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Trivial dans une phrase (en anglais)

  1. It is a trivial affair.
  2. Why, it's all so trivial.
  3. This is not trivial stuff.
  4. But most were too trivial.
  5. For behold a trivial cabin.

  6. But now they seemed trivial.
  7. Yes, but that task was trivial.
  8. The prom seemed trivial in comparison.
  9. After all, it's a fairly trivial affair.
  10. His sole preoccupation with the trivial.
  11. This is not a trivial thing I ask of you.
  12. Trivial, flippant, soaked in worldliness.
  13. These were largely trivial matters, though.
  14. For example, adding a new view is trivial.
  15. I can’t waste any time with trivial talk.

  16. Sometimes the most trivial thing annoyed Mrs.
  17. But the picture is pale, and perhaps trivial.
  18. If this incident, and all the other trivial.
  19. Their differences trivial and uncompromising.
  20. We talked about trivial things, things we knew.
  21. It’s trivial, but I think it makes the point.
  22. The effect was heightened by a trivial accident.
  23. Only rare and trivial data points will even be.
  24. Shew trivial beauties watch their hour to shine;.
  25. It’s always been the trivial unimportant stuff.

  26. To him, such notions were intriguing but trivial.
  27. He talked to them and discussed something trivial.
  28. I know the swans are trivial in the face of war and.
  29. Things he had considered important were now trivial.
  30. Yes, she said, as if it were a trivial detail.
  31. The issue that had separated them seemed trivial now.
  32. She was too numb to worry about such trivial matters.
  34. Oh, that's all nonsense about Troy, a trivial matter.
  35. Phil's chatter seemed trivial and the reception a bore.
  36. They may tend to think that is trivial and has no merit.
  37. Decisions weren’t based on trivial visitation rights.
  38. But the fact that he had in this transient, trivial life.
  39. I am trivial only about trifles, not in what is important.
  40. Raffe shrugged as if trying to make the memory seem trivial.
  41. Town cops weren’t allowed on campus for anything trivial.
  42. Maybe I thought it was too trivial to bring before the Lord.
  43. But being happy is not trivial; it is not wasting your life.
  44. Probably it was some trivial nonsense, yet another complaint.
  45. Oh Lizzie, in the immensity of my love it seems so trivial.
  46. He shook his head, trying to clear it of something so trivial.
  47. Divya: But why so much of blood shed for such a trivial issue.
  48. In many ways, the intellectual problems of trading are trivial.
  49. Of course, this trivial incident could not with me end in that.
  50. Rickman wouldn’t let something as trivial as death stop him.
  51. Without the awareness of death everything is ordinary, trivial.
  53. Inacio half-listened as usual, distracted by something trivial.
  54. The trivial operations of the heart are burnt away in quietude.
  55. It is a moment that as only a trivial witness and bystander I.
  56. But what seems trivial to you can impact the future drastically.
  57. Canadians Scott Abbott and Chris Haney invented Trivial Pursuit.
  58. He waved away my concern as if it were too trivial to respond to.
  59. Ordinary folk seemed shallow to them, trivial and inconsiderable.
  60. Computing delta Δi of a separate option is a rather trivial task.
  61. But we know that the Mind doesn’t involve itself in such trivial.
  62. I only quote this as a trivial example of observation and inference.
  63. Never invested time for a better future, 'spent' the lot on trivial.
  64. I should ask those present not to ask indefinite or trivial questions.
  65. He could, however, easily become quite panicked about more trivial is-.
  66. Society's struggles seem trivial, down here, in the smothering silence.
  67. The momentum is falsely valued in records of trivial unnecessary products.
  68. The report on trivial damage is being housed in our underground warehouse.
  69. Previously important matters of his office became increasingly trivial, and.
  70. Cisco routers and switches, and that's TFTP - Trivial File Transfer Protocol.
  71. The rest of the night passed with boring conversations about trivial topics.
  72. Trivial as these two observations were, they perplexed her, and she had her.
  73. I hated myself for having given in, even to my workers final trivial demands.
  74. There was the physical pain of sitting with legs crossed which became trivial.
  75. Juggling a balance of interests, activities and pursuits is no trivial matter.
  76. The incident was a trivial one, but it set Andrey Antonovitch pondering deeply.
  77. Those things, as small or trivial as they seem to be, may be one of many things.
  78. You cannot foresee the results of even the most trivial act; you do not know the.
  79. Pareto charts are bar charts used to separate the vital few from the trivial many.
  80. It was a trivial and perhaps ridiculous incident, and I left ofif thinking of it.
  81. Manifestoes are a trivial matter too, and to my thinking not worth troubling about.
  82. But in avoiding the sensational, I fear that you may have bordered on the trivial.
  83. I feel that it is trivial, superficial, crude, and, somehow, too young for my age.
  84. But the real ones, numerous as they were, were usually too trivial to satisfy her.
  85. To Merthin that seemed somewhat trivial, especially after the slaughter he had seen.
  86. The advice that Jethro gave Moses sounds commonplace, even trivial, in the world of.
  87. You can have quiz and Trivial Pursuit nights when there’s nothing worth watching.
  88. It could be something trivial concerning litter or something concerning world events.
  89. The present, when divorced from the past and the future, becomes exasperatingly trivial.
  90. The injustice of the Scopes monkey trial seems trivial, compared to the abuse of Dr.
  91. Sometimes I laugh about how much can change during the millisecond of a trivial decision.
  92. I could never imagine such anger from a man so philosophic, and for such a trivial cause.
  93. She made a point of writing as if everything were normal, sharing the trivial news of home.
  94. This question appeared merely function, trivial, harmless But, this question was different.
  95. This is the plight of an office worker who might describe the job as trivial and meaningless.
  96. Nothing was too trivial for the Hindoo lawgiver, however offensive it may be to modern taste.
  97. These were just trivial things that Hammond picked on just to let every one know who was boss.
  98. This might seem like a trivial thing but it is actually a strong indication of a good business.
  99. The incident however, was too trivial to relate and can have no possible bearing upon the case.
  100. The end of love seemed like a trivial affair, but the song never was about that kind of love.

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