comprehension, everything which all true Christians, all Christian champions, have done, everything which now transforms the world under the guise of socialism and communism,—is exaggeration, of which it is not worth while to speak.
  94. But as soon as it, for some possible (for it) eglleroliftive reasons, “shifts” the frequency of the dynamics of its FDR within its typical range, its VVU-Configuration instantaneously transforms (for the perception of “an outside observer”) as a result of such projection, and there is an immediate change of the whole situation, particular circumstances of its existence, which results in a change (for it) not only of its energy-information environment but also of its “external appearance”.
  95. I mean exactly this VVU-Information, when I say that, when each of these Formo-images achieves certain high-qualitative states (also through the subjective dynamics of our structures of Self-Consciousness: for example, according to some animators, movie-makers and storytellers, Ivan-the-Fool transforms from a simpleton and mentally defective rural bogey and gradually becomes a sort of homebred sage and philosopher), it can really become involved in the full-fledged and infinitely fascinating dynamics of FLUU-LUU-complexes, however, not as energy-information Formo-clichés strictly limited by a very narrow realizational range, but as more self-conscious and developed FLUU-VVU-Forms.
  96. But first it is necessary to understand the main thing: that “quantum” state of Formo-Matter, which you unambiguously define as “one” electromagnetic Field, in case of a change of some of its parameters (for the time being, the frequency of wave oscillations is considered the main parameter), constantly and sequentially transforms into “Fields” of other types typical of the creative dynamics of transitional states of the Tertiary Energy-Plasma (in borderline resopasons) with a duvuyllerrt reprojection (change of the quality of creative realizations) of Universal Focuses of Self-Consciousness from the Forms characteristic of the Realities of irkkulligren types into the Forms of the Realities of flakglaass (4-5-dimensional) or doollttrok (2-3-dimensional) space-time Continuums.
  97. Through the Creative Activity of the Formo-Creators of our Self-Consciousness on the Levels of a high-qualitative resopason, we as if “attract” the dynamics of our FCA to the NUU-VVU-Configurations that are already initially structured by this flaks VVU-Information (together with the FLAKS-Idea ciphered in it), “unpack-unfold” it in the high-frequency part of our information space, after which it is immediately karmo-quantized by our best Conceptions (already existing SFUURMM-Forms about architecture) of the future house and transforms in our Imagination into a particular image, which then is put on paper (that is, primitively “materialized”) in the form of a schematic picture or a detailed drawing of the house, which, perhaps, one day will be manifested in “future” stages of our rotation Cycle.
  98. Everything fell out as he wished; Lothario awoke, and the two at once left the house, and Anselmo asked what he was anxious to know, and Lothario in answer told him that he had not thought it advisable to declare himself entirely the first time, and therefore had only extolled the charms of Camilla, telling her that all the city spoke of nothing else but her beauty and wit, for this seemed to him an excellent way of beginning to gain her good-will and render her disposed to listen to him with pleasure the next time, thus availing himself of the device the devil has recourse to when he would deceive one who is on the watch; for he being the angel of darkness transforms himself into an angel of light, and, under cover of a fair seeming, discloses himself at length, and effects his purpose if at the beginning his wiles are not discovered.

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