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Transport dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I can transport you both.
  2. It will help transport the.
  3. You transport bodies in them.
  4. Public transport was the answer.
  5. Everyone in the transport knew.

  6. I wonder if it’ll transport us.
  7. It’s got to be their transport.
  8. Yakovs jeep would transport the.
  9. I’ll get your transport ready.
  10. Sure hope he has his own transport.
  11. The Transport Chief remained nervous.
  12. On the window of a transport agency.
  13. A transport truck was coming my way.
  14. The only form of transport we’ve.
  15. They said that a transport is coming.

  16. I bet it could transport small homes.
  17. They transport me to familiar places.
  18. I have to show you to the transport.
  19. Another method of active transport is.
  20. The Tempest could transport them down.
  21. The same they use for organ transport.
  22. They had been damaged during transport.
  23. Smaller groups are easier to transport.
  24. She hoped the homily would transport her.
  25. You can transport back and forth like me.

  26. We would have arranged transport for you.
  27. Pods are the best mode of transport that.
  28. He was in a transport, trembling, panting.
  29. Have you got transport sorted out yet?’.
  30. Examples: Island Oil and Transport 8% Notes.
  31. The Transport Officer continued berating me.
  32. I got an American Transport lorry over here.
  33. It'll save us a load o' money on transport.
  34. This wheel could transport the king across.
  35. If they could get into the transport there.
  36. They reappeared around the second transport.
  37. She conceived of a novel means of transport.
  38. Is the Away Team ready for transport?
  39. Such a change would transport warm water to.
  40. It was interfering with my mode of transport.
  41. A great transport truck rumbled into hearing.
  42. You don’t transport people in body bags.
  43. The Department of Transport knew there was a.
  44. Another POW transport was lost over the ocean.
  45. I can transport You out of here in an instant.
  46. We open the Gate and transport everyone to.
  47. For this you need a box to transport it in, a.
  48. And there my muse with heav'nly transport glow:.
  49. Hides stacked flat so transport wasn't a prob-.
  50. Contact Gowr, have him help with the transport.
  51. Shut up and drive, I have a transport to catch.
  52. The transport slowed and reversed before stopping.
  53. A transport had stalled and crashed into a tower.
  54. Liam wasn't sure even he could transport himself.
  55. Spock, Stu, Pon and Kim waited for their transport.
  56. It cost him speed but kept his transport together.
  57. The both sat in the cockpit of the Transport Ship.
  58. In fact horse powered transport was the taxi and.
  59. Donkeys were the main form of transport here once.
  60. She was thrown into a transport by the tidings Mr.
  61. It took her an hour but the public transport had.
  62. When will the Department for Transport learn?
  63. They were the largest transport machines available.
  64. Fuel consumption by road transport increased by 91%.
  65. Transport is an adventure anxious to reach destiny.
  66. You’re expected to be on a military transport.
  67. We use it to transport machines within the city.
  68. Also, the murder of his transport officer was the.
  69. This was a transport with which they were entirely.
  70. Out of Canadian forces transport command a year ago.
  71. The other four transport pilots then toasted to that.
  72. Anybody without private (boat) transport was trapped.
  73. So what about ground transport then? Podge said.
  74. The people who live there still have transport rights.
  75. Winter transport results in the death of some of the.
  76. Hold on to these: they will transport you to safety.
  77. She said, This transport business can’t be legal.
  78. They have a moving company transport the bulkier items.
  79. She hated public transport now that the buggers in the.
  80. It can be applied in both transport and tunnel modes:.
  81. It robs the body of its ability to transport oxygen.
  82. This aids in the transport of fatty acids to be burned.
  83. Are those transport vehicles behind with you, sir?
  84. Sometimes they raid to transport the kids to orphanages.
  85. The same way I intend to transport your men to safety.
  86. Our future transport, I said with stars in my eyes.
  87. Transport can be long, arduous; without food, water, or.
  88. Don't transport detonators with other type of explosives.
  89. Shenandoah, and to send over boats to transport the new.
  90. Betty was actually applying to become a transport pilot.
  91. Could a single kiss transport you from one level to the.
  92. Stepping into the Helios Transport he flicked the switch.
  93. A passing road transport, brought him back to the present.
  94. It is mutiny—seizing the transport of one’s own army.
  95. It had taken the shuttles ten days just to transport the.
  96. Few transport vehicles were in motion at this hour, many.
