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Tremendous dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. Pat was in tremendous pain.
2. He is in the tremendous sea.
3. We owe him a tremendous debt.
4. It was a tremendous challenge.
5. Now we had tremendous results.
6. We had some tremendous matches.
7. He hit me with tremendous power.

8. This can be a tremendous relief.
9. Children are a tremendous gift.
10. His reading had been tremendous.
11. Were in a tremendous hurry to.
12. Then you will feel a tremendous.
13. IBD is a tremendous time-saver.
14. And with the most tremendous chew.
15. Suddenly, there was a tremendous.
16. Here you lie in the tremendous web.
17. I see a tremendous future for you.
18. We did so without the tremendous.
19. And this did take tremendous nerve.
20. Self-help groups are a tremendous.
21. The monster gave a tremendous roar.
22. It was a tremendous threat of evil.
23. The crowd roared a tremendous 'yes.
24. Joey and I enjoyed our tremendous.
25. He was a tremendous drinker to boot.
26. We found that there were tremendous.
27. It might have cost her a tremendous.
28. He had strength and tremendous smarts.
29. Are still capable of tremendous fallout.
30. Suburban and the Bugatti was tremendous.
31. She was grieving and in tremendous pain.
32. The upheaval of feelings was tremendous.
33. You’ve been a tremendous help, Glenda.
34. This followed by the tremendous tsunami.
35. The news had a tremendous effect on him.
36. The attack had been a tremendous success.
37. Still, I have found tremendous value in.
38. My heart was booming at a tremendous rate.
39. Nor the tremendous uproar of the assault.
40. Mark has been of tremendous help to us.
41. Q: The desire to live is a tremendous thing.
42. He was in a tremendous state of excitement.
43. Their tremendous laughter drowned his call.
44. Godliness and contentment's tremendous gain.
45. There is a tremendous difference in the two.
46. It was in all accounts a tremendous victory.
47. We helped stop them, but at tremendous cost.
48. He could not resist the tremendous pressure.
49. I felt drawn to him by his tremendous spirit.
50. The news had been a tremendous shock to Kate.
51. Pray tell, what are tremendous tatas?
52. But all of this had come at a tremendous cost.
53. But you won a tremendous victory all the same.
54. He was crying with tremendous loud wails, the.
55. You would have been a tremendous help to us.
56. They have tremendous influence and power over.
57. In tremendous activities, but he is never lost.
58. I might add that they have been of tremendous.
59. At all events, a tremendous step had been taken.
60. These strangles all exhibit tremendous leverage.
61. Education marketers have done a tremendous job.
62. I mean, he is really a tremendous jerk, and it.
63. Instantly, there was a tremendous whizzing noise.
64. The crowd burst into the most tremendous applause.
65. There was a tremendous flop in the water just then.
66. I OWE A TREMENDOUS debt of gratitude to the John F.
67. Such were the beginnings of this tremendous affair.
68. Definitely an eagle, albeit one of tremendous size.
69. There is tremendous power in unity in the church.
70. You must have been reading a tremendous lot lately.
71. You are under tremendous stress in your waking life.
72. It is an oath, if you only knew, that is tremendous.
73. Or, at the very least, a tremendous calorie burner!.
74. Despite that he was in tremendous demand as a speaker.
75. There are a tremendous number of cha-chas in country-.
76. I had to drive with the added handicap of tremendous.
77. There was tremendous potential for wondrous, new life.
78. There was a tremendous amount of volume at that price.
79. I can feel this tremendous tension building in my legs.
80. I sensed that she had tremendous reserves of strength.
81. He felt a tremendous jolt to his heart as he saw the.
82. This required tremendous discipline and determination.
83. You see my dear it was rather tremendous what you did.
84. The pre-release buzz for their first CD was tremendous.
85. It’ll give you tremendous will power within yourself.
86. This was a tremendous support to me, and when she did.
87. Suddenly a tremendous wave rose and the boat disappeared.
88. If so, this is a tremendous buying opportunity in the U.
89. Without it, they become a tremendous business liability.
90. What tremendous blessing this man - this was his destiny.
91. You speak as though it were some new, tremendous thing.
92. Beginning in 1967, hotel stocks enjoyed a tremendous run.
93. But it also gave us a tremendous sense of responsibility.
94. There is a tremendous power alone in the name Jesus Christ.
95. Kate made a tremendous effort not to let her feelings show.
96. It was just static electricity, but on a tremendous scale.
97. The wires above him were making a tremendous buzzing noise.
98. At least! Pushing on the bow would be a tremendous strain.
99. There is a tremendous malaise circulating our world today.
100. We all have tremendous ego identification with our careers.

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