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Tug dans une phrase (en anglais)

1. David gave it a tug.
2. Another tug in my heart.
3. They walked over to the tug.
4. I felt the tug in my chest.
5. She can go home in the tug.
6. She felt a tug at her dress.
7. With a tug, the door opened.

8. Helen is dealing with the tug.
9. The tug was totally due to me.
10. As she can feel the tug on her.
11. With a mighty tug on the whip.
12. I felt a familiar tug in my gut.
13. I tug on the ends of the swirls.
14. He felt a tug at his trouser leg.
15. The tug snatches it and parks it.
16. He began to tug on Peter's shirt.
17. The tug was only armed with lasers.
18. Another tug and a quick glance back.
19. Then she began to tug at his shorts.
20. That tug at unkempt strands of hair.
21. The pincer snatched and began to tug.
22. With a tug of the trigger the rifle.
23. Some did get through and hit the tug.
24. Ingeborg felt a quick tug at her heart.
25. We’ve got a genuine tug on the line.
26. I handed over control of the tug to him.
27. I arose only to follow the forceful tug.
28. Holly felt a cold breeze tug at her hair.
29. Chance has not the tug on me it once had.
30. Ethan interrupted her with a violent tug:.
31. We pull and tug, so deliver the unexpected.
32. With a tug on the sides of her jeans, she.
33. Moshe, The tug became more pronounced.
34. The tug was able to avoid most of the shots.
35. There's many a peasant couldn't tug as hard.
36. I gave it a tug and it came all the way off.
37. A sudden tug at my elbow spun me to face him.
38. I tug my hair over one shoulder and bend over.
39. Midafternoon, I felt a familiar tug inside me.
40. He felt a tug on his pants leg and looked down.
41. Xin felt an invisible force tug strongly on her.
42. Now, just a tug, as Moshe began to loosen his.
43. Once there, Ant felt the tug of her power and.
44. Giving a final tug, Rose secured the braid and.
45. I felt the tug in my heart and I smiled softly.
46. He parked the tug next to Katherine’s shuttle.
47. Later that day, Helen rode down on the cargo tug.
48. Brownie, please have the ship recall the tug.
49. Helen and Colleen followed last in the cargo tug.
50. Fool! fool!' and he gave his beard an angry tug.
51. I reached in and gave a tug on his strap for him.
52. She gave him a kiss and a gentle tug at his beard.
53. What’s this shiny thing? I gave it a tug.
54. She gave the door a good tug and it didn’t move.
55. Clermont-Tonnerre, in 1822, called the tug of war.
56. Tentatively, he reached out and gave his ax a tug.
57. Mari calls to me as I tug at the weeds in her garden.
58. The shadows tug at me, insistent, and they tempt me.
59. I nodded and then felt a tug on the back of my shirt.
60. Our tongues battled and I felt him tug on my T-shirt.
61. You tug at her ankle, she moans and rolls in her place.
62. Thoughts paralyzed me until I felt Monika tug at my arm.
63. Another gentle tug on her hand and she followed him out.
64. Something in his tone made Dunk want to tug his forelock.
65. It can be seen on almost every tug working in our docks.
66. McLean shook his head when he felt a gentle tug at his.
67. They had tested the tug as well and pronounced it ready.
68. Each man sat in the water and felt the tug of the current.
69. With a single tug by Barret on the lock, it slid weakly.
70. With a mighty tug on the whip handle, Moshe unhorsed him.
71. Mary, Barry, I need you two to tug Diane on the shoulder.
72. They rustle in the ditches, they tug and hang on the hedge.
73. I felt a tug on my pack, as Trent pulled the cutters free.
74. He gave a quick tug and the links exploded into fragments.
75. Helen’s tug was floating upside down on one of the lakes.
76. The woman dropped a bag to tug at the waistline of her too.
77. I feel a frown tug at my lips, and I force that thought away.
78. In reality, the bridge set up a giant tug of war between the.
79. But on his heart strings, the ‘golf-experience’ would tug).
80. Wrapping it around his hand, he yanked on it with a sharp tug.
81. At the entrance, she felt him tug gently, willing her to stop.
82. A tug boat would have blown its engines trying to tow this guy.