  97. The Scorpion quickly landed next to the transport and the.
  98. Sodium allows the body to transport water more efficiently.
  99. All of the McCoy pieces were captured during transport.
  100. There was some solid fuel use in rail transport until 1990.
  1. I dream of transporting the things that I love to a.
  2. I followed the car transporting Alistair to Alexandria.
  3. They will be transporting their stone through your earldom.
  4. It’s vital in transporting nutrients throughout the body.
  5. The other tricky thing about ski-boots is transporting them, if.
  6. It’s transporting, he said, as she was untying the payals.
  7. I am safely aboard the ship transporting the cargo interesting us.
  8. It was an inconspicuous and skilful way of transporting drugs, or.
  9. I think we"ve located the truck that"s been transporting the device.
  10. It's Brazilian and I'm transporting it for a Brazilian, indirectly.
  11. Transporting us to an alternative string-dimension in time and space.
  12. That rules out transporting, Garcia said, and appraised her dress.
  13. He was transporting some jewellery to a Copenhagen auction, or something.
  14. The mood aboard the buses transporting the passengers and crew of Pan Am.
  15. While transporting the casting in a TRUCK, extra care is taken to see that.
  16. The wheels on the pavement were smooth, and they were transporting him home.
  17. He thinks that maybe landing on the sun is some kind of transporting method.
  18. The problem was transporting it long distances without the food thawing out.
  19. A women's group is transporting ammunition boxes to the rear of the hospital.
  20. The pilot of the AC-10 transporting Vice-President Warren answered her at once.
  21. There was also the logistical problem of transporting 1160 people in one shuttle.
  22. He didn’t want the sweat soaked jockstrap that LD was transporting in a gym bag.
  23. Who else would take a job at a hotel transporting the massive potted palms on the.
  24. We don’t travel through them because they are unstable for transporting in galaxies.
  25. We’ve gone through hell and high water transporting these war machines to this place.
  26. If Ritter is with her, he’s guilty of transporting a minor across international lines.
  27. Here, Professor Aronnax, are the different dimensions of this boat now transporting you.
  28. They both knew of the huge costs of transporting anything to England, it was just not worth it.
  29. He set his briefcase on a tabletop, removed the flask he was transporting, and read his e-mail.
  30. The 3,500-ton freighter had an interesting history of transporting items to and from North Korea.
  31. It would be standing room only on the Enterprise and Sutherland, but as Tammas was transporting.
  32. Hill also helped start Japan’s railroad boom around 1900 by transporting Pittsburgh rails for $1.
  33. One car was specifically set aside for the judge to live in, and another for transporting prisoners.
  34. Bother, next time he’d have to remember to be fully dressed before attempting transporting himself.
  35. What I want to know, Mister Hughes, is why someone would be transporting isotome in the first place.
  36. Commodities such as oil and gas would be useless if there was no way of transporting them to consumers.
  37. They were transporting me somewhere other than my destination and using mind powers to make me ignorant.
  38. Used to transporting drunks and minor crims they used the same tactics on Mark who appeared to be docile.
  39. Two days later, Melvin was joined in his cell by a man arrested for transporting drugs across state lines.
  40. If even one exploded, he would end up losing the ship transporting it, along with the two other munitions.
  41. A camel is used for transporting and traveling and it kneels down staying at the place where its owner rests.
  42. In the AC-10 transporting Vice-President Warren, Major Jane Straughan was immediately confronted with a dilemma.
  43. They borrowed Merthin’s raft, which had a raised deck and a built-in hoist for transporting building materials.
  44. The 3,500-ton freighter had an interesting history of transporting items to and from North Korea.
  45. We left them behind as the train picked up speed transporting us back to the horror of the trenches and the war.
  46. I asked why and they said that the weather was treacherous and far too dangerous for transporting men and horses.
  47. After transporting himself to the home mat he removed the bag from his mouth and presented the contents to Ishbel.
  48. Jeanne looked around her with curiosity as the cart transporting her entered a stone fortress through a guarded gate.
  49. Three armed guards were transporting a truckload of C-4 between the manufacturer and a weapons depot at an Army base.
  50. For what is there to prevent our vessels from transporting the products of the United States to Amelia, Pensacola, St.
  51. Unfortunately, there are pipes transporting water right now that were put into the ground during the nineteenth century.
