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Trap dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. I am no bear trap.
  2. It might be a trap.
  3. Conan is in a trap.
  4. It could be a trap.
  5. Is this a trap to.

  6. It is a trap with.
  7. This is a mind trap.
  8. A trap door in the.
  9. This could be a trap.
  10. Or some kind of trap.
  11. This is a trap that.
  12. Trap, what it is, 51.
  13. And that sets the trap.
  14. Be careful of this trap.
  15. He knows this is a trap.

  16. It was all along a trap.
  17. That is a trap to avoid.
  18. It could've been a trap.
  19. They fell into the trap.
  20. He put sugar in the trap.
  21. The trap had been sprung.
  22. Tighe had sprung his trap.
  23. Fly trap, see fly chapter.
  24. If we go, we can trap him.
  25. Then, he sets his trap up.

  26. Angle bait beneath the trap.
  27. Then I laid a trap for him.
  28. Many times, this is a trap.
  29. That was a trap, he.
  30. This place is a death trap.
  31. Don’t fall into this trap.
  32. Concocting a plan to trap.
  33. It could’ve been a trap.
  34. You know this is a trap.
  35. Don’t fall into that trap.
  36. Plus, it is a tourist trap.
  37. He closed the trap door down.
  38. The agents closed their trap.
  39. Had I been led into a trap?
  40. This trap sits on the bottom.
  41. But it was just another trap.
  42. I found the caught in a trap.
  43. We fell right into their trap.
  44. The trap is always who we are.
  45. He was caught in his own trap.
  46. Or had he set a trap for him?
  47. So this was a trap, I thought.
  48. There was even a secret trap.
  49. He knew this was a death trap.
  50. Let's not fall into that trap.
  51. A trap flung wide in the street.
  52. Poor Arthur fell into the trap.
  53. Cindy recognized this as a trap.
  54. This is a trap, the voice said.
  55. They were caught within a trap.
  56. In this case, beauty is a trap.
  57. Coming up through the trap door.
  58. Could be a trap, Avi replied.
  59. Hurd is luring you into a trap.
  60. Is this a trap? Tassie asked.
  61. I’d walked into a clever trap.
  62. The Case of the Penis Fry Trap?
  63. The old honey trap always works.
  64. In case it’s a trap, he.
  65. Don't go out there, it's a trap.
  66. Then…they found the second trap.
  67. Lil’ B pointed towards the trap.
  68. Suspecting a trap, she hesitated.
  69. Imagine a giant mouse trap; the.
  70. The trap had been masterfully set.
  72. Newbie Trap: Reluctance to recruit.
  73. Only this trap was one of ecstasy.
  74. Tennant went through a speed trap.
  75. She was caught in a frightful trap.
  76. We caught something in our trap.
  77. This was a trap if he ever saw it.
  78. She’d thought to trap them and.
  79. He gave her a little bit of a trap.
  80. They decided to set the trap there.
  81. His horses and trap were sent home.
  82. The pilot clearly suspected a trap.
  83. Mr Finch lifted the attic trap door.
  84. There's no bridegroom in that trap.
  85. He looked down to find a trap door.
  86. Don’t fall for this obvious trap.
  87. He outfoxed every trap we done him.
  88. The little mouse went into the trap.
  89. Alpatych was getting into his trap.
  90. A Master- Stroke of the Trap -Door.
  91. Check both when you reset the trap.
  92. How to Kiss Her #3: The Wolf Trap!.
  93. Initially, I thought it was a trap.
  94. And our men have walked into a trap.
  95. A trap door, they had found a trap.
  96. The prince, however, had set a trap.
  97. You knew it was a trap, I said.
  98. This had to be a trap, I told myself.
  99. Alpátych was getting into his trap.
  100. They would not be drawn into a trap.
  1. She was essentially trapping herself.
  2. I thought they were trapping rabbits.
  3. I had visions of you trapping me for revenge.
  4. He pinned her with his body, trapping her arms.
  5. The doors and windows closed, trapping us inside.
  6. Glue traps are a common method of trapping rodents and.
  7. The wall was hard on her back, trapping her against him.
  8. He has the look of someone who is trapping terror inside.
  9. The petrol was ignited trapping everyone on the property.
  10. Trapping me in the biggest traffic jam I had ever been in.
  11. These clouds reflect sunlight in addition to trapping heat.
  12. Historically, bald eagles had to endure poisoning, trapping.
  13. The more he thought about trapping the dog the more he smirked.
  14. Once I felt bad about trapping all the animals of the woods.