83. The Viirin gave a tug on the noose and Stedder stumbled forward.
84. She felt a tug at her heart whenever she thought of the moment.
85. Come as an invisible, forceful tug pulled me toward that.
86. The corners of his mouth tug down, and he gives me a grave look.
87. Buster, I’m feeling a tug here! I’m reeling this baby in.
88. With one mighty tug, he pulls his father a foot down the street.
89. He gave the trunk-door an experimental tug, and it drifted open.
90. Above all odds he'd be ripped apart in a tug of war of emotions.
91. I answered with a swing of the head and continued to tug her hand.
92. I stood humbly before them wondering if I should tug my forelock.
93. A haul is a pull or tug on the line that is normally done during.
94. It had been his ambition since boyhood, and he still felt the tug.
95. He reached out, snagged a lock of her hair and gave it a light tug.
96. He gave a tug at the power cable attached to the top of the shaft.
97. With each tug she was pulled further and further into the hedgerow.
98. Sebastian gave it an affectionate tug, laughed and went to find Con.
99. He felt a tug at his heart and the voice whispers again in his ear.
100. A gentle tug, and then a long draw with the strength of a torrent.
1. Harry was tugging at me.
2. She felt a tugging again.
3. They were tugging him up.
4. Tugging at Lyte he raced forward.
5. Then I felt a tugging on my pants.
6. He considered, tugging at his chin.
7. Amalric hesitated, tugging his chin.
8. He started tugging at Bosco’s arm.
9. The hangover was still tugging his head.
10. Stolberg, she said, tugging his arm.
11. Jason began tugging at his father's hand.
12. Something was tugging at his subconscious.
13. Eric noticed someone tugging at his sleeve.
14. He looked at her, a smile tugging his lips.
15. PRIVATE COMPTON: (Tugging his comrade) Here.
16. His mind was tugging in opposite directions.
17. I have a beard, he said, tugging on it.
18. Said the body builder tugging on Jamaal's arm.
19. Leesa stepped up her pace, tugging on his hand.
20. A small hand was insistently tugging at his arm.
21. Frank could feel the wind tugging at them both.
22. Anna was tugging on me and I looked over to her.
23. Sammy followed him, tugging at his trouser legs.
24. Holly tried to resist the tugging of her insides.
25. Simon nodded, tugging on Rex’s dark green shirt.
26. Gently tugging on Selma’s sleeve, Nyla got the.
27. A ragged tugging on the raft brought sudden alarm.
28. What happened? Sam asked, tugging on her arm.
29. It was exciting to feel the wind tugging at hair.
30. Seven of us tugging on the line could not budge it.
31. He was still running, tugging loose the large 121.
32. Ayyy! He is tugging on my shirt! shouted Yania.
33. Mick began tugging on the bottom of his slip on shirt.
34. Christ, I gasped, tugging the handle of the wand.
35. She was conscious that her hat was tugging at its pins.
36. Come with me, he said, gently tugging at her arms.
37. It felt strange, tugging and pulling in all directions.
38. Henriette craned her neck and saw him tugging on a rope.
39. Never mind that, Grover said, tugging at my shirt.
40. To find us in the bedroom, kissing, tugging at the rest.
41. Child beggars in India can be a bit assertive, tugging on.
42. That was, until he realized she was tugging on his T-shirt.
43. His hand was now tugging at my lingerie, but I stopped him.
44. Emily, we don't have a cat, he said, tugging on her arm.
45. Anyway, what do you care? said Lupe, tugging at her arms.
46. I was worried sick, child, Liv said, tugging at Erlend Jr.
47. That feeling of challenge was there in Kate again, tugging at her.
48. Sterling pulled on the line, tugging the dinghy back to the barge.
49. At his instruction, the three men indicated started tugging on a.
50. Aggressive and disruptive, tugging us from the depths of the music.
51. It played with him for a while, tugging at his arms and legs, and.
52. He repeated tugging lightly upon the thread and then slackening it.
53. No! he sobbed, tugging at his mess of black hair until it hurt.
54. He went to his knees, and the tugging water swirled about his chest.