  52. The renegade dragons had sucked all the water away, transporting it to where the Tuthan had dug out deep pools for them.
  53. Huge profits, sufficient to fill the financial gaps left by Congress, can be earned for the cause by transporting cocaine.
  54. In fact, transporting commodities to consumers is probably as important as finding and processing them in the first place.
  55. Transporting them to the future or the past was out of the question: they couldn’t be allowed to learn about time travel.
  56. Having food activates the blood circulation so as to help in digesting it and transporting the aliments to all parts in the body.
  57. The road conditions were terrible and overcrowded, as military vehicles were transporting troops and goods to the Russian border.
  58. His professional work was interrupted by time in jail and volunteer work transporting injured during Boer war and Zulu rebellion.
  59. All afternoon trolleys rattled down the bluff on the steep Poughkeepsie side of the Hudson, transporting fans to the waterside.
  60. THE PRIORY HAD a string of ponies for the senior monks and nuns to use when travelling, plus some carthorses for transporting goods.
  61. To be found transporting many times that could lead to serious laundering charges, tax evasion and possible exposure of its source.
  62. A considerable quantity, too, must be annually lost in transporting those metals from one place to another both by sea and by land.
  63. Only in terms of 7mm TCR ammunition, this ship is actually transporting over forty billion rounds that will be handed to our forces.
  64. It supports local farmers, people get fresh fruits and vegetables to eat and save expense of transporting food from far away places.
  65. Very few vehicles were seen, but there were many horses pulling wagons, cyclists and tricycles transporting crates full of vegetables.
  66. The stones contain the Book’s magic and immobilize it completely, preventing it from being able to possess the person transporting it.
  67. The roof panels of the three vehicles transporting the hunting party have opened and the three princes can be clearly seen as they emerge.
  68. Why would they go to the bother of transporting me out here? Why would they keep me alive with food and water? I was worth something to them.
  69. Colling asked Gambelli to inform Sergeant Ferguson that sick call was over, and he was transporting a sick man to the regimental aid station.
  70. And saved other nations the cost and bother of growing, harvesting, transporting, and processing, and packing, and selling food for their masses.
  71. The conservation interest groups advocated restricting the single-hulled liquid chemical barges from transporting cargo on the Upper Mississippi.
  72. Bellona pauses for a few seconds, and then continues, ‘Yes, we do have that same Andromedian body transporting problem in one other nearby galaxy.
  73. The usual method of transporting your mattress on your own is either to secure it on the top of your car or to load it onto a rented moving truck.
  74. All he needed do was apologize for losing his temper and sound natural when he spoke about collecting and transporting the cocaine the following day.
  75. Ask for a cheaper hearse, it needs not be a 50 foot limousine! You even have the option of transporting the body to the cemetery yourself if you so choose.
  76. During the days of their operation, a little more than two hundred and fifty years ago, the mains were used for transporting products from the outlying farms.
  77. While owned by a Japanese shipping company, that tanker was nowhere near the conflict zone and was transporting Saudi crude oil bought by an American company.
  78. Dr Javid suggested taking up an offer from the Royal Air Force as they were used to transporting wounded soldiers from Afghanistan, but General Kayani refused.
  79. One strand of dark hair plastered to your cheek by water from the fountain, the blue veins showing on the underside of your wrist, a signal map, transporting code.
  80. The statement those that sinkingly pull refers to the sun rays which flow transporting its heat to the oceans which are huge reservoirs that God filled with water.
  81. Those played an important part in the country’s development transporting coffee and other products to market and to the coastal ports on the Caribbean and the Pacific.
  82. The little ant was striving not to lose the balance as was transporting on its shoulder a tiny green leaflet which was seen as if it was dressing a thick tuft for a hat.
  83. The summer breezes filtered through the moisture exhaled by the leaves of the giant trees absorbing this liquid coolness before transporting it around to cool the hammock.
  84. Now that Snapdragon had reported them, he’d seen to it that every man aboard every ship under his command knew that he hoped their targets were transporting those prisoners.
  85. So she was sent here -- locked in a cage suitable for transporting a wild animal -- with a short note from Bishop Higbold ordering me to teach her how to become a proper Nun.
  86. She left it to Sal to come up with a new and safer method for transporting the cash to Costa Rica, and the other problems, legal and domestic, regarding the mule and his family.
  87. It had taken nearly all night for the G15 destroyer to make five trips, transporting the five hundred guards from the prison to a distance of five miles from the Newusa city dome.