  15. The hills surrounding it acted like a sink, trapping the water.
  16. They have withdrawn and are trapping traders into weak positions.
  17. What happened, Jasmine? He lay across the bed, trapping her legs.
  18. In that moment, he solidified the ground, trapping the giant’s feet.
  19. Indeed, he hadn’t been, and she’d almost succeeded in trapping him.
  20. The first three months will be in trapping and taming the baby cheetahs.
  21. She was trapping fish from the other ponds and introducing them to the.
  22. But even so, a slight miscalculation in trapping them would lead to death.
  23. Antonia suspected he was trapping her, but that could just be her paranoia.
  24. Paul shut the gate behind us, trapping Roger inside so he couldn’t follow.
  25. One way is with two small nets, one on top of the other, thus trapping them.
  26. His hands on opposite sides of the tub trapping her if she wanted to escape.
  27. The fire stayed where it was as the ground solidified, trapping him within it.
  28. The walls of the cave closed in on her, trapping her, taking away her control.
  29. Nobody leaves! Sespian blocked the exit with his body, trapping them inside.
  30. Gomes sat back and told them about trapping Ricardo then shooting him in the feet.
  31. Attracting and trapping snails is one of the most effective natural snail controls.
  32. The Jinn grabbed Claire before she could escape, trapping her wrists in both hands.
  33. I could imagine them closing the door on me, trapping me in this God forsaking place.
  34. He would enjoy gaining control over her, trapping her and playing with her mind again.
  35. What’s the point in trapping us all in a cave, you bloody moron, Troy shouted.
  36. She’s too fat, and her skin is folding over and trapping pieces of … you know.
  37. Even if I might be trapping germs in the wound, I wasn’t going to die of an infection.
  38. Only the most cunning hunters are capable of trapping the cubs and not harming the mother.
  39. The fuel tank of the car then exploded, trapping its dazed occupants inside a funeral pyre.
  40. The new prisoner was a spy for North Korea in China, who was trapping North Korean defectors.
  41. It skirted the perimeter fence that stated it was Parkland and not open to hunting or trapping.
  42. The side of the road literally exploded with flame trapping the Belmarsh boys in the depression.
  43. I would guess that you need to figure out what your parents did to him, other than trapping him.
  44. Or she could be trapping you in grounds for divorce, you said she was just looking for an excuse.
  45. Before she could decide, the vampire slid into the booth beside Liz, trapping her against the wall.
  46. He marched off but not before he bound the latch securely with the string, trapping me firmly inside.
  47. How could they even contemplate trapping Lance? They hadn’t the faintest idea what he was planning.
  48. This collapses the wave-function trapping the locus of awareness of observers in this or that universe.
  49. His body moved around him, trapping the priest in the middle like a cat playing with a mouse as he mocked.
  50. Maggie and her miniature whirring camera, trapping the world day after day, year after year, as it reeled by.
  51. When she came for him again, he quickly grabbed her wrist and spun her around, trapping her arm behind her back.
  52. The trapping of Keller and his army at the summit of Sierra Madre volcano was an opportunity we dared not pass up.
  53. Assef motioned with his hand, and the other two boys separated, forming a half circle, trapping Hassan in the alley.
  54. Belonging to the Lac du Flambeau reserve are 542 Indians, who live almost entirely by trapping, hunting and fishing.
  55. Three are unaccounted for, and it’s assumed that they died while out hunting or trapping in more remote environs.
  56. Masses of Falmer had emerged from each of the four paths, trapping the two Bretons in the center of the crossroads.
  57. I am not he who has built this bridge, croaked the frog forcefully, like he was trapping flies with his words.
  58. His play was so brilliant and sophisticated that she had not even noticed he was on the brink of trapping her queen.
  59. Here? he asks suggestively, raising an eyebrow at me, smiling wickedly, his teeth trapping the tip of his tongue.
  60. Not another gamekeeper shot, I hope? It's what I should expect, when a fellow like Trapping Bass is let off so easily.