55. Cathy was already tugging on his arm so that they could leave and her.
56. Just come a little closer, he cajoled, gently tugging at her arm.
57. She was gasping, standing still, then tugging again and almost falling.
58. You feel a couple of hands tugging and pulling on your shoulder?
59. If he started tugging at them, their entire life together might unravel.
60. More than that, I could feel them tugging through the soles of my shoes.
61. Gollum was tugging at Frodo's cloak and hissing with fear and impatience.
62. Sometime later, Alan is tugging on her arm, half dragging her off the bus.
63. The wind wandered in and out, tugging at the small fire, scattering ashes.
64. Tugging the keys out of the ignition, she pushed them under the floor mat.
65. Sometime during the night, he was awakened by someone tugging at his feet.
66. He shook his head impatiently to curb the doubts tugging at his conscience.
67. Keep your eye on him, he repeated slowly, a smile tugging at his lips.
68. It came after a moment of tugging and she quickly put it into Matt’s hand.
69. He’s tugging her closer, until she can feel heat emanating from his chest.
70. PRIVATE CARR: (Tugging at his belt) I'll wring the neck of any fucker says a.
71. Not after I’m done with him, Solomon said as he kept tugging at Tasha.
72. Come with me, she said to Robyn, taking and tugging her friend’s hand.
73. Something, Someone is tugging inside me, at my heart, at the core of my being.
74. Does any o’ you know a cure? Anythin? said Thew, tugging on his cravat.
75. She helped me wrestle the dress over my head, tugging and pulling it into place.
76. Brian looked at her from the corner of his eye while tugging at a bushy sideburn.
77. What’s all this about? she joked, tugging at the fabric of his fur coat.
78. Kurt turned his eyes back to the stubbly hole and kept tugging, trying to finish.
79. Everyone was always pulling at me, tugging at me, as if they wanted a piece of me.
80. That was utterly ridiculous, he said, tugging the honey cruet away from Max.
81. Nice… and how does one break the bond? she asked, still tugging at the ring.
82. She gripped a heart-shaped locket, tugging it back and forth along a chain necklace.
83. She laughed again a little nervously and pulled the towel he was tugging at tighter.
84. There he was, holding the bolt, and they were tugging and thumping away at the door.
85. By dint of her breathing in a lot and me tugging hard, we manage to get her into it.
86. Solo Ki was on the other handle, tugging with all the strength his thin arms possessed.
87. One-handedly she opened up the top of his Levi’s and began tugging at his shirttails.
88. For a moment, the little boy tilted his head upward, tugging at the man's frayed shorts.
89. He stopped tugging at the obstinate root in his hands for a moment to ponder her inquiry.
90. The crate began to move, with a trio of the lads pulling and tugging and gently cursing.
91. He just let the rain fall on him and he felt the wind tugging at the cuffs of his pants.
92. It’s going to get worse, said Yuki, tugging at a lock of her shoulder-length hair.
93. Don Martin's soft hands suffered cruelly, tugging at the thick handle of the enormous oar.
94. Its anchors splashed into the sea and went tugging down with the hawser flying behind them.
95. As he gripped her hips and lifted her onto the desk, she was already tugging his shirt free.
96. There was silence for some time, the girl crouching in the bows, the man tugging at the oars.
97. Tugging on a pair of latex gloves from his jacket pocket, he squatted and opened them wider.
98. Oh and before I forget, Thaddeus said, as he started tugging away at one of his fingers.
99. But there was a horrible feeling of guilt tugging at his heart, and it made him uncomfortable.
100. An insistent tugging at his hand told Moshe that he had not released Sari before plunging into.
1. He tugged at the two.
2. She tugged out her wallet.
3. The gorse tugged at his.
4. My lips tugged into a grin.
5. A grin tugged at her lips.
6. A smile tugged at his lips.
7. I tugged, but it was secure.