  88. Leo and I are providing assistance, mainly with logistics, moving resources where they are needed and transporting valued experts into areas that need someone’s special guidance.
  89. Brigadier General Walker just advised me that the plane transporting Major Mike Crawford and other officers recalled to the United States crashed in the North Atlantic yesterday.
  90. Since the Israelis had not bothered to save even a few rockets for the Heraklion, that probably meant that they intended to board and capture it soon to see what it was transporting.
  91. And saved other Nations the cost and bother of growing grain, harvesting it, transporting, it, and crushing it, storing it, baking it and packing, and selling it to their masses also.
  92. Particularly with one of their men arrested and the cops undoubtedly watching anyone even remotely associated, safer methods of transporting both the cocaine and the cash had to be found.
  93. Suddenly I felt a transporting spell at the edges of the lawn –where the protection hex I set around the house ended– and strode over to the window to see whom the spell-casters were.
  94. This would save a lot of money in transporting raw materials to cities or foreign countries and transporting finished goods back to the villagers at great cost and environmental degradation.
  95. Tesar was very fond of WWII era airplanes and would have them replicated in every detail at the Station before transporting them into our dimension, where he joyfully and skillfully flew them.
  96. Farah ‘B’ looked around the scooter hall with intense curiosity once the time scooter transporting her, Jack Crawford and Jean Bigras had landed on the polished stone floor of the big room.
  97. He arrived in Brisbane with a convoy originally destined for the Philippines and transporting reinforcements and equipment, including a number of disassembled P-40 fighters and A-24 dive bombers.
  98. Near it was another, sturdier, bridge built low to the water, carrying an enormous conveyor belt, which appeared to be transporting piles of rock and gravel from one side of the river to the other.
  99. Of course, as part of a world financial system, electronic mechanisms are available for storing and transporting traditional currencies in digital form, improving the portability of those currencies as well.
  100. Build up a stock of preserved food, make water bottles and larger containers too if you envisage crossing waterless territory, litters or other means of transporting any remaining sick, the old or very young.