  61. Trapping a piece of ice with his tongue the surgeon swished it around his mouth before dropping it back into the glass.
  62. One of his comrades chuckled and started to crawl across the bed, effectively trapping Ravan in the far corner of the room.
  63. Deer, pigs, monkeys and a wide range of animals can be hunted and trapped according to location (see Traps and trapping in Food).
  64. What is a cave? It is the outer dead casing of the human skull: keeping in, and trapping inside it: all radiating outer awareness.
  65. If you had half a brain, you would know that if this door only opens from the outside, the idea is to kill me by trapping in here.
  66. It was at that time that trapping, fishing, and hunting with dogs were invented – ensnaring game instead of hunting it directly.
  67. Billy leaned over the chair, laying his hands on the arms of the chair, as if trapping her in and looked into those deep blue eyes.
  68. But the Itruga people had been surviving for so long that they knew the tricks and secrets to trapping the people and escaping them.
  69. Robin recalled trapping carrier pigeons for Richard Vowell, who read the messages they were carrying and substituted ones of his own.
  70. They have bought their stock on candle 2, and are now simply trapping additional traders into weak short positions in candles 3 and 4.
  71. The farther apart things became, the colder the void of space became, trapping solid matter into liquefied gasses that glowed with energy.
  72. It occurred to Chica that if anyone should be afraid of animals in revolt, it would be James, who had been cruelly trapping them for years.
  73. He stood behind the boy, adjusted his grip on the stick, trying to reverse-engineer the mechanics of the trapping move he himself had mastered.
  74. Their brothers came rushing inward against those who were falling under our feet, trapping them in so close they could not use their own swords.
  75. They were the only link that could complete the baffling chain that would result in the trapping of the killer before he carried out his threats.
  76. The shoals of mackerel had just started their spring runs into the bay, chasing and trapping the whitebait in the shallow water just off the shore.
  77. Moshe was immediately upon him, grabbing the spear shaft, shoving it up under the struggling officer’s chin, trapping his other arm in the process.
  78. To his surprise, there were no reporters mingling about in hopes of trapping him and forcing him to make some comments regarding the investigation 86.
  79. The second explosion closed the pass behind them trapping the three trucks and their men inside a twenty foot high wall of rocks in front and behind them.
  80. I was told that the restrictions before this test were not as stringent as the triple trapping tryst, but I wondered why I wasn’t given that option originally.
  81. The car-wash rumbled into life and so too, for some unexplainable reason, did the car window, suddenly snapping shut again, trapping me half way out of the car.
  82. He knew that Big‘un wouldn‘t tolerate another significant boar in his territory and his removal would ensure many months, even years, of routine pig trapping.
  83. In the jungle this meant being able to identify edible plants and the fruits of several native trees as well as silently trapping any small animals that were edible.
  84. Impulsive thoughts of suicide came at her with speed and brawn, outmaneuvering and muscling out all other ideas, trapping her in a dark and desperate corner for days.
  85. After the movie, by tacit consent, they decided to adjourn downstairs, to find out what (if any) progress had been made into identifying and trapping Kathy’s stalker.
  86. Kevin and Miller’s attention was drawn to the back corner of the barn where the decrepit corpse of Raven levitated just above the ground, trapping Holly in the corner.
  87. You know, I saw people casting spells on them, trapping them forever, shooting their eyes with holy water, but never ever have I seen anyone completely destroying their host.
  88. The children stayed alert and kept watch; when suddenly a huge spider, red in color, with a silver stripe down its back, sprayed webbing from its mouth, trapping some of the children.