8. Bridget tugged on her blanky.
9. She tugged at Anne’s hand.
10. Will tugged at Zach's sleeve.
11. Agent #1 tugged at his collar.
12. He tugged on a pair of shorts.
13. She tugged the cloth out of.
14. Robert tugged on the trigger.
15. The driver tugged at the reins.
16. A wry grin tugged at her lips.
17. The wind tugged at her ponytail.
18. He took her hand, tugged on it.
19. A hand tugged at Alice's sleeve.
20. He tugged on the straps of his.
21. I tugged at my gun just in case.
22. I winced and tugged my hand back.
23. Azura tugged on Darek’s jacket.
24. Candy gently tugged on my hands.
25. He grabbed it and she tugged him.
26. I jumped and Celia tugged my hair.
27. An invisible cord tugged her back.
28. A reluctant grin tugged at his lips.
29. He tugged on latex surgical gloves.
30. The muscles around his cock tugged.
31. Willie tugged at Tom's trouser leg.
32. A hint of a smile tugged at his lips.
33. Her captor tugged on her arms again.
34. Tyler tugged her seatbelt into place.
35. Mike tugged anxiously at his seatbelt.
36. They sweated and tugged, but in vain.
37. She gasped in pain as it tugged at her.
38. Did I? She tugged her braid again.
39. He tugged on the sheet and I let it go.
40. Something tugged at the back of my mind.
41. Andrei saw me and tugged his shirt down.
42. Behind him, the cords tugged and were.
43. Orphenn tugged his pistol from her belt.
44. Simon stopped and tugged me to the side.
45. With the pliers he tugged the fuse free.
46. I tugged on the rope, but it was secure.
47. The little boy tugged on his shirtsleeve.
48. Hagan tugged his uniform free and climbed.
49. In essence, a small lot was being tugged.
50. The wind tugged Danny’s head back round.
51. She tugged at the door, but it was stuck.
52. The pair tugged and pulled like a couple.
53. Juliet tugged at Bruce’s arm imploringly.
54. And he once more tugged at the door-handle.
55. Aiden tugged on the bandage around his leg.
56. Gloria tugged on the edge of her tan blouse.
57. Then, he tugged on Corey's tail, in order.
58. She struggled and tugged at the restraints.
59. Amaranthe tugged at the collar of her blouse.
60. And he once more tugged at the door‐handle.
61. Helios tugged on the bottom of Tom’s jeans.
62. He fumbled and tugged at the metal fastener.
63. Amy tugged the handle and slid the door open.
64. He was tugged to the interrogation building.
65. The emotion in his eyes tugged at her heart.
66. She was quickly tugged back to reality when.
67. She tugged hard and could feel the flesh cut.
68. Peter tugged his arm, and James moved forward.
69. He nods, his eyebrows tugged in, sympathetic.
70. Gripped the elastic of her panties and tugged.
71. McClure gave a disgusted look and tugged at.
72. Ziggy tugged his shirt, ventilating his chest.
73. Emory sat on a rock and tugged off his boots.
74. Evan tugged my hands away and held them in his.
75. But finally he tugged and his hands came free.
76. I tugged it out, and my heart all but stopped.
77. In turn, I tugged on the pant leg of Carmella.
78. He tugged her head up and gazed into her red-.
79. Badly needed sleep again tugged at wakefulness.
80. Batistuta tugged on the handle of his magma gun.
81. My teeth chattered as I tugged at my wet clothes.
82. He tugged it so tight I was sure skin would rip.
83. Tugged at the strings that puppeted us together.
84. She twisted and tugged and broke the whole cart.
85. A contemplative smile tugged the corners of his.
86. He tugged it into his mouth and began to suckle.
87. He tugged his pants up higher around his waist.
88. The captain tugged on his cap and spun the wheel.
89. A little smile tugged at the corners of his lips.
90. A small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.
91. She tugged hard on the iron hoop that served as.
92. Ghaznavi tugged his gray-shot beard in meditation.
93. With her teeth she caught his earlobe and tugged.
94. Again she tugged and accomplished about the same.
95. The look that masked his face tugged Cinder’s.
96. She put a hand on his shoulder and tugged slightly.
97. A tiny grin tugged at the corner of his bottom lip.
98. Lady Proudness looked at him and tugged his sleeve.
