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Tremendous dans une phrase (en anglais)

Pat was in tremendous pain.
He is in the tremendous sea.
We owe him a tremendous debt.
It was a tremendous challenge.
Now we had tremendous results.
Children are a tremendous gift.
This can be a tremendous relief.

We had some tremendous matches.
He hit me with tremendous power.
Were in a tremendous hurry to.
His reading had been tremendous.
IBD is a tremendous time-saver.
Then you will feel a tremendous.
And with the most tremendous chew.
Suddenly, there was a tremendous.
I see a tremendous future for you.
Here you lie in the tremendous web.
We did so without the tremendous.
It was a tremendous threat of evil.
The monster gave a tremendous roar.
The crowd roared a tremendous 'yes.
Joey and I enjoyed our tremendous.
Self-help groups are a tremendous.
And this did take tremendous nerve.
He was a tremendous drinker to boot.
We found that there were tremendous.
It might have cost her a tremendous.
He had strength and tremendous smarts.
Are still capable of tremendous fallout.
Suburban and the Bugatti was tremendous.
She was grieving and in tremendous pain.
The upheaval of feelings was tremendous.
This followed by the tremendous tsunami.
The news had a tremendous effect on him.
You’ve been a tremendous help, Glenda.
Nor the tremendous uproar of the assault.
Still, I have found tremendous value in.
The attack had been a tremendous success.
My heart was booming at a tremendous rate.
Mark has been of tremendous help to us.

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