  89. Strangulated internal hemorrhoid are formed when the anal sphincter muscle goes into spasm, trapping a prolapsed hemorrhoid outside the anal opening, thereby cutting off its blood supply.
  90. He knew that I would suffer all my waking hours, and all my snatches of sleep be haunted by terrible dreams o' been trapping in that fish's belly once more, though this time for eternity.
  91. Once complete, then a further test is made, and if on low volume, then the trend lower will gather pace, and move quickly away from the distribution region, trapping traders into weak positions at this level.
  92. He had little chance to run, though, because he immediately felt the air around him harden, wrapping his ankles together, trapping his arms against his body and covering his mouth to keep any sound from escaping.
  93. But we will take the four young hunters from this village with us and train them how to sing and hunt with their cheetahs while we train the young hunters in the second village for three moons in trapping and taming the baby cheetahs.
  94. The computer entered an unprecedented high state of Limbo, causing the system to affect not only living creatures, as it is supposed to, but to also have the power of trapping specters, spirits, elementals and other non-living entities.
  95. Not able to keep a job, the wiry Cajun had taken to fishing, trapping, poaching—whatever—hauling fish, gator meat, frog legs, turtle meat, ‗possum, ‗coon and an occasional wild cow or hog carcass to Miami for quick sale in the populous Little Cuba section.
  96. They were obliged to find additional means of support for their families: netting birds in the woods, trapping fish in the stream that ran through Brookfield, making belts or sandals from cheap leather offcuts, weaving cloth from yarn for Kingsbridge merchants, or poaching the king’s deer in the forest.
  97. Michel Lorrain and Nancy Laplante will be busy most of the time hunting, fishing and trapping to provide fresh food and furs to our inn, while Henri Bruage will take care of the building’s maintenance and of constructing more annexes as we go, so that left only me, Fernand and Françoise free to work inside the inn.
  98. Of course, these doors must not be operated from the bridge because of the risk of trapping the coal-trimmers inside the bunker; but on the signal of all other water-tight doors in the ship being closed (as would be done in case of a collision) they too could be closed on the order of the engineer of the watch, who would see to the safety of the trimmers.
  99. Otherwise you are more than likely to abandon your position prematurely when it moves against you, or worse, you may get caught holding a particularly volatile position too long if it suddenly slips well beyond your mental stop alerts, thus psychologically trapping you, as you now are put in the position of hoping the position moves higher so you can recover part of your loss before selling it, a dangerous psychological trap.