99. The bearded tender tugged his arm back to his side.
100. Answer me! Alex shouted as he tugged her arms.
1. He tugs on my arm.
2. Schulz tugs at his glasses.
3. It tugs and twists and teases.
4. Tugs on the treacherous ropes.
5. Instead, he tugs on the plywood.
6. He took gentle tugs, and some.
7. A grimace tugs on Orcher’s mouth.
8. A few more tugs removed a chunk of.
9. Bex tugs her Dad's arm as she replies.
10. He tugs gently and my head shifts back.
11. Grabbing my hand, he tugs me into the shower.
12. The hooting of the tugs as the ship pulled away.
13. The elevated thundered; tugs blew in the harbor.
14. The pilot took control and called in the harbor tugs.
15. Bridges rose and tugs chanted in the midnight harbors.
16. He pulls the jacket over my shoulders and tugs it closed.
17. The thread tugs harder, and I stoke the flame with names.
18. Two more tugs and then she saw lights coming down the drive.
19. Once the tugs lift them off they never touch the surface again.
20. The villager then tugs on Hack’s arm, Hack turns, What?
21. A wicked smile tugs at the corners of my mouth, 'My little flower.
22. Reaching up, he grasps my left hand and he tugs me over his knees.
23. What? Sean grabs Zachary’s arms and tugs him off furiously.
24. He heaves his booty, tugs askew his peaked cap and hobbles off mutely.
25. Matthew tugs it open and takes a bite out of the apple he’s holding.
26. He tugs it and looks inside and finds that all of the cord has unwound.
27. She tugs at the hem of her shirt, then clasps her hands in front of her.
28. What is it? I dab tears as she tugs me toward the second garage door.
29. Get a radio message to the tugs, and warn them, we require immediate help.
30. He crosses his arms, then tugs at the string around his throat with his thumb.
31. Von Rumpel tugs his collar against the bulges in his throat, tries to swallow.
32. She watched him as, with impatient tugs, he pulled protective clothing over his suit.
33. Tight curls frame his ivory forehead; he tugs off his leather gloves one finger at a time.
34. Her wrist tugs against the handcuff, just enough that the metal carves a line into her skin.
35. Eric's fire-shield cantrip kept him reasonably warm and resisted the tugs of the chilling wind.
36. He grabs the other end and tugs the load towards the portside as he goes to help the four.
37. After a few hard tugs from his lips, the cool, brackish tasting electrolyte fluid began to pour.
38. Convoying the Carpathia was a fleet of tugs bearing men and women anxious to learn the latest news.
39. He pulled his tie off in two tugs and began to work the buttons of his shirt from the collar down.
40. He just whistles a random tune as he bends over my bed and tugs a pair of jeans up my useless legs.
41. I had too, I had to know the tugs, struggles, and temptations, and in spite of all them, I overcame.
42. The crew are trying to get tugs here and they are also attempting to seal up the holes in the ship.
43. I want to bite this lip, he murmurs against my mouth, and carefully he tugs at it with his teeth.
44. He tugs open his pack and wordlessly hands me a few strips of dried jerky, and I eat them without comment.
45. There were a few requests for news from those on board and a few answers to questions shouted from the tugs.
46. A signal of two tugs, followed by another single tug, then two more meant for me to follow in down after him.
47. Three rapid tugs was the signal that he was in trouble and I was to pull him back to me as quickly as I could.
48. He wraps his hand around my elbow, his thumb pressing to the soft skin above my forearm, and tugs me toward him.
49. He was mesmerized by the fallen vehicle and initially didn't react, but after several tugs, she got his attention.
50. I have received a reply from the tugs, and by the time they get here, I think it will be too late to pull us clear.
51. Glacia tugs my hand lightly and we step off the platform onto a clean-cut trail that follows the hill into the trees.
52. When the elevator doors open, he grabs my hand and tugs me into the foyer, through the double doors, and into the hallway.
