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Tribunal dans une phrase (en anglais)

He constituted himself the tribunal.
The Commodore addressed the Tribunal.
Who is the Guardian that headed the tribunal?
He addressed each of the members of the tribunal by.
We’re certain they did not hold a proper tribunal.
The tribunal head is the Guardian Commander of Planet Dawn.
Nevertheless, we protest the order and demand a tribunal hearing.

What the tribunal wrote was malicious and tendentious, to my mind.
DA’s office and carried out by this tribunal under the watchful.
Lorry, if it should go ill before the Tribunal, will not save him.
In October, this Tribunal declared itself incompetent to judge the.
The tribunal chastised the camp commander who has resigned his post.
Knox said, I believe that a military tribunal would acquit you now.
A tribunal will be convened on Monday at 0800 hours to hear your case.
That night, the night after the tribunal, I found sleep hard to come by.
The Revolutionary Tribunal had hitherto pronounced 1200 death sentences.
The chairman of the tribunal was Commodore Tejbir Singh, Dean of Students.
Inform the Tribunal of what you did that day within the Bastille, citizen.
Dr Norberto Liwsky was brought before a military court: the Military Tribunal.
At that moment he was conscious that his police agent's stool was a tribunal.
The causes of this painful reverse will be investigated by a military tribunal.
The consumptive prisoners are exempted from corporal punishment by the tribunal.
His guilt-laden tirades and self-criticism were taken as gospel by the tribunal.
As the Revolutionary Tribunal was said to be paralyzed by forms and delays, this law.
It was curious what an awful tribunal the mild Caleb's was to her, whenever he set it up.
The competency of any human tribunal to dissolve its sacred obligations may well be doubted.
The Judges having to take part in a public demonstration out of doors, the Tribunal adjourned.
The day the treaties were signed, the Born Again military tribunal issued a warrant for.
Military men on approaching the tribunal of penitence had felt the scales fall from their eyes.
Erickson was up to he was summoned to a professional tribunal to be stripped of his qualifications.
The Warriors are satisfied with the results of the tribunal and have all returned to their duties.
The officers of the tribunal conferred momentarily before agreeing to allow the recording as evidence.
Tribunal for Human justice in Den Hague where my case will be heard in front of a panel of justices that.
The EA would always be under-resourced and he would be able to demonstrate this to any employment tribunal.
If they did not, if they heard opinions on both sides, they converted this House into a judiciary tribunal.
Now, all the ones in Japan who were screaming for having this war are either dead or facing a war crimes tribunal.
In fact all of the officers sought by the Born Again tribunal except Saul reached Eretz and sought asylum there.
There were over 50 files containing names that the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal Investigators would love to apprehend.
Charles Darnay, alone in a cell, had sustained himself with no flattering delusion since he came to it from the Tribunal.
We think someone may be hiding him, and anyone who is hiding him will stand before a tribunal unless they come clean now.

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