  100. Trapping, hunting (with or without a bounty),.
  1. Trapped in a body she.
  2. I appeared to be trapped.
  3. When you have a trapped.
  4. I began to feel trapped.
  5. The true Ra is trapped.
  6. The loop we are trapped.
  7. She had trapped them all.
  8. A boot was trapped in it.
  9. He was trapped on the boat.
  10. I was trapped by my.
  11. Man trapped in a sand bin.
  12. Trapped – with no way out.
  13. They were trapped and soon.
  14. Toad saw that he was trapped.
  15. He would be trapped in here.
  16. He was trapped, like a wolf.
  17. When Did it Become Trapped?
  18. We were trapped inside a box.
  19. So it stays trapped, frozen.
  20. She was trapped between them.
  21. Once we cleared the trapped.
  22. They have not trapped anyone.
  23. He was trapped and he knew it.
  24. He also found the trapped men.
  25. Any trapped emotion that you.
  26. As we suspected, the trapped.
  27. We’ll be trapped if we hide.
  28. She was trapped with the beast.
  29. I think we're trapped, Captain.
  30. We were trapped and surrounded.
  31. I am trapped in a block of ice.
  32. Anna’s trapped in the cave.
  33. Lori had a trapped emotion of.
  34. She trapped a live doctor now!.
  35. My queen, trapped in the blaze.
  36. He realizes that he is trapped.
  37. She'll be trapped here with you.
  38. In short, I felt trapped by my.
  39. Trapped like a rat in its hole.
  40. He was boxed in like a trapped.
  41. My father is still trapped here.
  42. Goddamn it, they got me trapped.
  43. He was here for eons, trapped.
  44. They got her trapped in her home.
  45. She was tired of feeling trapped.
  46. As the trapped particles in the.
  47. Ra was trapped in a nursing home.
  48. The two of them would be trapped.
  49. It’s important for the trapped.
  50. Barron was trapped, and he knew it.
  51. She was just as trapped as he was.
  52. Something trapped inside my brain.
  53. We’d be trapped with no way out.
  54. He was trapped, a fly in their web.
  55. What Trapped Emotions Are Made Of.
  56. The Resonance of Trapped Emotions.
  57. I released the trapped emotional.
  58. Another trapped emotion was from.
  59. Those trapped inside the barrier.
  60. The Damage Trapped Emotions Cause.
  61. It looked as if they were trapped.
  62. Trapped was hardly the word for it.
  63. Where Does the Trapped Emotion Go?
  64. Trapped Emotions and Physical Pain.
  65. Gases trapped in these meteorites.
  66. The Dual Nature of Trapped Emotions.
  67. Long trapped in these Spires am I.
  68. She was feeling a little… trapped.
  69. Is this wall made up of trapped.
  70. I felt trapped and I could not move.
  71. Use muscle testing to find trapped.
  72. She was trapped in turbulent waters.
  73. But now we’re trapped down here.
  74. They are trapped in a weak position.
  75. It can tell us if trapped emotions.
  76. She felt trapped, hunted, horrified.
  77. Each trapped in a prison of its own.
  78. The Secret World of Trapped Emotions.
  79. This left them completely trapped in.
  80. Typically trapped emotions will not.
  81. We trapped that critter this morning.
  82. I feel all alone and utterly trapped.
  83. I was trapped here raising a monster.
  84. May Mask Other Trapped Emotions, 195.
  85. Or trapped with a limited air supply.
  86. The reality was that she was trapped.
  87. Is it possible that trapped emotions.
  88. Those monsters had us trapped in here.
  89. Atlas was trapped under his old burden.
  90. The ones that are trapped,.
  91. Trapped in the web of lust,.
  92. Life was trapped in a cage,.
  93. Trapped in a cage of flames,.
  94. To release a trapped emotion,.
  95. He had trapped emotions of anger,.
  1. A note on traps and.
  2. Set traps for larger ones.
  3. The sand traps bothered him.
  5. Then she thought of the traps.
  6. The Japanese love to set traps.
  7. They were called Mortal Traps.
  8. Use the entrails to rebait traps.
  9. What are common thinking traps??
  10. Did he find one of my traps?
  11. Technical Analysis of Stock Traps.
  12. So we’d set out these weasel traps.
  13. In effect, we had to close our traps.
  14. Collect the game and reset the traps.
  15. But I would not fall into such traps.
  16. Be careful of the traps your mind sets.
  17. More traps await us on the way and at.
  18. No, he is still out checking his traps.
  19. He cuts 'em up for mines and booby traps.
  20. Here are a few different thinking traps:.
  21. Beware - for they’ll be traps and snares;.
  22. Unlike a mechanical filter that just traps.
  23. What a good consortium magic and traps were!.
  24. Sticky Traps, comes in either yellow or white.
  25. Rocks? I should make traps with rocks?
  26. So all these traps are meant for Mei Yinxue.
  27. The traps are effective but wreak havoc on the.
  28. The membrane traps the impurities and they can.