53. I don’t think you’re ready to come yet, he whispers, stilling his hands, and he gently bites my earlobe and tugs at it.
54. He doesn’t look like he believes her as he yanks up her peach, satin sleeves and tugs at her blouse before lifting her polyester skirt.
55. His only answers were the tugs and jerks upon the handle, each of which, in spite of all my struggles, pulled another bar through the opening.
56. Then his mouth is on mine like he's starving for me and I gasp when he wraps a hand in my hair and tugs, angling my head exactly how he wants it.
57. Venerable was bombarding the Belgian coast and Thames tugs were pressed into service to carry ammunition to ships taking part in the bombardment.
58. To get the first wave across, the Germans gathered one hundred and seventy cargo ships, one thousand three hundred barges, and five hundred tugs.
59. I’m panting once more as he tugs the crop out of my mouth, trails it down and under my chin, on down my neck to the hollow at the base of my throat.
60. The paddlewheel boats were traversing the river, barges being pushed by tugs were navigating the center portion of the river to avoid running aground.
61. I was the second, and just as I started to climb I felt two sharp tugs at my entrenching tool and a hoarse Cockney voice whispered, Full up inside; plenty o' room on top.
62. If he had tugs of conscience over what he’d done, he shrugged them away by assuring himself that the lifting of the fugitive-apprehension order was a personal exoneration.
63. The tugs would be on station in a matter of half an hour, and divers were about to be dropped from helicopters into the water, to investigate and set up new lines of communication.
64. The villager tugs on Rugged’s injured arm, Ow! What the hell are you doing? He turns around to see that Hack’s momentum must have carried him right into a giant spider web.
65. And it is this that Maupassant seeks; toward this saviour of life, which was long ago clearly revealed to all, that he painfully tugs at the fetters with which he feels himself bound.
66. We were almost two miles off shore when we cut the engines and made ready to fish, testing the twine with gentle tugs and hanging the blinding light over the side to attract the squid.
67. The two thousand five hundred transports, consisting of barges, tugs, and light craft massed in the invasion ports came under intense attacks from RAF Bomber Command and Coastal Command.
68. Following Warren’s detailed instructions, the harbor master assigned harbor tugs to guide the ungainly ship to the docking port furthest away from the populated portions of the station.
69. She checked whether the rescue boat was still working with the Nima Maru and discovered it was not; only the tugs were with her, towing her to the dry-dock facility at the terminus, for repair.
70. They pressed to the head of the pier, marking the boats of the wrecked ship as they dangled at the side of the Carpathia and were revealed in the sudden flashes of the photographers upon the tugs.
71. Even as Kevin attempted to mount, the stallion completely ignored the confusing series of tugs he applied to the reins, and tossed its head to slacken them, spinning in tight disobedient circles.
72. Try to see the three financial statements (the balance sheet, the income statement, and the statements of cash flow) as a 3-D chess game to judge how they interact and to see what tugs and pulls on what.
73. Soon the swing became a foot in length and with Olin's continued precise tugs it was not long after that all agreed, with some light applause, that the steel track was oscillating over at least a five-foot swing.
74. Once the Holy Spirit starts this sanctification process within you – be prepared for some major battles and tugs of wars with Him once He starts coming after some of the negative qualities operating in your personality.
75. Cutters armed with M-60 machine guns included the 140-foot icebreaking tugs Katmai Bay, Mobile Bay, Bristol Bay, Neah Bay, and Biscayne Bay; and the newer icebreakers and buoy tenders Mackinaw, Alder and Hollyhock (Tasikas, Rush-Bagot…, 2006).
76. He sees the magic between the water and himself and he pulls on it, tugs at it, imagines the magic stilling the water, calming it, deep at the molecular level — so the water’s spinning hydrogen atoms lock together and crystals form on the ground and in the sky.
77. For what it’s worth, the engineers back at the ship yard felt that the structure in Elizabeth’s aft section would support her weight on Earth’s moon if tugs put her down, but nothing larger, and they cautioned against taking her into an atmosphere or too near the asteroid belt.

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