  1. He is to be transported.
  2. The body can be transported.
  3. Thus, he was transported here.
  4. They could be transported out.
  5. It also transported him with joy.
  6. With no clue how it transported.
  7. My father is transported with joy.
  8. I was immediately transported to.
  9. Wade were transported back to the.
  10. All, all, all of it was transported.
  11. I felt transported to another world.
  12. He could similarly be transported up.
  13. They transported the products to long.
  14. They were transported in different cars.
  15. The Dedov fleet had transported 60,000.
  16. They’re being transported by other means.
  17. Of course they have transported a lot of.
  18. I've transported him to Earth's far future.
  19. It would then be transported to the palace.
  20. Ill be transported directly to the centre.
  21. His remains were transported off the field.
  22. I have learned from the women we transported.
  23. Each time Sharon was transported by ambulance.
  24. He and his family will have to be transported.
  25. Finally I was transported by it and lost in it.
  26. I was transported back to 1987, I was sixteen.
  27. He transported all the Chosen to various ships.
  28. Someone, somehow, transported the cash out there.
  29. How would you wish to have them transported?
  30. Poultry is usually transported in the East alive.
  31. The Creatures (which could have been transported.
  32. He transported the animals on the island to safety.
  33. We entered and were rapidly transported through a.
  35. Heather was transported back to the night of the.
  36. Once the prisoners had been transported to their.
  37. The station logs show that someone transported.
  38. And on them, and on the ships, you are transported.
  39. She was alive when the paramedics transported her.
  40. I’ll have it transported right down, he said.
  41. Minotaur had them already when I was transported out.
  42. Utnapishtim and his wife are transported and settled.
  43. The remaining one-third is transported via pipelines.
  44. They were led away and transported back to the Pa Nun.
  45. When they woke they were comfortably transported down.
  46. They are suddenly transported to a lower astral plane.
  47. As he kissed him, he transported the two of them back.
  48. A Mastiff may have been transported on the Mayflower;.
  49. Given sedatives she was transported back to Vancouver.
  50. Fish? I was astonished fish could be transported.
  51. The next day, the device was transported to Montreal.
  52. Meanwhile Marya Timofyevna was absolutely transported.
  53. They transported in and began to assess the situation.
  54. Seeds may be occasionally transported in another manner.
  55. Inside, Jodie would be transported back to the library.
  56. Its ancestors were transported to Hungary by the Magyars.
  57. The number of transported slaves was less, but this had.
  58. The Devil had transported himself to ‘The Mausoleum’.
  59. Heat energy is transported in the Sun by conduction and.
  60. Teen girls, even in the United States can be transported.
  61. The journeys continued, and during one I was transported.
  62. God and transported somewhere to his final resting place.
  63. Why is it that cargo is transported by ship while a.
  64. They had been handcuffed and transported in separate cars.
  65. Time passed like an invisible wave that transported those.
  66. In 1904, Benga and other Africans were transported to the.
  67. The surface tube car quickly transported Michael to his home.
  68. Is this your first time being transported by a tree?
  69. A boat was lowered and Captain Hawes was transported to the.
  70. However, both the files have to be transported as a package.
  71. This dog was transported to England in the early 20th century.
  72. I was worried that she transported Alan to meet the intruder.
  73. In vasodilation more oxygen is transported to all body parts.
  74. He was instantly transported back in time to his school days.
  75. You will be transported from here and taken to a detention.
  76. Once stranded in Bil ings with car trouble, they transported.
  77. Roman sat on the couch, transported through paper and ink to.
  78. Shukra was transported (both mentally and corporeally) to the.
  79. The transported youth devoured everything with his eyes, and.
  80. The documents were then transported by helicopter to Hangar B.
  81. He went right into work mode and transported over to recovery.
  82. The smell of wet ground came to us transported in a warm breeze.
  83. The next morning we showered and were transported back to court.
  84. Take this and hold on to it until you are transported to safety.
  85. Once, I asked them to explain some of the goods they transported.
  86. Each member of her Away team was also transported, site to 225.
  87. It was almost as if you had been suddenly transported into a.
  88. You’ll be transported to a path that’ll lead you to a giant.
  89. Will it be transported back to Earth for us to find here?
  90. They’re all dead in the hangars to which they were transported.
  91. The cations are transported towards the cathode in the same manner.
  92. You and your crew will be transported to the planet’s surface.
  93. This time he felt as though he had transported back into the room.
  94. Tamlyn had been transported so far from his earlier feelings that.
  95. Tuer stepped up to take Kitara’s place after she transported out.
  96. Dick, please have the two bodies transported to the city morgue.
  97. The Zoo keepers were transported with the Animals and immediately.
  98. You’re being transported to an enlistment briefing, he said.
  99. On this occasion, the entire intake had been transported in trucks.
  100. She was transported off the Bridge and directly to the planet below.
  1. To the sweet transports of genial bed.
  2. As soon as she transports over, give.
  3. Behind them were four mammoth transports.
  4. And the transports swarming with soldiers.
  5. I hope that’s not what I think it transports.
  6. It is He who transports you across land and sea.
  7. The transports were still in harbour fortunately.
  8. Helios transports and people surrounded his house.
  9. Sydney has a pipe that transports sewage way out.
  10. It transports me into a state which is not my own.
  11. LIMO transports and tents, the figure of Jo rose into the.
  12. Troop transports rolled out the opening to the road beyond.
  13. He could have, should have, stayed flying transports in MAC.
  14. At nine thirty the transports were waiting for them, piloted.
  15. A Daybreak Transports bus from the Sante Fe stop would carry.