  29. Ares? Ares will understand where the traps are.
  30. Large traps at that, the kind used to catch tigers.
  31. Sand traps caused him to ‘dig a hole to China’.
  32. Having the sand traps raked…praise they did throw.
  33. He examined the stone for any traps or locks that.
  34. Keep an eye out for any traps, magical or otherwise.
  35. It's up to the trapper to check the box traps on a.
  36. Yea, snares, and pits, and traps, and nets, did lie.
  37. Set traps, if possible, and keep far away from him.
  38. Gary had suggested booby traps on the old fashioned.
  39. Unfortunately into these traps, his golf balls would.
  40. Even less, in those traps, where it loved to ‘camp’.
  41. Traps: Bait with juicy fruit, eggs; or anything to hand.
  42. And then there are—well, traps and things—YOU know.
  43. Steel jaw leg hold traps are condemned by the American.
  44. He had set traps of course, but no one had been caught.
  45. Glue traps are a common method of trapping rodents and.
  46. Filled with obstacles and traps, that make one doddle!.
  47. The Caveats - Some Affiliate Marketing Traps To Avoid!.
  48. The traps are waiting; the pits, yes, and the pendulums.
  49. Conibear traps snap shut on the trapped animal's spinal.
  50. Padded leg hold traps are the semi-humane version of the.
  51. I suggest we immediately begin building decoys and traps.
  52. He looked more like a wolf—a wolf the traps had scarred.
  53. You say you saw signs of men, and fires, traps, and the.
  54. The Siberian Traps erupted and erupted and erupted for 1.
  55. The old traps consisted of pools and channels lined with.
  56. They checked a few traps along the way, and were able to.
  57. Polar bears and grizzly bears have been seen evading traps.
  58. Are you using any of the thinking traps and falling into.
  59. In 1996, conibear traps were outlawed in the Commonwealth.
  60. The traps, the ruffs, the water hazards were a ‘crew’.
  61. But Hurd is a devious bastard, and he likes to set traps.
  62. It further symbolizes the lures, traps and snares of this.
  63. There are a lot of traps for those who want to quit smoking.
  64. And she installed diffused booby traps to trap the Dragons.
  65. Bev said, There will be patrols and possibly booby traps.
  66. Then I would want to see if there are still any traps!.
  67. Jo had seen inscriptions like this just before traps in the.
  68. Regardless of the reasons for setting animal traps, serious.
  69. I want to help you not to fal for these traps and teach you.
  70. Snare or trap with spear traps or deadfalls on their trails.
  71. After 4 minutes rest we blast our traps with 4 sets of Shrugs.
  72. Traps: Powerful spring snares, platforms or baited-hole-noose.
  73. The first three traps that you all set, you have already.
  74. Homemade traps are easy to make that catch any type of insect.
  75. Millions of animals are caught in traps every year around the.
  76. Either he had fallen or at least one of her traps had worked!.
  77. A good source of these traps is ARBICO, or Gardener’s Supply.
  78. The Dragons, who did not foresee this, got caught in her traps.
  79. They checked all their traps and reviewed quite a bit of stats.
  80. It clearly had the ability to foil her traps if it was vigilant.
  81. This way, you avoid the common emotional traps of greed and fear.
  82. Murphy had scanned it for other traps both magical and mechanical.
  83. Avoiding the known and suspected traps, she hustled out of the room.
  84. In the traps where they were led, his victims suffered while he fed.
  85. In the study of the self, hunt for mental traps and fixed attitudes.
  86. She'd let Jorma and Venna check today's traps when they got up here.
  87. Traps: Perch or baited spring spear trap, spring snare or hole noose.
  88. It’s gotten stuck on one of those glue traps you use to catch rats.
  89. Nangong Ping to take the blunt of all the traps that were in the woods.
  90. Isaiah 24:17 Disasters, pits, and traps (which swallow you up) are in.
  91. These traps had been placed as a deterrent for any would-be pillagers.
  92. From the ordeal they have already experienced she was expecting traps.
  93. Snares are the simplest of traps and should be part of any survival kit.
  94. This attracts game to the traps where you want them, not into your camp.
  95. Petya was carried out like a log and laid in the larger of the two traps.
  96. Once you’ve identified thinking traps, you can start to challenge them.
  97. Pétya was carried out like a log and laid in the larger of the two traps.
  98. You wouldnt know, being a hairless babe, but hair traps dirt and smells.
  99. Even had we not so carefully closed the inlet or house-side of the traps.
  100. Value traps are bargain stocks that never get out of the bargain basement.

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