  16. Then she fell back exhausted, for these transports of vague love.
  17. She wants a man who transports her to a world she’s never known.
  18. Wreckage of troop transports littered the space around the planet.
  19. Ardours, Transports, Ecstasies and the rest of those pathetic terms so.
  20. It transports the animal that secretes it without the animal sticking to it.
  21. P A F ships attacked the landing sites even as the transports were unloading.
  22. He was in constant walkie-talkie contact with the two other troop transports.
  23. Two of the troop transports collided seconds after dropping out of hyperspace.
  24. Their Shields then fail, and Sir Silaran transports that trio elsewhere as well.
  25. This attack causes no damage but instantly transports the target to another place.
  26. The genetic mutations of just twelve transports is enough to put a man in the grave.
  27. There should be plenty of space aboard those twelve transports for all of our wounded.
  28. These are transports; fighter; light; medium and heavy bombardment and reconnaissance.
  29. Unfortunately, the Alliance does not have enough transports or enough homes for everyone.
  30. The anions wander towards the anode and pass an ion-selective membrane which transports the.
  31. Has anybody mentioned that we can call a remote module that transports us back to the ship?
  32. While the port was as busy as ever, it was no longer the civilian transports that went to and fro.
  33. The command jeep actually rolled up last inside one of the transports, to Ingrid’s satisfaction.
  34. Shortly after she had signed with Everette, Hurd started raiding their crystal transports on the Pike.
  35. Then she fell back exhausted, for these transports of vague love wearied her more than great debauchery.
  36. He was then on the bridge of the first of Barrios's transports, and within an hour's steaming from Sulaco.
  37. And the accident that grafted Jay’s space suit to his skin still occurs one out of a thousand transports.
  38. The songs of the fishwomen, in which Napoleon was called Nicolas, were received there with transports of joy.
  39. And the USAF is building up to twenty wings and 50-some squadrons of fighters and recce and transports here.
  40. And for what? So he could blow up some alien transports out of irrational hate? What a stupid, stupid waste!.
  41. The third group, unattended by armed spacecraft, included thirty troop transports with two Class Ten cargo ships.
  42. The two mice sniffed irritably round the fragments of their glass transports where they lay shattered on the floor.
  43. Greg doubted that these transports were themselves unarmed, but he was surprised that there was no escort for them.
  44. Garcia brought 2000 insurgents, his Negro regiments of Cambote and Barracoa, from Assedero, in government transports.
  45. Those two transports would be nothing but fat, juicy targets for Soviet pilots if they stayed on the ground too long.
  46. Troops at the extreme end of the pier were afterwards assigned to transports moored at the shore end, and vice versa.
  47. Denied assistance, Kesselring brought to readiness his troops and concentrated a mixed number of air and sea transports.
  48. And music transports me immediately into the condition of soul in which he who wrote the music found himself at that time.
  49. She also saw twelve F-82G TWIN MUSTANG night fighters and two C-47 transports sitting in dispersed parking spots at Suwon.
  50. They have two old battleships, four cruisers, six destroyers, two carrier ships and an unknown number of troop transports.
  51. In July the German forces had not gathered any transports and only had the capacity to lift less than one infantry division.
  52. In the distance lay our fleet of transports, with the thoats of the green warriors, where they had remained during the battle.
  53. The leading transports were headed off far down the bay at this time, and only recalled after a long chase by the Helena.
  54. The troop transports were armed with relatively light firepower, designed mostly for defense against smaller ships such as fighters.
  55. The general belonged to that class of liars, who, in spite of their transports of lying, invariably suspect that they are not believed.
  56. She has requested that your pilots and flight crews be on the flight line when the transports land for immediate transfer to their ships.
  57. Dreams were particularly sweet and vivid after a spell of dissipation; they came with remorse and with tears, with curses and transports.
  58. It must’ve been in the river and gotten caught up in the irrigation mechanism that transports water to the top of the Hanging Gardens.
  59. Nancy had read before about such transports being sunk, but it did nothing to help her as she heard small, desperate voices crying for help.
  60. The carrier-borne planes decimated enemy aerial and naval resistance, allowing the transports to take the fighting men to operational areas.
  61. The example of the guider here is as that of a boat which carries those who want to travel and transports them from the shore to the large ship.
  62. At the present exposure rate, our least protected ships, our troop transports, will receive lethal radiation exposures in less than nine ergos.
  63. Geiger could also see a number of bulldozers, graders and front-end loaders/backhoes that had come with the transports and were already at work.
  64. As no transports could arrive, the men dispersed about the abandoned and deserted villages, searching for potatoes, but found few even of these.
  65. Once the Marines had inspected the transports for weapons, the captives were allowed to return to retrieve personal effects, bedding and clothes.
  66. On the evening of 11thNovember, several U-Boats slipped among the transports and sank four that were still loaded with over 90% of their supplies.
  67. He had been riding in rusty, broken-down transports for the past three years and never expected to ever ride in something that looked remotely new.
  68. A value of 2 transports us to the procedure for entering a change to the first name and we won’t leave it unless we have entered valid characters.
  69. He saw the transports of the two capitals and of the whole nation, and experienced in his person to what extent Russia knew how to reward real deserts.
  70. Hundreds of torches were lit, while the crowd of nobles, courtiers, captains, citizens, and slaves, went mad with transports of joy, excitement, and rum.
  71. This business has long been practised, and so the specialists in arranging such transports have reached a high degree of virtuosity in these arrangements.
  72. Unfortunately, the news are not good, as that armada is proving to be a bombardment force, rather than simply a resupply force of destroyers and transports.
  73. Those elements will consist in a flight of YF-83A fighters, four KC-200 air tankers, two C-10 combat search and rescue transports and our air ambulance jet.
  74. Combined with massive Stuka attacks, they were planned to neutralise British coastal defences and prevent the Royal Navy from attacking German troop transports.
  75. They encountered litters with wounded men, then more regimental transports with gabions; they met a regiment on Korabelnaya street; men on horseback passed them.
  76. She was a mile and a half to windward and perhaps that far northwest of the transports, perfectly positioned to run down to them with the wind in case of emergency.
  77. The country’s transmission system that transports the energy harnessed from wind to urban areas is in need of a major upgrade along with the associated power grid.
  78. And there began transports, receptions, and festivities, which were fanned by such men as Aksákov and Katkóv, who are mentioned now in Paris as models of patriotism.
  79. As soon as they were loaded up with their precious human cargo, the transports then rolled back to the landing strip and took off, taking less than 600 meters to do so.
  80. He had received the message from Cayta reporting the transports with Barrios's army just entering the port, and ending with the words, 'The greatest enthusiasm prevails.
  81. Not only control, but own all the air below that altitude to include close air support, transports for aerial resupply--be it by landing or by parachute, and reconnaissance.
  82. At the base hospital there, with the navy and fleet of transports in the offing, there was a lack of everything, and men were virtually dying for the want of nourishing food.
  83. Xin and the Odyssey re-materialized side-by-side at the back of the column of ships, and just behind one of the troop transports that had been bringing up the rear of the fleet.
  84. I abandoned myself over to all its transports, and gave it the full possession of my whole body and soul; for now all thought was at an end with me; I lived in what I felt only.
  85. There was already some furious activity there, with the women landed by the transports working quickly to prepare their bivouac area and to stockpile their materiel and supplies.
  86. He knew that the Marines would have to drop their cargo containers and troop transports into the water, and he depended on the home-sharks to reduce the force that got to the land.
  87. Was there nothing more? No Black Mass, no kissing the Devil’s Bum, no wild hoidening thro’ the Woods in search of carnal Ecstacy and Transports of the Flesh? I was astonish’d.
  88. Why was he so agitated? Why had he flown into such transports of delight without any apparent reason? He had far outshot the measure of joy and emotion consistent with the occasion.
  89. It would never have done to tell them he knew they were … or that he’d also known exactly where those transports had been at any given moment over the last seven and a half days.
  90. Our forage-master, Franchuk, sent me a note yesterday, from the transports, Your Excellency, saying that we should certainly be obliged to purchase oats; they say they are cheap.
  91. The two thousand five hundred transports, consisting of barges, tugs, and light craft massed in the invasion ports came under intense attacks from RAF Bomber Command and Coastal Command.
  92. There was a reason ships sailing in company—which rather described transports sailing under escort—showed lights at night; it helped them keep track of one another and maintain station.
  93. The transports, ammunition-wagons, the baggage-wagons, the wagons filled with wounded, on perceiving that the French were gaining ground and approaching the forest, rushed headlong thither.
  94. He’d already dispatched five of his original unarmored galleons back to Chisholm, escorting his withdrawing transports to protect them against privateers, as his original orders had required.
  95. Careful to focus their attacks on the enemy propulsion systems as they had been trained, they quickly eliminated two of the destroyers attempting to take position to protect the troop transports.
  96. The field personnel seemed busy refueling and servicing the C-87s that had arrived from the Philippines, while another group of transports were being loaded up at what Ingrid considered a lazy pace.
  97. Except, of course, that if Nybar manages to hold out until the ice on the river breaks, we’ll be able to send ironclads and additional troop transports all the way upriver to reinforce Makgrygair.
  98. In consequence of the rains during the night, the transports of provisions, embedded in the soft roads, had not been able to arrive by morning; the soldiers had had no sleep; they were wet and fasting.
  99. Sir, I believe that her heavy transports could finally give us a practical and fairly safe mean to get the 7th Marine Regiment to Henderson Field and to supply our First Marine Division over there as well.
  100. The transports of the masses are generally prepared artificially by those who need them, and the degree of transport expressed by the crowd shows only the degree of the art of the arrangers of these transports.

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